New Titles Non-Fiction September 2016 (arrived in August 2016)

Art & Architecture

Alchemy : the art and craft of illustration. 702.81 ALC
Due to technological advancements, illustration is no longer confined to a flat medium; it has been liberated to new heights of fancy limited solely by the imaginations of today's leading artists.
Bentu : Chinese artists in a time of turbulence and transformation : Cao Fei, Hao Liang, Hu Xiangqian, Liu Chuang, Liu Shiyuan, Liu Wei, Liu Xiaodong, Qiu Zhijie, Tao Hui, Xu Qu, Xu Zhen, Yang Fudong. 709.51 BEN
Bloomsbury South : the arts in Christchurch, 1933-1953, Peter Simpson. 700.993 SIM
For two decades in Christchurch a cast of extraordinary men and women remade the arts. Simpson tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this 'Bloomsbury South' and the arts and artists that made it.
Creative strength training : prompts, exercises and personal stories for encouraging artistic genius, Jane Dunnewold. 745.5 DUN
You'll discover powerful strategies that combine writing and hands-on art-making to overcome creative stumbling blocks, develop a unique voice and make creating art a regular habit.
Degas : a strange new beauty, Jody Hauptman. 759.4 DEG
Divine beauty : from Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana, Lucia Mannini. 704.948 DIV
Divine Beauty sets out to investigate the relationship between art and the Church, a connection that had been unbreakable in previous centuries and that seemed to have been lost in the modern era.
Drawing : foundation course, Paul Thomas. 741.2 THO
This book takes an in-depth look at drawing, exploring the many varieties of line and mark possibilities in different media, and comparing different styles.
Drawing now 2015, Klaus Albrecht Schroder. 741.9 DRA
Drawing is back! This book presents approximately 40 international works of art that represent drawing today and take it in new directions.
Drawing the human figure : the artist's complete guide, Andras Szunyoghy. 743.49 SZU
Figure drawing in proportion : easy to remember, accurate anatomy for artists, Michael Massen. 743.4 MAS
Masterpieces of Soviet painting and sculpture, Natalia Alexandrova. 709.47 MAS
Peacock & vine : Fortuny and Morris in life and at work, A. S. Byatt. 700.92 FOR
A meditation on the British designers William Morris and Mariano Fortuny.
Re-inventing New Zealand : essays on the arts and the media, Roger Horrocks. 700.993 HOR
The book reflects on the huge changes to our culture produced by the hippie upheaval of the 1960s, new forms of feminism, the Maori renaissance, radical styles of philosophy, economic extremism, and the digital age.
Steampunk : the art of retro-futurism, Dopress Books. 709.05 STE
Gathers work by the best artists, designers, and craftsmen in the field in a collection sure to fire the imagination of any steampunk fan.
The art of typewriting, Marvin Sackner. 740 SAC
From the early ornamental works produced by secretaries in the late nineteenth century to more recent works that consider the unique position of the typewritten document in the digital age, there is an astonishing and delightful range of creativity in every artwork.
The culture of curating and the curating of culture(s), Paul O'Neill. 708 ONE
O'Neill examines the emergence of independent curatorship and the discourse that helped to establish it.
The great mother : women, maternity, and power in art and visual culture, 1900-2015, Massimiliano Gioni. 704.9424 GRE
Through the work by 127 international artists, The Great Mother analyzes the iconography of motherhood in the art and visual culture of the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries, from early avant-garde movements to the present.
The Philip Johnson Glass House : an architect in the garden, Maureen Cassidy-Geiger. 720.973 JOH
Cassidy-Geiger analyzes the evolution of this architectural gem built on 49 acres with eleven Johnsonian follies dating back from 1949 to 1995.
Unfinished : thoughts left visible, Kelly Baum. 707.4 UNF
Explores the evolving concept of unfinishedness as essential to understanding art movements from the Renaissance to the present.
Women of abstract expressionism, Joan Marter. 759.13 WOM
A survey of female abstract expressionist artists revealing the richness and lasting influence.


Camaro 2016 : Chevrolet's modern performance car, Larry Edsall. 629.2222 CHE
Dennis fire engines, Barry Hutchinson. 629.225 DEN
Dundee's trams and buses, Walter Burt. 388.4132 BUR
Luxury toys : classic cars, Paolo Tumminelli. 629.222 LUX
The Leyland National, Paul Chancellor. 629.2223 LEY
Wide-open muscle : the rarest muscle car convertibles, Randy Leffingwell. 629.222 LEF


A simple girl : stories my grandmother told me, Josh Flagg. 940.5318 FLA
The incredible rags to riches life story of a Holocaust survivor, Edith Flagg.
And home was Kariakoo : a memoir of East Africa, M. G. Vassanji. 967.6 VAS
From Vassanji comes a poignant love letter to his birthplace and homeland.
Angela Merkel : Europe's most influential leader, Matthew Qvortrup. 943.088 MER
The in-depth biography of Angela Merkel, using exclusive new sources and research to tell how the daughter of a clergyman from East Germany rose to become one of the most powerful women in the world.
Bobby Kennedy : the making of a liberal icon, Larry Tye. 973.922 KEN
Draws on unpublished memoirs, unreleased government files, private papers, and interviews with Kennedy's close family and colleagues to chronicle his transformation from 1950s cold warrior to a liberal champion of the working class, the poor, and minorities.
Braving it : a father, a daughter, and an unforgettable journey into the Alaskan wild, James Campbell. 979.8 CAM
The powerful and affirming story of a father's journey with his teenage daughter to the far reaches of Alaska.
Deborah Harry : a biography, Cathay Che. 781.66 HAR
This book celebrates the life of the original rock goddess as boldly as she's lived it.
Delta Lady : a memoir, Rita Coolidge. 781.66 COO
Chronicles Rita Coolidge's fascinating journey through the '60's and '70's pop-rock universe.
Elizabeth : the forgotten years, John Guy. 942.055 ELI
A biography of Elizabeth I revealing the woman behind the polished veneer as she confronts challenges at home and abroad.
Evelyn Waugh : a life revisited, Philip Eade. 823.912 WAU
Philip Eade's revealing biography of the celebrated English novelist, using previously unseen letters and new personal testimony.
Fedegraphica : a graphic biography of the genius of Roger Federer, Mark Hodgkinson. 796.342 FED
Drawing on his conversations with Federer, as well as exclusive interviews with those close to the Swiss, Hodgkinson tells the story of how a young hothead from Basel transformed himself into a calm and poised athlete who came to dominate tennis.
Florence Foster Jenkins : the remarkable story of America's best-known and least-talented soprano, Jasper Rees. 782.1092 JEN
Despite having no pitch, no rhythm and no tone, Florence Foster Jenkins became one of America's best-known sopranos, giving a sell-out concert at Carnegie Hall.
Fully committed : the Ben Sigmund story, Ben Sigmund. 796.334 SIG
The story of New Zealand and Wellington Phoenix footballer Ben Sigmund.
Gweilo : memories of a Hong Kong childhood, Martin Booth. 823.914 BOO
Shadowed by the unhappiness of his warring parents, a broad-minded mother and a bigoted father, Booth's memoir of his childhood in Hong Kong in the early 1950s is a journey into Chinese culture and an extinct colonial way of life.
Ian Fleming : a personal memoir, Robert Harling. 823.914 FLE
This is Harling's account of his close and enduring friendship with one of the twentieth century's most iconic writers, a relationship forged in the Second World War that helped define the lives of both men.
John Newton : from disgrace to Amazing Grace, Jonathan Aitken. 283.092 NEW
A fascinating, colourful, and historically significant portrait of slave trader turned Christ follower, John Newton. Master biographer Aitken brings us into one of the most sensational sagas of the 18th century.
Mr Stuart's track : the forgotten life of Australia's greatest explorer, John Bailey. 994.02 STU
On 14 May 1858, an expedition of discovery led by John McDouall Stuart departed from a copper mine located on the very edge of the known world in the North Flinders Ranges. Stuart was to be the first European to cross Australia from south to north and return again.
Muscles : the story of Ken Rosewall, Australia's little master of the courts, Richard Naughton. 796.342 ROS
Follows Rosewall's ascent to glory-from early competitions and his year of glory in 1953, when we was a member of the Australian LTAA touring team-to his emergence on the pro tennis scene and eight grand slam tournament victories.
Of ashes and rivers that run to the sea, Marie Munkara. 305.89915 MUN
An old baptismal card falling out of a book changed the course of 28-year-old Marie Munkara's life forever. Until that moment she had no idea of her true origins in Arnhem Land.
Once a saint : an actor's memoir, Ian Ogilvy. 791.45028 OGI
Ogilvy was the star of 1970s TV as the dashing Simon Templar in 'Return Of The Saint'. The show turned him into a household name, causing him to be touted as the next James Bond. His story is modest and endlessly charming.
Queen of the desert : the extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell, Georgina Howell. 956.7 BEL
Archaeologist, spy, Arabist, linguist, author, poet, photographer, mountaineer and nation builder, Gertrude Bell was born in 1868 into a world of privilege and plenty, but she turned her back on all that for her passion for the Arab peoples, becoming the architect of the independent kingdom of Iraq and seeing its first king Faisal safely onto the throne in 1921.
Red dust over China : a Shanghai-New Zealand memoir 1937-1954, Tyl von Randow. 951.132 VON
Tyl von Randow takes us on a journey back in time to his childhood, as the son of the German Consul in Shanghai, growing up in the shadow of World War Two and then his resettlement in New Zealand.
The chronology of water : a memoir, Lidia Yuknavitch. 813.54 YUK
Yuknavitch expertly moves the reader through issues of gender, sexuality, violence, and the family from the point of view of a lifelong swimmer turned artist.
The devil's diary : Alfred Rosenberg and the stolen secrets of the Third Reich, Robert K. Wittman. 943.086 ROS
A chilling window into the mind of Adolf Hitlers "chief social philosopher" Alfred Rosenberg, who formulated some of the guiding principles behind the Third Reich's genocidal crusade.
The hate race : a memoir, Maxine Beneba Clarke. 823.92 CLA
Suburban Australia. Sweltering heat. Three bedroom blonde-brick. Family of five. Beat-up Ford Falcon. Vegemite on toast. Maxine Beneba Clarke's life is just like all the other Aussie kids on her street. Except for this one, glaring, inescapably obvious thing.
The life of Louis XVI, John Hardman. 944.035 LOU
Hardman’s reassessment of the reign of Louis XVI sheds a bold new light on the man, his actions, his world, and his policies, including the king’s support for America’s War of Independence, the intricate workings of his court, the disastrous Diamond Necklace Affair, and Louis’s famous dash to Varennes.
The lost imperialist : Lord Dufferin, memory and mythmaking in an age of celebrity, Andrew Gailey. 941.081 DUF
Dufferin was much more than a diplomat and politician. He was a leading Irish landlord, an adventurer and a travel writer.
The rise, the fall, and the rise, Brix Smith Start. 781.66 SMI
Best known for her work in The Fall at the time when they were perhaps the most powerful and influential anti- authoritarian postpunk band in the world. Brix spent ten years in the band before a violent disintegration led to her exit and the end of her marriage with Mark E Smith.
The sun & the moon & the Rolling Stones, Rich Cohen. 781.66 ROL
A panoramic narrative history of the Rolling Stones, viewed through the impassioned and opinionated lens of Vanity Fair contributor Rich Cohen, who traveled with the band in the 1990s as a reporter for Rolling Stone.
Triumphs & turbulence : my autobiography, Chris Boardman. 796.62 BOA
The long-awaited autobiography from the father of modern British cycling.
Trying to float : coming of age in the Chelsea Hotel, Nicolaia Rips. 974.71 RIP
A seventeen-year-old's darkly funny, big-hearted memoir about growing up in New York City's legendary Chelsea Hotel.
Two decades naked, Leigh Hopkinson. 792.7 HOP
A memoir about Leigh's adventures working as a stripper in Christchurch, London and Melbourne.

Business & Management

64 shots : leadership in a crazy world, Kevin Roberts. 658.409 ROB
A compendium of value-accelerators for business and life.
Be the innovators : how to accelerate team creativity, Peter Ling. 650.1 LIN
Business plans kit for dummies, Steven D. Peterson. 658.401 PET
Chart your course to business success; create a solid business plan to guide you; explore ways to fund a start-up or expansion.
Corporate governance : a practical handbook, Karen Martyn. 658.4 COR
A user-friendly resource for those needing a practical set of tools to carry out the complex work of the board of directors.
Delivering high performance : the third generation organisation, Douglas G. Long. 658.406 LON
Learning leadership : the five fundamentals of becoming an exemplary leader, James M. Kouzes. 658.409 KOU
Management, Stephen P. Robbins. 658 ROB
A resource at the leading edge of thinking and research. By blending theory with stimulating, pertinent case studies and innovative practices, Robbins encourages students to get excited about the possibilities of a career in management.
Payroll : a practical guide to New Zealand payroll administration, Warick Heads. 658.32 HEA
Play bigger : how rebels and innovators create new categories and dominate markets, Al Ramadan. 658.11 RAM
Social media campaigns : strategies for public relations and marketing, Carolyn Mae Kim. 658.872 KIM
The accounting jungle, and how to find your way through it, Bill Jamieson. 657.3 JAM
The effective manager, Mark Horstman. 658.304 HOR
A hands-on practical guide to great management at every level.
The farm on the roof : what Brooklyn Grange taught us about entrepreneurship, community, and growing a sustainable business, Anastasia Cole Plakias. 635.9671 PLA
The founders of Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest green rooftop farm, share their inspirational story of changing the world through entrepreneurship.
The job search navigator : an expert's guide to getting hired, surviving layoffs, and building your career, Matt Durfee. 650.14 DUR
Thinking differently about leadership : a critical history of leadership studies, Suze Wilson. 658.409 WIL
Total facility management, Brian Atkin. 658.2 ATK


Chainmail bikini : the anthology of women gamers, Hazel Newlevant. 793.932 CHA
An anthology of comics by and about female gamers.

Civil Rights

Complacent nation, Gavin Ellis. 323.445 ELL
New Zealanders are too complacent about the continuing erosion of their right to know what government is doing on their behalf. Political risk has become a primary consideration in whether official information requests will be met, and successive governments have allowed free speech rights to be overridden.
Death of a King : the real story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final year, Tavis Smiley. 323.1196073 KIN
Presents a revealing and dramatic chronicle of the 12 months leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.
Human rights in New Zealand : emerging faultlines, Judith McGregor. 323.0993 MCG
A comprehensive survey of the seven major international human rights treaties which New Zealand has signed and ratified, as well as the Universal Periodic Review.


eBay for dummies, Marsha Collier. 381.17 COL


Beginning F# 4.0, Robert Pickering. 005.133 F
Delphi cookbook : 50 hands-on recipes to master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS, Daniele Teti. 005.133 PAS
Effective debugging : 66 specific ways to debug software and systems, Diomidis Spinellis. 005.14 SPI
Spinellis helps experienced programmers accelerate their journey to mastery, by systematically categorizing, explaining, and illustrating the most useful debugging methods, strategies, techniques, and tools.
Gradle recipes for Android : master the new build system for Android, Ken Kousen. 005.2 KOU
Samsung Galaxy S7 for dummies, Bill Hughes. 621.38456 HUG
If you just scored yourself a Samsung Galaxy S7 and don't quite know where to start, you're in good company.
Swift 3 functional programming : bring the power of Swift functional programming to iOS, Web, macOS, watchOS and tvOS application development and build clean, smart, scalable and reliable applications, Fatih Nayebi. 005.26 NAY
Think Java : how to think like a computer scientist, Allen B. Downey. 005.133 JAV

Crafts & Collecting

20-minute whittling projects : fun things to carve from wood, Tom Hines. 736.4 HIN
3D origami, Maria Angela Carlessi. 736.98 CAR
A new and original technique that doesn't require any special skills just a little patience.There are 15 projects to choose from including rabbits, owls, squirrels, dogs, cats and even a tortoise.
Big hook rag crochet, Dedri Uys. 746.434 UYS
Learn to crochet using your unwanted garments, bed sheets or leftover fabric stash; transforming them into 25 stylish home decorations and accessories.
Build 25 beautiful boxes, Doug Stowe. 684.08 STO
You'll find stunning designs for jewelry boxes and chests, boxes for pens, a wedding ring music box, boxes with unique shapes and distinctive gift boxes.
By the bundle, Emma Jean Jansen. 746.46 JAN
Quilters love collecting these precut bundles, but often dont know what to do with them. Emma inspires quilters to create one of her 12 quilts specifically designed to showcase these fabulous cuts whether they are from a single fabric collection or a complementary combination of many fabric lines.
Crazy for crochet, Lily Secilie Brandal. 746.434 BRA
DIY string art : 24 designs to create and hang, Jesse Dresbach. 746.0471 DRE
Doll couture : handcrafted fashions for 18-inch dolls : all made from vintage fabric, Marsha Greenberg. 745.5922 GRE
Dresden carnival : 16 modern quilt projects, innovative designs, Marian B. Gallian. 746.46 GAL
A parade of modern Dresden quilts awaits, packed with playful colour choices, all-new layouts, and exciting borders.
Fascinators : 25 stylish accessories to top off your look, Hannah Scheidig. 646.5 SCH
This is the first craft book of its kind with how-tos for fascinators, floral crowns, tiaras, and more: 25 in all, plus variations on each project there are even sweet projects suitable for little girls.
Favorite fabric bowls, boxes & vases : 15 quick-to-make projects : 45 inspiring variations, Linda Johansen. 746 JOH
With 15 projects you can easily make in a day, Johansen teaches you to sew sturdy fabric containers of all shapes and sizes to corral your odds and ends.
Hand drawn lettering : draw, print, paint, Max Marlborough. 745.61 MAR
Unleash your creativity with this book that encourages readers to explore new ideas, nurture originality, and create unique forms of lettering.
Hand stitched crazy patchwork, Hazel Blomkamp. 746.46 BLO
Handmade soap book : easy soapmaking with natural ingredients, Melinda Coss. 668.12 COS
Hats to knit, Gillian Whalley-Torckler. 746.432 WHA
Homemade presents : inspiring gift ideas to share, Marlies Busch. 745.5 BUS
An excellent source for all kinds of homemade gift ideas. With more than 100 easy step- bystep instructions, this book guides you through the art of making beautiful gifts by hand.
How to amaze your daughter : crafts, recipes and other creative experiences to teach her to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, Raphaele Vidaling. 745.5 VID
This book can help parents experience life with open eyes. It has more than 50 projects that will enthuse and enrich girls. There are crafts, science experiments, creative experiences, recipes, and easy magic tricks.
How to amaze your son : crafts, recipes and other creative experiences to teach him to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, Raphaele Vidaling. 745.5 VID
This book has more than 50 truly creative and inspiring projects that will elicit 'wow' and 'cool' from the most skeptical of boys. There are crafts, science experiments, creative experiences, and easy magic tricks.
Magical amigurumi toys : 15 sweet crochet projects, Lilleliis. 746.434 LIL
Lilleliis' handmade toys have a wide array of details you will love: the cutest colour combinations, the sweetest expressions and little fabric details.
Make pincushions : 12 darling projects to sew. 746.9 MAK
From 3D shapes to cute little critters. Try out a variety of techniques-like applique, embroidery, and piecing-in this value-packed booklet.
Make your own wreaths : for any occasion in any season, Nancy Alexander. 745.92 ALE
Mastering the potter's wheel : techniques, tips, and tricks for potters, Ben Carter. 738.1 CAR
A book of advances wheel techniques and inspiration for potters who have basic skills but would like to learn more about throwing large forms, lids, handles, darting, and more.
Mixing quilt elements : a modern look at color, style & design, Kathy Doughty. 746.46 DOU
Learn to express yourself with creative, adventurous designs, all made achievable through step-by-step instructions.
New heights in lace knitting : 17 lace knit accessory patterns, Andrea Jurgrau. 746.432 JUR
Poetic crochet : 20 shawls inspired by classic poems, Sara Kay Hartmann. 746.434 HAR
Just as poetry laces together the simplest of words into dramatic lyrical pieces, Poetic Crochet uses basic stitches to create a romantic, breathtaking collection of shawls and wraps.
Sew happy : stitch yourself stylish with 25 step-by-step projects, Karin Ziegler. 646.404 ZIE
The 25 step-by-step projects and full patterns, as well as tips and advice, will help you give your wardrobe a makeover.
The Della Robbia Pottery : from Renaissance to Regent Street, Julie Sheldon. 738.0942 DEL
The Williamson holds the world's largest collection of work from the Della Robbia Pottery, founded in 1894 by Harold Rathbone.
The quilt block cookbook : 50 block recipes, 7 sampler quilts, endless possibilities, Amy Gibson. 746.46 GIB
Learn how to use classic quilt design elements and mix them into 50 new and unique 12" blocks.
Your Sharpie style : 75 original Sharpie craft projects to design your home and your life, Deborah Green. 745.5 GRE
Take your coloring to the next level! From cups and saucers to sneakers and tote bags, this book is guaranteed to transform your home and your garments with stylish and colourful designs.


Asking for it : the alarming rise of rape culture and what we can do about it, Kate Harding. 364.1532 HAR
Harding combines research with an in-your-face voice to make the case that twenty-first century America supports rapists more effectively than victims.
Crime, law, and justice in New Zealand, Greg Newbold. 364.993 NEW
Examines the recent crime trends and the social, political, and legal changes in New Zealand from the end of the twentieth century to the present.
I will find you, Joanna Connors. 364.1532 CON
Setting out to uncover the story of her attacker, Connors embarked on a journey to find out who he was, where he came from, who his friends were and what his life was like.
Jane Doe January : my twenty-year search for truth and justice, Emily Winslow. 362.883 WIN
The story of a Pennsylvania serial rapist who stood trial two decades after his assault on the author.
Murder on the Maungatapu : a narrative history of the Burgess Gang and their greatest crime, Wayne Martin. 364.1523 BUR
The Jolly Roger Social Club : a true story of a killer in paradise, Nick Foster. 364.1523 FOS
You could do something amazing with your life (you are Raoul Moat), Andrew Hankinson. 364.1523 HAN
Moat was the fugitive bodybuilder-mechanic who became notorious one hot July week when, after killing his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, shooting her in the stomach, and blinding a policeman, he disappeared into the woods of Northumberland.

Crime & Espionage

Cyberspies : the secret history of surveillance, hacking, and digital espionage, Gordon Corera. 327.12 COR


Life at home in the twenty-first century : 32 families open their doors, Jeanne E. Arnold. 392.36 ARN
My handmade wedding, Marrianne Mercer. 395.22 MER
Ideal for creative, budget-savvy brides and grooms to be, this practical, friendly guide will help couples plan and personalize their big day.


Chaos monkeys : obscene fortune and random failure in Silicon Valley, Antonio Garcia Martinez. 338.47 GAR
The industry provocateur behind such companies as Twitter and a nascent Facebook presents an irreverent expose of life inside the tech bubble that traces his hedonist lifestyle against a backdrop of early social media and online marketing, sharing critical insights into how they are shaping today's world.
Dragons : ten entrepreneurs who built Britain, Liam Byrne. 338.04 BYR
Fringe benefits : a practical guide to managing your tax costs, Andrew Dickeson. 336.27 DIC
Global investing : a guide for New Zealanders, John Ryder. 332.673 RYD
Ryder provides guidance on all aspects of investing in the global environment including how the 2007-09 Global Financial Crisis occurred.
Secondhand time : [the last of the Soviets], Svetlana Alexievich. 335 ALE
An oral history of the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
The laws of wealth : psychology and the secret to investing success, Daniel Crosby. 332.6 CRO
Three cities : seeking hope in the Anthropocene, Rod Oram. 303.4 ORA
Orthodox is obsolete; conventional is kaput. We thought we knew how we make economics, politics, technology and nature work for us. But increasingly, they are failing to run by the rules and systems we've honed over recent decades.
Viking economics : how the Scandinavians got it right and how we can, too, George Lakey. 330.948 LAK
Why aren't they shouting? : a banker's tale of change, computers and perpetual crisis, Kevin Rodgers. 332.1 ROD
A personal, often wryly amusing chronicle of the silent revolution that takes us from the days of phone calls, hand signals and alpha males to a world of microwave communications, complex derivatives and computer geeks.
Why waste a good crisis? : The end of 'white gold fever', and rethinking agribusiness, Claire Massey. 338.1 WHY
Features cutting-edge, provocative and expert views on the broad agrifood and agribusiness sector.
You only live once : the roadmap to financial wellness and a purposeful life, Jason Vitug. 332.024 VIT


#EdJourney : a roadmap to the future of education, Grant Lichtman. 371.207 LIC
Autism spectrum disorder in Aotearoa New Zealand : promising practices and interesting issues, Jill Bevan-Brown. 371.94 AUT
This book aims to help teachers and other education professionals provide for children and young people with ASD at all levels of education.


Teach yourself electricity and electronics, Stan Gibilisco and Simon Monk. 621.381 GIB


Engineering for industrial designers and inventors : fundamentals for designers of wonderful things, Thomas Ask. 621 ASK
Fundamental electrical and electronic principles, Christopher R. Robertson. 621.3 ROB

Engineering technologies

Eccentric orbits : the Iridium story, John Bloom. 384.51 BRI
Bloom traces the conception, development, and launching of Iridium and Dan Colussy’s tireless efforts to stop it from being destroyed,


Don't even think about it : why our brains are wired to ignore climate change, George Marshall. 363.7387 MAR
Scared witless : prophets and profits of climate doom, Larry Bell. 363.7387 BEL
Bell exposes powerful players and agendas behind political-science premised climate
Set adrift upon the world : the Sutherland Clearances, James Hunter. 333.31 HUN
They would be better dead, they said, than set adrift upon the world. But set adrift they were thousands of them, their communities destroyed, their homes demolished and burned.


Advanced style : older & wiser, Ari Seth Cohen. 391 COH
Features senior street style and inspiration from all over the globe.
Fashion + music : fashion creatives shaping pop culture, Katie Baron. 746.92 BAR
This book is a visually arresting exploration of the power of fashion as a make-or-break tool within the music industry's creative process. How style and sound collide with memorable results.
Oscar de la Renta, Jennifer Park. 746.92 DE
A full-scale retrospective of Oscar de la Renta's work.
Rescu me! : the makeover guide for a life more fabulous, Bahar Etminan. 646.7 ETM
The barber book, Giulia Pivetta. 646.724 BAR
A fun guide to the most popular men's hairstyles of the 20th century, including quirky line drawings to achieve the 'total look' and instructions on how to cut each style.
The cool factor : a guide to achieving effortless style, with secrets from the women who have it, Andrea Linett. 391 LIN
The suit : form, function and style, Christopher Breward. 391.4 BRE
The Suit unpicks the story of this most familiar garment, from its emergence in western Europe at the end of the seventeenth century to today.

Film, Television & Theatre

James Bond : the secret history, Sean Egan. 791.437 EGA
Performing indigenous culture on stage and screen : a harmony of frenzy, Marianne Schultz. 791 SCH
This book highlights the development of cultural hybridity in New Zealand via the popular performing arts, contributing new understandings of racial, ethnic, and gender identities through performance.
The artist's compass : the complete guide to building a life and a living in the performing arts, Rachel S. Moore. 791 MOO


Superstitions : and why we have them, Max Cryer. 398.41 CRY

Food & Wine

Aimee's perfect bakes : over 50 beautiful bakes and cakes for friends and family, Aimee Twigger. 641.815 TWI
Back to baking : 200 timeless recipes to bake, share, and enjoy, Anna Olson. 641.865 OLS
Basics : simple easy to follow recipes with step-by-step photos. 641.5 BAS
The theme is to help everyone prepare and cook great meals quickly and easily, by knowing some simple time-saving techniques. All the tips and tricks from The Australian Women's Weekly Test Kitchen team are here, this book should be the bible for all home cooks, new and experienced alike.
Beef & potatoes : 200 recipes, for the perfect steak and chips, and so much more, Jean-Francois Mallet. 641.5 MAL
Best dollar saving dinners : cheap and easy meals that taste great, Monica Sweeney. 641.552 SWE
Best ever recipes. 641.5 BES
This is a superb collection of over 100 hundred recipes from the not too distant past, that have been requested over and over by readers of The Weekly and the cookbooks.
Broth & stock from the Nourished Kitchen : wholesome master recipes for bone, vegetable, and seafood broths and meals to make with them, Jennifer McGruther. 641.5
Cake decorating step by step : simple instructions for cakes, cupcakes and cookies, Giovanna Torrico. 641.8653 TOR
Can I eat that? : a nutritional guide through the dietary maze for Type 2 diabetics, Jenefer Roberts. 641.5631 ROB
Champagne, uncorked : the house of Krug and the timeless allure of the world's most celebrated drink, Alan Tardi. 641.222 TAR
Alan Tardi journeys into the heartland of the world’s most beloved wine.
Chocolate : luscious recipes and expert know-how for biscuits, cakes, sweet treats & desserts, Kirsten Tibballs. 641.6374 TIB
Cook:30.2 : create delicious wholefood plant-based meals from scratch in just 30 minutes/ Jeremy Dixon., Jeremy Dixon. 641.555 DIX
Cookie classics made easy : one-bowl recipes, perfect results, Brandi Scalise. 641.8654 SCA
Cured : handcrafted charcuteria & more, Charles Wekselbaum. 641.61 WEK
Charlito includes recipes for pork and beef salami, dry-cured whole muscles like prosciutto and bresaola, and more unusual seafood and vegan options made from salmon, tuna, figs, cucumbers, and more.
Easy Mediterranean, Sue Quinn. 641.594 QUI
Combines the vibrant flavours of the countries that hug the Mediterranean Sea to create fresh and contemporary dishes that taste wonderful and are also good for you.
Eating in the middle : a mostly wholesome cookbook, Andie Mitchell. 641.5 MIT
A cookbook for eating in balance, featuring mostly healthy recipes to help anyone stay fit, and a few "special occasion" sweets and entrees.
Elly Pear's fast days & feast days, Elly Curshen. 641.563 CUR
A collection of more than 100 of Elly's favourite pescatarian recipes from both fast days and feast days, her home kitchen and her cafe, inspired by world cooking but always with an eye on the local greengrocers.
Flour water salt yeast : the fundamentals of artisan bread and pizza, Ken Forkish. 641.815 FOR
How to cook : over 200 essential recipes to feed yourself, your friends & family, Annie Bell. 641.5 BEL
Italian cooking school : ice cream, Silver Spoon Kitchen. 641.862 ITA
75 fail-proof recipes for delicious ice-cream and gelati.
Land of fish and rice : recipes from the culinary heart of China, Fuchsia Dunlop. 641.5951 DUN
Love your lunchbox : 101 recipes to liven up lunchtime, James Ramsden. 641.53 RAM
Milkbar memories : the cookbook of your childhood dreams musk sticks, milkshakes and other fun food favourites, Jane Lawson. 641.5 LAW
Wonderfully retro old-fashioned foods revamped for modern times.
Modern potluck : beautiful food to share, Kristin Donnelly. 641.555 DON
These 100 make-ahead recipes are perfect for a crowd and navigate carnivore, gluten-free, dairy- free, vegetarian, and vegan preferences gracefully.
Portuguese homestyle cooking, Ana Patuleia Ortins. 641.59469 ORT
Recipes from the Kiwi pizza oven : wood, fire, food and friends, Alan Brown. 641.578 BRO
Sensational sculpted cakes : 9 amazing designs to carve, shape and decorate, Rose Macefield. 641.8653 MCE
Super food family classics, Jamie Oliver. 641.5 OLI
Sweet delights, Eleanor Ozich. 641.86 OZI
You will find a collection of wholesome sweet recipes and beautiful prose, intertwined with lavishly beautiful photos.
The Hairy Dieters fast food, Si King. 641.5635 KIN
Jam-packed with tasty recipes for breakfast and brunch, soups, salads, mains and snacks, including Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters, Pasta with Chilli Prawns, Chicken Tagine and Instant Sorbet with Frozen Berries.
The natural cook : maximum taste, zero waste, Matt Stone. 641.5 STO
A new kind of food revolution kind to the planet, good for your body and for your soul.
Vegetables, Silver Spoon Kitchen. 641.65 VEG
Chapters cover salads, steaming, boiling and stewing, grilling, frying, roasting and baking.
Wholefood from the ground up, Jude Blereau. 641.563 BLE
More than 120 delicious wholefood recipes and packed with advice on how to build your wholefood pantry from scratch, from one of Australia's most authoritative, long-established wholefood advocates.
Winter express : easy & delicious comfort food ready in a flash, Pamela Clark. 641.5 WIN
With nothing over 60 minutes, these recipes use fresh ingredients with the minimum of fuss for easy-to-make meals, packed with flavour.

Gardens and Gardening

Air plant care and design : tips and creative designs for the world's easiest plants, Ryan Lesseig. 635.9 LES
Here you will find tips for properly caring for air plants as well as inspiration and instruction for a myriad of ways to use air plants to enhance your space or event, including air plant wedding bouquets, wall art, terrariums, wreaths, and more.
Gardening for butterflies : how you can attract and protect beautiful, beneficial insects, Scott Hoffman Black. 638.5789 BLA
Living roofs, texts by Ashley Penn. 635.9671 PEN
This multi-faceted photo book shows selected penthouses, rooftop terraces, and rooftop gardens.
Pest management of turfgrass for sport and recreation, Gary Beehag,. 635.964 BEE
Planting design for dry gardens : beautiful, resilient groundcovers for terraces, paved areas, gravel and other alternatives to the lawn, Olivier Filippi. 635.952

Graphic Arts

The last layer : new methods in digital printing for photography, fine art, and mixed media, Bonny Pierce Lhotka. 760.0285 LHO
Shows how to create modern-day versions of anthotypes, cyanotypes, tintypes, and daguerreotypes as well as platinum and carbon prints, allowing readers to recreate the look of historical printmaking techniques and explore the limits of their creative voice.

Health & Medicine

A vegan ethic : embracing a life of compassion toward all, Mark Hawthorne. 613.262 HAW
Alzheimer's & dementia for dummies. 616.831 ALZ
Body into balance : an herbal guide to holistic self-care, Maria Noel Groves. 613 GRO
Calm birth : prenatal meditation for conscious childbirth, Robert Bruce Newman. 618.45 NEW
Diabetes meal planning made easy, Hope S. Warshaw. 616.462 WAR
Takes the guesswork out of planning meals by teaching you how to eat healthy.
First aid manual, St. John Ambulance. 616.025 FIR
Go your Crohn way : a gutsy guide to living with Crohn's disease, Kathleen Nicholls. 616.344 NIC
How to control your anxiety before it controls you, Albert Ellis. 616.8522 ELL
How to heal a bad birth : making sense, making peace and moving on, Melissa Bruijn. 618.76 BRU
Idiot brain : what your head is really up to, Dean Burnett. 612.82 BUR
A delightful tour of our mysterious, mischievous gray matter from neuroscientist and massively popular Guardian blogger Dean Burnett.
Lightness of body and mind : a radical approach to weight and wellness, Sarah Hays Coomer. 613.25 HAY
Love your lady landscape : trust your gut, care for 'down there' and reclaim your fierce and feminine SHE power, Lisa Lister. 612.662 LIS
Mind-body workbook for addiction : effective tools for substance-abuse recovery & relapse prevention, Stanley H. Block. 616.86 BLO
Plyometrics for speed and power, Glen Thurgood. 613.71 THU
This book covers the history of plyometrics and the science behind it; foundation strength; plyometric equipment; warm-up techniques and performance testing.
Pregnancy : an infographic guide, Claire Plimmer. 618.2 PLI
Retox : yoga, food, attitude : healthy solutions for real life, Lauren Imparato. 613.7046 IMP
Ross and Wilson anatomy & physiology in health and illness, Anne Waugh. 612 WAU
Skills-based caring for a loved one with an eating disorder : the new Maudsley method, Janet Treasure. 616.8526 TRE
Stir : my broken brain and the meals that brought me home, Jessica Fechtor. 616.133 FEC
Memoir of a 28-year-old food blogger who cooks her way back to health after a near-fatal aneurysm.
The apple cider vinegar cleanse : lose weight, improve gut health, fight cholesterol, and more with nature's miracle cure, Claire Georgiou. 615.32 GEO
The his and hers guide to pregnancy and birth, Dean Beaumont. 618.2 BEA
The mind-gut connection : how the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health, Emeran Mayer. 616.3 MAY
The next pandemic : on the front lines against humankind's gravest dangers, Ali S. Khan. 362.1 KHA
A firsthand account of disasters like anthrax, bird flu, and others and how we could do more to prevent their return. It is both a gripping story of our brushes with fate and an urgent lesson on how we can keep ourselves safe from the inevitable next pandemic.
Thin slices of anxiety : observations and advice to ease a worried mind, Catherine Lepage. 616.8522 LEP
For anyone who is anxious or knows someone with anxiety, this book offers the comfort that, 'thinly sliced and illustrated, emotions are much easier to digest.'
Understanding fibromyalgia : an introduction for patients and caregivers, Naheed Ali. 616.74 ALI
What you must know about thyroid disorders : and what to do about them, Pamela Wartian Smith. 616.44 SMI
Why diets make us fat : the unintended consequences of our obsession with weight loss, Sandra Aamodt. 613.25 AAM
A neuroscientist uses her knowledge of brain science and biology to explain why dieting does not work and that a cycle of dieting and gaining is actually worse for one's health than being overweight.

History, Geography & Travel

1924 : the year that made Hitler, Peter Ross Range. 943.086 HIT
This was the year of Hitler's final transformation into the self-proclaimed saviour and infallible leader who would appropriate Germany's historical traditions and bring them into his vision for the Third Reich.
A road tour of American song titles : from Mendocino to Memphis, Karl Du Fresne. 973 DU
A rose for winter : travels in Andalusia, Laurie Lee. 946.8 LEE
Andalusia is a passion and fifteen years after his last visit Laurie Lee returned. He found a country broken by the Civil War.
Blue helmets and black markets : the business of survival in the Siege of Sarajevo, Peter Andreas. 949.742 AND
Andreas documents the business of survival in wartime Sarajevo and the limits, contradictions, and unintended consequences of international intervention.
Chasing a dream : he exploration of the imaginary Pacific, John Dunmore. 990 DUN
Dunmore tells the story of the Pacific Ocean; from when it was dominated by the Spanish to when it was monopolised by the Dutch East India Trading Company.
Crisis of character : a White House Secret Service officer discloses his firsthand experience with Hillary, Bill, and how they operate, Gary J. Byrne. 973.929 BYR
While serving as a Secret Service Officer, Gary Byrne protected President Bill Clinton and the First Family in the White House and outside the Oval Office. There, he saw the political and personal machinations of Bill and Hillary Clinton and those who were fiercely loyal to them.
Deeper than indigo : tracing Thomas Machell, forgotten explorer, Jenny Balfour Paul. 954.031 BAL
An expert on indigo plants finds her dream date in the form of a long- dead explorer .
Edendale : the fresh plains and the township, Agnes Thwaites. 993.96 THW
A history of the small rural Southland town and area.
Ghost empire, Richard Fidler. 949.5 FID
A father and son journey of discovery into the lost world of Byzantium.
Heathcote: the upside : community creativity, innovation and initiative in response to the Christchurch earthquakes, Sooze Harris. 993.83 HEA
Showcases and celebrates the many resident initiatives over the last five years [since the Christchurch earthquakes].
Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou and the Wars of the Roses : from contemporary chronicles, letters & records, Keith Dockray. 942.043 HEN
In the name of the people : Angola's forgotten massacre, Lara Pawson. 967.3 PAW
Investigates the story of the small demonstration on May 27, 1977, that led to the massacre of thousands by the ruling MPLA party.
Indonesia, Loren Bell. 959.8 IND
Lonely Planet guidebook
Inherit the dust, Nick Brandt. 967.6 BRA
In a series of photographic panoramas shot in East Africa, Brandt records the impact of man in places where animals used to roam, but no longer do.
Inside the crocodile : the Papua New Guinea journals, Trish Nicholson. 995.3 NIC
In the wilds of the most diverse nation on earth, while Nicholson copes with crocodiles under the blackboard and sorcery in the office.
It's on the meter : one taxi, three mates and 43,000 miles of misadventures around the world, Paul Archer. 910.41 ARC
When Paul, Johno and Leigh bought an iconic London cab called Hannah, little did they know what they were letting themselves in for.
Jacobites : a new history of the '45 rebellion, Jacqueline Riding. 941.072 RID
Keeping the jewel in the crown : the British betrayal of India, Walter Reid. 954.035 REI
Les Parisiennes : how the women of Paris lived, loved, and died in the 1940s, Anne Sebba. 944.36 SEB
What did it feel like to be a woman living in Paris from 1939 to 1949? These were years of fear, power, aggression, courage, deprivation and secrets until finally renewal and retribution.
Maps that changed the world, John O.E. Clark. 912 MAP
Features some of the world's most famous maps, stretching back to a time when cartography was in its infancy and the 'edge of the world' was a barrier to exploration.
Playing for both sides : love across the Tasman, Stephanie Johnson. 994 JOH
Johnson has lived in Australia for periods in her life. For Johnson the longing to return has waxed and waned. Johnson explores her elusive and ambivalent feelings about the sunburnt country.
Revolution in the city of heroes : a memoir of the battle that sparked Indonesia's national revolution, Suhario Padmodiwiryo. 959.803 PAD
An evocative first-hand account of this popular uprising told by Padmodiwiryo, who at the time was a twenty-four-year-old Indonesian medical student when his studies were cut short by the arrival of the Japanese.
Rick Steves Istanbul, Lale Surmen Aran. 956.1 STE
Thailand, Mark Beales. 959.3 THA
Lonely Planet guidebook
The Bigod Earls of Norfolk in the thirteenth century, Marc Morris. 942.61 BIG
The first Nazi : Erich Ludendorff, the man who made Hitler possible, Will Brownell. 943.085 LUD
A biography of General Erich Ludendorff, a savage man who was one of the top two German generals of World War I and who is known for, in 1918, a rabid slaughter known as 'The Ludendorff Offensive'.
The fun of the fifties : ads, fads and fashion, Robert Opie. 941.0855 OPI
A nostalgic celebration of the fabulous fifties.
The history book. 909 HIS
Tackles big historical ideas with stunning visuals, key quotes, and important themes that are woven throughout world history.
The king's revenge : Charles II and the greatest manhunt in British history, Don Jordan. 941.066 JOR
When Charles I was executed, his son Charles II made it his role to seek out retribution, producing the biggest manhunt Britain had ever seen, one that would span Europe and America and would last for thirty years.
The life and reign of Edward the fourth. Volume one : King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland, Cora L. Scofield. 942.044 EDW
In a turbulent world, Edward Duke of York-with good title to the throne-overthrew the corrupt government of the weak and feeble-minded Henry VI, setting the foundation stones for a strong and prosperous England.
The little pleasures of Paris, Leslie Jonath. 944 JON
Organised by season, and featuring places and experiences foods, parks, bakeries, museums, streets, festivals, and more that are quintessentially Parisian.
The memory code : the traditional Aboriginal memory technique that unlocks the secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and ancient monuments the world over, Lynne Kelly. 930.1 KEL
The notorious Captain Hayes : the remarkable true story of William 'Bully' Hayes, pirate of the Pacific, Joan Druett. 910.45 HAY
Thicker than water : history, secrets and guily : a memoir, Cal Flyn. 994.56 FLY
A memoir about dark and shameful family secrets, and one young woman's pilgrimage to Australia to attempt to lay the past to rest.
To the ice and beyond : sailing solo across 32 oceans and seaways, Graeme Kendall. 910.41 KEN
All alone for 193 days in his purpose-built yacht Astral Express, Kendall crossed 28,000 miles of ocean, facing some of the Earth's most terrifying seas.
Walking Paris : the best of the city, Pas Paschali. 944.36 PAS
See the best of Paris with this streamlined, itinerary-driven guide.
Walking with James Hogg : the Ettrick shepherd's journeys through Scotland, Bruce Gilkison. 941.15 HOG
Welcome to the goddamn ice cube : chasing fear and finding home in the great white north, Blair Braverman. 948.1 BRA
A memoir of the author's efforts to develop the strength and resilience to survive in the demanding landscapes of Norway and Alaska describes her physically exhausting survival endeavors on a ruthless arctic tundra marked by violent natural and human threats.
West of Eden : an American place, Jean Stein. 979.494 STE
A mesmerizing oral history of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

House & Garden

Brooklyn interiors, Kathleen Hackett. 747 HAC
This book goes beyond the front doors of the new creative class-inside the Brooklyn's most compelling brownstones, row houses, lofts, condos, carriage houses, and even one houseboat
Building sheds, Joseph Truini. 690.89 TRU
California House : restoring life to an old Nelson villa, Carol Glen. 728.37 GLE
Glen tells her story of buying and restoring a dilapadated Victorian villa in Nelson and setting it up as "California House " a Bed and breakfast accommodation.
Hand-built outdoor furniture : 20 step-by-step projects anyone can build, Katie Jackson. 684.18 JAC
Hollywood interiors : style and design in Los Angeles, Anthony Iannacci. 747 IAN
House rules : an architect's guide to modern life, Deborah Berke. 728.37 BER
Documents the beauty and relevance of Deborah Berke's vision by articulating eight guiding principles to achieve an enriching domestic space.
Make pillows : 12 stylish projects to sew. 646.21 MAK
Upcycled chic and modern hacks : thrifty ways for stylish homes, Liz Bauwens. 747 BAU
Whatever your style, Upcycled Chic and Modern Hacks will inspire you to look at your home in a new way and transform something mundane into something fabulous.


Eve of a hundred midnights : the star-crossed love story of two WWII correspondents and their epic escape across the Pacific, Bill Lascher. 070.449 JAC
The true story of two married journalists on an island-hopping run for their lives across the Pacific after the Fall of Manila during World War II, a saga of love, adventure, and danger.
Not pretty enough : the unlikely triumph of Helen Gurley Brown, Gerri Hirshey. 070.41 BRO
Hirshey traces Brown's path from deep in the Arkansas Ozarks to her wild single years in Los Angeles, from the New York magazine world to her Hollywood adventures with her film producer husband.
Skewed : a critical thinker's guide to media bias, Larry Atkins. 302.23 ATK
A probing critique of advocacy journalism, particularly its polarizing effect on society and politics, with reader guidelines for objectively evaluating news sources.


Why only us : language and evolution, Robert C. Berwick,. 401.9 BER


Love wins : the lovers and lawyers who fought the landmark case for marriage equality, Debbie Cenziper. 346.016 CEN
New Zealand procedure manual. High Court, Matthew Casey. 347.05 CAS
Parole in New Zealand : law and practice, David Mather. 345.077 MAT
This book provides an overview of the Parole Act 2002, discussion of the structure and functions of the Parole Board and a detailed commentary on the parole system in New Zealand.
Therapeutic jurisprudence : New Zealand perspectives, Warren Brookbanks. 340.1 THE
The book explores the therapeutic potential of law in an eclectic range of subject areas. These include the role of apology, problem gambling, employment dispute resolution, problem-solving courts, and the Maori experience of law.

Library Science

Creating policies for results : from chaos to clarity, Sandra Nelson. 025.1 NEL


Being there, David Malouf. 828.914 MAL
Malouf's latest collection of essays explores his personal encounters with music, theatre and art.
Can you tolerate this? : personal essays, Ashleigh Young. 824.92 YOU
Young roams freely from preoccupation to preoccupation - Hamilton's nineties music scene, family histories, a boy with a rare skeletal disease, a stone-collecting French postman, a desire for impossible physical transformation - trying to find some measure of clarity amid uncertainty.
Speaking out : a 21st-century handbook for women & girls, Tara Moss. 808.51 MOS
A short, accessible and practical handbook for women on speaking out safely and
The abundance, Annie Dillard. 814.6 DIL
In recognition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s long and lauded career as a master essayist, a landmark collection, including her most beloved pieces and some rarely seen work, rigorously curated by the author herself.
The fantasy fiction formula, Deborah Chester. 808.3 CHE
Chester walks you step-by-step through the process of writing a fiction novel.
The view from the cheap seats : selected nonfiction, Neil Gaiman. 828.914 GAI
An enthralling collection of nonfiction essays on a myriad of topics, from art and artists to dreams, myths, and memories.


Acts of valour : the history of the Victoria Cross and New Zealand, Glyn Harper. 355.134 HAR
Douglas MacArthur : American warrior, Arthur Herman. 355.00973 MCA
Storm over Leyte : the Philippine invasion and the destruction of the Japanese Navy, John Prados. 940.5425 PRA
The assassination complex : inside the government's secret drone warfare program, Jeremy Scahill. 358.4 SCA
Too important for the generals : losing and winning the First World War, Allan Mallinson. 940.4 MAL
Mallinson argues that from day one of the war Britain was wrong- footed by absurdly faulty French military doctrine and paid, as a result, an unnecessarily high price in casualties.

Music & Musicians

Chris Stein/Negative : me, Blondie, and the advent of punk, Chris Stein. 781.66 BLO
On the occasion of Blondie's fortieth anniversary, Chris Stein shares his iconic and mostly unpublished photographs of Debbie Harry and the cool creatures of the New York rock scene of the 70s to mid-80s.
Experiencing the Rolling Stones : a listener's companion, David Malvinni. 781.66 ROL
It's one for the money : the song snatchers who carved up a century of pop & sparked a musical revolution, Clinton Heylin. 781.6413 HEY
The grail guitar : the search for Jimi Hendrix's "Purple haze" Telecaster, Chris Adams. 787.87 ADA
Adams takes readers on a mystery tour of the late 60's rock world to determine whether a Fender Telecaster bought second hand in a London music store in 1973 is the one used by Jimi Hendrix to record "Purple Haze" in January 1967.

Natural Science

Beaks, bones, and bird songs : how the struggle for survival has shaped birds and their behavior, Roger J. Lederer. 598 LED
Lederer guides the reader through the myriad, and often almost miraculous, things that birds do every day to merely stay alive.
Beetle, Adam Dodd. 595.76 DOD
Dodd explores the world of the beetle and its sometimes astounding and bizarre intersections with the world of the human
Coyote America : a natural and supernatural history, Dan Flores. 599.77 FLO
This book is both an environmental and a deep natural history of the coyote.
Lost among the birds : accidentally finding myself in one very big year, Neil Hayward. 598.072 HAY
Author becomes a bird watcher, and sets record for number of birds
The shark handbook : the essential guide for understanding the sharks of the world, Gregory Skomal. 597.3 SKO


Moonology : working with the magic of lunar cycles, Yasmin Boland. 133.53 BOL
The handbook of Chinese horoscopes, Theodora Lau. 133.59 LAU


Discover oil painting : easy landscape painting techniques, Julie Gilbert Pollard. 751.45 POL
This fun and easy guide is loaded with time-honoured methods, techniques and tutorials along with ways to tweak those ideas to suit your own painting personality.
Glyn Macey's world of acrylics : how to paint sea, sky, land and life. 751.426 MCE
Lessons in classical painting : essential techniques from inside the atelier, Juliette Aristides. 751.4 ARI
Paint me a ship, Robert Carter. 751.4 CAR
A unique, luxurious full-colour publication intended for marine artists and those with an interest in art generally who wish to understand the intricacies of painting a maritime scene.
Paint yourself calm : colourful, creative mindfulness through watercolour, Jean Haines. 751.422 HAI
Splendours & miseries : images of prostitution in France, 1850-1910, Nienke Bakker. 758.93 SPL
The essence of watercolour, Hazel Soan. 751.422 SOA
Hazel shows how versatile and beguiling the medium of watercolour is and how to get the most out of it.


Baby Pip eats, Amie Harper. 641.5622 HAR
Harper transforms what is essentially a basic need into a vibrant learning experience for both you and your bub. From Avocado puree to Gooey duck in a hole eggs to Fritters with sweet potato and ricotta to steamed baby zucchini. Get creative in the kitchen following these easy to prepare mini meals.
Balanced and barefoot : how unrestricted outdoor play makes for strong, confident, and capable children, Angela J. Hanscom. 649.5 HAN
Born to be wild : hundreds of free nature activities for families, Hattie Garlick. 796 GAR
Help your kids with study skills : a unique step-by-step visual guide, Carol Vorderman. 371.3028 VOR
Not buying it : stop overspending and start raising happier, healthier, more successful kids, Brett Graff. 649.1 GRA
Raising passionate readers : 5 easy steps to success in school and life, Nancy Newman. 649.58 NEW
The microbiome effect : how your baby's birth influences their future health, Toni Harman. 649.3 HAR
During childbirth there's the non-human event that is taking place simultaneously, an event that is not visible to the naked eye, an event that could determine the lifelong health of the baby. This is the seeding of the baby's microbiome, the community of 'good' bacteria that we carry with us throughout our lives.
The natural baby sleep solution : use your child's internal sleep rhythms for better nights and naps, Polly Moore. 649.122 MOO
Unselfie : why empathetic kids succeed in our all-about-me world, Michele Borba. 152.41 BOR
A 9-step program to help parents cultivate empathy in children, from birth to young adulthood and explains why developing a healthy sense of empathy is a key predictor of which kids will thrive and succeed in the future.
Warning signs : how to protect your kids from becoming victims or perpetrators of violence and aggression, Brian D. Johnson. 649.1 JOH
What every parent needs to know : love, nurture and play with your child, Margot Sunderland. 649.1 SUN
When your child is gay : what you need to know, Wesley C. Davidson. 306.766 DAV
Yell less, love more : how the Orange Rhino mom stopped yelling at her kids and how you can too!, Sheila McCraith. 649.1 MCC
McCraith provides practical, simple solutions to keep you focused on loving more and yelling less, no matter what the circumstance.


A book of Cook Islands Maori names, ingoa, Michael Jonassen. 929.4 JON
Dancing from the heart : movement, gender, and Cook Islands globalization, Kalissa Alexeyeff. 306.48 ALE
Demonstrates how dance in particular plays a key role in articulating the overlapping local, regional, and transnational agendas of Cook Islanders.
L'art des voyages francais en Polynesie, 1768-1846 = The art of the French voyages to French Polynesia, Christine A. Hemming. 996.2 HEM
Real crime island time : the dark side of Rarotonga's Cook Islands paradise, Rod Henderson. 364.99623 HEN
For an island that is only 32 kilometres in circumference, Rarotonga has more than its fair share of nefarious intrigue, murder and disappearances.

Pets & Animals

A year in the life of the Yorkshire shepherdess, Amanda Owen. 636.301 OWE
Owen describes the age-old cycles of a farming year and the constant challenges the family faces, from being cut off in winter to tending their flock on some of Yorkshire's highest, bleakest moors land so inaccessible that in places it can only be reached on foot.
Daisy's gift, Claire Guest. 636.7 GUE
This is the story of how our relationship with dogs can unleash life-saving talents, changing not only the medical world, but our own
Parenting your new puppy, Caroline Spencer. 636.7 SPE
The dog merchants : inside the big business of breeders, pet stores, and rescuers, Kim Kavin. 636.7 KAV
Reveals the complex network behind the $11 billion-a-year business of selling dogs; discusses how all dogs are treated, from puppy mills to high-kill shelters; and shows how all dog lovers can come together, with one voice as consumers, on behalf of canines everywhere.

Philosophy & Psychology

Conversations with Roger Scruton, Roger Scruton. 192 SCR
Metaphilosophy, Henri Lefebvre. 194 LEF
Becoming wise : an inquiry into the mystery and the art of living, Krista Tippett. 121 TIP
What we cannot know : explorations at the edge of knowledge, Marcus du Sautoy. 121 DU
Britain's famous mathematician takes us to the edge of knowledge to show us what we cannot know.


For love : 25 heartwarming celebrations of humanity, Alice Yoo. 779 YOO
These photo essays capture magnificent displays of ordinary peopleparents and children, husbands and wives, grandparents, friends, siblings, and pet ownersdoing extraordinary things for love.
GoPro cameras, Chad Fahs. 778.59 FAH
The easiest way to record and share your world.
Lessons in landscape : 80 techniques for taking better photographs, Peter Watson. 778.936 WAT


Dark days at the Oxygen Cafe, James Norcliffe. 821.914 NOR
Poems about Seneca and James Dean sit alongside poems about a Turkmen dictator and an owl
Inside my mother, Ali Cobby Eckermann. 821.92 COB
Lady Byron & her daughters, Julia Markus. 821.7 BYR
Reveals the untold story and complex life of Lady Byron, who as a single mother and progressive force rebelled against the snobbery of her class to found the first co-operative school in England and support her daughters educational endeavors.
Mirror world, Nicholas Reid. 821.92 REI
A collection of poems that ponder everything from history and Auckland weather, to absence and antique books.
Selected poems, Anna Akhmatova. 891.7142 AKH
This selection of Anna's poerty illustrates her broad scope and brilliant imaginative gifts. It covers both her earlier work and the poems she produced during her persecution by the Russian authorities.
Selected poems, Jenny Bornholdt.821.914 BOR
The Penguin book of Japanese verse, Geoffrey Bownas. 895.61008 PEN
Three worlds : selected poems = Drei Welten, Karl Wolfskehl. 831.912 WOL
This selection of Wolfskehl's poetry includes poems from his beginnings around 1900, but focuses on the work from his years of exile when he emerged from the shadow of his admired poet-friend Stefan George and found his own distinctive voice.

Politics & Government

A very expensive poison : the definitive story of the murder of Litvinenko and Russia's war with the West, Luke Harding. 327.12 HAR
The inside story of the life and death of Alexander Litvinenko. Harding traces the journey of the nuclear poison across London, from hotel room to nightclub, assassin to victim; it is a deadly trail that seemingly leads back to the Russian state itself.
Missing man : the American spy who vanished in Iran, Barry Meier. 327.12 LEV
An account of the life and disappearance of Bob Levinson, a DEA and FBI agent turned PI, who vanished in Iran in 2007.
The politicians & the egalitarians : the hidden history of American politics, Sean Wilentz. 306.2 WIL


Hekeia revisited : Stevens family history, 1853 - 2015, L. Catterall. 929.2 STE
Weaving a large container from New Zealand flax, Ali Brown. 746.412 BRO
Contains detailed instructions for weaving a large container using whole flax leaves and diagonal weaving.
Weaving baskets, backpacks, boxes and other projects with diagonal weaving techniques, Ali Brown. 746.412 BRO

Religion & Ethics

Beyond human : how cutting-edge science is extending our lives, Eve Herold. 176 HER
Examines the medical technologies taking shape at the nexus of computing, microelectronics, engineering, nanotechnology, cellular and gene therapies, and robotics.
My mystical big toe : a strong theory of consciousness and creation, Michael Sharp. 291.44 SHA
For too long science and spirituality have stood at odds with each other. What if they could be brought together into a logical, productive, and mutually beneficial synthesis?
Shamanism : awaken and develop the shamanic force within, Christa Mackinnon. 291.144 MCK
The Angel Therapy handbook, Doreen Virtue. 234.13 VIR
Describes the process of spiritual healing using the methods of Angel Therapy, outlining how to communicate with heaven for the healing of oneself and others.
The moral arc : how science and reason lead humanity toward truth, justice, and freedom, Michael Shermer. 170 SHE
The study Quran : a new translation and commentary, Seyyed Hossein Nasr. 297.12 STU
This study edition of the Quran features a new English translation, a verse-by- verse commentary, and essays by fifteen international scholars.
Tried by fire : the story of Christianity's first thousand years, William J. Bennett. 270 BEN


All yesterdays : unique and speculative views of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, John Conway. 567.91 CON
Beautiful Earth : our planet explored from above = Unsere erde : satelliten erforschen unseren planeten = Une terre inconnue : notre planete vue de l'espace = Nuestro planeta tierra : una maravilla vista desde el espacio, Dirk H. Lorenzen. 525 LOR
Black holes : the BBC Reith Lectures, Stephen Hawking. 523.88 HAW
Burn math class : and reinvent mathematics for yourself, Jason Wilkes. 510 WIL
The author focuses on how mathematics is created rather than on mathematical facts and teaches the subject without requiring memorization or any mathematical knowledge beyond basic computation.
Collecting rocks, gems and minerals : identification, values, lapidary uses, Patti Polk. 552 POL
Arranged by category and colour of stone, provides values and tips for identifying, locating, buying, and collecting rocks, gems, and minerals.
Collins wild flower guide, David Streeter. 582.13 STR
Convergence : the deepest idea in the universe, Peter Watson. 500.2 WAT
Convergence is a history of modern science with an original and significant twist.
Eyes on the sky : a spectrum of telescopes, Francis Graham-Smith. 522.2 GRA
Looking at both ground-based telescopes and telescopes on spacecraft, Graham-Smith analyses their major discoveries, from planets and pulsars to cosmology.
Goldilocks and the water bears : the search for life in the universe, Louisa Preston. 576.839 PRE
How to read water : clues, signs and patterns from puddles to the sea, Tristan Gooley. 553.7 GOO
The author unlocks the secrets hidden in the water around us, from streams and puddles to oceans and waterfalls.
Life : the leading edge of evolutionary biology, genetics, anthropology, and environmental science, John Brockman. 570.1 LIF
Peterson's egghead's guide to algebra, Cara Cantarella. 512 CAN
Peterson's egghead's guide to calculus, Cara Cantarella. 515 CAN
Peterson's egghead's guide to geometry, Cara Cantarella. 516 CAN
Ten physicists who transformed our understanding of reality, Rhodri Evans. 530.092 EVA
The Kew plant glossary : an illustrated dictionary of plant terms, Henk Beentje. 580 BEE
The marine world : a natural history of ocean life, Frances Dipper. 551.46 DIP
The physics of life : the evolution of everything, Adrian Bejan. 576.8 BEJ
The physics of superheroes, James Kakalios. 530 KAK
An exploration of the science behind the powers of popular comic superheroes reveals how differences between Krypton and Earth might enable some of Superman's abilities, the number of hamburgers that Flash would need to run at supersonic speeds, and more.
The rock & gem book : and other treasures of the natural world, Dan Green. 553.8 GRE
The tyrannosaur chronicles : the biology of the tyrant dinosaurs, David Hone. 567.91 HON

Self Development

Being you, changing the world : (is now the time?), Dain Heer. 158.1 HEE
This book will provide you with a set of practical and dynamic tools and processes that empowers you to know what is true for you and who you truly be.
Does your family make you smarter? : nature, nurture, and human autonomy, James R. Flynn. 153.9 FLY
Eat pray love made me do it : life journeys : inspired by the bestselling memoir., Elizabeth Gilbert. 153.15 EAT
A collection of stories of transformative journeys inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir Eat pray love.
If you're so smart why aren't you happy? : how to turn career success into life success, Raj Raghunathan. 158 RAG
Quiet power : growing up as an introvert in a world that can't stop talking, Susan Cain. 155.23 CAI
The charisma myth : master the art of personal magnetism, Olivia Fox Cabane. 158.1 CAB
Shows you how to become more influential, more persuasive, and more
The code of the extraordinary mind : ten unconventional laws to redefine your life & succeed on your own terms, Vishen Lakhiani. 158.1 LAK
The gap : the science of what separates us from other animals, Thomas Suddendorf. 150 SUD
An account of the mental qualities that separate humans from other animals, as well as how these differences arose.
Your year for change : 52 reflections for regret-free living, Bronnie Ware. 158.1 WAR

Social Issues

Ancestral lines : the Maisin of Papua New Guinea and the fate of the rainforest, John Barker. 305.89912 BAR
Betrayed : one girl's struggle to escape a cruel life defined by family honour, Rosie Lewis. 362.733 LEW
When a young teenage girl runs away from home and is discovered hiding on the city streets by the police, it is clear that all is not as it should be.
Cities for a small continent : international handbook of city recovery, Anne Power. 307.34 POW
This book offers close analyses of a number of postindustrial European and North American cities in various stages of rebirth.
Cities for people, Jan Gehl. 307.76 GEH
Taking into account changing demographics and changing lifestyles, Gehl emphasizes four human issues that he sees as essential to successful city planning. He explains how to develop cities that are Lively, Safe, Sustainable, and Healthy.
Digital vs human : how we'll live, love, and think in the future, Richard Watson. 303.49 WAT
Watson hereby extends an invitation for us to think deeply about the world of today and envision what kind of world we wish to create in the future. This book examines the possible effects of technology on every area of our lives.
Family violence : lifting New Zealand's dark cloud, David White. 362.829 WHI
In just 40 years New Zealand has dropped from being the safest country in the world to the most violent in the OECD. Our family violence rate is such that every minute of every day someone is suffering abuse.
HOPE : in the hands of Fatima, Christine Spring. 362.77 SPR
Images taken during a visit by UNICEF NZ to Saadnayel and Oumarieh Syrian refugee settlements in
Life begins at 60 : a new view on motherhood, marriage, and reinventing ourselves, Frieda Birnbaum. 306.8743 BIR
My journey into the heart of terror : ten days in the Islamic State, Jurgen Todenhofer. 363.32 TOD
My partner, my enemy : an unflinching view of domestic violence and new ways to protect victims, John Michael Leventhal. 362.829 LEV
Nobody : casualties of America's war on the vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and beyond, Marc Lamont Hill. 306.0973 HIL
An analysis of race and class by examining a growing crisis in America: the existence of a group of citizens who are made vulnerable, exploitable and disposable through the machinery of unregulated capitalism, public policy, and social practice.
Please stop helping us : how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed, Jason L. Riley. 305.896 RIL
The author believes that many efforts by liberals to help the black underclass not only fail but often harm the intended beneficiaries.
The 100-year life : living and working in an age of longevity, Lynda Gratton. 304.64 GRA
Does the thought of working for 60 or 70 years fill you with dread? Or can you see the potential for a more stimulating future as a result of having so much extra time?
The girl who beat ISIS : Farida's story, Farida Khalaf. 363.32 KHA
The true story of a heroic young woman's capture and eventual escape from ISIS
The intelligent conversationalist : 31 cheat sheets that will show you how to talk to anyone about anything, anytime, Imogen Lloyd Webber. 302.224 LLO
The other slavery : the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America, Andres Resendez. 306.362 RES
The Outrun, Amy Liptrot. 362.292 LIP
Liptrot finds herself washed up back home on Orkney. Standing unstable on the island, she tries to come to terms with the addiction that has swallowed the last decade of her life.
Understanding and preventing suicide : the development of self-destructive patterns and ways to alter them, Kristine Bertini. 362.28 BER
Wasted : a story of alcohol, grief and a death in Brisbane, Elspeth Muir. 362.292 MUI

Sport & Recreation

101 magic tricks : any time, any place, Bryan Miles. 793.8 MIL
1966 : my World Cup story, Bobby Charlton. 796.3346 CHA
Fifty years on, Sir Bobby looks back on the most glorious moment of his life and England's greatest sporting achievement.
50 evening adventures, Tim Meek. 796.5 MEE
Encourages families to make the most of their 5 to 9, those evening hours after school and after work. Here are simple and exciting ideas for spending time together out of doors, during the working week.
Checkpoint 25 : adventure racing - from New Zealand to the world, Jim Robinson. 796.425 ROB
Fastpitch : the untold history of softball and the women who made the game, Erica Westly. 796.3578 WES
Fifty years of hurt, Henry Winter. 796.334 WIN
It has been fifty years since Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup trophy at Wembley. Winter addresses the state England are in on the golden anniversary of their greatest moment.
Geoff Hurst's greats : England's 1966 hero selects his finest ever footballers, Geoff Hurst. 796.334 HUR
My life in golf : inspiring Kiwi stories, Heather Kidd. 796.352 KID
On trails, Robert Moor. 796.51 MOO
For seven years Moor traveled the globe exploring trails of all kinds, from the miniscule to the massive.
Powered parachute flying handbook, United States. Federal Aviation Administration. 629.14 POW
You will learn what powered parachuting means today, the aerodynamics of flight, what types of engines are used in power parachuting, preflight checklists, basic flight maneuvers, and so much more.
Richie McCaw 148., Richie McCaw. 796.333 MCC
The book devotes two pages to each of the 148 tests Richie played. To complement the stunning array of images, Richie has added his own thoughts and memories of each game.
Soccer : steps to success, Joseph A. Luxbacher. 796.334 LUX
The 50 greatest walks of the world, Barry Stone. 796.51 STO
The end of the road : the Festina affair and the tour that almost wrecked cycling, Alasdair Fotheringham. 796.62 FOT
The games : a global history of the Olympics, David Goldblatt. 796.48 GOL
The history of AMC motorsports, Bob McClurg. 796.72 AME
The inner game of tennis : the ultimate guide to the mental side of peak performance, W. Timothy Gallwey. 796.342 GAL
Two planks and a passion : the dramatic history of skiing, Roland Huntford. 796.93 HUN

Trains, Boats, Planes

Locomotives we have lost, Will Adams. 625.26 ADA
A compilation of information and reference photographs of all the steam locomotives that did not survive into preservation and which effectively became extinct.
Milestones of flight : the epic of aviation with the National Air and Space Museum, F. Robert van der Linden. 629.13 VAN
Experience the history of flight with the world- class aviation collection at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, which attracts millions and millions of visitors each year in Washington, D.C. From the moment the Wright Brothers first took flight in 1903 to the modern-day reliance on stealth aircraft and drones, there have been significant advances made in aviation. Milestones of Flight celebrates each era.
Spitfire : the legend lives on, John Dibbs. 623.7464 SPI
The flying kangaroo : great untold stories of Qantas, the heroic, the hilarious and the sometimes just plain strange, Jim Eames. 387.706 EAM
The total boating manual, Kevin Falvey. 623.82 FAL
Whether you're actively chasing trophies in a bass boat, or prefer a lazy afternoon in a pontoon, the Total Boating Manual has everything for the active, passive, new or old boater.
Vickers Wellington : 1936 to 1953 (all marks and models) : owners' workshop manual, Iain R. Murray. 623.7463 VIC


Harley-Davidson : the complete history, Darwin Holmstrom. 629.2275 HAR
The world's longest taxi fare : Geelong to Darwin and return in Charlie Heard's Hudson, Larry O'Toole. 388.41 OTO
Charlie Head drove Ada Beal, Lil Wilmot and Eileen Glenny from Lorne in Victoria, up through the red centre to Darwin, and back down to Victoria via Brisbane and Sydney.


British bombing policy : during the Second World War, Hubert R. Allen. 940.544 ALL
Eggs or anarchy? : the remarkable story of the man tasked with the impossible : to feed a nation at war, William Sitwell. 363.8 SIT
This book finds out the real story of how Lord Woolton provided food for Britain and her colonies during WW2, and discovers that for him there were days when it was literally a choice of 'eggs or anarchy'.
False flags :!bdisguised German raiders of World War II, Stephen Robinson. 940.545 ROB
The story of German raider voyages to the South Seas during the early years of World War II.
Hammerhead Six : how Green Berets waged an unconventional war against the Taliban to win in Afghanistan's deadly Peach Valley, Ronald Fry. 958.1 FRY
La Basse-Ville 1917 : New Zealand voices from Flanders Fields, Dominique G. J. M. Cooreman. 940.393 COO
This book sheds light on New Zealand's part in an almost forgotten WW1 interlude in the Belgian Summer of 1917.
Part of the family. nVolume 1 : Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and rescue from the Holocaust, Jason Hensley. 940.5318 HEN
The forgotten dambuster, Marlene J. Bennetts. 940.544 CHA
Written by Marlene Bennetts, this is the story of her uncle, Flight Lieutenant Len Chambers and his life in the air force as a New Zealand Dambuster and afterwards.
The great famine and genocide in Persia, 1917-1919, Mohammad Gholi Majd. 940.355 MAJ
As many as eight to ten million Persians perished because of starvation and disease during the famine of 1917-1919, making it the greatest calamity in Persia's history.
War Blacks : the extraordinary story of New Zealand's World War I All Blacks, Matt Elliott. 940.41 ELL
The story of New Zealand's national sport and The Great War, and the effect each had on the other.
Where are our boys? : how newsmaps won the Great War, Martin Woods. 940.4 WOO
Maps in newspapers tracked the war's many campaigns and the exploits of the Anzacs, as well as commemorating events, people and places.