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Beca Heritage Week, 16th - 26th October 2009
Doves and Defences, Discover Christchurch in Peace and Conflict

Heritage Week is an annual event, core funded by the Christchurch City Council, with support from local sponsors including principal sponsor since 2007, Beca.

Richard L.N. Greenaway’s Spirited Cemetery Tours

Explore our local cemeteries where pacifists and soldiers lie side by side and hear their stories.

Christchurch City Libraries’ heritage resources provide you with information about Christchurch’s history, its people and places and also help in finding out about your own heritage and family history.

Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt

Read about the winners

Christchurch City Libraries invited the public to be part of a gathering and documentation of historical photos on peace and conflict in Christchurch from 14 September until 23 October. We collected images of Canterbury’s involvement in peace and conflict over the years and published them on the libraries’ Flickr site.

The Photo Hunt 2009 was open from 14 September until 23 October and formed part of the Beca Heritage Week’s Doves and Defences celebrations.

The contest covered three broad themes, fitting with this year’s Heritage Week:

Life at Home

Including images of Protest/Dissention, War Effort and Home Defence

Away from Home

Including images of Leaving Home, Overseas/On Duty, and Arriving Home

Peace and Remembrance

Including images of Buildings, Natural Sites, Memorials/Monuments and Processions