Tourists’ guide to Canterbury

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Image of Tourists’ guide to Canterbury 1902

  • Title Tourists’ guide to Canterbury
  • Creator Mort. Davie
  • Date 1902
  • Image Description Left: Advertisement for Hood's at Hanmer. Hammer Lodge, Jollie's Pass Hotel. Right: Advertisement for The Christchurch Press Coy. Ltd. Photograph of Cashel Street building.
  • Image 11 of 178
  • Physical Description 26 x 19 cm
  • Collection Description A guide to Christchurch and Canterbury attractions, published in 1902 by P.A. Herman, proprietor of Warner's Hotel. The guide includes advertising and photographs of buildings for local businesses as well as a number of articles about the attractions of Christchurch and Canterbury.
  • Collection Location ANZC Research collection
  • File Reference CCL-83338-011

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