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Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan under development

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30 August 2007

Today’s Christchurch City Council meeting adopted the principles for work to begin on the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan a framework to plan the future development of the libraries network to meet Christchurch’s changing geographic and demographic needs.

“Christchurch City has a proud history of investing in libraries; the city having a network of 19 facilities which provide a customer-driven, value-for-money and technologically advanced service for residents and ratepayers,” says Christchurch City Libraries Manager Carolyn Robertson.

“Libraries are more than books and buildings; they are hubs for our community and in the future will become places where the community builds a sense of identity and belonging.”

She says libraries of the future will need to be innovative, sustainable and inviting structures with the flexibility to easily adapt to offer residents new social, leisure and digital experiences.

“Well-designed library buildings generate community pride and reflect the diversity of the local community’s culture, demographics and lifestyles.

“The Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan will look to provide fair and equitable access to library facilities, services and resources across the city and Banks Peninsula.

“The Plan will also help to define the shape, size and hierarchy of the library network, consider opportunities for partnership and joint use of facilities and ensure best practice asset management.”

Mrs Robertson says Christchurch is already recognised internationally as operating one of New Zealand’s flagship public libraries networks.

Development of the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan follows the completion in 2006 of the Council’s last 10-year development plan. This Plan saw new library buildings at Papanui, Shirley, New Brighton and Fendalton, and new facilities/services at South Christchurch, Parklands and Upper Riccarton.

“The new Plan will look to tailor any development, relocation and extension of services to better meet the changing community needs, address growth and create focal points for community learning and leisure activities.

“The Urban Development Strategy, Christchurch’s ageing population, cultural diversity in the community and advances in digital information and communication technology will guide the development of the Plan.”

Mrs Robertson says Council recognises it has a role in helping to build strong communities, having made a commitment to maintain and enhance its investment in the city’s libraries network.

“Today’s Council meeting also approved the terms of reference, role and membership of a Working Party, an independent group of key community and industry representatives to work in partnership with Council staff and elected members to develop the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan.

“This is important in the pre-consultation stage to ensure the needs of the wider community form the nucleus around which the Plan is developed.

“The Working Party’s primary functions will be to identify priority areas for enhancing community access, developing a hierarchy of library facilities and identifying future opportunities which will form their recommendations to Council.”

There will also be a series of community and key stakeholder workshops to help inform the work and deliberations of the Working Party.

She says once the draft Plan is completed in March/April 2008 it will be released for public consultation.

“Any projects recommend in the final Plan will be considered as part of the 2009/19 Long Term Council Community Plan process, along with all other priorities for the city.”