Holiday Reading 2007

New Zealand titles: Picture Books

Cover: The pipi swingAiono-Iosefa, Sarona The pipi swing
A touching story about a young girl who has taken it upon herself to run her household since her Dad died. One day her grandparents invite her to a ‘pipi swing’, something they used to do with her dad.
Allen, Pamela Is your grandmother a goanna?
One day a little boy sets out to visit his grandmother. But each station he comes to is full of a different sort of animal, and his grandmother is not a gorilla nor an elephant nor a walrus, nor a goanna! So the train steams on Chuffa Chuffa, Chuffa Chuffa, until, finally, on the very last station, there she is.
Allen, Pamela My first 123
Join in the fun and make lots of noise as you count your way from one to ten.
Allen, Pamela Shhh! little mouse
Will the little grey mouse find something to eat, or will he wake the sleeping cat?
Anderson, Joan The pine-cone track
Two children enjoy their day out on the farm, collecting pine-cones for the fire. Includes music sheet and lyrics to pine-cone track song.
Armitage, Ronda A new home for a pirate
Pirate Jed feels seasick all the time. His adventures take him on a journey where he ends up helping out lots of others who need help.
Armitage, Ronda Small Knight and George
Knights are supposed to be big, brave dragon fighters, but Small Knight doesn’t feel big or brave. In fact, he shivers in his boots as he rides out on his horse in search of a fierce dragon.
Aslund, Tatiana The bean’s story
The life cycle of a bean is presented using the traditional story structure of the The house that Jack built.
Cover: The mouse that dancedBeames, Margaret The mouse that danced
The mice in the attic love to watch Fay Mouse dance, but they need to find a new place, safe from mouse traps and cats.
Bishop, Gavin Rats!
Polly Piper’s house is infested with rats. She calls in an exterminator who leads them all away. When they go, Polly finds her life is empty and boring.
Brown, Ben The rainmakers
Pukeko has always wanted a rainbow, so she chases one into her swamp, bringing everlasting rain to the mountain. When the kea who owns the rainbow find out who has stolen their precious treasure, they set out to get it back.
Campbell, Gordon Horeta and the waka
The first sighting of Cook and his crew is told through the eyes of a young Māori boy.
Cartwright, Pauline The cross feeling
When Callie got out of bed, there was a funny feeling wriggling inside her. It was a cross feeling and it made it very hard for her to be good. After a number of misdemeanours, Callie is sent to her room to consider her cross feeling. She re-enacts the day’s events with her toys, and comes to realise what she’s done.
Creighton, Lorinda Matilda and the Fibbles
Matilda keeps telling uncontrollable fibbles. However, she catches her mum telling one and struggles with challenging her or not; in the end Mum’s rules are turned on her. Sequel to Matilda and the Forgetments
Darroch, Ruth Mrs Parata’s problem pets
Mrs Parata’s son Joe is having trouble with the old hen and the duck. It doesn’t stop there though, as Joe soon discovers his mum’s animals cause him all sorts of problems. As the kunekune snuggles up to take a nap with him, the cow gets her head stuck in the grass catcher and the goat eats his undies! What should Mrs Parata and Joe do about the hullabaloo that’s happening in their back yard?
Davey, Lucy Fifi La Belle: time for a bath
There is no way this cat is going to be given a bath. However, in her efforts to avoid being washed, Fifi, that embodiment of good taste and decorum, finds herself in a dumpster truck, and it smells awful!
Cover: Good morning, good nightDevlin, Erin Good morning, good night
Little Kiwi is finding his food and playing lots of fun games, but he doesn’t realise that his daytime is night-time for most of his friends.
Dodd, Lynley Hairy Maclary’s hat tricks
A blustery day has Hairy Maclary off to the park for fun and games. When he comes across a windblown wedding party, he can show off his remarkable retrieving skills.
Drewery, Melanie Dad’s takeaways
Dad tells the children they will have takeaways. But he loads lots of strange items into the car and then drives to the beach. He then shows the children how to gather kaimoana. After an initial hesitation they decide the kai tastes good and they’re the best takeaways in the world.
Drewery, Melanie Tahi : one lucky kiwi
Told through the eyes of a schoolboy who is doing a project on the kiwi, this book is based on the true story of the work done by Weta Workshop, the Artificial Limb Centre and Wellington Zoo to save a kiwi that lost its leg.
Drewery, Melanie The grumble rumble mumbler
The Grumble Rumble Mumbler tells the age-old story of a child that can’t get to sleep because of night noises. The reader is introduced to a cast of Māori monsters - not just the taniwha, but also the maero, taipo, and the ngarara - who help children see the funny side of the things that go bump in the night.
Duncan, Tracy Mere McKaskill’s boil-up
Mere McKaskill is having a boil-up! It’s Saturday morning, and she’s visiting all her friends to get the ingredients for her meal.
Grace, Wiremu The tree hut treaty
Four children decide to create a treaty outlining the use of their tree hut. Introduces the concepts behind the Treaty of Waitangi, and includes a facsimile of the Treaty.
Cover: FiapuleHannken, Catherine Fiapule
Fiapule wants to go to his friend’s birthday party but it is also the day of his sister’s christening. Torn both ways Fiapule learns about Fa’a Samoa.
Harper, Glyn My Grandfather’s war
Glyn Harper’s touching story of a Vietnam vet who struggles to explain the concept of war to his grand-daughter, as well as explaining his sadness around his experiences.
Hessell, Jenny Grandma McGarvey joins the scrum
Grandma McGarvey finds herself on the field at a country rugby match. But she copes with the situation in her usual style, winning everyone’s admiration for her drive and fortitude while at the bottom of a ruck!
Hinge, Karen Elephant trouble
Rosie and David are at the zoo; the first animals they visit are always Burma and Kashin the elephants. But Burma has broken out of her enclosure! Rosie and David set out to find her, asking one giraffe, two hippos, three lions, four goats, five meerkats, six seals, seven wallabies, eight parrots and nine monkeys for help.
Hughes, Eleanor Counting sheep
Ryan can’t sleep, so Mum tells him to count sheep. What Mum doesn’t know is that there are many things to consider when you’re counting sheep, and Ryan needs answers to his questions before he can even begin counting!
Jack, Lynette The showdown
Barklay the puppy thinks he’s tough. All the other animals in the farmyard stay well away from him. Then Barklay meets Giddy, the goat, and he finds that anything he can do, she can do better!
McLeary, Errol The Path to Ponga Pond
Felix decides it’s a perfect day to go for a swim in Ponga Pond. So off he pedals on his bicycle, picking up the pig, the duck and the frog on his way. They toil up the hill, each one having to get off to help push, then finally it’s all downhill to the pond.
McKinlay, Helen Grandma joins the All Blacks
When Grandma finds out the All Blacks are sick and tired of training, she combines her famous zest for life with a hearty helping of her special marmalade, and soon has the team back on track for the big test match.
Cover: No room for a mouseMewburn, Kyle No room for a mouse
Christopher’s mum is so busy working for the pigeon post that she doesn’t notice when he invites some extraordinary people to come and live in their house - Ringmaster Fergus and the Sawdust Circus, Maestro Bambonium and his Grand Pandemonium, Mr and Mrs Mistletoe, Melody and Milky, and Mrs Fizzletum. Soon the big house begins to feel small. But is there room for one more?
Morrison, Yvonne Better together
Focusing on the arrival of a new baby this book was produced to mark the centenary of Plunket.
Morrison, Yvonne Wacko Kakapo
A retelling of the traditional tale Chicken Little with a New Zealand twist, in which Wacko Kakapo, Peewee Kiwi, Go-Getter Weta and friends set off to tell Tane Mahuta that the sky is falling. But then they fall into the clutches of Gotta-Gloat Stoat, and have to use their wits to escape.
Paul, Ruth The king’s bubbles
King Bill is upset when his perfect round bubbles blow away on the breeze.
Short, Denise Tani the sea monster
Nan tells her granddaughter, Mihi, a story about a sea monster, sand creatures and the powers of a shell necklace.
Tulloch, Scott Willy’s dad
Willy is a fairly average boy, who lives at home with his Mum and Dad. While Mum is very sensible and holds a very responsible job, Willy’s Dad always embarrasses him in front of all the other children at kindergarten.