Church of the Good Shepherd

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Published by the Christchurch City Council, Town Planning Division, 1988.

The Church of the Good Shepherd at 40 Phillips Street was built in 1885. Its history is marked by the struggle of its Anglican parishioners to complete the design introduced by Benjamin Mountfort. Almost 100 years passed before the full church was enclosed in brick but by that time the nature of its parish had changed as markedly as its function; the outward growth of the central industrial district of Christchurch had claimed much of the housing which supported its parishioners, and as its supporters grew older and fewer in number, it changed its focus from an Anglican parish church to the centre for the Anglican Maori Mission.

The church is placed midway on a side street between two busy roads so it is easily by-passed. However, it warrants close examination on several counts.


  • The first ministers at Phillipstown
  • Plans for a new church
  • The landowner
  • The architect (Benjamin Woolfield Mountfort)
  • Construction of the nave
  • Stages of Construction
  • The religion
  • The building
  • The Maori Mission

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