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Selwyn to end subsidised Christchurch City Libraries membership for Paparua residents over the next five years

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4 December 2008

Selwyn District, with its own range of professional library services, is ready to transition Paparua residents from their subsidised access to the Christchurch City Libraries (CCL).

The subsidised access will end on July 1, 2009, with Selwyn District offering an annual $100 rates rebate over five years to those ratepayers currently using CCL who want to continue using CCL. The rebate will offset the standard out-of-town subscription Paparua residents will be required to pay to CCL when the subsidies end.

Under an arrangement going back to 1989, Selwyn District has paid subscription to CCL for some residents of the former Paparua County area to have ‘free’ membership to Christchurch libraries.

The arrangement, put into place following the local government amalgamation in 1989 which split part of the Paparua County into Christchurch and a part into Selwyn, has given Selwyn time to fully establish their own public libraries network.

Selwyn Library is a now a professional public library service with branches in Darfield, Leeston, Lincoln and Rolleston, plus a Mobile Library service.

“The Selwyn District Council recently adopted a Strategic Plan for Libraries and they have agreed to end subsidised access to Christchurch City Libraries for residents in this former Paparua area,” says Ann Ready, Library Content Manager with Christchurch City Libraries.

“Active CCL members from the Paparua area will have the benefit of continuing their membership up until 2014,” says Ms Ready. Under a new arrangement Paparua ratepayers will get a $100 annual rates rebate (one per household) for five years from the Selwyn District Council if they choose to continue with their CCL membership.

“That is the grace period both Selwyn and CCL have agreed on and, while Paparua ratepayers who are members of CCL will start paying for membership to Christchurch libraries in 2009, they will be offered a rates rebate from their council,” says Ms Ready. The rebate is available to ratepayers only.

A non-active library member from Paparua - one who has not taken a book out since November 1, last year - does not qualify for the rates rebate and their current membership privileges will end on 30 June 2009. They, along with any other residents, can choose to continue with a membership to CCL by paying standard $100 annual out of town subscription, says Ms Ready.

Children under 19 years of age will continue to retain access to Christchurch City Libraries under existing conditions.

This part of the former Paparua County is the only area outside of Christchurch which has ‘free’ access to Christchurch City Libraries' services. Residents of other districts outside of Christchurch pay $100 annual out of town subscription (or the $2.50 per item surcharge on each item they borrow) for the use of the libraries.

Letters have been sent to Paparua members of CCL advising them of these changes. If further information is required, Ms Ready is asking these members to call the Library on 9417923.

Under the new arrangement:

  • Active members (who have borrowed from the CCL in the period 1 November 2007 - 1 November 2008) can receive subsidised membership until June 2014. (Active members do not need to do anything at this time as services will continue unchanged until 30 June 2009).
  • All Paparua members wishing to maintain their Christchurch City Libraries membership after 1 July 2009 will be required to pay the annual subscription (currently $100).
  • Active members from Paparua who are Selwyn Council ratepayers can claim a rates rebate of $100 (maximum one rebate per household) from the Selwyn Council upon presenting a receipt from Christchurch City Libraries.
  • Claiming any rebate will effectively disqualify a household from using Selwyn Library services for that year as this is effectively rebating the money that would be used to run Selwyn Libraries.
  • Any resident with a current membership to Christchurch City Libraries under the subsidy scheme who has not borrowed from CCL 1 November 2007- 1 November 2008 will not qualify for a rates rebate from Selwyn District Council.

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