Holiday Reading 1999: A selection of children's and young adults' books

Picture books

Alda, Arlene Arlene Alda's 1 2 3
A collection of stylish photographs of objects that resemble the numbers one to ten, including a lock of hair in the shape of a six and a kite on a string that looks like a two.
Aliki Painted words: Marianthe's story, one; Spoken memories: Marianthe's story, two
Two separate but connected stories, the first describing Mari's starting school in a new land, and the second her life in the country she and her family eventually leave.
Babbitt, Natalie Ouch!
A tale from Grimm featuring the devil, retold by Babbitt and illustrated by Fred Marcellino. A good introduction to Babbitt's original classic The devil's storybook.
Baillie, Allan Archie the big good wolf
Mother Goose, "that scribbler", has falsified the true story of the wolf so Archie puts the record straight.
Bang, Molly When Sophie gets angry really, really angry …
A young girl is upset and doesn't know how to manage her anger but takes the time to cool off and regain her composure. The bold colours and shapes echo Sophie's mood.
Bodecker, N M Hurry, hurry, Mary dear
Mary does all the work inside and out, but in the end she has her revenge. Illustrated by the late author's long time friend Erik Blegvad.
Bornstein, Ruth Lercher The dancing man
Wearing special silver shoes given to him by a stranger, Joseph sets out to dance for the world. Only, at some point, he must relinquish the shoes to another.
Burningham, John Whadayamean?
Two children set out, with God's help and advice, to save the world from its many follies. The message is clear even if the outcome is unlikely. Burningham's montage illustrations are worth a detailed look.
Carle, Eric Hello, red fox
An interactive story in which Carle cleverly explores the nature of colour.
Cole, Babette Bad habits
About the reformation of the wicked girl Lucretzia Crum.
Cooper, Helen Pumpkin soup
Cat and Squirrel come to blows with Duck in arguing about who will perform what duty in preparing their pumpkin soup, but they almost lose Duck's friendship when he decides to leave them. Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal.
Crews, Donald Night at the fair
Look for a portrait of the author/illustrator in the pictures.
A reminder of the things shared by people everywhere, presented in a variety of art styles from around the world.
Egielski, Richard The gingerbread boy
This version is set in the big city.
Feiffer, Jules I lost my bear
In cartoon style, Feiffer offers an effective and dynamic story about a girl in search of her lost bear.
Fleming, Denise Mama cat has three kittens
While two kittens copy everything their mother does, their brother takes a nap. The glowing illustrations result from coloured cotton rag fibre being poured through hand-cut stencils.
Fleming, Garry Pobblebonks
A "guessing-game type book [showcasing] an impressive illustrating talent." (Review from Magpies.)
Good, Clare Here comes the rain
Following Grandpa Frank's advice, Grace watches the animals to see if they know when the drought will break.
Graham, Bob Buffy: an adventure story
"Buffy had skills that were rare in a dog." These include juggling and playing the harmonica. However, because Buffy risks upstaging the magician he works with, he is left to fend for himself.
Grahame, Kenneth Duck song
Board book version of a poem originally contained in The wind and the willows and titled Duck's ditty.
Hathorn, Libby Sky sash so blue
American slavery story from notable Australian writer. The special sky blue sash that a young slave girl offers to give her older sister for her wedding dress becomes a tie that binds the family together when the sister moves away.
Henderson, Kathy New born
The sights and sounds that greet a new baby are expressed by a lyrical text and realistic illustrations.
Inkpen, Mick The great pet sale
A young boy is convinced by a rat in a pet sale that he will make him the best pet.
Jackson, Shelley The old woman and the wave
"Once upon a time there was an old woman who lived under a wave." Unusual concept carried with conviction.
Johnson, Paul Brett A perfect pork stew
When Ivan the Fool meets Baba Yaga, the witch of Russian folklore fame, on a day that has begun badly for her, he outwits her by making dirt soup and getting a fine, fat pig in the bargain.
Jonell, Lynne I need a snake
Imagination triumphs. A young boy wants a snake of his own, and after his mother reads a book about snakes and takes him to a museum and a pet store to see some, he finds his own pet "snakes" around the house.
Kellogg, Steven A-hunting we will go!
A playful journey towards bedtime.
Krensky, Stephen How Santa got his job
Relates the variety of jobs Santa had before he became the figure we are all familiar with.
Kroll, Jeri A coat of cats
An old woman is comforted by her cats when she most needs them.
Lewin, Ted The storytellers
Abdul and Grandfather pass through the streets of Fez in Morocco, and stop at an old gate, where Grandfather performs as a storyteller. The power of stories and storytelling is revealed in this book.
McKay, Hilary Where's Bear?
Author of the Exiles series and other humorous novels, McKay successfully turns her hand to a picture book about a boy whose bear is newly washed and unrecognizable.
Meddaugh, Susan Martha walks the dog
In this latest title about Martha the talking dog, Martha rescues the neighbourhood from a bully dog with the help of a parrot.
Miller, Margaret Big and little
Miller's excellent photographs introduce the concepts of size and opposites.
A black cat wanders through the streets of a city. Stunning urban artwork.
Honour book in the picture book section of the Children's Book Council of Australia's annual awards. An outstanding exploration of the impact a grandfather's death has on his grandson.
Palatini, Margie Zak's lunch
Rather than eat his boring old ham and cheese sandwich, Zak conjures up Lou, a waitress who serves him a delectable feast for the imagination.
Well-known children's novelist tries her hand at a picture book and does it very well. A creepy-crawly, blood-chilling, spine-tingling Bogeyman, who lives under beds, reveals something he soon regrets.
Paul, Ann Whitford Hello toes! Hello feet!
A celebration of all that feet can do.
Tongue twisting nonsense with marvellous, larger than life illustrations.
Sage, James Sassy Gracie
Rollicking readaloud.
David does a variety of naughty things for which he is repeatedly admonished, but finally he gets a hug. Caldecott Award honour book.
As snowflakes slowly come down, one by one, only a boy and his dog believe that it will result in a snowfall "all snowflakes know is snow, snow, snow". Caldecott Award honour book. Simmons, Jane Daisy and the egg Daisy the duckling eagerly awaits the arrival of a new brother or sister, even helping Mama Duck sit on the egg while they wait for it to hatch.
Sis, Peter Fire truck
Bold, simple shapes.
Stanley, Diane Raising Sweetness
Sweetness, one of eight former orphans living with the sheriff who is now her father, learns to read and writes an important letter to improve their situation. "Continues to explore the joys of being funny and talking Texan."
Steig, now in his nineties, continues to deliver well-crafted picture books. In this latest offering sulky Pete is transformed by the antics of his parents who pretend he's a pizza.
Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie Elizabeti's doll
When a young Tanzanian girl gets a new baby brother, she finds a rock which she names Eva, and makes it her baby doll. Winner of the Ezra Jack Keats book award.
Thomas, Frances Supposing … Two "what if" stories
The child's story is scary, the mother's is reassuring.
Ungerer, Tomi Flix
Dry tale of two cats who have a baby dog. The real theme is about existing in two cultures and being accepted by both. A welcome return by this creator of vintage picture books.
Hiram Diddle Diddle is directing the cat and the cow in his dramatic production of the nursery rhyme.
Rat feels restless and sets off on his travels accompanied by Frog whose initial enthusiasm for the journey begins to flag as homesickness sets in.
Williams, Karen Lynn Painted dreams
Ti Marie's dream of being an artist is realised in a practical and helpful way.