Whakapapa - a guide to resources held in the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre

From Kupe to Cook

Buck, Sir P.
305.8994 BUC

The coming of the Māori. 1949.
This book looks at the history, traditions, customs, culture, social organisation and economic life of Māori and Polynesians.

Evans, J.
993.011 EVA

Nga waka o nehera: the first voyaging canoes. 1997.

Orbell, M.
398.209931 ORB

Hawaiki: a new approach to Māori tradition. 1985.

Reed, A.W.
398.2 REE

Treasury of Māori exploration. 1977.
"Legends relating to the first Polynesian explorers of New Zealand."

Simmonds, D.R.
398.2 SIM

The great New Zealand myth: a study of the discovery and origin traditions of the Māori. 1976.
Full section on waka genealogy.

Wilson, J., ed.
993.01 FRO

From the beginning: the archaeology of the Māori. 1987.