Holiday Reading 2006

New Zealand titles: Young Adults

Beale, Fleur A respectable girl
This tells the story of Hannah’s search for her own identity and for the truth about the mother she has never known. Set in New Zealand and England.
cover: Spirit of the deepBeames, Margaret Spirit of the deep
Fifteen year old Jess uncovers a family secret and takes on new responsibilities and learns much about herself in the process.
Beckett, Bernard Genesis
Outsiders can no longer be trusted and are shot on sight. In the new Republic the people serve the State and the Philosophers who guide it. Until one man, Adam Forde puts himself at grave risk, and changes everything.
Bro’town Annual 2
Based on the animated TV3 series, Bro’town. A humorous, non-PC satire of five Polynesian teenagers growing up in Auckland.
cover: Red Leader DownCatran, Ken Red leader down
When 17 year old Matt Ellarton dreams that he is a World War Two pilot in a dogfight against the Germans, something strange happens. Later that morning, the family gets news that Grandpa, a fighter pilot in the war, died at exactly that time, 3 a.m.
Cherry, Frances Flashpoint
Sixteen-year-old Charlotte has a life that is the envy of her friends until a woman comes along who is set on blowing Charlotte’s family and happiness apart.
Cross, Gary The dead at Deepminden
An ancient curse brings back to life the recently dead, who then stalk and brutally murder the villagers of Deepminden. Based on a Norse legend.
cover: BoyznbikesFord, Vince Boyznbikes
After Callum gets into trouble at school, his parents decide he should join his father on his annual motorbike ride south. The journey turns into a discovery, about his father, his family history, and himself.
Jones, V. M. Shooting the moon
At 14 Pip’s life is finally his own. His domineering dad is focusing his ambitions on big brother Nick, and as for Pip’s climbing - his passion in life - it seems as if it’s all going one way - up. Sequel to Juggling with mandarins.
Martin, Denis cover: Face itFace it
Trapped on a remote island in the Marlborough Sounds, three teenagers struggle to stay alive and outwit their enemy.
McQuillan, Heather Mind over matter
Jono’s baby sister has a mysterious, invisible friend called DaxMax. Jono is heartily sick of hearing about him, until he starts to believe that DaxMax may not be imaginary after all.
Norcliffe, James The assassin of Gleam
First in a fantasy sequence.
Tipene, Tim Warrior kids
Every day of school, Sean’s stomach knots and turns. His efforts to avoid the school bully only add fuel to the fire when Mark Thomas and his mates eventually find him. Then the students meet Papa Tim.
Topp, Aaron Single fin
Fin lives to party and to surf the next wave but when his best friend and mentor, Mike, dies he is left alone. But when Jack, Mike’s younger cousin, discovers surfing Fin is pressured into fighting demons he thought he had shut away for good.
cover: ThievesWest, Ella Thieves
Nicky is one of a select few people who can will themselves away not just in mind, but in body. She has the gift of teleportation. It’s a rare, genetic ability, and a sinister, anonymous group called The Project want to use her for it.