Holiday Reading 2007

Information Books, including poetry and folktales

Anderson, Tony Amazing alphabetical adventures
Text and illustrations tell a story for each letter in the alphabet.
Arnold, Heather Draw New Zealand birds
A step-by-step guide on how to draw nine unique birds from New Zealand’s coast, farmland, forest and mountains.
Crowe, Andrew Which New Zealand spider?
Goddard, Rachel Rubbish!: everything you ever wanted to know about rubbish, landfills, recycling and worms
Gossage, Peter Rona and the moon
A retelling of a Māori legend in which Rona curses the moon when it causes her to stumble. The moon snatches her up, along with the gourds she is carrying and a tree that she clings to.
Pearce, Jeni Active Kids Cookbook: Healthy Recipes for Active Young Cooks
All the basics are covered in this book including boiling eggs, preparing potatoes and making pancakes.
Pohatu, Warren Taniwharau : guardians of the land
Collection of stories about taniwha, mythical creatures and special guardians of Māori legend.
Poetry pudding: a delicious collection of rhyme and wit
edited by Jenny Argante.
Hunia, Maraea Te kete kupu : 300 essential words in Māori
The 300 essential words in this book and the examples of common uses have been selected from published texts in Māori for young readers
Stenson, Marcia Illustrated history of Antarctica
Tirohia kimihia : a Māori learner dictionary
Torckler, Gillian Destination Auckland, New Zealand
This book lists activities in categories such as parks, talking to the animals and things with wheels. There’s a list of things that cost nothing to do, information about the Auckland City Circuit Free Bus, entries about Auckland’s offshore islands, as well as an introductory section about New Zealand. Contact details and geographical information about sites to visit is also included.
Watson, Joy Worms squirm : and other poems
Acollection of ten poems by the author and illustrator team of the ‘Grandpa’ books.