Joanne Drayton


Joanne Drayton is one of sixty authors who attended The Press Christchurch Writers Festival from September 4th to 7th, 2008

Dr Joanne Drayton was born in Balclutha and spent her early years in Invercargill. She was educated in Christchurch, gaining her doctorate at the University of Canterbury in 2000.

Ngaio Marsh biography

Drayton was awarded the National Library Fellowship in 2007 to research and write a new biography of Ngaio Marsh. The book was published in 2008.

Earlier works

Drayton has also published papers on art history and theory and lectured and taught since 1981. She’s currently a senior lecturer in the Unitec School of Design in Auckland.

She has written Edith Collier: her life and work (1999) which the Sunday Star Times described as'well-structured, balancing biography with intelligent consideration of Collier's oeuvre' and Rhona Haszard: an expatriate New Zealand artist (2002) and curated exhibitions that toured New Zealand of the work of these two significant artists. Frances Hodgkins: a private viewing appeared in 2005.

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