Holiday Reading 2006

New Zealand titles: Fiction for younger readers

Allcock, Joy The best tree fort ever
Two boys build a tree fort in their summer holidays and encounter problems with a grumpy old neighbour.
Anderson, Karen Snot, vomit, blood, guts and maggots : the scientific website of Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson is a 10-year-old-boy who has a particular talent for making gross things out of household ingredients.
cover: Saving Mr SpenderBeale, Fleur Saving Mr Spender
Sam loves Mr Spender because he’s the best teacher in the world and always gives amazing homework. Then the Vision hits town and Mr Spender falls, literally, under her spell.
Beck, Jennifer A present from the past
A young girl receives a special gift from the past from her Aunt.
De Goldi, Kate Billy
Billy Button, one of Lolly’s classmates from Room 7, can’t keep his mouth shut or his temper under control. It makes preparation for the annual Pet and Produce Day a nightmare. Sequel to Clubs.
Hideous & hilarious : 30 New Zealand historical stories
Another anthology in the popular series, once again edited by Barbara Else.
cover: Family SurprisesMahy, Margaret Family surprises
Rosie has a problem, a terrible problem for a dragon. Whenever she tries to breathe fire, a fine spray of water fills the air. A title in the Kiwi Bites series.
McKay, Sandy I’m telling on you
Timothy is a self-proclaimed tell-tale. One day he gets himself into big trouble and then it’s not so easy to pipe up and tell the truth. A title in the Kiwi Bites series.
Orman, Lorraine Fish tale
Ever since Great-Gran died, Gramps has been very quiet and sad-looking. A title in the Kiwi Bites series.
The Puffin treasury of New Zealand children’s stories, volume 3 Compiled by Jenni Keestra.
Schwarz, Reuben The whizbanger that Emmental built
Being the daughter of the town weirdo (and having a weird name) is enough to ruin any chance Emmental Baker has of making friends.
Shaw, Tina Brenda’s planetary holiday
Brenda wants to go on an interplanetary cultural exchange, organised by her school. A title in the Kiwi Bites series.
cover: Fluff helps outShaw, Tina Fluff helps out
Dave’s soccer team has been nicknamed "The Screwballs". Every week they eat the dust of the team down the road known as "BloodnGuts". A title in the Kiwi Bites series.
Simpson, Phillip W The smallest trolley racer
Last year, Tom and Mikaere came last in the annual school trolley race. But this year, they’ve got a secret weapon. A title in the Kiwi Bites series.