Whakapapa - a guide to resources held in the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre

WHAREKAURI - Chatham Islands

Holmes, D.
993.992 HOL

My seventy years on the Chatham Islands: reminiscences by David Holmes. 1993.
Contains stories of the people and places of the Chatham islands.

Johnson, Te M.
993.992 WIL

The people of the Chathams: true tales of the islanders' early days. 1994
Contains stories, anecdotes, traditions and legends of the old Chatham Islands. "This is people history".

King, M.
993.992 KIN

A land apart: the Chatham islands of New Zealand. 1990.
An exploration of the elements of the Chatham's life and history. Looks at the descendants of the Moriori, Māori, sealers, whalers and missionaries. Ngati Mutunga, Ngati Tama.

King, M.
993.01 KIN

Moriori: a people rediscovered. 1989.
Rekohu is the name given to the Chatham Islands by its indigenous people, the Moriori. Contains photographs and whānau history.

Taylor, C.R.H.
016.9931 TAY

A bibliography of publications on the New Zealand Māori and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands. 1972.
References to a huge range of publications relating to Māori, see chapters 15, 24, 27 for whakapapa publications.