Wood’s Mill

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Published by the Environmental Policy and Planning Unit, Christchurch City Council, 1996.

The history of flour milling in Christchurch owes a large debt to the entrepreneurial nature of William Derisley Wood who in 1856 founded a firm that was to span 114 years of milling history in the region. Within this time Wood Brothers operated mills using almost every available source of milling power and technology. The first mill was powered by wind, the second by water and the third mill by steam and then electricity.

It is the intention of this booklet to outline the historical development of the Wood Brothers involvement in the flourmilling industry in Christchurch and discuss the architectural and historical significance of the Addington Mill


  • Wood Brothers’ Addington Mill
  • William Derisley Wood (1824-1904) and the formation of Wood Brothers Ltd
  • Anna Maria Wood (1827-1919)
  • Wood’s windmill
  • The water powered mill
  • The architects: J.C. Maddison, F.R.I.B.A.: Luttrell Brothers
  • The Addington mill

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