Holiday Reading 2007

Information Books, including poetry and folktales

Cover: Walking the earth: a history of human migrationAndryszewski, Tricia Walking the earth: a history of human migration
Fleischman, Sid Escape: the story of the Great Houdini
A biography of the magician, ghost chaser, aviator, and king of escape artists whose amazing feats are remembered long after his death in 1926. Profiling his early years, personal life, and great accomplishments in show business, the story of the famous magician, Harry Houdini, comes to life through a review of his greatest tricks and most amazing feats, complete with index, photos, and author’s notes.
Hannah, Julie The man who named the clouds
This story of Luke Howard, who created a cloud classification system in the late 1700s, is interspersed with the weather journal of a modern-day child working on a science project.
Kacer, Kathy The underground reporters
Presents an account of how a group of young children who, when forced into isolation by the Nazi occupation, refused to be silenced and fought back by creating and circulating their own newspaper called Klepy. This work chronicles the lives of the young people who contributed to the newspaper. It contains drawings, poems, stories and jokes.
Kurlansky, Mark The story of salt
Lewis, J. Patrick Once upon a tomb: gravely humorous verses
22 darkly humorous poems about death.
McLimans, David Gone wild: an endangered animal alphabet
Cover: The museum  bookMark, Jan The museum book
Reflects on the Muses and the word museum, on why and how people collect things, on different kinds of museums (cabinets, buildings, villages, towns), on their contribution to science and on the notion of classification. This book examines the Elgin Marbles (saved or stolen?), famous fakes, the dodo, and some great collectors.
Markle, Sandra Little lost bat
Chronicles the early life of an orphaned Mexican free-tailed bat, from its birth to its adoption by a new mother.
Newbery, Elizabeth Art to make you scared
Presents eight works of art from all around the world, which feature sea monsters, ghostly apparitions, hungry sharks, and more. Also: Art to make you smile, by the same author.
Noyes, Deborah One kingdom: our lives with animals
Offers a look at the strong relationship between people and animals in various cultures around the world throughout time.
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw The buffalo and the Indians
Traces the history of the relationship between Native American tribes and the buffalo, from its beginnings in prehistory to the present.
Perkins, John Perceval: King Arthur’s knight of the Holy Grail
Retells the Arthurian legend of Perceval, a foolish and impatient boy who realizes his dream of becoming a great knight, but meets with misfortune when he forgets to pray and serve God.
Tchana, Katrin Hyman Changing woman and her sisters: stories of goddesses from around the world
An illustrated collection of traditional tales which feature goddesses from different cultures, including Navajo, Mayan, and Fon. Notes explain each goddess’s place in her culture, the reason for the book, and how the illustrations were developed.
Vogel, Jennifer A library story: building a new central library
Sawa, Maureen The library book : the story of libraries from camels to computers
Cover: Going bushWheatley, Nadia Going bush
Nadia Wheatley and Ken Searle help sixteen children from eight schools in south-west Sydney explore their local environment and work collaboratively on art and writing.
Winston, Robert It’s elementary
How do you make a dog? Why are helium balloons lighter than air? What are the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone? This work takes a look at the stuff that stuff is made of, with experiments to do, puzzles, quizzes and more. It shows you what the elements are, how they were discovered and the extraordinary ways that they affect our lives.