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Margaret Mahy at Christchurch City Libraries

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Margaret Mahy displays at libraries Margaret Mahy died on Monday 23 July 2012. There have been some wonderful tributes to her published around the world. This is a selection of blog posts, obituaries and articles:

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NZ Festival: A Tall, Long-Faced Tale

An interviewer once asked Margaret Mahy: If you were transformed into your true self, what would you become? Mahy replied, A tall, long-faced tale. What better way to describe a person who is widely acknowledged to be one of New Zealands greatest writers? Margaret Mahy is famous for her children’s and young adult books and has received many literary accolades, the most recent being the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2006 - one of the world’s most prestigious acknowledgements for excellence in children’s writing. But there is much more to Margaret Mahy than that.

In the NZ Festival documentary A Tall, Long-Faced Tale, viewers get an opportunity to see the real Mahy - Mahy the intellectual, Mahy the magical, Mahy the witty, the whimsical and the wicked, as interviewed by some of her own fictional characters and fellow author Elizabeth Knox. When director Yvonne Mackay suggested that in this documentary Mahy’s own characters might also help interview her, Mahy was so intrigued about what could eventuate, she forgot her vow never to do another documentary that might even slightly resemble a biography. Animated paper cut-outs like the Lion from The Lion In The Meadow and the Witch from The Witch In The Cherry Tree step into Mahy’s living room and her life. They leave as they came, appearing and vanishing as slickly as a Cheshire cat. Adding to these fascinating characters are interviews with some of Mahy’s extraordinary illustrators - Quentin Blake, Steven Kellogg and Jenny Williams.

This programme about Margaret Mahy, originally screened on Saturday January 19 2008 at 9:45 pm and repeated on Sunday January 20 at 9:30am, on TV One
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