Whakapapa - a guide to resources held in the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre

Iwi Katoa - Whakapapa Relating to Many Iwi

Auckland Institute and Museum
305.8994 AUC

Whakaahua. 1987.
A selection of photographic images of Māori groups covering the period 1860s to 1930s. Could be useful links for whakapapa research. Subjects include: Iwi from Ngai te Wehi, Mokoia Island, King Country, Ngati Tuwharetoa, Urewera, Whangaroa, Waimio (Bay of Islands).

Ballara, Angela.
323.11994 BAL

Iwi : the dynamics of Māori tribal organisation from c.1769 to c.1945, 1998.

911.93 BAT
(Quick Reference)

Bateman New Zealand historical atlas = Ko papatuanuku e takoto nei. 1997.
Really useful reference tool. Whakapapa is displayed prominently from Kupe down to the hāpu of those districts. Māori place names, main marae, landing places, mountains and their stories, brief notes of legends, as well as whakatauki. Iwi maps are displayed three-dimensionally and are divided into waka areas.

Bell, L.
704.94999 BEL

Colonial constructs: European images of Māori 1840-1914. 1992.
Includes several named portraits.

920.7 BOO

The book of New Zealand women: ko kuia ma te kaupapa. 1991.
Many biographies of Māori women, eg Ana Hata of Te Arawa descent; Airini Ngā Roimata Grenell of Ngāi Tahu descent.

920.093 DIC

Dictionary of New Zealand biography. v1, 1769-1869; v2 1870-1900; v3 1901-1920.
Between a quarter and a third of the life- stories are of Māori, and they have also been extracted and published separately in English and in Māori.

920.093 DIC

Nga tangata taumata rau, 1990-.
Essays on Māori first published in the Dictionary of National Biography, translated into te reo.

920.093 DIC

The people of many peaks: the Māori biographies from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, v1 1769-1869.
English language, with some small corrections to the entries first published in the Dictionary of National Biography.

920.093 DIC

The turbulent years: the Māori biographies from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, v2 1870-1900.

920.093 DIC

Mapihi kahurangi: Prized treasures - illustrated biographies from Ngaa taangata taumata rau, 1993.
Biographies first published in the Dictionary of National Biography, translated into te reo.

Ellis, E.M.
499.442 ELL

The gift of tongues: interpreters named in the New Zealand Gazette, 1853-1953: an index. 1994.
Many Māori interpreters listed; original entries in the Gazette may have further details.

Eriksen-Sohos, Maria.
305.8994 ERI

Iwi : aspects of pre-European Māori culture through proverb, image & verse, 1996.

Evison, H.C.
993.7 EVI

Te Wai Pounamu: the greenstone island. 1993.
A history of the Southern Māori during the European colonisation of NZ. Ngati Huirapa, Ngati Irakehu, Ngati Kuri, Ngati Moki, Ngati Mako, Ngāti Māmoe, Ngati Rangiamoa, Ngāi Tahu, Ngai Tarewa, Ngai Te Kahukura, Ngai Te Ruahikihiki, Ngai Tūāhuriri, Ngai Tuhaitara, Ngati Waewae, Ngati Wairangi and Waitaha are some of the South Island Iwi/Hāpu mentioned in the text.

Fildes, H.E.M.
016.9931 FIL

Selective indexes to certain books relating to early New Zealand. 1984.
Chapter 2 is specifically relative to Māori.

Fletcher, J.
910.3 FLE
2 reels of microfilm

Index to Māori names.
An index drawn from standard printed works such as the Journal of the Polynesian Society, to personal, place, and iwi names.


Hamilton, A.
704.03994 HAM

Māori art. (1901;1972)
List of waka and chiefs, pp29-37. The coloured plates of rafter patterns have been copied and laminated: ask at the desk if you wish to make photocopies.

Harlow, R.B.
398.20993 GRE

A name and word index to Ngā Moteatea. 1986.

Herlihy, B.
929.3 HER

The Māori Land Court as a source of information. 1985.

King, Michael
993.01 KIN

Nga iwi o te motu : 1000 years of Māori history, Rev. ed. 2001.

King, M., ed.
305.8994 AO

Te Ao hurihuri. 1977 (1992)
Especially see pp 86-114 "Leadership: inherited and achieved" by Api Mahuika.

993.1 KOR

He kōrero purakau mo ngā taunahanahatanga a ngā tupuna = Place names of the ancestors, a Māori oral history atlas. [1990].

Lindauer, G.
759.993 LIN

Māori paintings: pictures from the Partridge Collection.
Portraits and biographies of many chiefs.

Lindauer, G.
920 COW

Māori biographies: sketches of old New Zealand, compiled by James Cowan [as a descriptive catalogue of Māori portraits painted by Herr G. Lindauer.] 1901.

Lowe, R. J.
301.32 LOW

Iwi in demographic change, 1874-1951 = Te puawaitanga o ngā iwi, 1874-1951, 1989

398.2 LOR

The lore of the whare wananga: or, Teachings of the Māori College on religion. (1913-15;1978)
Bi-lingual Part 1 - religion, cosmology and history with some whakapapa tables.
Part 2 - Te kauwae-raro (things celestial) with many whakapapa tables.

Mako, C. N.
301.32 MAK

An analysis of the tribal and sub tribal affiliations of 1949 Māori electors = Ngā iwi me ngā hāpu i te tau 1949, 1989.

929.393185 MAS

Master directory of family trees and whakapapa currently being researched at the Southland Community College. 1985.
Indexed by family name.

993.42 MAT

Matakana Island : te whakaruruhau o te Moana o Tauranga, [compiled by Murray, Hēni J. ]. 1990.

Mead, S.M.
736.4 MEA

Te toi whakairo: the art of Māori carving. 1986.
Sidney Moko Mead describes the styles and patterns of Māori carving. He explains the historical and cultural tradition of carving, its origin and development and tribal variations. A very useful whakapapa source when looking at one's carved tipuna in our whare tipuna.

Neich, R.
704.03994 NEI

Painted histories: early Māori figurative painting. 1993.
Maps to show meeting-house locations.

Nelson, A.
387.21 NEL

Nga waka Māori. 1997.
Origin and development of waka, their spiritual significance, and techniques of navigation.

Ngata, Sir A.T.
899.4421 MOT

Nga moteatea. Translated by Pei Te Hurunui Jones. Part 1, 1928; Part 2, 1961; Part 3 1980.
A history in ancient waiata from all tribal areas.

Phillips, J., ed.
920 BIO

Biography in New Zealand. 1985.
Especially see "Maori, biographies, and dictionaries" by Stephen O'Regan.

Pool, Ian
304.6 POO

Te iwi Māori : a New Zealand population, past, present & projected, 1991.

Pool, Ian
301.329931 POO

The Māori population of New Zealand 1769-1971, 1977.

993.012 RET

Return giving the names etc. of the tribes of the North Island, 1870 [and] South Island native settlements, 1892.
Hundreds of names of iwi and of individual people, some with relationships noted.

Royal, C.
929.1 ROY

Te Haurapa: an introduction to researching tribal histories and traditions. 1992.

Simpson, M.
016.9931015 SIM

Haere ki o koutou tipuna; He poroporoaki; obituaries 1952 to 1983. 1984.
Index of names taken from obituaries which appeared in the magazines Te Ao Hou, Te Māori, Te Kaea, and Tu Tangata.

920.0939 SOU

Southern people: a dictionary of Otago Southland biography. 1998.
Syd Cormack, the Ellison family, and the Karetai family are just a few of the whānau mentioned in this publication.

Steedman, J.A.W.
993.011 STE

A new concept in Māori history. 4v. 1996.
The author takes legends and histories from many sources and brings them together for comparison.

Stokes, Evelyn
333.0993117 STO

People, land and forests of Te Urewera = Te Urewera ngā iwi te whenua te ngahere, 1986.

354.34 SUR

Survey and land information for iwi Māori, 1996.

Taylor, C.R.H.
016.9931 TAY

A bibliography of publications on the New Zealand Māori and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands. 1972.

333.09931 WHE

Te Whenua, te iwi = The Land and the people, edited by Jock Phillips, 1987.

016.993101 WAK

He waka eke noa: Māori information resources. 1991.