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Action on Library Fines

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14 April 2008

Christchurch City Libraries is sending a clear message to customers with old fines and charges for books they haven’t returned: pay up or face the consequences.

More than a hundred people who’ve each owed more than $120 for over a year will receive letters from the Library in the next few days - asking them to clear the debt or it will be referred to a debt collection agency for further action.

“We have $188,000 outstanding in debts of up to $150 going back about a year and a half.This week’s letters target the largest of that group of debts - including two debts of $140-150,” says Carolyn Robertson, Libraries and Information Manager.

“Some recipients may well have forgotten they even have a debt, but this is money we need to recover to maintain our service and send out a clear message that people can’t just keep our books, CDs and DVDs.”

The letters going out will give library users details of how they incurred the fine and advise that they have 28 days to pay up before the debt is referred to a collection agency.

Other debtors can also expect follow-up from the Library.

"We have a duty to ratepayers to try and recover all money which is owed to the libraries. We also want to make sure that the items we buy stay in circulation so that everyone can enjoy them,” says Carolyn Robertson.

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