Holiday Reading 2002

New Zealand Fiction for younger readers

Beames, Margaret. Duster
If there's one thing in the world Fliss wants it's a dog but she's not allowed to have a pet. When she discovers a tired and grubby little dog in the school grounds, obviously lost, Fliss names him Duster.
Clarkin, Brendan. Pirate's Cove
Brett is off to school camp at last. When he hears how Pirate's Cove Camp got its name, he can't help wondering if any of the rumours are true. He and his friends start to investigate and the trouble starts.
Crouth, Julia. The frog search
Josie is delighted when one of her tadpoles turns into a beautiful fat frog. She enjoys finding insects and worms for Henry to eat. But when winter comes, Henry disappears. Josie is very sad and wonders if she'll ever see Henry again. Includes factual information about frogs.
Crump, Barry. Harry Hobnail and the Pungapeople When Harry Hobnail goes tramping he realizes that keas are not the only mischief-makers on the mountain. Third instalment in the Pungapeople series.
Else, Barbara. Another 30 New Zealand stories for children
In this sequel to 30 New Zealand Stories for Children, Barbara Else has selected a fresh range of New Zealand stories. Some of New Zealand's top writers have contributed: David Hill, Fleur Beale, Roger Hall, Pat Quinn, Jack Lasenby, Kate de Goldi, Diana Noonan and Patricia Grace.
From the big chair: stories to keep you on the edge of your seat.
A collection of stories featured in the television series The big chair.
Mahy, Margaret. Wonderful me!
Welcome return of this collection originally published in 1972 as The first Margaret Mahy story book.
Whillis, Sharon. The boxing day test