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Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt 2008

Stand-out winner for Heritage Week Photo Competition

The judges for the competition unanimously declared the entry Majestic Dance Band, submitted by Merle Conaghan, the overall winner of the Christchurch City Libraries Heritage Week photograph competition. Merle will receive a Sony W120 HD 7.2 megapixel digital camera. The judges felt that this particular photograph, also the 50s decade winner, encapsulated the spirit of the fifties and portrayed a moment in social history that will not be seen again.

Majestic Dance Band

Overall winner (and 1950s decade winner)
Majestic Dance Band
submitted by Merle Conaghan.

Home Guard

1940s winner
North Beach Home Guard, 1943-1944
submitted by Margaret Hubert.

First flight

1960s winner
First Flight, December 1965
submitted by Alan Tunnicliffe.

North East Energy Group

1970s winner
North East Energy Group – “Wrong” sign, 1979
submitted by Keiran McNabb.

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Runners up and decade winners who will each receive a $50 voucher from Ken’s Video and Camera, are as follows:
1940s: North Beach Home Guard, submitted by Margaret Hubert.
1960s: First Flight, submitted by Alan Tunnicliffe.
1970s: North East Energy Group – “Wrong” sign, submitted by Keiran McNabb.

Highly commended

The following entries were highly commended by the judges, and will each receive a USB memory stick.
1940s: The Union Methodist Business Business Girls Sports Team, submitted by Peggy Miller; Wartime in the City, submitted by Kelvin Brown; Boating on the Avon, submitted by Jean Broadley.
1950s: Rugby Spectator, submitted by Jean Dorothy Walker; Party Time, submitted by Sandra Templeton; High/Hereford/Colombo Streets, submitted by Tony Bowie.
1960s: Hospital Corner, winter morning 1960s, submitted by Tony Bowie; Strumming on the Roof, submitted by Trevor Quirk; Christmas Dinner, submitted by Merle Conaghan.
1970s: Waka launch, Waitangi Day, Okain’s Bay, submitted by Irene Absalom.

When making their choices, judges were looking for images that captured a sense of period and had a story to tell – a story that may be nostalgic for someone who lived through the decade, or a story that could intrigue or entertain someone who didn’t. A total of 125 public entries were received.

Thank you to all those people who contributed some wonderful images of Christchurch and beyond. During the last few weeks a lot of nostalgic comments have been evoked by the fantastic entries that have ranged from candid beach or picnic snapshots to house removals and car breakdowns. It’s been a terrific celebration of the recent past.

October 2008

Heritage Week Christchurch Photo Competition

2008 Poster Heritage Week 2008 was a celebration of Christchurch's heritage of the post-war period with the theme of "Retrospective: Christchurch life, architecture and design 1940s - 1970s". Christchurch City Libraries invited the people of Christchurch to enter a photo competition designed to uncover Christchurch photos of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

Photos were entered under the following themes: