Younger readers — Holiday Reading 2011

CoverNick Bruel Bad kitty meets the baby
Kitty’s owners are home with a big surprise for Kitty. But what is it? Kitty, reeling in horror, thinks it’s a … dog. The neighbours cats are convinced it’s a cat.  But we all know that it’s really a BABY! Includes fun facts and cat training tips
Joy Cowley Just one more (New Zealand)
A collection of 17 short humorous, read-aloud stories for young children. Illustrated by Gavin Bishop.
Edwidge Danticat Eight Days
While Junior is trapped for eight days beneath his collapsed house after the Haitian earthquake, he uses his imagination for comfort. Drawing on beautiful, everyday-life memories, Junior paints a sparkling picture of Haiti for each of those days - flying kites with his best friend or racing his sister around St. Marc’s Square - helping him through the tragedy until he is finally rescued.
CoverKate DiCamillo Bink and Gollie
Two roller-skating best friends - one tiny, one tall - share three comical adventures involving outrageously bright socks, an impromptu trek to the Andes, and a most unlikely marvellous companion.
Diana Wynne-Jones Earwig and the witch
Everyone knows that orphanages are horrible places. But Earwig has a surprising amount of power over everyone else at St Morwald’s Home for Children, and loves it there. So the last thing she wants is to be sent to live with the very strange Bella Yaga …The last book written by this fantasy great.
Thanhha Lai Inside out & back again
Through a series of poems, a young girl chronicles the life-changing year of 1975, when she, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama.
Grace Lin Ling and Ting: not exactly the same
Ling and Ting are identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different.
CoverLois Lowry Bless this mouse
Mouse Mistress Hildegarde musters all her ingenuity to keep a large colony of church mice safe from the exterminator and to see that they make it through the dangerous Blessing of the Animals.
CoverKyle Mewburn Do not push (New Zealand)
Always obey the rules Cam’s mum tells him but when he finds a big red button in the forest marked DO NOT PUSH, he pushes with all his might.
Michael Morpurgo Little Manfred
In the Imperial War Museum is a wooden Dachshund, carved by a German prisoner of war for the children of the British family who he stayed with after the fighting ended. This is the story of how it got there!
Joanna Nadin Penny Dreadful is a complete catastrophe
My name is not actually Penny Dreadful. The ‘Dreadful’ bit is my dad’s JOKE. But it is not even true that I am dreadful … honest. You see, it is utterly not my fault that the Patented Burglar Trap accidentally tripped Gran over, so her bone went snap …
Dr Seuss The Bippolo seed and other lost stories
Seven newly discovered stories by Dr. Seuss that will convince you that the best job is dreaming, with no work at all.
Francesca Simon Where are my lambs?
It’s time for bed but Mother Sheep can’t find her lambs, Tilly and Tam, anywhere! Where in Potter’s Barn could they be hiding?
Mo Willems We are in a book!
Gerald and Piggie discover the joy of being read. But what will happen when the book ends?