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Request digital images

Request a high resolution copy of images from our images collection.

How it works

Images are provided as high resolution digital files, either on a CD or online for you to download. Some image adjustment maybe required depending on intended use. In some cases Christchurch City Libraries may not be able to supply the requested image.

Before ordering please read our Conditions of Use.

Placing a request

Once we receive your request:

  • we will confirm receipt of your request within 3 week days and advise you of the image availability, total payment required and timeframe for delivery;
  • payment is required in advance
  • you can pay by credit card by phone – please call us to arrange payment (03) 941-7923.


  • $30 per digitised image.

Request Order Form

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Image details

Please copy and paste the image references for each image wanted, including details like image reference code (e.g. PhotoCD 2, IMG00003 or Strickland Street, 8 October 2013 #SAM 9824) OR physical item description (e.g. Weekly Press 25/02/1919 p.17). The url of the page where the image is located is also helpful.
Add another image field for each additional image wanted.

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Delivery options
Electronic delivery of image $30 per image
Image delivered on CD $30 per image