The clock tower, Christchurch

The clock tower, Christchurch

The clock tower, Christchurch
[ca. 1925]

"Designed by Mountfort, the clock & iron tower which were commissioned by the Provincial Council, were received in 147 packages in Dec. 1860 but were not erected as planned. The iron tower stood for nearly three years in the courtyard of the Provincial Buildings while the clock itself was placed in the stone tower in Armagh Street to become the first 'town clock'. Its face could not be seen but its chimes could be heard on a fine day up to two miles away. It was taken over by the Government on the abolition of the provinces in 1876, presented to the City Council (at the request of the then Mayor, C T Ick) in 1879 and stored in the City Council yard in Worcester Street. It was eventually erected at High/Manchester Streets in 1897 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria's accession - hence the name [Jubilee Clock]. In 1930 it was moved to its present site in Victoria Street. It was thoroughly renovated in 1978". -- CCC 1990-1991 handbook
Pictured at the corner of Manchester and High Streets, with Ridley's Buildings in the background

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