Carmel Courtney

Carmel Courtney is a singer-songwriter who is well-known around Christchurch particularly for her saxophone playing.

Carmel CourtneyHow would you describe your style of music?
Jazzy, electronic, Latin.
What does NZ music month mean to you?
More exposure for New Zealand artists.
Have you written any songs about Christchurch or Canterbury?
Do you think the region / place makes its way onto the music — if so how?
Feel, feel … conjures up The Square in the early morning dew.
Are there any other influences on your music?
Everything that you really listen to influences.
What’s your favourite New Zealand song and why?
Mona Lisa by Luke Hurley — among many. It’s an epic, and funny.
Tell us a little about your background — your home, your family, non-musical interests and so on…
Fully immersed in Volcano Radio 88.5 in the Lyttelton harbour basin for the last year.
You have given us a song for the website. Tell us about it: how it came into being, what it means to you; what you like about it.
Seabreeze by myself and Max Maxwell. Our new album is out in October 2009.

Interview for New Zealand Music Month, May 2009