Cranmer Club.

cover imageThe architectural heritage of Christchurch. 4

Published Christchurch City Council, Town Planning Division, 1985.

The Cranmer Club stands at 25 Armagh Street on the south-west corner of Cranmer Square. It is a most distinctive building with its deep red colour and its mixture of building materials. Furthermore it is unusual in that its elegant Armagh Street frontage abuts the footpath.

Although partially hidden behind a large elm tree the building deserves close inspection because it is a good example of how a house can be adapted and modified to suit the needs of successive owners. It unashamedly reveals the extent of its alterations yet the combination of different materials, lines and styles give it a charm which is fastidiously preserved.

The first stage of the Cranmer Club building was constructed in 1864 as an everyday two-story colonial cottage.


  • Dugald Macfarlane, the first owner 1864-1871
  • Parker, Beatty and Hill,owners 1871 -1899
  • Samuel Hurst Seager, owner 1899-1907
  • Collins, Acland, Dr Anderson, owners 1907-1964
  • The Cranmer Club Inc, the present owner
  • The building

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