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The OdysseyWhat is The Odyssey?

Odyssey n. A series of wanderings; a long adventurous journey.

Read four books and be in to win an iPod and other prizes. Prize winners will be invited to collect their prizes at a special event.

The Odyssey will run from July 11 until August 7 and is open to people aged 13 - 18 years old.

Collect an entry form from your nearest Christchurch City Library or download one from here.

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Odyssey Readers' Suggestions

Share your best reads with others. We'll add your recommendations to this list.

Arthur High King of Britain by Michael Morpurgo
I enjoyed it heaps. One of my best reads ever.
Gabriel, 14
Harry potter and the half blooded prince by J. K. Rowling
Very very very good and a bit scary.
John, 12
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
It was really good.
Robin, 13
Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy
Great book.
Tish, 13
Luna - A Novel by Julie Anne Peters
Critically Acclaimed author Julie Anne Peters really shows the other side of being a teenager and being transsexual. Being transsexual myself i find that she captures what it feels like to be transsexual. I found it very interesting and a fantastic read and would give it high reccommendations.
Jennifer, 16
Cross Tides by Lorraine Orman
i found it quite interesting to read. She really put in some effort to make this story a bit interesting and i am sure that other young teenagers will enjoy reading this book! You go girl!
Samantha, 15

Top authors to try

Top Odyssey authors this year include:

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