Will FrostWill Frost

Will Frost is a young singer and multi-instrumentalist from Christchurch. Shelter, his debut album, was launched as part of New Zealand Music Month 2012. He sings in the New Zealand Youth Choir and conducts Christchurch Boys’ Choir and Medbury Chorus. He has two performance diplomas - one in flute and one in voice and is studying Psychology at the University of Canterbury.

Tell us about your origins and how you came to be a musician
I have been singing in choirs since I was eight years old. I even had my Mum as my choir teacher for a while, then I joined Christchurch Boys’ Choir eventually ending up in National Youth Choir and singing occasionally with Voices NZ. I did loads of music at Burnside High and managed to win the National Chamber Music competition in 2010.
How would you describe your music style?
A little bit folky acoustic singer/songwriter with guitar, a little bit crossover with piano and a little bit poppy on my studio recording. There is also quite a lot of falsetto!
Tell us a bit about your background, your home, family, education and non musical influences.
I am a born and bred Christchurch boy. I was Head Boy at Burnside and now am in my second year of Psychology and Education at UC. I have two sisters and a border collie and three really weird cats. I am inspired and influenced by my friends: Travelling with the National Youth Choir means you only get to see some of your really good friends a few times a year so I try to keep those friendships really strong ’cause they’re all such amazing people.
What does New Zealand Music Month mean to you?
NZ Music Month was my deadline for releasing my debut album Shelter because it is a time for all Kiwi musicians new and established to promote and support each other. It has meant I can perform in areas which are normally not musical spaces like libraries and even a boat.
Have you written any music influences by Christchurch or Canterbury?
The first track on Shelter, which is called It’s Time, was written for the Festival of Flowers Songwriting contest early in 2012. It carries a message of hope that we’ll stay strong together as the people of Christchurch and help rebuild our beautiful city.
Do you think this region makes its way into your music?
That’s a difficult one to describe - I think perhaps it does more in terms of the experiences, friends and family that I’ve made in Christchurch. If I hadn’t grown up here I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I did so my music would be very different.
What are your musical influences?
I love a lot of singer/songwriter artists like Birdy and Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver. Brooke Fraser is one of my all time local favourites because she sings with such feeling; any artist that does that well gets a tick in my book!
Have you made any recordings?
I finished my debut album Shelter for NZ Music Month. It’s got 10 tracks and can be previewed at