Holiday Reading 2006

Fiction for younger readers

Arnold, Ted Super Fly Guy
Fly Guy loves the school lunchroom. He loves the dirty dishes, the smelly mop, and the garbage cans. But when the lunch ladies discover there’s a fly in the cafeteria, chaos ensues.
Frost, Adam Ralph the magic rabbit
A story about a snail that sets off on a life-changing adventure, only to discover that the secret to true happiness lies a little closer to home.
Godwin, Jane The true story of Mary who wanted to stand on her head
Mary is an upside-down girl and there is just no stopping her.
cover: Where’s Wally?Handford, Martin Where’s Wally? The great picture hunt
Liao, Jimmy The sound of colors
A young woman losing her vision rides the subway with her dog in search of emotional healing.
McCaughrean, Geraldine Mo
Mo is no ordinary mobile phone, she can tell the future, and there’s danger ahead.
Millard, Glenda Layla Queen of hearts
When Senior Citizens Day is announced at school, Layla wants someone special to take. Sequel to The naming of Tishkin Silk.
Oliver, Narelle Home
When fire destroys their bushland, a pair of peregrine falcons must search for a new place to live.
Riddell, Chris The Emperor of Absurdia
Skyfish nibble umbrella trees, pointy birds steal scarves to line their pointy nests, and dinner is served before lunch.
Rogers, Gregory Midsummer knight
On a morning of midsummer magic the Bear discovers an enchanted world in the heart of the forest. Companion to: The boy, the bear, the baron, the bard.
Stewart, Paul Hugo Pepper
The tale of a small boy, Hugo Pepper, and his amazing exploits.
Wilson, Bob Fearless Dave
Princess Peach has a problem and needs a brave knight to rescue her. Dave’s mum thinks that Dave is perfect for the job but he isn’t so sure.
Wolfer, Dianne The kid whose mum kept possums in her bra
Mon is becoming more and more embarrassed about her hippy mother. Things reach disaster level when Mon’s mother sneaks a possum into the class pet show.
Wood, Nancy Mr and Mrs God in the creation kitchen
Mr and Mrs God cook up the planet Earth and some creatures to live there.
Woodson, Jacqueline Show way
The making of "Show ways", or quilts which once served as secret maps for freedom-seeking slaves, is a tradition passed from mother to daughter in the author’s family.