Holiday Reading 2002

New Zealand Information books, including poetry and folktales

Arkins, Alina. The Kauri Also The Pohutukawa
Baxter, James K. Selections from The tree house: James K. Baxter's poems for children
Compiled and edited by Eleanor Fearn.
Brownlie, Betty. The life cycle of the bumblebee Also The life cycle of the cicada
Cowley, Joy. Weta: a knight in shining armour
Cox, Geoffrey. Dinosaur New Zealand
Crowe, Andrew. Which New Zealand insect?
Contains over 650 life-size photos of New Zealand insects.
Gossage, Peter. Hinemoa and Tutanekai
Hinemoa and Tutanekai fall in love and although her people do not approve of it Hinemoa finds a way to Tutanekai's island where they live happily for many years.
Gunson, Dave. The life and times of the giant kauri
Follow the amazing four thousand year life story of Kairaru, the largest Kauri tree ever to have been officially measured, and the other supergiants of New Zealand's northern forests, set against a fascinating time line of national and international historic events.
Harper, Glyn. Mission to East Timor
This book describes why East Timor needed New Zealand's help and what various people did. There are profiles of a soldier, a sailor, a helicopter pilot, and a doctor. They describe their roles and what it was like to live in a country that has been at war for a long time.
Hyland, Queenie Rikihana Illustrated myths and legends of the Māori
Building on the text Paki Waitara this is an illustrated collection of some of the author's favourite Māori myths and legends.
Jones, Jenny Land snails
Describes the characteristics of land snails found in New Zealand, discussing their appearance, eating habits, habitat, breeding, predators and defence. Also considers the reasons for a decline in some native species, including the flax snail and kauri snail, and looks at the conservation efforts being carried out to protect them. A title in the New Zealand endangered species series. Also Skinks and Spiders.
He koha: a gift of Māori music compiled by Blossom Taewa and Stuart Pearce.
Twelve songs accompanied by a musical score written for guitar or keyboard, with verses in Māori and English.
Lockyer, John A history of New Zealand
Lyons, Sue Edmonds for young cooks: beyond the basics
Morris, Rod Life-size guide to New Zealand birds
O'Flaherty, Brian The shaping of New Zealand
Discusses the great natural forces which have shaped the country and go on shaping it today.
Parker, John The Kiwi Kids' fact book
Pohatu, Warren Māori animal myths = Mokai rangatira
Retelling of fourteen Māori tales and myths about animals and birds.
The Puffin New Zealand joke book compiled by Stephen Stratford
Saxton, Frank Climbing and abseiling
Merlin and Lucy love to climb so their instructor is taking them for a day's climbing where they can practice their new skills safely. Information in skills boxes provides information on climbing terms and techniques, safety gear and safety issues. A title in the Kiwi adventures series.
Sinclair, Margaret The Reed New Zealand picture dictionary
First published in 2001 as The Reed Māori Picture Dictionary
Sullivan, Robert Weaving earth and sky: myths & legends of Aotearoa
Illustrated by Gavin Bishop. An anthology which begins with the story of creation, retells Maui stories, the tale of Tawhaki and Rata and finishes with the story of Kupe's voyage to Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Todd, Barbara The albatross
Introduces the thirteen types of albatrosses that nest in New Zealand, including facts about where albatrosses live, the differences between them, what they eat, the sounds they make, and how they look after their young. Also Seals and sea lions.
Torckler, Gillian Snorkelling
This book follows two children as they learn the skills that will keep them safe and help them enjoy their trip to a Marine Reserve. Included are fact boxes on gear requirements, skills and techniques, and some information on underwater creatures. A title in the Kiwi adventures series.
Whitley, Gillian Netball
Bex, Aimie and Stephanie all hope to play netball for one of their school teams. This book follows the girls as they learn the rules and skills necessary to have a great netball season. Also Soccer.