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New Mobile Library Timetable Starting Soon

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16 June 2010
Christchurch City Libraries’ Mobile Library Service will start operating to its new timetable from Monday 5 July 2010.

The Mobile Library will provide regular services to areas that have fewer physical libraries or libraries under development; as well as be available to promote access to library services through attendance at community events and activities.

Details of the new routes and timetable are available in a brochure that is being distributed through all libraries and service centres. The same information is also available on the Libraries website.

“Since the last Mobile Library review, three new libraries have been built, there has been development of online and phone services and greater internet use by library users, and Libraries are better prepared to meet the needs of the aging population and those with limited mobility. All this meant we needed to take a fresh look at how the Mobile Library Service fitted into the mix,” says Libraries and Information Manager, Carolyn Robertson.

The proposed new timetable takes into account the areas of greatest need as well as leaving time for the Mobile Library to support events and provide an outreach service.

“That might be working in communities where we are planning or building new libraries so that we can engage the local community before the new facility opens,” says Mrs Robertson.