Holiday Reading 2006

New Zealand titles: Picture Books

Allen, Pamela Grandpa and Thomas and the green umbrella
When Grandpa and Thomas go to the beach, they swim, picnic, slide down the sand-dunes and build a sand-car. Then the weather turns stormy and the two shelter in the car, under the green umbrella, until the storm passes.
cover: My first abcAllen, Pamela My first ABC
Features many of Pamela’s Allen’s well-known picture book characters.
Allen, Pamela "Share" said the rooster
Billy and Ben will not share anything, whether it’s a sticky bun, a pair of boots or an apple. But when they go out in a rowing boat and end up cutting it in half, disaster strikes.
Anderson, Karen The instainerator
"We think our dad’s got a problem. He keeps buying things advertised on the telly. We have a zillion products for painting the house, and a zillion gadgets for a squillion different purposes."
Belcher, Angie The girls in the kapahaka
A children’s kapahaka group prepares for a kapahaka with the help of their whanau.
Bennetts, Marlene J No ordinary flower girl
Kyra is excited to be visiting her family in New Zealand for her aunty’s wedding, which is being held on a marae. She has a very special job as a flowergirl, and she has a very special dress to wear. But there’s a terrible mix-up and Kyra’s excitement quickly turns to disappointment.
Bottin, Janet Slater Miss Primrose and the mystery mouse
Miss Primrose buys a new pair of shoes but when she gets home she is annoyed to find a mouse in her house, or at least that’s what it sounds like.
Bottin, Janet Slater Miss Primrose and the stolen salami
Miss Primrose decides to make a pizza with all her special toppings. But when she comes back from answering the telephone, the salami is missing. Where has it gone?
Butler, Dorothy Davy’s ducks : a tale of old New Zealand
Davy lives with his parents on a farm out of Waihi in the early 1900s. The dirt road that runs from the farm to Waihi is to be tarsealed, and Davy spends his time watching the men work on the road, and playing with his ducks. But disaster strikes when Davy’s ducks get stuck in the newly tarsealed road. Based on a true story.
Buxton, Jane The little penguin who wouldn't eat his dinner
When a little penguin decides he no longer wants to eat fish for his dinner, he causes all sorts of problems.
cover: The Littlest LlamaBuxton, Jane The littlest llama
The littlest llama lives in big family, but has no one to play with, so he sets off looking for fun.
Coulman, Valerie When pigs fly
Ralph, the hero of the book, won’t take no for an answer. When his father tells him he will buy him a bicycle ‘when pigs fly’, Ralph cheerfully takes his father’s comment to heart and sets about devising a way to get his curly-tailed friends airborne.
Coulter, Donald Michael The ginormous machine
Dad collects junk and builds his own grass cutter, supersuds washer, a Monday alarm and a dishwasher. But the junk starts to pile up.
cover: Greedy CatCowley, Joy Greedy Cat and the sneeze
Greedy Cat has the sneezes. Much to his delight Katie keeps feeding him in the hope that it will make him strong. But when Greedy Cat coughs up a fur ball it is obvious what is causing the problem.
Cowley, Joy Mrs Wishy-Washy’s scrubbing machine
Mrs Wishy-Washy gets a scrubbing machine to help her, but it has a mind of its own.
Cowley, Joy Mrs Wishy-Washy’s splishy-sploshy
The meanies have made the messiest mess Mrs Wishy-Washy has ever seen! Has Mrs Wishy-Washy finally met her match?
cover: The Last TreeDarroch, Bob The last tree on the island
Mrs and Mr Smitt live on a wonderful island with a beautiful tree. But one day Mr Smitt decides to cut down the tree.
Devlin, Erin As Kuku slept
Kingi Kereru wakes up one night to find a possum about to raid the nest of his baby, Kuku.
Dodd, Lynley Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers
The family have dressed the Christmas tree and it is looking perfect. Then Slinky Malinki arrives and enjoys himself playing with all the decorations.
cover: Where is Hairy Mclary?Dodd, Lynley Where is Hairy Maclary?
A flap book suitable for small hands.
Drewery, Melanie Papa’s island
A young New Zealand-born Italian girl has to cope with the loss of her father when he is imprisoned on Somes Island as an enemy alien during World War II.
Duder, Tessa Carpet of dreams
When Sara goes to stay with her grandmother, she discovers a dusty old Turkish carpet in the attic. Mesmerised by beautiful animals woven into the carpet, she embarks upon a magical and dreamlike journey that takes her back through time and place.
Endt Topzand, Monique Lucky Pateke
Lucky Pateke and his family live on Great Barrier Island, at the Okiwi Estuary. Despite their mum’s warnings Lucky watches his sisters and brothers wander away from their nest, not returning as they should. One night he decides to go and look for them.
Farrer, Maria Santa and the reindeer
When Santa takes in nine baby reindeer, it’s not long before they take over his house, so Santa sends them outside to learn to fly.
Forbes, Sheila Wellington Warthog
Wilbur, Wally and Winnie are well-behaved little warthogs. They do just as their Mamma tells them. "If you see me run," she says, "you must follow immediately. Otherwise, you may meet with a Dreadful End." But Wellington thinks he knows better.
cover: The three fishing brothersGalbraith, Ben The three fishing brothers Gruff
"Once upon a time there were three fishing brothers called Gruff. They were the meanest and greediest fishermen ever to fish in Poverty Bay. But one day, the fish ran out … "
Garden-Bachop, Sue Who will tuck me in?
When Connor’s mum goes to hospital with cancer he wonders who will snuggle him into bed at night.
Hayward, Rachel Jason’s extraordinary hair
Jason’s hair floats seaweed-wild around him when he swims, and swirls in a storm cloud as he races down the rugby field. But when the coach of the other team mistakes him for a girl, Jason decides he wants to have ordinary hair like everyone else.
Hessell, Jenny Grandma McGarvey and the treasure hunt
Grandma McGarvey mows her lawn and discovers something hidden in the ground. What treasure will she find buried in her backyard?
Hessell, Jenny Grandma McGarvey goes camping
Grandma McGarvey decides to go camping, and encounters a wild pig on the loose!
cover: Prettied and preenedJack, Lynette Prettied and preened
All the family pets, except Giddy the incorrigible goat, are prettied and preened ready for the annual pet show. But when they all misbehave and escape the family turn to Giddy who behaves beautifully, at least at first.
Kahukiwa, Robyn Matatuhi
Mata was adopted into a Pakeha family and knows very little about her Māori heritage. But then one day Mata’s class visits the museum. What she discovers there will change her life forever.
Kenna, Anna A fright at the Orcas
It’s Orca night, the animal version of the Oscars, where movie star animals get awards. This time, however, a tricky python threatens to spoil the show.
cover: Nesta and the missing zeroLeibrich, Julie Nesta and the missing zero
The characters from The biggest number in the universe return in a new story - about the power of nothing!
Liddell, Carmel The beachmaster
Story of Temuera, a southern bull elephant seal on Campbell Island, who has been defeated in battle with the other bulls and has lost his harem of cows, along with the title of Beachmaster.
McLeary Errol Special Cecil
Cecil, a young seal, is very afraid of the sea. He thinks he can’t swim. But he gets a surprise when he sees another seal looking back at him and he just has to look closer and closer.
McMillan, Dawn Pancake attack!
Jacko has made pancakes most of his life, but after he enters the Best Pancake Cook competition his life will never be the same. That’s when he discovers that fame and glory can cause a whole heap of trouble.
cover: Woolly WallyMcMillan, Dawn Woolly Wally
Wally is a wonderful woolly ram who is very proud of his fine coat. But Wally is about to get a short sharp shock.
Mahy, Margaret Down the back of the chair
A poor family is searching down the back of a chair for Dad’s lost car keys and, miraculously in the mess of things back there, their financial problems are solved.
Meharry, Dot The talking stick
Story of a boy called Hohepa and how his efforts to create a talking stick reflect his desire to reawaken respect for the traditional ways in his family.
Mewburn, Kyle The bear in the room next door
A small boy is convinced there must be a bear in his parent’s room, ready to pounce. The growling, night after night, wakes him and night after night he devises ways to catch the bear.
Mewburn, Kyle Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!
Andy really does love his Aunty Elsie, but she insists on grabbing him and giving him a big kiss, first on one cheek and then on the other, every time she sees him. And Andy hates it. So he hides.
Moetaua, Kate Papa’s donuts
Nika has a Cook Island dad and a Kiwi mum. She’s got relatives from all over the world, but her favourite person to be with is her Papa, who makes the yummiest, scrummiest donuts in the world.
cover: Smelly locksMountain, Peter Allan Smelly-locks
An adaptation of the Goldilocks fairy tale, which explains what really happened the day Goldilocks met the three bears.
Parker, John Poppa McPhee gets the eggs
Poppa McPhee leaves home to buy some eggs for the cake he is making for the grandchildren, but ends up buying a flash car once owned by a president.
Pereira, Janet Aileen Grandad
A young girl relates how her family respond to her grandfather’s illness and death and bring to the funeral responses from a variety of cultures.
Pulford, Elizabeth Shut the gate
Mum, Sam and baby Sara set off for a walk on a fine morning. It’s not until they reach the top of the rocky ridge that Mum realises that Sam hasn't shut any of the gates and all the animals have followed them.
Quinn, PatLeopold the wondercat
A big, ugly, fully grown cat like Leopold may be a disappointing birthday present but then his owner realises that he can not only be trained to enter dog trials, but can train the neighbours’ cats to compete as well.
cover: Barnaby BennettRainforth, Hannah Barnaby Bennett
Barnaby Bennett loves wearing red so much he wears it everyday, everywhere. How long will he keep wearing the same red clothes?
Sutton, Sally A is for All Black
A rhyming ABC.
Szymanik, Melinda Clever moo
Margaret is not like other cows.
Watson, Joy Grandpa’s cat
The family cat is missing and while Grandma insists that it will turn up, Grandpa is determined to find his precious moggy even if it means turning the house upside down.
cover: Zita the ZebraWatson, Joy Zita the Zebra
The zoo animals are going for a walk, each joining the line in alphabetical order, except for Zita the Zebra, who insists on jumping all over the place.
Whelan, Heather The crazy idea
Dylan wants to be a cat. He goes for his nap, and wakes to find that he has grown fur!