Matt AllcuttMatt Allcutt

How would you describe your style of music?
Acoustic funk / rock / jazz.
What does NZ music month mean to you?
A chance to promote local bands and celebrate the diversity of the New Zealand music industry.
Have you written any songs about Christchurch or Canterbury?
Not yet.
Do you think the region / place makes its way onto the music - if so how?
Definitely. The feel of the regon and the people around you influence you a lot.
Are there any other influences on your music?
Lots of musicians, both local and international.
What's your favourite New Zealand song / and why?
Loyal by Dave Dobbyn. He's stayed true to his music and his beliefs while continuing to develop his style.
Tell us a little about your background - your home, your family, non-musical interests and so on…
Born in the United Kingdom, three brothers. My whole family is musical, but most of my earlier musical training comes from my Dad.