Information books, poetry and fairytales — Holiday Reading 2012

Cover of I Spy NZ Art Auckland Art Gallery I spy NZ art (New Zealand)
An alphabet book based on New Zealand works of art in the collection of the Auckland Art Gallery.
Jennifer Beck Maumahara ki tērā Nōema/ Remember that November (New Zealand)
It’s almost Guy Fawkes Night, and at the school speech competition Andy talks about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. The children cheer excitedly, thinking Andy will win the contest. But then, Aroha gets up, wearing a white feather in her hair, and tells the story of another fifth of November — the invasion of Parihaka in 1881.
Nicholas Brockelbank Nic’s cookbook (New Zealand)
Cooking is becoming quite the fashionable thing these days, and you only have to watch an episode of Junior Masterchef to realise that there are a lot of kids out there who have amazing culinary ability! Nic Brockelbank is one of these, and he shares some of his favourite recipes in this book.
Jane Brocket Spotty, stripy, swirly
Dotty, stripy, straight and swirly—patterns are all around us. How many different patterns can you find pictured in this book?
Eduardo Bustos Going ape!
Presents an introduction to some of the world’s primate species, with informative facts about such animals as chimpanzees, macaques, gibbons, baboons, orangutans, and gorillas. 
Carmen Callil (ed.) Stop what you’re doing and read this!
In any 24 hours there are so many demands on your time and attention – make books one of them. A collection of essays about the transformative power of reading: the way it inspires us, the tangible impact it can have on our wellbeing, and the importance it holds for us now and will continue to hold in the future.
Kathy Ceceri Robotics
An introduction to the exciting field of robotics, which gives kids the basic tools for creating their own robots using ordinary craft materials and parts salvaged from recycled toys and other household devices.
Cover of Dr Suess The Cat Behind the Hat Chase Art Companies (ed.) Dr Seuss the cat behind the hat
An exuberant and beautifully produced book that juxtaposes the secret art of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) with his iconic children’s art. 
Nicola Davies Deadly!
Stabbing and strangling, poisoning and drowning, electrocuting, exploding, dive-bombing and even death by gluing.  Throughout the animal kingdom, creatures great and small have evolved to become masters of murder: from dive-bombing peregrine falcons to exploding carpenter ants, from electric eels to spitting cobras.
Sarah Ell Sirocco the rock star kakapo (New Zealand)
This book tells the story of the remarkable parrot who has become a worldwide sensation. The narrative follows Sirocco’s journey from sick chick to conservation superstar, with sidebars of more specific information about the kakapo and the Kakapo Recovery Programme
Helen Frost Step gently out
Close-up photos and lightly-rhymed declarative verse capture a bug’s-eye view of nature and encourage children to experience the world outside their doors with care and openness. Includes insect facts.
Cover of Human Body Factory Dan Green Human body factory
Whether it’s toxic signs and workers wearing biohazard suits in the large intestine, lab workers in dinghies mixing gastric juices in the stomach with a giant whisk, or park keepers on the skin keeping things clean among glades of gently swaying hairs and sweat-gland sprinklers, we promise that kids will never think about their bodies in the same way again.
Kaltham Al-Ghanem Hamda and Fiskaira
The Cinderella story is known across the world in many versions. Retold here is the version known in the Arabian Gulf, in which a fisaikra fish comes to the rescue of Hamda and brings her together with the man of her dreams.
Blythe Grossberg Asperger’s rules! 
Packed full of information, this book covers common school situations and the uncommon challenges that they can present to a child with Aspergers. Kids will find the how-to for understanding and communicating with peers and teachers, standing up for and taking care of themselves, setting realistic goals, and making friends.
Steve Jenkins Just a second
What can happen in just a second, a minute, or an hour? How can we measure time? What exactly is time? In this title, the author brings forth different ways to think about time beyond the hands we see every day on a ticking clock. 
Diana Wynne Jones Reflections on the magic of writing
This collection of more than twenty-five papers, chosen by Diana herself, includes fascinating literary criticism (such as a study of narrative structure in The Lord of the Rings and a ringing endorsement of the value of learning Anglo Saxon) alongside autobiographical anecdotes about reading tours (including an account of her famous travel jinx), revelations about the origins of her books, and thoughts in general about the life of an author and the value of writing.
Robyn Kahukiwa Te marama (New Zealand)
Describes the tikanga and tales surrounding the moon, and its phases.
Cover of My Grandma's Kitchen Louise Fulton Keats My Grandma’s kitchen
My Grandma’s Kitchen is both children’s book and cookbook, featuring a fun rhyming story and whimsical illustrations, along with 30 recipes. The food is fresh, simple and perfect for making with children and will encourage them to get involved in cooking.
Robert Klanten and Hendrik Hellige (eds.) Little big books
Reflecting a broad range of styles, methods, and materials, the images and concepts featured here provide an insightful overview of the most important aesthetic developments over the last several years. An introductory text puts the current work into the historical context of classic illustrated books for children.  A valuable resource for illustrators, parents, grandparents, and anyone who is looking for compelling illustrated children’s books beyond teddy bears and cats.
Jacky Klein What is contemporary art? 
An introduction for children aged eight and over to art made since the 1960s. Featuring art from The Museum of Modern Art in New York, its lively and engaging text introduces the art and ideas to young readers, encouraging children to engage directly with the artworks.  The full range of contemporary practice is explored, from painting and sculpture to film, photography, performance and installation.
Cover of Life-Size Farm Teruyuki Komiya Life-size farm
With informative facts and illustrations accompanying the photographs that depict the animals at features in their actual life size (or at least as much of it that fits on the page!), Life-Size Farm brings readers eye to eye with a variety of farm animals.
Alison Lester Sophie Scott goes south
Sophie Scott is only nine years old, but she’s going to Antarctica on an icebreaker with her dad, the ship’s captain. During the voyage to Mawson Station and back, Sophie keeps a diary. She sees icebergs, penguins, seals and whales. She makes new friends, wonders at the southern lights and even becomes stranded in a blizzard!
Daniel Lipkowitz Batman visual dictionary
Celebrate the action-packed world of LEGO Batman and LEGO DC Super Heroes with all of the vehicles, weapons, locations, gadgets, and minifigures.
John McCrystal Shackleton Bear goes south
Ever since he learned that he is named after a Famous Polar Explorer, Shackleton Bear has wanted to travel to Antarctica to see what his namesake saw. Come with him as he learns and experiences the wonders of the sub Antarctic islands, the Southern Ocean and, of course, Antarctica.
Margaret Mahy The word witch (New Zealand)
This republication merits inclusion as it is being released with an audio CD of Mahy reading some of her work. Edited by Tessa Duder and illustrated by David Elliot.
Cover of The Orphan Anthony L. Manna & Soula Mitakidou The Orphan
In this variation on the Cinderella story set in Greece, a girl mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters manages to captivate the prince, with help from Mother Nature and her children.
Leonard Marcus Show me a story
In compelling interviews by the acclaimed Leonard S. Marcus, twenty-one top authors and illustrators reveal their inside stories on the art of creating picture books.
Orion Childrens Where’s Dogmatix?
Find Asterix, his pet Dogmatix and their friends in a variety of fun, action-packed scenes.
Laura Purdie Salas Bookspeak
Presents a series of poems which pay tribute to the limitless worlds available through books, as characters plead for sequels, strut fancy jackets, and have a raucous party in the aisles after a bookstore closes for the night
Hélène Rajcak Small and tall tales of extinct animals
A journey around the world of extinct animals, combining cartoons with naturalist drawings, and mythology with science. Published in English by Gecko Press.
Jon Richards LEGO Harry Potter
From the multiple variations of Harry and Ron to the unique characteristics of Snape and Voldemort, readers can learn about each minifigure and the magical sets they star in, in this book all about LEGO Harry Potter sets.
Michael Rosen Fantastic Mr Dahl
Just how did Roald Dahl get into writing? What ingredients in his life turned him into the kind of writer he was? Michael Rosen comes up with some of the answers to these key questions in his lively biography of the world’s Number 1 storyteller. Full of stories and funny anecdotes from Roald Dahl’s school days and family life. 
Cover of When's the DoctorElizabeth Rusch The mighty Mars rovers
The story of the two robot vehicles, Spirit and Opportunity, that were sent to explore Mars, lasting far past their projected lives of 3 months and sending back invaluable images of the environmentally hostile planet.
Martin Salisbury & Morag Styles Children’s picturebooks
Children’s picture books are the very first books we encounter, and they form an important, constantly evolving, and dynamic sector of the publishing world. But what does it take to create a successful picture book for children? This book covers all the stages of creating a picture book.
Jorge Santillan When’s the Doctor?
Can you spot the Doctor, Rory, Amy and the TARDIS in Ancient Rome, Victorian London and the far future? With loads to find, these incredibly detailed images will keep you searching for hours!
Colin Thompson The amazing illustrated floodsopedia
Now that they’re safely ensconced in Castle Twilight as the supreme rulers of Transylvania Waters, the Flood family of witches and wizards have decided to share their immense wisdomness, magic and bacon-orientated secrets and history with you even though you are mere pathetic humans.