Inner city report, 1946

Image Summary Photographs and hand drawn plans pulled from a report written by A.F. Stacey for the Christchurch City Council. The report documents inner city right-of-ways, and congested central city streets.

Collection location Christchurch City Council Archives

Publication information Unpublished

Additional information

Arthur Francis Stacey (1888-1952) was a prominent valuer and estate agent in Christchurch. An obituary in The Press listed his accomplishments:

Mr Stacey was recognised as one of the most successful property salesmen in New Zealand. Among the biggest deals which he negotiated were sales of Warner’s and the United Service Hotels, and Stranges’ buildings which, before being subdivided, comprised a large block extending along both High and Lichfield streets. He also was responsible for the construction of New Regent Street, on the site of the Coliseum building.