Whakapapa - a guide to resources held in the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre

TE WAI POUNAMU - South Island Iwi

Anderson, A.
993.016 TE

Te Puoho's last raid. 1986.
Te Puoho led a Ngati Tama (Marlborough) war-party from Golden Bay along the length of the West Coast, across the Southern Alps and through the Interior of Otago and Southland to storm the Kai Tahu (Ngāi Tahu) villages on the shores and Islands of Foveaux Strait.

Beattie, H.
910.3 BEA

Māori place names of Canterbury [1945;1995].
Useful Māori background information with many names. (Waitaha).

Beattie, H.
910.3 BEA

Māori place names of Otago. 1944.
Useful Māori background information with many names. (Otakou).

Buick, T.L.
993.018 RAU

An old New Zealander: or, Te Rauparaha the Napoleon of the South. (1911;1976)
Chief of Ngati Toa.

Burns, P.
993.018 RAU

Te Rauparaha: a new perspective. 1980.
Whakapapa tables for both parents; Toa Rangitira of his father's iwi, and Ngati Raukawa of his mother's iwi.

Cormack, S.
993.019 COR

Four generations from Māoridom: the memoirs of a South Island kaumatua and fisherman. 1997.
See genealogy and Southern history, page 145. Includes whakapapa tables. Ngāi Tahu , Kati Mamoe.

Couch, A.
993.841 COU

Rapaki remembered: history and reminiscence. 1987.
History, traditions and daily life of the village settlement Rapaki in Lyttelton Harbour. Ngāi Tahu .

Dacker, B.
993.019 DAC

Te mamae me te aroha = The pain and the love: a history of Kai Tahu Whanui in Otago, 1844-1994. 1994.

993.01 FRE

The French and the Māori. 1992
Includes French Tipuna, French/Maori families.

Garven, P.D.
993.019 GAR

The genealogy of the Ngāi Tahu . 4v. 1974-1990.
Whakapapa tables.

Griffiths, G
993.92 GRI

Māori Dunedin. 1980.
This book tells of the Māori contribution to Otepoti (Dunedin). It was published to coincide with the opening of the new Araiteuru Marae in Kaikorai valley. Ngāti Māmoe. (Pamphlet)

Howard, B.
993.962 HOW

Rakiura: a history of Stewart Island, New Zealand. 1940.
Includes census 1844 at Ruapuke and Rakiura; Ngāti Māmoe and Ngāi Tahu .

929.3 LIT

Little River Anglican Parish: transcript of Māori burial register 1893-1960. 1987.

Madwick, P.
993.019 MAD

Aotea - A history of the South Westland Māori. 1992.
This area has been home to a succession of tribes from the ancient Waitaha to Ngati Mahaki, a sub-tribe (hapu) of Ngāi Tahu .
This book recounts some of the traditions and battles of these people. Includes a census of Māori and European in Otago in 1851-1852, a census of Māori in Mahitahi (Bruce Bay) in 1879 and a census of Māori in Westland in 1892. Includes a whakapapa table for Kati Mamoe.

Mikaere, B.
993.019 TE

Te Maiharoa and the promised land. 1988.
This book looks at the impact that loss of the land had on the people of Te Waipounamu and tells the story of Hipa Te Maiharoa, the prophet who led his people to the promised land and found it flowing with tears. Kai Tahu, Ngati Toa, Ngati Tama.

Ngāi Tahu Māori Trust Board
993.019 NGA

Original beneficiaries as listed in Māori Land Court order dated 12th March, 1925. 1963.
Core list for all Ngāi Tahu beneficiaries.

Ngāi Tahu Māori Trust Board
993.019 NGA

Ngaitahu kaumatua alive in 1848, as established by the Māori Land Court in 1925 and the Ngaitahu Census Committee in 1929. 1967.
Sometimes referred to as "The blue book of Ngāi Tahu " (from the colour of the original cover).

Pullar, A.
993.71 PUL

Wilderness days in Bruce Bay (Westland County).
History of the area which includes a whakapapa table of Kati Mamoe.

993.75 QUE

Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand. The traditional and European records, 1820. 1987.
Includes aspects of traditional Māori history of Totaranui (Queen Charlotte Sound) Ngai Kuia, Ngati Kuri.

Shortland, E.
993.7 SHO

The southern districts of New Zealand. (1851;1974)
Whakapapa tables; Murihiku; Ngāti Māmoe, Waitaha.

920.093 SOU

Southern people: a dictionary of Otago Southland biography. 1998.
Syd Cormack, the Ellison family, and the Karetai family are just of few of the whānau mentioned in this publication. Ngāi Tahu .

Stack, J.W.
993.019 STA

South Island Māoris: a sketch of their history and legendary lore. (1898;1984). The material for this text was collected between 1859-1863, from Native chiefs residing in different parts of Te Wai Pounamu. Waitaha, Ngāti Māmoe, Ngāi Tahu .

Stack Rev J.
993.019 STA

Traditional history of the South Island Māoris (1877;1996)
A history divided into four periods - prior to the arrival of Waitaha - Waitaha occupation 1477 to 1577 - Ngāti Māmoe occupation 1577 to 1677 - Ngāi Tahu occupation 1677 to 1827. Includes a map and whakapapa tables of Ngāi Tahu and Ngāti Māmoe. (Pamphlet)

Taylor, W.A.
993.019 TAY

Lore and history of the South Island Māori. 1952.
Historical Māori information relating to Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Kaiapoi, Otautahi, Rapaki, Otakou, Murihiku, Rakiura and other places.

Te Rato, W.
929.3 TE

The baptismal register of Revd. Wiremu Te Koti Te Rato, Rapaki, 1863-1895.
A record of Māori Baptisms at Rapaki, Port Levy, Onuku, Taumutu, Little River, Wairewa, Arowhenua, Otago, Waimate.

Travers, W.T.L.
993.018 RAU

The stirring times of Te Rauparaha, chief of the Ngati Toa with the sacking of Kaiapohia, by J.W. Stack. 1906.

Tuhawaiki, J.
993.96 TUH

King of the Bluff: the life and times of Tuhawaiki ("Bloody Jack"). 1943.
Tells the story and history of Tuhawaiki, the son of Te Kaihere, chief of Ngati Huirapa, a hāpu of Ngāi Tahu .

398.2 TWO

Two Māori stories from Marlborough. 1983. Bi-lingual.
Tuiti Makitanara of Rangitane descent wrote this manuscript in 1894. It contains two traditional tales, an associated whakapapa table and three letters addressed to the Māori scholar Elsdon Best. Marlborough.

Waite, F.
993.93 WAI

Māoris and settlers in South Otago: a history of Port Molyneux and its surrounds. (1940;1980).
The history of Māori and Pakeha in South Otago. Includes a whakapapa table of Tuhawaiki who became paramount chief of Te Waipounamu. Kati Mamoe.

993.019 WHA

Whakapapa Ngāi Tahu : the establishment of the Ngāi Tahu Beneficial Register and a guide to enrolment and research. 1994.

Wilson, E.
993.962 WIL

Titi heritage: the story of the Muttonbird Islands. 1979.
Dedicated to the descendants of all Rakiura (Stewart Island) Māori. The names of the chiefs who owned the Islands, and signed for them in 1864, and the names of all those Māori entitled to go there are in this book. Ngāi Tahu. Ngāti Māmoe.