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Consultation with Banks Peninsula residents 10 June to 15 July 2009

Christchurch City Libraries took over the running of the four Banks Peninsula libraries (Akaroa, Diamond Harbour, Little River and Lyttelton) in 2006, introducing an expanded range of library services and resources.

Three years on, we want to plan for further service improvements, and the first step of that planning is to ask Banks Peninsula residents: “What would make libraries work really well for you?”

Consultation leaflet [714kb PDF]A leaflet has been sent to all Banks Peninsula residents inviting comment on:

  • existing services that they particularly value
  • what would affect their decision to make greater use of libraries
  • how they see libraries might work closely with other services in their community

Please tell us what you value most about library services and what would make you use the services more.

To Banks Peninsula Residents

Three years after the local government amalgamation that brought Christchurch City Libraries to Banks Peninsula, we want to plan for further service improvements.

Please take a few minutes to tell us what would make Christchurch City Libraries work really well for you, and send us your thoughts by Wednesday 15 July.

Work with us to create great library services for you.

For more information about Christchurch Libraries please go to or phone 03 9417923.

Current Services

Banks Peninsula residents have access to the complete resources and services of Christchurch City Libraries (CCL) through:

Current features of the four libraries in the Banks Peninsula area:

  Lyttelton Diamond Harbour Akaroa Little River
Type of facility Library Library adjoining community centre School / community library co-located with café and cinema Council Service Centre provides outlet for library services
Open hours per week 40 13 35.5 37
Fully trained Library staff Yes 8 hours per week Yes X
(Weekday library service provided by Service Centre staff)
Support from Libraries staff located elsewhere Yes Yes Yes Yes
Role of volunteers X Customer service and other tasks Shelving books and other tasks Provide a limited service on Saturdays
Access to digital library resources and services Computers for public use and on-site staff support Computers for public use and limited on-site staff support Computers for public use and on-site staff support Computers for public use and limited on-site staff support
Approximate number of items located in library at any one time 14,306 5,770 15,547 3,647
% of collection issued monthly (compared to 53% in average urban library) 44% 26% 24% 16%
Average number of items issued monthly (and compared to the previous year) 4,659
(17.40% increase)
(37.47% increase)
(3.08% increase)
(-1.55% decrease)

Library stock is moved between libraries (including the four Banks Peninsula libraries), keeping each collection refreshed and reflecting local customer preferences.

Membership, borrowing and requesting practices are standard across all CCL libraries apart from manual processing at Little River by volunteer staff at weekends.

The Lyttelton library is able to offer some services in line with other urban libraries, whereas these services are not yet fully developed at other Banks Peninsula library locations. These include:

  • Library learning programmes, events and outreach activities
  • Services supporting customers with special access needs (e.g. impaired sight and housebound customers)

Key messages from the community during the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan consultation:

Libraries need to be:

  • community focal points, welcoming for all ages
  • well positioned for public and private transport, and located near other services (health, education, other Council services and shops)
  • designed to accommodate different needs (cafes, quiet, children, work and relaxation), and accessible for all

and service expectations, now and in the future, include:

  • continued availability of books, in addition to other formats
  • safekeeping of local history
  • a one-stop source of information for the local community and visitors
  • helpful, positive and knowledgeable staff
  • a free learning environment for all ages
  • a dynamic library website and electronic resources
  • resources in Te Reo and materials of interest to Māori
  • access to the latest technology (e.g. free internet access and wireless network)
  • technologies that enable people with disabilities
  • service options that include: free home delivery for those who are housebound (and others as a user-pays service); and mobile service delivery or book ‘vending’ machines in areas where no physical library exists
  • taking library services into the community e.g. links with preschools, schools, older adults’ groups

Above is a list of the most common needs and expectations of libraries identified through consultation for the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan adopted by Council in 2008

This list may provide a useful starting point for your feedback, however we anticipate that as Banks Peninsula residents, you may have some particular needs, and we would like you to tell us about them.

Please share your thoughts on library services by going to or by printing out the leaflet [714kb PDF], completing and cutting off the panels above, and returning them to us by mail (no stamp required) to:

Freepost 178
Christchurch City Libraries
PO Box 1466
Christchurch Mail Centre
Christchurch 8140

Attention: Community Libraries Manager

Feel free to continue your comments on additional pages if required or at

We need to receive your feedback by Wednesday 15 July 2009.

Thank you for your time.

Your feedback will help us improve our services.

2025 Libraries Facilities Plan coverWhile some smaller changes can easily be made, significant and longer term developments require Council sign-off, as part of the six yearly review of the Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan or the Long Term Council Community Plan cycle, and would involve appropriate consultation.

  • The Libraries 2025 Facilities Plan is a framework to guide the future development of the Christchurch City Libraries network through to 2025.
  • The Long Term Council Community Plan sets out everything the Council will do over the next 10 years, why these services and projects are needed, how much it will cost and where the money will come from.