Podcasts and Podcasting

Podcast: a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.

Miriam-Webster Dictionary.

Podcasting is a method for creating audio content that can be distributed over the Internet via RSS. It provides the content creator (the "podcaster") with capabilities that were previously available only to professional broadcasters and required expensive tools.

There are currently thousands of podcasts available covering everything from cars to music to museums and art. You can listen to podcasts by using a podcatcher and subscribing to them.

Listening to podcasts

Step One

To listen to podcasts, you need to choose a podcatcher or podcast receiver. Podcatching clients include:

Try the PodcatcherMatrix to see which would suit you best. There is also a list of podcatchers on Wikipedia.

Step Two

Once you have the software, you can discover and subscribe to podcasts of interest. You can search podcast directories such as:

Step Three

Listen to your podcasts.

Your podcatching software is now checking the RSS Feed and the computer automatically downloads the audio file. Podcasting downloads the file fully before transferring it to a program where it can be played at the listener’s convenience. You can listen via your MP3 player or on your computer using your preferred media player.

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