McLeans Mansion

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Published by the Christchurch City Council Town Planning Division, 1983

McLeans Mansion stands at 387 Manchester Street. It is an oddity today in a street dominated by commercial properties and modest residential houses. There is no mistaking that it belongs to a different time. The circumstances leading to its construction and its subsequent unique use as a rest home are unusual within the history of Canterbury.

The Mansion was a departure from the accustomed work of the architects, England Brothers, and it was an unusual design among Christchurch’s large homes — when built it was reputed to be the largest wooden residence in New Zealand.

The most remarkable thing about the Mansion is surely that it was built for a 78 year-old bachelor and that it was used as a private residence for only 13 years. Also known as Holly Lea.


  • McLeans Mansion
  • The McLean family
  • Allan Mclean and Waikakahi
  • Plans for a new home
  • The architect (R. W. England)
  • The style of McLeans Mansion
  • Construction
  • Interior decoration and furnishing
  • Highlights of the Mansion and lnstitute 1913-1983

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