Que’s Vaemu Fidow

How would you describe your style of music?
Contemporary Rhythm & Blues
What does NZ music month mean to you?
It’s a chance for more performance opportunities good for us as we are part-time musicians at the moment.
Have you written any songs about Christchurch or Canterbury?
Not yet.
Do you think the region / place makes its way into the music if so how?
It hasn’t so far, but I suspect that it will as our music and life experiences develop.
Are there any other influences on your music?
A lot of our music has been influenced by R’n’B/Gospel music from the 90s. Artists such as Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, 112 and Jagged Edge have had a big influence on our music.
What’s your favourite New Zealand song and why?
Something I Need by A.K.A Brown because it’s a quality NZ R’n’B song.
Who’s you’re favourite NZ artist and why?
Don’t have one - we dig sounds from artists such as Pacific Underground, Tribalincs, Scribe, Adeaze, Caramel, Cydel…
Tell us a little about your background your home, your family, non-musical interests and so on…
Currently, I live with my partner in Bishopdale along with our son, Nathan. I enjoy working with computers, especially Macs, and am passionate about promoting the benefits of information and communication technologies to Pasifika peoples. My hobbies include playing rugby league.