Greg Malcolm

Greg MalcolmGreg Malcolm is a songwriter who uses a variety of styles in his music.

How would you describe your style of music?
At the moment I am concentrating on my solo simultaneously played multiple guitar performances…or SSPMGP for short. No processing or effects (well a fuzz box sometimes), just a bunch of guitars. Some contact mic-ed, some with extra strings and springs and things, one at my side, one at my feet, one in my lap.
What does NZ music month mean to you?
Gigs at the library.
You've performed at the library as part of New Zealand Music Month - what was it like to play at a library?
Great I love playing in libraries I can play nice and quiet. I like the fact that people who would never come to my concerts get exposed to my music, there’s more variety in the audience - and I don't have to listen to awful loud music when I am setting up.The downside is the bar tab is lower.
Have you written any songs about Christchurch or Canterbury?
Lots of my music conjures up aspects of the New Zealand landscape.
Do you think the region / place makes its way onto the music - if so how?
I think that you can't help but be influenced by your environment and everything that you swim in … from the Port Hills to The Warehouse advertising … the good the bad and the ugly.
Are there any other influences on your music?
Libraries were and are important, as I would borrow lots of music, risk free, as it was a free-ish service. So I would borrow everything that looked interesting from John Cage prepared piano to Korean folk and social music to some FMP recordings.
My stays in Berlin were important developmental times. When we moved to Prezlauberg Berlin in 1995 there was so many great musicians and so much innovative music around.
Do you have a cd/cds available?
Yes: homesick for nowhere is held at Christchurch City Libraries
What is it Keith? (my worst seller and personal favourite) is available from the library or my website.
Swimming in it is vinyl only and great but I have no more left people could import in from Belgium label kraak if they want it.
Hung is a collection of solo simultaneously played multiple guitar performances.
Six Strings is a collaboration with Tetuzi Akiyama recorded in a week-long artist in residence project in Holland.
I have samples of some of these on my myspace and website:,

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