Holiday Reading 2002

New Zealand Picture books

Allen, Pamela. Daisy All-Sorts
Daisy is an ordinary dog living an ordinary life with Stanley until she becomes an extraordinary dog living an extraordinary life, all because of three lovely little liquorice lollies.
Allen, Pamela. The potato people
Every Friday, Jack spends the day with Grandma. They romp roly-poly on the ground, they read stories and they eat cake. Then, one cold and rainy Friday, they make potato people.
Armitage, Ronda. The lighthouse keeper's Christmas
A storm is raging on Christmas Eve and Mr Grinling and his great nephew George are stranded in the Lighthouse. George thinks he's going to have the worst Christmas ever: no festive food; no Mrs Grinling and no presents! George couldn't be further from the truth as he is soon to discover.
Bagnall, Alan. Immigrants
Beck, Jennifer. The Christmas caravan
Butler, Dorothy. O'Reilly and the real bears
O'Reilly is a teddy bear who dreams of playing with the real bears the wild bears.
Cowley, Joy. Duck walk
Cowley, Joy. Pudding
Bear and Duck are looking for pudding.
Dodd, Lynley. Schnitzel von Krumm: dogs never climb trees
Schnitzel von Krumm is a dog of many talents. But everyone knows that dogs never climb trees.
Drewery, Melanie. Nanny Mihi's garden
During the holidays Nanny Mihi has a special project for her grandchildren - planting and tending her garden. Over the year the children watch as their hard work pays off and the garden is soon overflowing with vegetables.
Duncan, Tracy. My Māori colours = Oku tae Māori
Introduces colours with illustrations of plants, birds and animals. Also My Māori shapes = Oku auaha Māori
Elliot, David. Pigtails the pirate
When Jess sets sail to find her lost father she runs into a problem of truly gigantic proportions. On a stormy, wreck-strewn island a giant pirate called Pigtails holds her father captive and Jess must call upon all her courage and inventiveness to set him free.
Ihimaera, Witi. The little kowhai tree
McMillan, Dawn. A fishing story = He korero hi ika
Jasie has waited weeks to go fishing with his koro. Now the day has finally arrived and the fish are biting. Koro has taught Jasie well and he knows what to do, even when faced with a difficult challenge.
Mahy, Margaret Dashing dog!
Follow the chaotic antics of the dashing dog and his family in a mad, dizzy and joyful walk along the beach.
Noonan, Diana. Auntie Rosie and the rabbit
Noonan, Diana. The best-dressed bear
When Tim looks at the clothes his mother is going to throw away he feels sad because he is growing up and can no longer wear them, until he comes up with a solution. Sequel to The best-loved bear.
Owen, Alwyn. How the kiwi lost its wings = I pehea i ngaro ai ngā parirau o te kiwi
Parker, John. Poppa McPhee and the cat up a tree
When Poppa McPhee's cat gets stuck up a tree, he has many clever ideas about how to rescue her.