Holiday Reading 2007

Fiction for younger readers

CoverAlmond, David My dad’s a birdman
Lizzie and Dad live in a rainy town in the north of England. It’s just the two of them, and Auntie Doreen, who pops round to check Lizzie’s spellings and tell Dad he’s daft, and to make them nice hot dumplings. But today there’s something unusual going on: why is Dad building himself a pair of wings and studying the birds to see how they fly?
Gleeson, Libby Happy birthday x 3
The triplets’ sixth birthday is coming up and the girls insist on buying individual presents for each other. They set out on a big shopping trip, but it’s hard to choose what will be just right for their sisters.
Graham, Bob Jack’s little party
It’s Jack’s birthday and his friend Sam is coming round after school for a little party. It’s just Sam and Jack in a small flat, with Jack’s mum talking too loudly and getting them to play childish games. Jack’s birthday cake is a homemade shark and doesn’t look as good as the huge windmill cake that Sam had for his birthday, nor is there a DJ, treasure hunt or a magician. But when Sam’s mum comes to collect him, Jack realizes just how lucky he is.
Lofthouse, Liz Ziba came on a boat
“Ziba came on a boat. A soggy old fishing boat that creaked and moaned as it rose and fell, rose and fell, across the endless sea.” Sitting in the crowded hull, with her mother’s arms around her, Ziba remembers all that she has left behind. They hope to find peace and safety in a new land, but where will their journey end, and what will they find when they arrive? Based on real events, with illustrations by the acclaimed Robert Ingpen.
Cover: the story of BearMcKay, Hilary The story of Bear
It was Christmas time when the Bear arrived. He was not invited; he just appeared. Nobody needed him. Nobody wanted him. The Bear was dropped in a skip where he remained until a brave little girl and a cheery seagull helped him to get a life. Little did he know that his new home would be a place filled with rubbish mountains, bulldozers, blue rabbits and mad horses!
Scieszka, Jon Cowboy & Octopus
Cowboy and Octopus maintain their friendship despite different opinions about things like beans and knock-knock jokes.
Warner, Sally Super Emma
Third-grader Emma becomes a reluctant heroine when she defends a friend from the class bully.
Westera, Marleen Sheep and goat
This tale follows the daily activities of Sheep and Goat who, despite often being grouchy or grumpy, are always there for one another when it counts.