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The island child Molly Aitken
Twenty years ago, Oona left the island of Inis for the very first time. A wind-blasted rock of fishing boats and turf fires, where girls stayed in their homes until they became mothers themselves, the island was a gift for some, a prison for others. Oona was barely more than a girl, but promised herself she would leave the tall tales behind and never return.
The power Naomi Alderman
'She throws her head back and pushes her chest forward and lets go a huge blast right into the centre of his body. The rivulets and streams of red scarring run across his chest and up around his throat. She'd put her hand on his heart and stopped him dead.' Suddenly - tomorrow or the day after - girls find that with a flick of their fingers, they can inflict agonizing pain and even death.
A user's guide to make-believe Jane Alexander
Whatever your fantasy, live it with Make-Believe. The only limit is you. Cassie worked at Imagen, the tech giant behind the cutting-edge virtual reality experience Make-Believe?, and she got to know the product well. Too well. Now she has been barred from her escape from the real world and legally gagged by the company. Her dream job now seems to be part of a larger nightmare and Imagen is not done with her yet.
Amelia Fang and the naughty caticorns Laura Ellen Anderson
A little vampire with a big heart. Amelia Fang's mum has had a baby. And with everyone focused on the new arrival, it's up to Amelia to look after three very mischievous caticorns. Can Amelia prove that she has what it takes to be the best big sister ever?.
When will there be good news? Kate Atkinson
In a quiet corner of rural Devon, a six-year-old girl witnesses an appalling crime. 30 years later the man convicted of the crime is released from prison. In Edinburgh, 16-year-old Reggie, wise beyond her years, works as a nanny for a GP. But her employer has disappeared with her baby and Reggie seems to be the only person who is worried.
Divine justice David Baldacci
The Camel Club - that informal band of conspiracy theorists who insisted on only one thing: the truth. Their leader, Oliver Stone, is on the run. Now the most wanted man in America for serving up his own brand of justice with two pulls of a trigger. But Stone's actions have come at a steep price; the assassinations he carried out have prompted a massive manhunt to be unleased.
The camel club David Baldacci
The man known as Oliver Stone has no official past. He spends most days camped opposite the White House, hoping to expose corruption wherever he finds it. But the stakes are raised when he and his friends, a group of conspiracy theorist misfits known as The Camel Club, accidentally witness the murder of an intelligence analyst. Especially when the authorities are seemingly happy to write it off as a suicide.
The 4-week insomnia workbook : a drug-free program to build healthy habits and achieve restful sleep Sara Dittoe Barrett
If you're reading this, you've probably figured out that counting sheep, doing a headstand, or wearing socks won't get you to sleep. Good news?addressing the root causes of your insomnia can. This book will get you from stressed to sleep in just four weeks with a range of proven drug-free strategies. With The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook as your guide, you'll learn the latest CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) and mindfulness practices to get to the bottom of your sleepless nights.
The Siberian incident Greig Beck
100,000 years ago the object hit the lake at the deepest point, quickly sinking into its mile-deep stygian darkness. The sheets of ice closed, time moved on and the land forgot. But over the centuries, legends grew of people vanishing, of strange, deformed animals and of an unexplained luminescence down in the lake depths.
Keep your eyes on me Sam Blake
When Vittoria Devine and Lily Power find themselves sitting next to each other on a flight to New York, they discover they both have men in their lives whose impact has been devastating. Lily's family life is in turmoil, her brother left on the brink of ruin by a con man. Vittoria's philandering husband's latest mistress is pregnant. By the time they land, Vittoria and Lily have realised that they can help each other right the balance. But only one of them knows the real story ...
The positive habit : 6 steps for transforming negative thoughts to positive emotions Fiona Brennan
Love, calmness, confidence, gratitude, hope and happiness: these are the six emotions that tip the balance of our mindset in favour of a positive outlook rather than a negative one. Wouldn't it be great to feel more of these positive emotions? Now you can with Fiona Brennan's ultimate manual for the mind. With a chapter on each emotion and practical steps on how to cultivate them, the plan utilises mindfulness, habit loops, positive psychology and neuroscience to help soothe anxiety and stress.
Deep dirty truth Steph Broadribb
A price on her head. A secret worth dying for. Just 48 hours to expose the truth ... Single-mother and bounty hunter, Lori Anderson, has finally got her family back together, but her newfound happiness is shattered when she's snatched by the Miami Mob - and they want her dead. Rather than a bullet, they offer her a job: find the Mob's ?numbers man? - Carlton North -who's in protective custody after being forced to turn federal witness against them.
Jane Eyre: perfromed by Thandie Newton Charlotte Bronte
Following Jane from her childhood as an orphan in Northern England through her experience as a governess at Thornfield Hall, Charlotte Bronte's Gothic classic is an early exploration of women's independence in the mid-19th century and the pervasive societal challenges women had to endure. At Thornfield, Jane meets the complex and mysterious Mr.
A whistling woman A S Byatt
It is the late 1960s and the world begins to split. While Frederica, the spirited heroine, falls into a career in television in London, tumultuous events in her home county of Yorkshire threaten to change her life and those of the people she loves. Near the university, where the scientists Luk and Jacqueline are studying snails, neurons and the working of the brain, an anti-university springs up.
The little cafe in Copenhagen Julie Caplin
Publicist Kate Sinclair's life in London is everything she thought she wanted: success, glamour and a charming boyfriend. Until that boyfriend goes behind her back and snatches a much sought-after promotion from her. Heartbroken and questioning everything, Kate needs to escape.From candles and cosy nights in to romantic late-night walks through the beautiful cobbled streets of Copenhagen, Kate discovers how to live life 'the Danish way'.
Big lies in a small town Diane Chamberlain
A sweeping novel about two women connected by a painting that holds many dark secrets. North Carolina, 2018: Morgan Christopher's life has been derailed. Taking the fall for a crime she did not commit, she finds herself serving a three-year stint in the North Carolina Women's Correctional Centre. Her dream of a career in the arts is put on hold - until a mysterious visitor makes her an offer that will see her released immediately.
Bad luck and trouble Lee Child
You do not mess with Jack Reacher. He is as close to untraceable as a person can get. A loner comfortable in his anonymity and solitude. So when a member of his old Army unit finds a way to contact him, he knows this has to be serious. You do not mess with the Special Investigators. In the past the elite team always watched each other's backs. Now one of them has shown up dead in the Californian desert and six more are missing. Reacher's old buddies are in big trouble and he can't let that go.
Nemesis Rory Clements
Can a ruthless spy ring change the course of war? In a great English house, a young woman offers herself to one of the most powerful and influential figures in the land - but this is no ordinary seduction. She plans to ensure his death . . . On holiday in France, Professor Tom Wilde discovers his brilliant student Marcus Marfield, who disappeared two years earlier to join the International Brigades in Spain, in the Le Vernet concentration camp in the foothills of the Pyrenees.
Hitler's secret Rory Clements
The war is going badly for Britain and its allies. If Hitler is to be stopped, a new weapon is desperately needed. In Cambridge, professor Tom Wilde is approached by an American intelligence officer who claims to know of such a weapon - one so secret even Hitler himself isn't aware of its existence. If Wilde can smuggle the package out of Germany, the Third Reich will surely fall.
Middle England Jonathan Coe
It was tempting to think, at times like this, that some bizarre hysteria had gripped the British people. Beginning eight years ago on the outskirts of Birmingham, where car factories have been replaced by Poundland, and London, where frenzied riots give way to Olympic fever, Middle England follows a brilliantly vivid cast of characters through a time of immense change.
All that remains Patricia Cornwell
In Richmond, Virginia, young lovers are dying. So far, four couples in the area have disappeared, only to be found months later as mutilated corpses. When the daughter of the president's newest drug czar vanishes along with her boyfriend, Dr Kay Scarpetta knows time is short.
Cruel and unusual Patricia Cornwell
“Killing me won't kill the beast,” are the last words of rapist-murderer Ronnie Joe Waddell, written four days before his execution. But they can't explain how Dr Kay Scarpetta finds Waddell's fingerprints on another crime scene - after she'd performed his autopsy. If this is some sort of game, Scarpetta seems to be the target. And if the next victim is someone she knows, the punishment will be cruel and unusual.
Body of evidence Patricia Cornwell
A reclusive author, Beryl Madison finds no safe haven from months of menacing phone calls - or the tormented feeling that her every move is being watched. When the writer is found slain in her own home, Kay Scarpetta pieces together the intricate forensic evidence - while unwittingly edging closer to a killer waiting in the shadows.
Miss-Connection : why your teenage daughter hates you, expects the world and needs to talk Justin Coulson
What is the best thing about being a teenage girl right now? My friends. Independence. Discovering who I am. What is the worst thing about being a teenage girl? My friends. Not knowing what the future holds. Pressure to be perfect and look a certain way. What do teenage girls wish they could talk to us about. I'm sick of pretending to be happy all the time. My face; if anyone is ever going to love me despite how grotesque my face is. I sometimes don't want to be here.
Knock three times Cressida Cowell
Wish is a warrior girl with a Magic spoon and a Magic eye ... Xar is a Wizard boy with a dangerous Witchstain on his hand. Wish and Xar are now outlaws on the run, hunted by Warriors, Wizards and worst of all, by witches ... Can they find the ingredients for the spell to get rid of Witches before the Kingwitch gets his talons on Magic-that-works-on-iron? This Quest is the most terrifying and treacherous of all ... And someone is going to betray them ...
The young lion Blanche d'Alpuget
Queen Eleanor of France, said to be the most beautiful woman in Europe, has not been able to give birth to an heir. A strategic liaison with Geoffrey the Handsome, the virile and charming Duke of Normandy, could remedy that - or lead to her downfall and Geoffrey's death. What begins with cool calculation becomes a passionate affair. Despite his love for Eleanor, however, Geoffrey has larger plans: to help his warrior son, Henry, seize the English throne.
Two for the lions Lindsey Davis
'What did he eat last' Whom did he eat, in fact?' Lumbered with working alongside reptilian Chief Spy Anacrites, Falco has the perfect plan to make money - he will assist Vespasian in the Emperor's 'Great Census' of AD 73. His potential fee could finally allow him to join the middle ranks and be worthy of long-suffering Helena Justina.
An almost perfect holiday Lucy Diamond
Summer is here, and down in Cornwall Lorna's holiday cottages are fully booked. The sun loungers are lined up beside the swimming pool, the sky is blue and a new set of arrivals are on their way... Em's planned the perfect break with her teenagers plus her new boyfriend, George... but now his difficult six-year-old is coming too.
Rosie's hat Julia Donaldson
A gorgeous rhyming adventure from Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey - perfect for listening to at home, in the car, at bedtime or at any time at all! Rosie's Hat isn't just any old hat. When a gust of wind sweeps it off her head, it goes off on a whole hatful of adventures! It becomes a toy for a dog, a hiding-place for a mouse, a frisbee for some children and even a nest for some birds. Surely poor Rosie will never find her hat again . . .
Next victim Helen H Durrant
The body of a young blonde man found burnt and tortured in a Manchester canal. He is discovered to be a journalism student who claimed he was on to the story of a lifetime. The area where he was murdered was subject to a land dispute. But is his death leading the police on a false trail? A young woman is adamant she remembers a childhood twin brother, but her father swears she's an only child. She has connections to the first victim and now a second young blonde is missing.
Tatty Hickey Christine Dwyer
Christine Dwyer Hickey's Tatty is a devastating yet hilarious depiction of a troubled Dublin family told in the vibrant, charismatic voice of the little girl lost within it. With brutal honesty, Tatty tells the story of her beloved but feckless dad, her tormented mam and her five siblings, including her sister with special needs. As she grows up, Tatty becomes ever more aware of the strange reality of her home life and the damage wrought by alcohol on her family.
Lies she never told me John Ellsworth
Would you kill the man your beloved grandmother wants dead? Lies She Never Told Me is the story of Michael Gresham's heritage, beginning with his father's father. The book features mob wars in the 1920s; World War II invasions and POW camps; romance between powerful men and beautiful women; the most infamous mass murder in 1960s Chicago; and the complete growing-up story of Michael Gresham himself, from young boy to young lawyer.
Heal : 101 simple ways to improve your health in a modern world Pete Evans
Take charge of your life and achieve balance with these simple, practical ways to nourish body, mind and soul. So many of us are looking for practical changes we can make to nourish our body, be more active and find meaningful connection - ways to be stronger, happier and healthier in a fast-paced world. Pete begins with what he knows best - food - and offers suggestions on how to eat and drink in ways that will support your wellbeing.
The volunteer : the true story of the resistance hero who infiltrated Auschwitz Jack Fairweather
How do you keep fighting in the face of unimaginable horror? This is untold story of one of the greatest heroes of the Second World War. In the Summer of 1940, after the Nazi occupation of Poland, an underground operative called Witold Pilecki accepted a mission to uncover the fate of thousands of people being interred at a new concentration camp on the border of the Reich. His mission was to report on Nazi crimes and raise a secret army to stage an uprising.
The outcasts John Flanagan
In Skandia, there is only one way to become a warrior. Boys are chosen for teams called brotherbands and must endure three months of gruelling training in seamanship, weapons and battle tactics. It's brotherband against brotherband, fighting it out in a series of challenges. There can be only one winner. When Hal Mikkelson finds himself the unwilling leader of a brotherband made up of outcasts, he must step up to the challenge.
Cold grave Kathryn Fox
It feels like the safest place on earth. A family-friendly, floating palace. But, as Anya Crichton soon discovers, cruise ships aren't all that they seem ... Statistics tell us that a woman is twice as likely to be sexually assaulted on a cruise ship than on dry land. Customers aren't screened, so the ships are a haven for sex offenders and paedophiles. With no policing, and floating in international waters, sexual assaults and passengers 'disappearing? are uncommonly frequent ...
Fatal impact Kathryn Fox
When a girl's dead body is found in a toybox, forensic physician and pathologist Anya Crichton joins the police hunt in her home state of Tasmania for the girl's missing mother and sister. Staying with her increasingly erratic mother, Dr Jocelyn Reynolds, Anya fears the long shadow of her sister Miriam's disappearance has finally driven her mother past the brink of sanity.
Skin and bone Kathryn Fox
Detective Kate Farrer returns to duty after three months of leave following her traumatic abduction. Fearing that she has lost her edge, she reluctantly partners homicide newcomer Oliver Parke, and they are thrown into the investigation of a woman burnt beyond recognition in a house-fire. The post-mortem reveals she had recently given birth, but there is no sign of the baby. With homicide short-staffed, Kate and Oliver are also ordered to look into the disappearance of a teenage girl.
Without consent Kathryn Fox
Forensic Physician, Dr Anya Crichton is on the trail of a serial rapist. When two of the victims are later stabbed to death, police suspicion immediately falls upon Geoffrey Willard, recently released from twenty years in prison for the brutal rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl. Unravelling a myriad of forensic evidence, Anya is confronted with the greatest ethical dilemma of her career. If Willard is innocent, she is about to blow the whistle and ruin a fellow pathologist's reputation.
Lenny's book of everything Karen Foxlee
Lenny Spinx is the sister of a giant. Her little brother, Davey, has a rare form of gigantism that puzzles his doctors and astounds his friends, neighbours and teachers. Together, Lenny and Davey escape to a more wondrous reality by obsessing over the entries in their monthly installment of Burrell's Build-It-at-Home Encyclopedia set. They lose themselves in passages about abominable snowmen, jellyfish, peregrine falcons and quicksand.
Heroes : mortals and monsters, quests and adventures Stephen Fry
There are Heroes - and then there are Greek Heroes. Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming vengeful gods, quite as stylishly and triumphantly as Greek heroes. In this companion to his bestselling Mythos, Stephen Fry brilliantly retells these dramatic, funny, tragic and timeless tales. Join Jason aboard the Argo as he quests for the Golden Fleece.
Ninth street women : Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: five painters and the movement that changed modern art Mary Gabriel
Set amid the most turbulent social and political period of modern times, Ninth Street Women is the impassioned, wild, sometimes tragic, always exhilarating chronicle of five women who dared to enter the male-dominated world of twentieth-century abstract painting--not as muses but as artists. From their cold-water lofts, where they worked, drank, fought, and loved, these pioneers burst open the door to the art world for themselves and countless others to come.
The natural navigator Tristan Gooley
Starting with a simple question - 'Which way am I looking?' - Tristan Gooley blends natural science, myth, folklore and the history of travel to introduce you to the rare and ancient art of finding your way using nature's own sign-posts, from the feel of a rock to the look of the moon. With Tristan's help, you'll learn why some trees grow the way they do and how they can help you find your way in the countryside.
The Lawson sisters Janet Gover
Family, fortune and holding on to what counts. For many years Elizabeth Lawson has battled single-handedly to run the family's historic horse stud in memory of her beloved father. But a devastating loss puts her dreams at risk. With no options left, Liz is forced to turn to her estranged sister Kayla for help. Kayla has built a new life in the city as a wedding planner, far removed from the stable-yard sweat and dust of her rural upbringing. She never thought she'd go back.
nerdiest, wimpiest, dorkiest I funny ever Chris Grabenstein
Comedian Jamie Grimm can't help feeling like he's reached the top - he has his own smash hit TV show and he's won a national funny-kid competition. But now he's taking his fame and fortune to international levels by competing in the upcoming world kid comic contest! Will Jamie prove that he's the funniest kid on earth - or does he stand (or sit!) to lose his crown?.
Looking for Alaska John Green
First drink. First prank. First friend. First love. Last words. Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words-and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet Franȯis Rabelais called the 'Great Perhaps'. Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young, who will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps.
Devil's food Kerry Greenwood
The third in the Corinna Chapman series, Devil's Food is another irresistible, criminally entertaining read from the master crime writer, Kerry Greenwood. Corinna Chapman, baker extraordinaire and amateur sleuth, returns in another delicious mystery.
How not to diet : the groundbreaking science of healthy, permanent weight loss Michael Greger
Every month seems to bring a trendy new diet or a new fad to try in order to lose weight - but these diets aren't making us any happier or healthier. As obesity rates and associated disease and impairments continue to rise, it's time for a different approach.
Ladybird sleepy tales : ten calming stories to help little children relax at bedtime Candida Gubbins
Developed with The Children's Sleep Charity, and parent-tested, Ladybird Sleepy Tales are specially designed to help 3 to 6 year-olds wind down after a day's activity. They're the perfect calming tool to share before or after your bedtime story, as part of your nightly routine. Each tale is 15 minutes long, so you can put your audiobook sleep timer on with no need to return to the screen.
Block 46 Johana Gustawsson
Evil remembers ... Falkenberg, Sweden. The mutilated body of talented young jewellery designer, Linnea Blix, is found in a snow-swept marina. Hampstead Heath, London. The body of a young boy is discovered with similar wounds to Linnea's. Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1944. In the midst of the hell of the Holocaust, Erich Hebner will do anything to see himself as a human again.
The foundling Stacey Halls
Two women from different worlds. And a secret that will change everything . . . London, 1754. Six years after leaving her illegitimate daughter Clara at London's Foundling Hospital, Bess Bright returns to reclaim the child she has never known. Dreading the worst - that Clara has died in care - the last thing she expects to hear is that her daughter has already been reclaimed - by her. Her life is turned upside down as she tries to find out who has taken her little girl - and why.
After the party Cassie Hamer
An unexpected gift left at her daughter's fifth birthday party pitches Sydney mum Lisa Wheeldon into events both hilarious and life-changing. Lisa Wheeldon has a lovely life. Wife to a gorgeous husband, Scott, and a devoted mother to two small daughters, the former accountant has everything she wants - except a third child. But the universe has a strange way of providing.
The art of rest : how to find respite in the modern age Claudia Hammond
Today busyness has become a badge of honour. We want to say we're busy, yet at the same time we feel exhausted. Instead we should start taking rest seriously as a method of self-care and this book can help us to work out how. The Art of Rest draws on ground-breaking research Claudia Hammond collaborated on - 'The Rest Test' - the largest global survey into rest ever undertaken, which was completed by 18,000 people across 135 different countries.
The mercies Kiran Millwood Hargrave
On Christmas Eve, 1617, the sea around the remote Norwegian island of Vard ̜is thrown into a reckless storm. As Maren Magnusdatter watches, forty fishermen, including her father and brother, are lost to the waves - the menfolk of Vard ̜wiped out in an instant. Vard ̜is now a place of women. Eighteen months later, a sinister figure arrives.
Orphan warriors Lian Hearn
The bitter struggles of the Tribe and the clans have left many children orphaned. Among them are Sunaomi and Chikara, sons of Arai Zenko, who face death after their parents' treachery. Their aunt, Kaede, is able to save their lives on the condition they become novice monks and never leave the temple at Terayama. Sunaomi has been brought up as a warrior, yet his grandmother is Muto Shizuka. He cannot escape that he is also a child of the Tribe.
Sibling assassins Lian Hearn
As a boy Arai Sunaomi was known as the Miracle Child and crossed between the worlds to walk among the dead. Now he has put aside his past to follow the way of the warrior. His aunt, Kaede, is considering making him her heir and her General, Miyoshi Kahei, hopes to betroth Sunaomi to his daughter, Kinu. But there is one girl whom Sunaomi cannot forget - Utahime, who has been dead for seven years.
Exclusion zone J M Hewitt
On 26th April 1986, reactor four exploded at the factory in Pripyat, Chernobyl. At the same time teenager Afia Bello vanished from her home without a trace. The damage from the nuclear fallout is examined over the following weeks, months and years by Afia's younger sister Sissy, as she unwittingly uncovers clues relating to her sister's disappearance and the secret life that Afia kept hidden from her family.
Puffin sleepy tales : ten stories to relax and calm busy young minds at bedtime Ellie Heydon
Help busy young minds wind down and switch off before bed with this relaxing audio collection. Developed with The Children's Sleep Charity, and parent-tested, Puffin Sleepy Tales are specially designed to help children aged 7+ feel calm and positive at the end of a long day. They're the perfect relaxation tool for the hour before bed, and can be listened to before or after a bedtime story, as part of your nightly routine.
Shaun the sheep: the flock factor Martin Howard
It's talent-show time on the farm, and all the roosters and chickens are flocking together in hopes of beating their rivals, the sheep. Meanwhile, Shirley, a sheep whose flair for singing is as large as her frame, has a big problem - a massive case of stage fright.
Tell me the truth Katherine Howell
Paramedic Stacey Durham has an idyllic life: her dream job, a beautiful house, and a devoted husband. Until her car is found abandoned and covered in her blood. Detective Ella Marconi knows information is key in the first twenty-four hours, questioning frantic husband James, jealous sister Marie, and Rowan, the colleague who keeps turning up in all the wrong places.
The Steele diaries Wendy James
It is as if I am slowly sinking in the water, just occasionally making it back to the top for a gulp of air - to a sort of memory of what life can be - what life should be - and then down, down, down I go again ? The only child of two famous but self-absorbed artists, Zelda Steele is adopted by her parents? patrons when she is just a baby.
The lost girls Wendy James
Curl Curl, Sydney, January 1978. Angie's a looker. Or she's going to be. She's only 14, but already, heads turn wherever she goes. Male heads, mainly ... Jane worships her older cousin Angie. She spends her summer vying for Angie's attention. Then Angie is murdered. Jane and her family are shattered. They withdraw into themselves, casting a veil of silence over Angie's death. Thirty years later, a journalist arrives with questions about the tragic event.
The Paris model Alexandra Joel
Success would not depend on her beauty. It would be a test of her wits and her will. After a shocking discovery, Grace Woods leaves her vast Australian sheep station and travels to tumultuous post-war Paris in order to find her true identity. While working as a mannequin for Christian Dior, the world's newly acclaimed emperor of fashion, Grace mixes with counts and princesses, authors and artists, diplomats and politicians.
The art of keeping secrets Rachael Johns
Little secrets grow up to be big lies ? They?ve been best friends since their sons started high school together, and Felicity, Emma and Neve share everything ? or so they thought. But Flick's seemingly perfect marriage hides a shocking secret which, with one word, threatens to destroy her and her family's happiness. Emma is in denial about a potential custody battle, her financial constraints, the exhaustion she can't seem to shake off and the inappropriate feelings she has for her boss.
Breakers Douglas Johnstone
A toxic family, a fight for survival. Seventeen-year-old Tyler lives in one of Edinburgh's most deprived areas. Coerced into robbing rich people's homes by his bullying older siblings, he's also trying to care for his little sister and his drug-addict mum. On a job, his brother Barry stabs a homeowner and leaves her for dead, but that's just the beginning of their nightmare, because the woman is the wife of Edinburgh's biggest crime lord, Deke Holt.
Missing you Kylie Kaden
Our lives were built around the strength of a kiss between strangers. Yet seven years on, look where it led us ? When Aisha met Ryan she fell hard for his good looks and easy charm. Why worry that he didn't want children or a nine to five job? Nothing and no one would come between them. But with the birth of their high-needs son, Eli, their extraordinary love is shackled into an ordinary life, their passion blunted by responsibility. Until Ryan can't take it anymore.
The unmourned Meg Keneally
For Robert Church, superintendent of the Parramatta Female Factory, the most enjoyable part of his job is access to young convict women. Inmate Grace O'Leary has made it her mission to protect the women from his nocturnal visits, and when Church is murdered with an awl thrust through his right eye, she becomes the chief suspect. Recently arrived from Port Macquarie, ticket-of-leave gentleman convict Hugh Monsarrat now lives in Parramatta with his ever-loyal housekeeper Mrs Mulrooney.
Wrecking ball Jeff Kinney
An unexpected inheritance gives the Heffley family a chance to make major improvements to their home. But they soon find that construction isn't all it's cracked up to be. When things get rough, will the Heffleys be able to stay ... or will they be forced to move?.
On fire : the burning case for a green new deal Naomi Klein
Delving into topics ranging from the clash between ecological time and our culture of “perpetual now,” to rising white supremacy and fortressed borders as a form of “climate barbarism,” this is a rousing call to action for a planet on the brink.
Prime suspect. 3, Silent victims Lynda La Plante
Is it the end of the line for DCI Jane Tennison? When a body is found in one of London's poorest districts, the coroner's report identifies the victim as young, black and female, but impossibly anonymous. One thing is clear to Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison about this victim - that news of her murder will tear apart a city already cracking with racial tensions, hurling Scotland Yard and Tennison herself into a maelstrom of shocking accusations and sudden, wrenching violence.
Jane Doe and the key of all souls Jeremy Lachlan
Jane Doe is in more danger than ever before. Her father is still imprisoned. The Manor - the hallowed world between worlds - is still dying. The villainous Roth is still searching for the mythical, all-powerful Cradle Sea. Worst of all, Jane has learned that she is the key to stopping him and saving the Otherworlds. Problem is, she's stranded in the dying land of Arakaan - Roth's home - and its people have some surprising secrets of their own.
Eggshell skull Bri Lee
But what if it also works the other way? What if a defendant on trial for sexual crimes has to accept his 'victim' as she comes: a strong, determined accuser who knows the legal system, who will not back down until justice is done? Bri Lee began her first day of work at the Queensland District Court as a bright-eyed judge's associate. Two years later she was back as the complainant in her own case.
Snare Sigurðardóttir Lilja
After a messy divorce, attractive young mother Sonia is struggling to provide for herself and keep custody of her son. With her back to the wall, she resorts to smuggling cocaine into Iceland and finds herself caught up in a ruthless criminal world. As she desperately looks for a way out of trouble, she must pit her wits against her nemesis, Bragi, a customs officer whose years of experience frustrate her new and ever more daring strategies.
Cool it : the skeptical environmentalist's guide to global warming Bjorn Lomborg
Bjorn Lomborg argues that many of the elaborate and expensive actions now being considered to stop global warming will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, are often based on emotional rather than strictly scientific assumptions, and may very well have little impact on the world's temperature for hundreds of years.
The start of me and you Emery Lord
It's been a year since it happened - when Paige Hancock's first boyfriend died in an accident. After shutting out the world for two years, Paige is finally ready for a second chance at high school ... and she has a plan. First: Get her old crush, Ryan Chase, to date her - the perfect way to convince everyone she's back to normal. Next: Join a club - simple, it's high school after all.
The Janes Louisa Luna
Set against the sprawling canvas of illegal immigration, trafficking and border tensions, The Janes pulses with urgency and intensity. On the outskirts of San Diego near the Mexican border, the bodies of two young Latinas are discovered. They have no names, no IDs and no family looking for them. Fearing the likelihood of a sex-trafficking ring, the police and FBI enlist Alice Vega to help identify the Janes - and to locate the others before it's too late.
The true story of Maddie Bright MaryRose MacColl
In 1920, 17-year-old Maddie Bright gratefully accepts a job as a serving girl on the royal tour of Australia by Edward, Prince of Wales. Maddie's talents soon earn her the respect of Helen Burns, the prince's vivacious press secretary, and Rupert Waters, his most loyal man, and Maddie is in awe of Edward himself, the 'people's' prince. What starts as a desire to help her family, devastated by the recent war, becomes for Maddie a chance to work on something that matters.
The getaway girls Dee MacDonald
One morning, Connie McColl wakes up and decides to swap her ordinary life for an extraordinary adventure. Connie McColl is finally free to make her own decisions for the first time in decades. And when she meets glamorous Gill and downtrodden Maggie at a rather dull flower arranging class, it seems that she's not the only one dreaming of adventure. The three very different women all agree it's about time they had a holiday to remember.
Evernight Ross MacKenzie
The Evernight has been unleashed. As far back as she can remember, orphan Larabelle Fox has scraped together a living by treasure-hunting in the sewers. In a city where emotionless White Witches march through the streets and fear of Hag magic is rife, Lara keeps her head down. But when she stumbles upon a mysterious little box in the sewers, Lara finds herself catapulted into a world of wild magic - facing adventure, mortal danger and a man who casts no shadow ...
Lily's war Shirley Mann
1942, Manchester World War Two is in full swing and Lily Mullins is determined to do her bit for the war effort. Her friends and sweetheart have all joined up and Lily's sure there must be a role for her that goes further than knitting socks for the troops! When she decides to volunteer for the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, Lily soon discovers that she has a talent as a wireless operator.
Antisocial Andrew Marantz
A deeply immersive chronicle of how the optimistic entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley set out to create a free and democratic internet - and how the cynical propagandists of the alt-right exploited that freedom to propel the extreme into the mainstream. For several years, Andrew Marantz, a New Yorker staff writer, has been embedded in two worlds.
Zen : the art of simple living Shunmyo Masuno
Relax and find happiness amid the swirl of the modern world with this internationally bestselling guide to simplifying your life by a Japanese monk who embodies the wisdom of Zen. Drawing on centuries of wisdom, renowned Zen Buddhist priest Shunmyo Masuno applies the essence of Zen to modern life in clear, practical, easily adopted lessons - one a day for 100 days.
Heart of the sky Fiona McArthur
A year after a tragic accident changed her life forever, Tess Daley is in desperate need of a change. When she is offered a position with the Flying Doctor Service, she seizes the opportunity to make a fresh start. Yet once she arrives in remote Mica Ridge she feels like an outsider, unable to connect with her patients and unsure if she'll ever fit in with this outback community.
Ferryman Claire McFall
Can true love overcome the boundaries of death? In the aftermath of a terrible train crash, Dylan emerges into a bleak wasteland. Only one other person is there: a boy. Tristan is a ferryman, tasked with guiding Dylan through this wilderness, his cold presence her only protection from the strange dangers all around. But is there more to Tristan than a heart deadened by duty? An impossible choice awaits Dylan.
Secrets of the springs Kerry McGinnis
When Orla Macrae receives a letter asking her to return to the family cattle property where she grew up, she does so grudgingly. Her estranged uncle Palmer may be dying, but he is the last person she wants to see, not when she's made a new life far away from where she lost so much. But on his deathbed he utters a few enigmatic words about a secret locked away and a clue as to its whereabouts.
The rat stone serenade Denzil Meyrick
It's December, and the Shannon family are returning home to their clifftop mansion near Kinloch for their annual AGM. Shannon International is one of the world's biggest private companies, with tendrils reaching around the globe in computing, banking and mineral resourcing, and it has brought untold wealth and privilege to the family. However, a century ago Archibald Shannon stole the land upon which he built their home and his descendants have been cursed ever since.
The Dalai Lama's cat and the four paws of spiritual success David Michie
The Dalai Lama's Cat is back: irreverent, vain and as delightfully insightful as ever! When the Dalai Lama's inner circle is set the task of providing His Holiness with a book he can give his visitors, an unexpected volunteer stretches out her paws. The book is to summarize the four key elements of Tibetan Buddhism - and, importantly, to communicate how it feels to be in the profoundly reassuring presence of His Holiness.
The astral traveller's handbook & other tales David Michie
Whatever dreams he was having, Jason knew they had nothing to do with his physical body. His eyes were firmly shut and his consciousness withdrawn from his senses when all this was going on. Yet in his dreams he experienced sights, sounds and even visceral sensations much more intensely than when he was awake.
Thinking about it only makes it worse David Mitchell
These and many other questions trouble David Mitchell. Join him on a tour of the absurdities of modern life - from Ryanair to Richard III, Downton Abbey to phone etiquette, UKIP to hot dogs made of cats. Funny, provocative and shot through with refreshing amounts of common sense, Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse celebrates and commiserates on the state of things in our not entirely glorious modern world.
The art of murder Rebecca Muddiman
How do you catch a killer who thinks murder is art? Michael Fisher sees himself as an artist rather than a killer and poses his victims to resemble famous paintings. Detective Nick Kelly is called to attend the latest crime scene and finds himself at the centre of a media storm. But while the rest of the police department feels under pressure, Nick relishes the attention. Karen Kelly, Nick's soon to be ex-wife, watches in horror as this brutal game of cat and mouse plays out.
The killing connection T F Muir
How well do you know the man you love? A woman's body is washed up on the rocks by the castle ruins in St Andrews, with evidence of strangulation and no ID. Two weeks into the case, and DCI Andy Gilchrist is no closer to identifying her. A call from another woman claiming to be the dead woman's friend could be his first break, but when Gilchrist turns up to interview her, she is missing. Three days later her throttled corpse is found, and the investigation intensifies.
Blood torment T F Muir
When a three-year old girl is reported missing, DCI Andy Gilchrist is assigned the case. But Gilchrist soon suspects that the child's mother - Andrea Davis - may be responsible for her daughter's disappearance or, worse, her murder. The case becomes politically sensitive when Gilchrist learns that Andrea is the daughter of Dougal Davis, a former MSP who was forced to resign from Scottish Parliament after being accused of physically abusing his third wife.
Correspondents Timothy Murphy
By turns gripping and deeply moving, travelling from New England to the Middle East, Correspondents is an epic family saga.
Who's minding the farm? : in this climate emergency Patrice Newell
A vital account of how sustainable farming can address urgent issues such as climate change and water scarcity, health and nutrition, land stewardship, renewables vs. the coal industry, as well as meaningful and fulfilling rural employment. And a call to arms. You know who is minding the farm - our consumption and behaviours affect how soil is managed and what it produces. We all are.
A safe haven Irene Northan
Hardly out of childhood, Amy Kennedy, and fellow orphans Seth, Jay and Daisy are sent from the Lambeth Workhouse in London to the Devon port of Brixham to be taken into service, the girls as maidservants, the boys as apprentices on a trawler. Although her initiation into her job is hard, Amy quickly finds her feet and shortly her horizons are brightened by an attentive young man, Daniel Newton, the son of a prosperous sea captain.
The happy closet Annmarie O'Connor
Do you feel a sense of dread and indecision every time you get dressed? Are you constantly buying new clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear? Then you need closet therapist Annmarie O'Connor. In The Happy Closet you will discover that your wardrobe is more than just a collection of clothes. It's a deeply vulnerable space containing layers of old energy which, if not recognised, can create sartorial chaos.
The famished road Ben Okri
He is born into a world of poverty, ignorance and injustice, but Azaro awakens with a smile on his face. Despite belonging to a spirit world made of enchantment, where there is no suffering, Azaro chooses to stay in the land of the Living: to feel it, endure it, know it and love it. This is his story. Azaro, is an abiku, a spirit child, who in the Yoruba tradition of Nigeria exists between life and death.
Blindside James Patterson
The mayor of New York has a daughter who's missing and in danger. Detective Michael Bennett has a son who's in prison. The two strike a deal. Bennett and the mayor have always had a tense relationship, but now the mayor sees in Bennett a discreet investigator with family worries of his own. Just one father helping another. The detective leaps into the case and sources lead him to a homicide in the Bronx.
Winnie and Wilbur. Volume 1 Korky Paul
Join Winnie and Wilbur on their wild and wacky adventures from going back to the time of the dinosaurs and saving school children from slavery in ancient Egypt; to organising a treasure hunt for a pirate and rustling up some batburgers in the kitchen, - this collection will keeping young listeners entertained for hours! This collection features the following stories: Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie's After School Club Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie the Naughty Niece Winnie and Wilbur: Winnie's Double Winni.
Chernobyl : history of a tragedy Serhii Plokhy
On the morning of 26 April 1986 Europe witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in history: the explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Soviet Ukraine. The outburst put the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation. In the end, less than five percent of the reactor's fuel escaped, but that was enough to contaminate over half of Europe with radioactive fallout.
0 This is not a drill : an extinction rebellion handbook Eva Pope
Penguin presents the audiobook edition of This Is Not A Drill by Extinction Rebellion, read by Eva Pope. Extinction Rebellion are inspiring a whole generation to take action on climate breakdown. Now you can become part of the movement - and together, we can make history. It's time. This is our last chance to do anything about the global climate and ecological emergency. Our last chance to save the world as we know it. Now or never, we need to be radical. We need to rise up.
Lampedusa Steven Price
In 1943, an Allied bomb destroyed the Lampedusa palace in Palermo; in 1955, Giuseppe Tomasi is diagnosed with advanced emphysema. Shortly after, profoundly aware of his mortality, he begins work on a novel, imagining the life of his great-grandfather Don Giulio, astronomer prince and head of the family at the time of the Risorgimento.
The wolf children Cay Rademacher
Hamburg 1947: It is the year of extremes. After a bitterly cold winter of starvation, the bombed city groans under excruciating heat and Chief Inspector Frank Stave is confronted with a new case. In the ruins of a shipyard, the corpse of a boy is found and Stave's hunt for the killer leads him into the world of 'wolf children' - orphaned children who have fled from the Occupied Eastern Territories and are now united in gangs.
The five greatest warriors Matthew Reilly
Jack West Jr and his loyal team are in desperate disarray: they've been separated, their mission is in tatters, and Jack was last seen plummeting down a fathomless abyss. After surviving his deadly fall, Jack must now race against his many enemies to locate and set in place the remaining pieces of The Machine before the coming Armageddon.
Scarecrow and the army of thieves Matthew Reilly
An old Soviet weapons installation in the Arctic has fallen into disrepair. Known as Dragon Island, the facility is home to a next-generation weapon with the potential to unleash a destructive force upon the world that was developed during the Cold War and subsequently forgotten.
Losing Earth : the decade we could have stopped climate change Nathaniel Rich
By 1979, we knew all that we know now about the science of climate change - what was happening, why it was happening, and how to stop it. Over the next ten years, we had the very real opportunity to stop it. Obviously, we failed.
The wayward witch and the feelings monster Sally Rippin
Who ever heard of a witch and a monster being friends? Everyone knows that witches don't mix with monsters. Witches are educated, clever, sophisticated. But monsters? Monsters are just uncouth. Some are even dangerous. But Polly the witch and Buster the feelings monster have been best friends forever. It's the sort of friendship that makes your heart squeeze with happiness. Somehow, they've managed to keep their friendship a secret. Until one day, when everything changes ...
Penshaw L J Ross
When you sell your soul, the devil gives no refunds... When an old man is burned alive in a sleepy ex-mining village, Detective Chief Inspector Ryan is called in to investigate. He soon discovers that, beneath the facade of a close-knit community, the burn from decades-old betrayal still smoulders. When everyone had a motive, can he unravel the secrets of the past before the killer strikes again? Meanwhile, back at Northumbria CID, trouble is brewing with rumours of a mole in Ryan's department.
Mountain road, late at night Alan Rossi
A compulsive and powerful debut novel about what happens when tragedy strikes a family. Nicholas and his wife April live in a remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains with their four-year-old son, Jack. They keep their families at a distance, rejecting what their loved ones think of as 'normal'. In the early hours of a Wednesday morning, they are driving home from a party when their car crashes on a deserted road and they are killed.
We are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfast Foer Jonathan Safran
Climate crisis is the single biggest threat to human survival. And it is happening right now. We all understand that time is running out - but do we truly believe it? And, caught between the seemingly unimaginable and the apparently unthinkable, how can we take the first step towards action, to arrest our race to extinction? We can begin with our knife and fork.
Children of the deterrent Ian W Sainsbury
'My name is Daniel Harbin and I'm a child of The Deterrent.' What if a superhuman turned out not to be so super ... or even human? Britain's superhero, The Deterrent, was unveiled to the world in 1979 and disappeared two years later. The truth about his origins has never been revealed. The rumours about his children - those that survived - and their mysterious abilities have never been confirmed. Until now.
Saint X Alexis Schaitkin
Claire is only seven years old when her college-age sister Alison vanishes from the luxury resort on the Caribbean island of Saint X on the last night of her family's vacation. Several days later Alison's naked body is found in a remote spot on a nearby cay, and two local men, employees at the resort, are arrested. But the evidence is slim, the timeline against it, and the men are soon released.
Penguin sleep tales : ten stories to help you relax at night and encourage better sleep Sally Scott
How often do you think about your bedtime routine? Almost half of people in Britain say they're kept awake at night due to worry and stress - so making time to switch off in the hour before bed is more important than ever. Penguin Sleep Tales are ten specially designed descriptive audio tales to help you wind down and relax before you drift off.
When the dead come calling Helen Sedgwick
The smell back here is the smell of something rotten, worse than the blood on my clothes ? I'd scream if I could but my voice catches in my throat. I stumble back and the shapes follow me, stretching high above me and I fall, my ankle twisting, my arms grabbing onto nothing and above me there's only the height and the stone as my head smashes onto the floor.
Home fire Kamila Shamsie
Isma is free. After years spent raising her twin siblings in the wake of their mother's death, she is finally studying in America, resuming a dream long deferred. But she can't stop worrying about Aneeka, her beautiful, headstrong sister back in London - or their brother, Parvaiz, who's disappeared in pursuit of his own dream: to prove himself to the dark legacy of the jihadist father he never knew. Then Eamonn enters the sisters' lives.
Tell me no lies Alex Sinclair
How well do you really know your husband? Grace Dalton is trying to put her life back together after her husband, John, died suddenly in a hit and run. Her perfect world is collapsing around her, the home she hoped to fill with children is huge and empty and she's paralysed with grief. But as Grace sorts through her husband's belongings, she realises the man she loved was lying to her.
Assegai Wilbur Smith
From directly overhead he heard the loud flapping of heavy wings, and another vulture rose from beyond the screen of banana plants. Leon felt the chill of dread. If the brutes are settling that means there's meat lying out there, dead meat. King and country. No matter the cost. With the backing of his uncle, General Penrod Ballantyne, young Leon Courtney joins the King's Rifles of Nairobi.
The glass breaks A J Smith
Seventeen-year-old Duncan Greenfire is alive. Three hours ago, he was chained to the rocks and submerged as the incoming tide washed over his head. Now the waters are receding and Duncan's continued survival has completed his initiation as a Sea Wolf. It is the 167th year of the Dark Age. The Sea Wolves and their Eastron kin can break the glass and step into the void, slipping from the real world and reappearing wherever they wish.
Warlock Wilbur Smith
Even before he could move, the full realisation of what confronted him blazed in the Pharaoh's mind. This was the foul and loathsome thing that Taita, with his clairvoyant powers, had smelt in the air. The light was strong enough for him to make out every detail of the enemy he had loved as a friend. The magic of the gods. The treachery of man. In his long life, Taita has gone from slave to warlock, and now his wisdom and abilities are known throughout the kingdom.
Watch this! Jen Storer
Watch this! No. Hang on. Listen to this! Seriously. You will be dazzled by EVERYTHING in this audiobook! Including: The boy with the musical bum. Rampaging dead dinosaurs. Freaked-out Ninjas in outer space. And sooo much more! Four new (and improved) stories from the genius who always, without fail, brings you The Best stories! Fine print: The publisher cannot bear to watch. In fact, the publisher couldn't even read this. Yep, the publisher has left the building.
Killigrew clay Rowena Summers
Can two people from different worlds find their way to each other? Deep down she knew she was only dreaming, knew that whatever feelings she cherished for him could never be fully returned. After all, he was the heir to the biggest clay works in all of Cornwall, and she was but the daughter of one of their workmen. For just as an unexpected passion began to blossom between Morwen Tremayne and Ben Killigrew, the fates seemed determined to stifle its growth.
Exile James Swallow
A vicious Serbian gang whose profits come from fake nuclear weapons. A disgraced Russian general, with access to the real thing. A vengeful Somali warlord, with a cause for which he'd let the world burn. A jaded government agency, without the information to stop him. Only one man sees what's coming. And even he might not be able to prevent it ...
Poison orchids Anni Taylor
Young backpackers Gemma and Hayley arrive at a remote fruit farm in Australia's Northern Territory, out of money and desperate for work. The weeks go on, a blur of fruit picking, parties, campfires and wading beneath waterfalls in the nearby hot springs. Until the night the girls find themselves on a dark highway, bruised and bloodied. Senior Detective Bronwen McKay and psychologist Megan Arlotti question the terrified girls.
Inheritors of the earth : how nature is thriving in an age of extinction Chris D Thomas
It is accepted wisdom today that human beings have irrevocably damaged the natural world. We have altered our climate, acidified our oceans, and we are in the process of causing the sixth mass extinction. Yet what if this gloomy narrative obscures a more hopeful truth? In Inheritors of the Earth, renowned ecologist and environmentalist Chris D. Thomas overturns this loss-only view of the world's biodiversity, revealing how many animals and plants have benefited from the human-altered planet.
Letters to the earth : writing inspired by climate emergency Emma Thompson
2019 was the year of rebellion.It was the year nurses, poets, nine-year olds and grandparents came together to say: we know the truth about climate change - now it is time to act.But what words describe this crisis? What words can help our children come to terms with the future they will inherit? Earlier this year, Culture Declares Emergency invited people from all around the world to find those words by writing a letter to the earth.
East of innocence David Thorne
Daniel Connell is a disgraced ex-City lawyer now scraping a living in Essex. When an old childhood friend visits him, asking for his help with a case of police brutality, Daniel wants nothing to do with it. But obligations are obligations, and he soon finds himself on the wrong end of police attention, and dragged into the shady business of a local gangster.
MindShift to a better place Elizabeth Venzin
We are a society that no longer takes mental health for granted. We?ve come a long way from the ?get over it? mentality that forced many of us to try to deal with our problems alone. Treatment options have become better and more sophisticated and we now work actively to prevent mental health conditions. Healthy self-worth is essential for good mental health.
A wicked kind of husband Mia Vincy
It was the ideal marriage of convenience. .. until they met. Cassandra DeWitt has seen her husband only once - on their wedding day two years earlier - and this arrangement suits her perfectly. She has no interest in the rude, badly behaved man she married only to secure her inheritance. She certainly has no interest in his ban on her going to London. Why, he'll never even know she's there.
On earth we're briefly gorgeous Ocean Vuong
On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous is a letter from a son to a mother who cannot read. Written when the speaker, Little Dog, is in his late twenties, the letter unearths a family's history that began before he was born - a history whose epicentre is rooted in Vietnam - and serves as a doorway into parts of his life his mother has never known, all of it leading to an unforgettable revelation.
The world is made of glass Morris West
A cryptic and mysterious case history appears in the autobiography of pioneering Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung: A lady came to my office. She refused to give her name. What she had to communicate to me was a confession. Some 20 years ago, she had committed a murder. Jung's encounter with the woman had an explosive effect on him and brought him very close to total breakdown. Morris West recreates this episode in a gripping blend of truth and dramatic speculation.
Little bandaged days Kyra Wilder
Little Bandaged Days is the story of a mother who loves her children so much, it might just be driving her mad . . .
Leadership strategy and tactics: field manual Jocko Willink
Decorated ex-US Navy SEAL officer Jocko Willink delivers hard-won leadership principles that have been tested and proven on the battlefield, in business and in life. Leadership Strategy and Tactics takes the guesswork out of leadership by translating theory into practical skills and manoeuvres that leaders at all levels can apply, practise and execute. This book is a powerful and pragmatic step-by-step guide to leading any team, in any situation, to victory.
The wronged daughter Mary Wood
Mags has never forgotten the friendship she forged with Flora and Ella, two fellow nurses she served with at the beginning of World War I. Haunted by what she experienced during that time, she fears a reunion with her friends would bring back the horror she's tried so desperately to suppress. Now, with her wedding on the horizon, this should be a joyful time for Mags. But the sudden loss of her mother and the constant doubt she harbours surrounding her fiancé, Harold, are marring her happiness.
Otto Tattercoat and the forest of lost things Matilda Woods
In the eternally frozen city of Hodeldorf, the Tattercoats live up on the roofs and by a strict code: only steal what you need, don't leave a trace of yourself behind and if another Tattercoat is in trouble, you must always help them out. So when Otto's mother goes missing and he is lured into a factory for children with nowhere else to go, the Tattercoats must come to the rescue.
All through the night M P Wright
'It's quite simple Mr Ellington. When you find Fowler, just ask where we can find the truth.' With these words, private detective J.T. Ellington embarks on a seemingly simple case of tracking down a local GP with a dubious reputation and retrieving a set of stolen documents from him. For Ellington, however, things are rarely straightforward. Dr Fowler is hiding a terrible secret, and when he is gunned down outside a Bristol pub, his dying words send J.T.
Restless coffins M P Wright
'Brother, a dead body can't run from a coffin, but their spirit sure as hell can try'. 1969, Bristol. Bajan ex-cop and reluctant private detective, Joseph ?JT? Tremaine Ellington is still trading in cash and favours, lending a helping hand to those too scared to go to the police or anyone trying to stay one step ahead of them. Life is tough for JT, who is broke. It is about to get a lot tougher when he receives a telegram informing him of a tragedy that has unfolded thousands of miles away.

OverDrive eAudiobooks

Yes no maybe so Becky Albertalli
Jamie Goldberg is cool with volunteering for his local state senate candidate, as long as he's behind the scenes. When it comes to speaking to strangers (or, let's face it, speaking at all to almost anyone) Jamie's a choke artist. There's no way he'd ever knock on doors to ask people for their votes...until he meets Maya. Maya Rehman's having the worst Ramadan ever. Her best friend is too busy to hang out, her summer trip is canceled, and now her parents are separating.
Riptides Kirsten Alexander
One bad decision can tear your world apart . . .December 1974. Abby Campbell and her brother Charlie are driving to their father's farm on a dark country road when they swerve into the path of another car, forcing it into a tree. The pregnant driver is killed instantly. In the heat of the moment, Abby and Charlie make a fateful decision. They flee, hoping heavy rain will erase the fact they were there. They both have too much to lose.
Fantasyland : how America went haywire : a 500-year history Kurt Andersen
A razor-sharp thinker offers a new understanding of our post-truth world and explains the American instinct to believe in make-believe, from the Pilgrims to P. T. Barnum to Disneyland to zealots of every stripe . . . to Donald Trump.
Followers : a novel Megan Angelo
An electrifying story of two ambitious friends, the dark choices they make and the profound moment that changes the meaning of privacy forever An electrifying story of two ambitious friends, the dark choices they make and the stunning moment that changes the world as we know it forever Orla Cadden is a budding novelist stuck in a dead-end job, writing clickbait about movie-star hookups and influencer yoga moves.
The highly sensitive person : how to thrive when the world overwhelms you Elaine Aron
The Highly Sensitive Person is an indepth look at characteristics that define sensitivity. Through self-assessment tests and techniques, Aron shows listeners how to identify their own personality traits. This exceptional book can lead to remarkable results for many who suffer from constant stress and anxiety.
Foundation Isaac Asimov
Unfolding against the backdrop of a crumbling Galactic Empire, the story of Hari Seldon's two Foundations is a lasting testament to an extraordinary imagination, one whose unprecedented scale shaped science fiction as we know it today. The Galactic Empire has prospered for twelve thousand years. Nobody suspects that the heart of the thriving Empire is rotten, until psychohistorian Hari Seldon uses his new science to foresee its terrible fate.
The Radiola Company presents the radio fight of the century : Jack Benny vs. Fred Allen Jack Benny
To mark its 100-year anniversary, the American Civil Liberties Union partners with authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman to bring together many of our greatest living writers, each contributing an original piece inspired by a historic ACLU case and read by an all-star cast.
Bury my heart at Wounded Knee Dee Brown
Dee Brown's eloquent, meticulously documented account of the systematic destruction of the American Indian during the second half of the nineteenth century uses council records, autobiographies, and firsthand descriptions. Brown allows great chiefs and warriors of the Dakota, Ute, Sioux, Cheyenne, and other tribes to tell us in their own words of the battles, massacres, and broken treaties that finally left them demoralized and defeated ...
Shades of light : a novel Sharon Garlough Brown
“I was desperate. . . . I couldn't turn off the dark thoughts, no matter how hard I tried or how much I prayed. And then I spent a whole weekend in bed, and the crying wouldn't stop, and I got really scared. I've had bouts with depression before--it's kind of a cloud I've learned to live with--but this time was different. I felt like I was going under, like I'd never feel hopeful again, and then that just made my anxiety worse and it all spiraled from there.
The yes brain child : help your child be more resilient, independent and creative Tina Payne Bryson
From the bestselling parenting experts behind The Whole-Brain Child comes a highly successful plan for helping your child become more independent and resilient. Children can often act out or shut down when faced with a setback or a tricky issue like homework, food or screen time. This is what acclaimed parenting experts Dr Siegel and Dr Bryson call the 'No Brain' response. But you can help your child develop the ability to cope, solve their own problems and thrive by nurturing their 'Yes Brain'.
The great pretender Susannah Cahalan
A propulsive narrative history investigating the 50-year-old mystery behind a dramatic experiment that changed the course of modern medicine.
American Sherlock : murder, forensics, and the birth of American CSI Kate Winkler Dawson
From the acclaimed author of Death in the Air (“Not since Devil in the White City has a book told such a harrowing tale”--Douglas Preston) comes the riveting story of the birth of criminal investigation in the twentieth century.Berkeley, California, 1933. In a lab filled with curiosities--beakers, microscopes, Bunsen burners, and hundreds upon hundreds of books--sat an investigator who would go on to crack at least two thousand cases in his forty-year career.
The queen's assassin la Cruz Melissa De
This is the first novel in a YA fantasy-romance duet about a deadly assassin, his mysterious apprentice, and the country they are sworn to protect from. Caledon Holt is the kingdom's deadliest weapon. No one alive can best him in speed, strength, or brains, which is why he's the Hearthstone Guild's most dangerous member. Cal is also the Queen's Assassin, bound to her by magic and unable to leave her service until the task she's set for him is fulfilled.
There's a murder afoot Vicki Delany
The 6th of January is Sherlock Holmes's birthday, and lucky for Gemma Doyle, January is also the slowest time of the year at both the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium and Mrs. Hudson's Tea Room. It's a good time for Gemma and her friends to travel to England for a Holmes Convention. For Gemma, the trip provides an opportunity to visit her parents. Jayne Wilson is excited about seeing all the sites London has to offer, and Ryan Ashburton just wants to spend some time with Gemma.
A scandal in scarlet Vicki Delany
After the West London Museum suffers extensive fire damage, the shop owners on Baker Street come together to hold an afternoon auction tea to raise funds to rebuild it. Cape Cod's cognoscenti file into Mrs. Hudson's Tea Room... but the auction never happens. Before the gavel can fall, museum-board chair Kathy Lamb is found dead in the back room. Wrapped tightly around her neck is a long rope of decorative knotted tea cups.
Bitter Wash Road Also published with title: Hell to pay Garry Disher
When Hirsch heads up Bitter Wash Road to investigate the gunfire he finds himself cut off without back-up. A pair of thrill killers has been targeting isolated farmhouses on lonely backroads, but Hirsch's first thought is that 'back-up' is nearby--and about to put a bullet in him. That's because Hirsch is a whistleblower. Formerly a promising metropolitan officer, now demoted and exiled to a one-cop station in South Australia's wheatbelt. Called a dog by his brother officers.
Down to earth : gardening wisdom Monty Don
Unrivalled gardening wisdom from Monty Don, including essential tips, knowledge and musings from his 50 years of gardening experience.This is Monty Don right beside you in the garden, challenging norms and sharing advice.Discover Monty's thoughts and garden ideas around nature, seasons, colour, design, pests, flowering shrubs, containers and much more. Hear about the month-by-month jobs he does in his own garden that he hopes are relevant to you.
Smarter brain better life : boost your memory, focus and performance by better understanding your brain Living Empowered
Psychology is a fascinating subject for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, about the way the world works and about how to have successful interactions with other people. Psychology is fascinating in this way because it provides us with effective models for understanding our thought processes and even what makes us human.Psychology is used in this way to help us gain more insight as to the way our brains work and even to help treat and avoid mental illness.
The wives Tarryn Fisher
Imagine that your husband has two other wives. You've never met the other wives. None of you know each other, and because of this unconventional arrangement, you can see your husband only one day a week. But you love him so much you don't care. Or at least that's what you've told yourself. But one day, while you're doing laundry, you find a scrap of paper in his pocket?an appointment reminder for a woman named Hannah, and you just know it's another of the wives.
Puss in boots : a musical Neil Fishman
Puss in Boots, a fractured fairy-tale musical, is a tale of conquering fears, finding your truth, discovering your strengths, and standing for what you believe in, with lots of fun along the way. With 11 original songs, this classic fairy tale is transformed into a hilarious adventure that will have the listener feeling like they're front-row center at a Broadway show.
Dark voyage Alan Furst
May, 1941. At four in the morning, a rust-streaked tramp freighter streams up the Tagus River to dock at the port of Lisbon. She is the Santa Rosa; she flies the flag of neutral Spain and is in Lisbon to load cork oak, tinned sardines, and drums of cooking oil bound for the Baltic port of Malmo.
The spies of Warsaw Alan Furst
Spies and diplomats risk everything to gather information about Germany before Hitler unleashes his gathered forces upon Europe. Still, not even the threat of cataclysmic war can halt a romance from blooming, but in changing times, loyalties are tenuous at best.
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle Dorothy Gilman
Mrs. Pollifax's approaching vacation to Thailand is given a spin when Mr. Carstairs of the CIA hires her to pick up a small package.
Mrs. Pollifax unveiled Dorothy Gilman
After single-handedly thwarting hijackers on a flight to the Middle East, a young woman has become an instant celebrity but disappears after a television interview. Posing as the girl's aunt, Mrs. P. searches for her “niece.
Jane in love Rachel Givney
'If Jane Austen had to choose between the heart and the pen, what would she do?'At age twenty-eight, Jane Austen should be seeking a suitable husband, but all she wants to do is write. She is forced to take extreme measures in her quest to find true love - which lands her in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Magically, she finds herself in modern-day England, where horseless steel carriages line the streets and people wear very little clothing.
The rags of time Peter Grainger
Mark Randall lay dead in a field near Lowacre long before Smith had done what he had to do in Belfast. By the time he went back to work, the investigation was well underway. “It’s not my case” he says more than once, and he really doesn’t need it to be; he has enough to think about as it is.
One-way tickets Peter Grainger
When a local man, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, goes missing, his parents have good reason to be concerned. Emily Willows is a friend of the family and says that she knows just the person to find him-and, as Summer Lane soon points out, the fact that this also fits in with Emily's plan to set up her very own detective agency is surely just a fortuitous coincidence.
Songbird Peter Grainger
“He saw a bare arm first, the hand palm up with fingers curled inwards. Then he stopped and took a few breaths. He could hear the two constables making arrangements before they separated, one saying he'd bring the other some tape from the car, and then it was just the summer morning quiet again.” Detective Sergeant Chris Waters got the call at 05.29 that July morning. This is it, said DCI Reeve, you'll be first there, it's all yours, you're the crime scene manager.
A private investigation Peter Grainger
When fourteen-year-old Zoe Johnson doesn't come home on a Monday night in early December, the alarm bells in Kings Lake Central police station do not ring straight away-after all, she's from the Dockmills, one of the toughest estates in the town. But for Detective Sergeant DC Smith, due to retire in just three weeks' time, there are some strange echoes of the case that has haunted him for the past thirteen years.
The old success Martha Grimes
When the body of a French woman washes up on a wild inlet off the Cornish coast, Brian Macalvie, the divisional commander with the Devon-Cornwall police, is called in.
Bummer in the summer! Dan Gutman
School's almost out for the summer, and A.J. is dreaming about all the fun things he's going to do on vacation. But A.J.'s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when three familiar spirits appear to show him summers past, present, and yet to come.
A reluctant bride Jody Hedlund
Jody Hedlund presents the first book in her Bride Ships series.
Will and testament : a novel Vigdis Hjorth
When a dispute over her parents' will grows bitter, Bergljot is drawn back into the orbit of the family she fled twenty years before. Her mother and father have decided to leave two island summer houses to her sisters, disinheriting the two eldest siblings from the most meaningful part of the estate. To outsiders, it is a quarrel about property and favouritism.
Modern HERstory : stories of women and nonbinary people rewriting history Blair Imani
An inspiring and radical celebration of 70 women, girls, and gender nonbinary people who have changed--and are still changing--the world, from the Civil Rights Movement and Stonewall riots through Black Lives Matter and beyond.With a radical and inclusive approach to history, Modern HERstory profiles and celebrates seventy women and nonbinary champions of progressive social change in a bold audiobook for all ages.
Technically, you started it Lana Wood Johnson
A hilarious, snarky, and utterly addicting #ownvoices debut that explores friendship, sexual orientation, mental health, and falling in love (even if things might be falling apart around you).When a guy named Martin Nathaniel Munroe II texts you, it should be obvious who you're talking to. Except there's two of them (it's a long story), and Haley thinks she's talking to the one she doesn't hate. A question about a class project rapidly evolves into an all-consuming conversation.
Death without company Craig Johnson
Johnson leads us into the wide open space of Absaroka County, Wyoming. When an elderly local woman is found poisoned, Longmire begins an investigation that soon has him ensnared in a deadly spider's web.
The News Quiz. Series 94 Miles Jupp
The complete 94th series from the long-running topical BBC Radio 4 comedy panel show, hosted by Miles Jupp.Eight more episodes featuring a panel of comedy guests who trawl through news stories big and small to provide comedy, commentary, irony and irreverence.Guests featured in this series include Jeremy Hardy, Andy Hamilton, Desiree Burch, Lucy Porter, Holly Walsh, Rich Hall, Mark Steel and Katy Brand.
The news quiz. Series 95 Miles Jupp
The complete 95th series from the long-running topical BBC Radio 4 comedy panel show, hosted by Miles Jupp.Eight more episodes featuring a panel of comedy guests who trawl through news stories big and small to provide comedy, commentary, irony and irreverence.
The news quiz. Series 96 Miles Jupp
The complete 96th series from the long-running topical BBC Radio 4 comedy panel show, hosted by Miles Jupp.Eight more episodes featuring a panel of comedy guests who trawl through news stories big and small to provide comedy, commentary, irony and irreverence.The guests featured in this series include Andy Hamilton, Zoe Lyons, Hugo Rifkind, Jeremy Hardy, Felicity Ward, Mark Steel, Holly Walsh, Andy Zaltzman, Lucy Porter and Vicki Pepperdine.
The news quiz. Series 92 Miles Jupp
The complete 92nd series of the long-running BBC Radio 4 satirical quiz, hosted by Miles Jupp. The popular topical comedy panel game returns with eight more episodes, trawling through news stories big and small to provide comedy, commentary, irony and irreverence.
Scarlet women Jessie Keane
It’s 1970 and there’s a killer on the loose in London. When gang boss Annie Carter gets a call, suddenly it’s personal. A close friend of hers is the latest victim, and another is in the frame for the murder. With the hated Delaney gang still causing trouble, and NY mob boss Don Constantine Barolli’s family making no secret of the fact that they hate her, she senses a feud blowing up in all their faces very soon.
Love poems (for people with children) John Kenney
John Kenney presents a hilarious collection of poetry for people with children.With the same brilliant wit and hilarious realism that made Love Poems for Married People such a hit, John Kenney is back, this time taking on the greatest “joy” in life: children. Kenney covers it all, from newborns, toddlers, and sleep deprivation, to the terrible twos, terrible tweens, and terrible teens. A parent's love is unconditional, but sometimes that button can't help but be pushed.
Whispers of the dead : a novel Spencer Kope
A series of bizarre murders--the victims nearly unidentifiable--forces FBI tracker “Steps” Craig to match wits with the most cold-blooded killer he's ever encountered. A pair of severed feet, stored in a portable a cooler, is found in the house of a Federal judge in El Paso. The victim is unknown. The reason the killer went to such trouble--breaking into the judge's house--and what message he intends to send are both mysteries.
The reckless bride Stephanie Laurens
He races to complete their mission against escalating odds--his task made more perilous when he loses his heart. She's determined to defy convention and live a solitary life--until she tastes the reckless pleasure found only in his arms. Drawn together by fate, united by fiery passion, they pursue their shared destiny--one they'll live to see only if they unmask the Black Cobra.
From scratch : a memoir of love, Sicily, and finding home Tembi Locke
A poignant and transporting cross-cultural love story set against the lush backdrop of the Sicilian countryside, where one woman discovers the healing powers of food, family, and unexpected grace in her darkest hour. It was love at first sight when Tembi met professional chef Saro on a street in Florence. There was just one problem: Saro's traditional Sicilian family did not approve of him marrying a black American woman, an actress no less.
Malice in Malmö Torquil MacLeod
When a leading Malmö entrepreneur turns up bound and gagged in a city-centre cemetery, the Skåne County Police have no obvious clues as to who is behind the kidnapping. More complications arise when a second leading business figure is snatched and Inspector Anita Sundström and her colleagues are under pressure not only to find the victim, but also catch the gang.
The meditations Aurelius Emperor of Marcus
Written by an intellectual Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius's Meditations offers a wide range of spiritual reflections developed as the leader struggled to understand himself and the universe.
The last best hope Una McCormack
An original novel based on the new Star Trek TV series, Una McCormack's The Last Best Hope introduces you to brand new characters featured in the life of Star Trek captain Jean-Luc Picard, widely considered to be one of the most popular and recognizable characters in all of science fiction.
Know my name Chanel Miller
She was known to the world as Emily Doe when she stunned millions with a letter. Brock Turner had been sentenced to just six months in county jail after he was found sexually assaulting her on Stanford's campus. Her victim impact statement was posted on BuzzFeed, where it instantly went viral--viewed by eleven million people within four days, it was translated globally and read on the floor of Congress; it inspired changes in California law and the recall of the judge in the case.
In the land of men : a memoir Adrienne Miller
A fiercely personal memoir about coming of age in the male-dominated literary world of the nineties, becoming the first female literary editor of Esquire, and Miller's personal and working relationship with David Foster Wallace. A naive and idealistic twenty-two-year-old from the Midwest, Adrienne Miller got her lucky break when she was hired as an editorial assistant at GQ magazine in the mid-nineties.
Guest house for young widows : among the women of ISIS Azadeh Moaveni
A gripping account of thirteen women who joined, endured, and, in some cases, escaped life in the Islamic State--based on years of immersive reporting by a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Among the many books trying to understand the terrifying rise of ISIS, none has given voice to the women in the organization; but women were essential to the establishment of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's caliphate.
You can have it all, just not at the same damn time Romi Neustadt
“Author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and life and business coach Romi Neustadt has a message for women: You an have it all--just not at the same damn time. Romi Neustadt is a mom of two, a wife, a daughter, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and coach. What's more, she's achieved these things without a staff of 10, the ability to sleep two hours a night or driving herself batsh*t crazy. She's figured out the key to having it all: Priorities, babe.
A short walk in the Hindu Kush Eric Newby
A classic of travel writing, 'A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush' is Eric Newby's iconic account of his journey through one of the most remote and beautiful wildernesses on earth. It was 1956, and Eric Newby was earning an improbable living in the chaotic family business of London haute couture.
Slowly down the Ganges Eric Newby
'Slowly Down the Ganges' is seen as a vintage Newby masterpiece, alongside 'A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush' and 'Love and War in the Apennines'. Told with Newby's self-deprecating humour and wry attention to detail, this is a classic of the genre and a window into an enchanting piece of history. On his forty-forth birthday, Eric Newby sets out on an incredible journey: to travel the 1,200-mile length of India's holy river.
Thriving as an empath : 365 days of empowering self-care practices Judith Orloff
Guide for 365 days of self-care meditations, reflections, and journaling suggestions as daily inoculations against stress and overwhelm Empaths have so much to offer as healers, creatives, friends, lovers, and innovators at work. Yet highly sensitive and empathic people often give too much at the expense of their own well-being--and end up absorbing the stress of others. “To stay healthy and happy,” writes Dr. Judith Orloff, “you must be ready with daily self-care practices that work.
Borrower of the night Elizabeth Peters
A missing masterwork in wood, the last creation of a master carver who died in the violent tumult of the sixteenth century, may be hidden in a medieval German castle in the town of Rothenburg. The prize has called to art historian Vicky Bliss, drawing her and an arrogant male colleague into the forbidding citadel and its dark secrets. But the treasure hunt soon turns deadly.
Audience of one : television, Donald Trump, and the politics of illusion James Poniewozik
An incisive cultural history that captures a fractious nation through the prism of television and the rattled mind of a celebrity president In the tradition of Neil Postman's masterpiece Amusing Ourselves to Death, Audience of One shows how American media have shaped American society and politics, by interweaving two crucial stories.
The Inspector Chen mysteries : nine BBC Radio full-cast dramatisations Xiaolong Qiu
Through thrilling crime drama, these nine mysteries paint a portrait of modern life in communist China, depicting traditional Shanghai life amidst the old alleyways and how it is rapidly changing with modernisation. Death of a Red Heroine: Shanghai, May 1990. The body of a national model worker is found in Baili Canal. Academic turned detective Chen Cao now heads up the Special Case Squad, an assignment that brings political scrutiny with every move.
When my time comes : conversations about whether those who are dying should have the right to determine when life should end Diane Rehm
From Diane Rehm, renowned radio host--one of the most trusted voices in the nation--and best-selling author: a book of candor and compassion, addressing the urgent, hotly contested cause of the Right-to-Die movement, of which she is one of our most inspiring champions.Soon to be a public television documentary of the same name, featuring the author.
A beautiful day in the neighborhood : neighborly words of wisdom from Mister Rogers Fred Rogers
The inspiring profile brought to life in the major motion picture A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks in theaters Thanksgiving, plus a collection of warm advice and encouragement from America's favourite neighbourTom Junod's Esquire profile of Fred Rogers, “Can You Say... Hero?,” has been hailed as a classic of magazine writing.
Nessie quest Melissa Savage
About two friends who head off on an adventure to find the Loch Ness Monster.Ada Ru finally thought her parents were going to agree to a Fitzhugh family vacation in Disney World the summer before sixth grade, until her father announces he's taking a teaching position in Scotland, and moving the family there for the entire summer. Ada Ru is anything but happy.
The Earl of Kent Lauren Smith
He's battered and broken . . . Targeted by the enemies of a friend, roguish Phillip Wilkes, the Earl of Kent, is nearly killed in a violent attack. Beaten and left for dead, he is rescued and nursed back to health by a beautiful angel that he's convinced exists only in his dreams. When he recovers and learns his heart was burning for none other than the sister of his closest friend, he knows she is forbidden to him.
The worst best man : a novel Mia Sosa
A wedding planner left at the altar? Yeah, the irony isn't lost on Carolina Santos, either. But despite that embarrassing blip from her past, Lina's offered an opportunity that could change her life. There's just one hitch... she has to collaborate with the best (make that worst) man from her own failed nuptials. Marketing expert Max Hartley is determined to make his mark with a coveted hotel client looking to expand its brand.
How to sleep well : the science of sleeping smarter, living better and being productive Neil Stanley
How to Sleep Well is a guidebook that can change your sleep and help you live your life more fully.
Mr Nobody Catherine Steadman
When a man is found on a British beach, drifting in and out of consciousness, with no identification and unable to speak, interest in him is sparked immediately. From the hospital staff who find themselves inexplicably drawn to him, to international medical experts who are baffled by him, to the national press who call him Mr. Nobody, everyone wants answers. Who is this man? And what happened to him? Some memories are best forgotten. Neuropsychiatrist Dr.
Something in the water Catherine Steadman
The perfect couple commit the perfect crime. Erin is a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough; Mark a handsome investment banker with a bright future. They seem to have it all, until Mark loses his job and cracks start to appear in their perfect life. But they're determined to make it work. They book their dream honeymoon and trust that things will work out - after all, they have each other. On the tropical island of Bora Bora Mark takes Erin scuba diving.
A cruel deception Charles Todd
In the aftermath of World War I, nurse Bess Crawford attempts to save a troubled former soldier from a mysterious killer in this eleventh book in the beloved Bess Crawford mystery series from New York Times bestselling author Charles Todd. The Armistice of November 1918 ended the fighting, but the Great War will not be over until a Peace Treaty is drawn up and signed by all parties. Representatives from the Allies are gathering in Paris, and already ominous signs of disagreement have appeared.
The Christmas spirits on Tradd Street Karen White
The Christmas spirit is overtaking Tradd Street with a vengeance in this festive new novel in the New York Times bestselling series by Karen White.Melanie Trenholm should be anticipating Christmas with nothing but joy--after all, it's only the second Christmas she and her husband, Jack, will celebrate with their twin babies. But the ongoing excavation of the centuries-old cistern in the garden of her historic Tradd Street home has been a huge millstone, both financially and aesthetically.
Brigadier Station boxed set : Books 1-3 Sarah Williams
The Brothers of Brigadier Station: She came to the outback to marry the love of her life. She just didn't expect him to be her fiancé's younger brother.With the wedding only hours away, Meghan must make the decision of a lifetime. But, her betrayal could tear the family apart. She knows all too well the pain of losing loved ones and being alone. Now that she has the family she so desperately wants; will she risk losing it all? The Sky over Brigadier Station He guards his heart.
The unseen guest Maryrose Wood
Of especially naughty children it is sometimes said, “They must have been raised by wolves.” The Incorrigible children actually were. Since returning from London, the three Incorrigible children and their plucky governess, Miss Penelope Lumley, have been exceedingly busy. Despite their wolfish upbringing, the children have taken up bird-watching, with no unfortunate consequences yet.
The long-lost home Maryrose Wood
Unhappy Penelope Lumley is trapped in unhappy Plinkst! Even the beets for which Plinkst is inexplicably famous fail to grow in this utterly miserable Russian village. Penelope anxiously counts the days and wonders how she will ever get back to England in time to save all the Ashtons--who, she now knows, include herself and the Incorrigible children, although their precise location on the family tree is still a mystery--from their accursed fate.
Ultralearning : master hard skills, outsmart the competition, and accelerate your career Scott H Young
Future-proof your career and maximize your competitive advantage by learning the skill necessary to stay relevant, reinvent yourself, and adapt to whatever the workplace throws your way in this essential guide that goes beyond the insights of popular works such as Extreme Productivity, Deep Work, Peak, and Make It Stick.

uLibrary eAudiobooks

Homecoming M C Beaton
Lizzie is the sixth and youngest daughter of the late Sir Beverley, the patriarch who gambled away their beloved estate, Mannerling. Each of Lizzie's sisters had been entrusted by their mother to cast lures for the various owners of their former home. Instead, each one married for love. Now it's Lizzie's turn to save Mannerling. Yet the new owner, the Duke of Severnshire, is far too arrogant. And while the duke has no intentions toward the saucy chit, her curt dismissal of him is perplexing.
The light within us Charlotte Betts
Cornwall, 1891. Talented painter Edith Fairchild is poised to begin a life of newlywed bliss and artistic creation in the inspiring setting of Spindrift House, freshly inherited by her charming husband, Benedict. But when her honeymoon turns sour, her dreams are all but dashed and after a moment of madness and desire she finds herself pregnant with another man's child. Edith swears never to tell her secret and devotes herself to her art.
Aurora's pride AnneMarie Brear
Aurora Pettigrew has a loving family, a nice home, a comfortable life. She's waiting for the right man to offer marriage and the man for her is Reid Sinclair, heir to the Sinclair fortune. But, Reid's mother is against the match and unearths a secret that will tear Aurora's world apart. Unwilling to bring shame on her family and needing answers, Aurora moves to York.
An evil mind Chris Carter
A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the sheriff's department to arrest a man for a possible double homicide, but further investigations suggest a much more horrifying discovery - a serial killer who has been kidnapping, torturing and mutilating victims all over the United States for at least 25 years. The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth of lies and deception - and he will now only speak to Detective Robert Hunter...
Murder and the glovemaker's son Lesley Cookman
The Oast Theatre in Steeple Martin is hosting a touring production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night which is attracting a lot of attention. But very soon it begins to attract attention of an entirely different kind when a document goes missing along with its owner. When a body turns up, Libby Sarjeant and Fran Wolfe become involved with the investigation with the help, naturally, of their friends and relatives.
The house by the sea Louise Douglas
When Edie's mother-in-law, Anna DeLuca, dies, she is relieved. Edie blames Anna for the accident that destroyed her family. So, when her will lures Edie to Sicily and the long-abandoned Villa della Madonna del Mare, she sees through Anna's games. Suspecting Anna is meddling from beyond the grave to try to reunite her and her ex-husband Joe, Edie is determined to leave Italy as soon as possible. But before she can, the villa starts to shed its mysterious secrets.
Liverpool daughter Katie Flynn
Liverpool, 1940. As the Luftwaffe turns its attention to Liverpool, Shane Quinn decides to move his family back to the safety of Ireland. But his only child, Dana, refuses. Determined to make it on her own, she heads to the city. Lonely and exhausted, she finally reaches a lodging house on Staple Row. A young girl named Patty answers the door and much to Dana's relief, she is invited in. They quickly become firm friends and together they join the WAAF.
Blackpeak Station Holly Ford
Four generations of the Black family have farmed Blackpeak Station in the high country of New Zealand's South Island. Next in line, or so she believes, is Charlotte Black, stubborn as rock and unbiddable as the weather. Standing in her way are 150 years of tradition, an older brother, and a father who believes that daughters should run families, not farms.
Wife after wife Olivia Hayfield
Wealthy, devilishly handsome businessman Harry Rose is head of Rose Corporation, No. 18 on the Forbes rich list, and recently married to wife number six. But now, with business in the spotlight and his love life under scrutiny, Harry's perfect world has the potential to come crashing to the ground. From eighties young gun to noughties ginger billionaire, there's a reason why Harry's many wives have found him impossible to resist.
The surplus girls Polly Heron
Manchester, 1922. Belinda Layton is a surplus girl. One of the many women whose dreams of marriage perished in the Great War, with the death of her beloved fiance Ben. After four years of mourning, she finally feels ready to face whatever her future holds without him. But Ben's family can't countenance her putting him to rest, while all her own family care about is getting hold of her meagre factory wages.
The children from Gin Barrel Lane Lindsey Hutchinson
Broken hearts and broken bones are just a fact of life in a Gin Palace, but for orphan Dolly, the Crown is her last hope. After the death of her mother, Dolly ran away from her sleazy step father Arthur, only to find herself living on the streets. When Jack discovers her hiding in the back yard of The Crown, he persuades his mother Nellie Larkin, to take Dolly in. But Dolly has a secret - a very valuable secret - and Arthur is determined to get his clutches on her at any cost.
Plausible deniability Stephen Leather
The war on drugs has always been a dirty business. But there are some jobs that are so dirty that even MI5 can't risk getting involved. Which is when the authorities turn to a man who isn't afraid to go where others fear to tread - Lex Harper. Harper is sent into the Golden Triangle in a bid to block the flood of heroin that is crippling the West. But when the plan backfires, Harper discovers that heroin poses a threat much closer to home.
The West Country winery Lizzie Lovell
Chrissie loves London, her job as an events manager and her daughters Scarlet (loud, vegan, activist) and Ruby (quiet, musician, boffin). She even loves her husband Rob, despite him deciding to cycle across Africa. For a year. But Chrissie is stressed and overworked, so when her mum calls her home to Devon to help with the struggling family vineyard, she is almost relieved.
A place to belong Cathy Mansell
It's 1943 and Ireland has escaped the worst of the war raging in Europe, but life is still hard. When fire breaks out at the convent in Cavan, orphan Eva Fallon barely escapes with her life. She's offered a bed for the night by Ma Scully, whilst her nephew Cathal helps battle the blaze. Seventeen-year-old Eva finds a job at Blackstock's farm, setting in motion a chain of events that will change her life forever.
It started with a secret Jill Mansell
Lainey has just lost everything. Luckily one little fib (OK, quite a big fib) helps nail her dream job. Soon she's living in a stunning house by the sea, fending off obsessed fans for a retired - if far-from-retiring - actor and organising his charming but chaotic family. Yes, everyone thinks she's part of a couple and it's tricky keeping this secret. But at least she's not looking for love: with her disastrous relationship history, men are definitely off the agenda.
Bridge of sighs Priscilla Masters
Gina Marconi was a beautiful young barrister with everything to live for - a loving fiance, a young son and a successful career. So why did she leave her home in the middle of the night and drive her car into a stone wall? Soon afterwards, Patrick Elson, a clever twelve-year-old schoolboy, jumps off a bridge on to the A5. The victims are unrelated, but neither suicide makes sense. Then there's a third unexplained death: DI Alex Randall's wife, Erica.
The killing house Claire McGowan
When a missing persons' case opens up in her hometown, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire can't help but return. Renovations at an abandoned farm have uncovered two bodies: a man known to be an IRA member missing since the nineties, and an unidentified young girl. As Paula attempts to discover who the girl is, an anonymous tip-off claims that her own long-lost mother is also buried on the farm.
House of wishes Jenn J McLeod
Dandelion House, 1974: Two teenage girls - strangers - make a pact never to tell their secret. Calingarry Crossing, 2014: For forty years, Beth and her mum have been everything to each other. But Beth is blindsided when her mother dies, and her last wish is to have her ashes spread in a small-town cemetery. Nearby is Dandelion House Retreat.
The diary of a Yorkshire vet on call Julian Norton
Consisting of articles taken from his popular column in The Yorkshire Post, Julian Norton's The Diary of a Yorkshire Vet On Call features anecdotes from his veterinary work in North Yorkshire. From hairy pigs near Helmsley to a bullock with an enormous eye at Old Byland, these true stories bring to life the drama and humour in the daily routine of a rural vet. Along the way, Julian deals with llamas near Brimham Rock, greedy sheep in Cold Kirby, eagles, seals, alpacas and Geoffrey Boycott.
A matter of love and death Carmen Radtke
Adelaide, 1931: Telephone switchboard operator Frances' life is difficult as sole provider for her mother and adopted uncle. But it's thrown into turmoil when she overhears a suspicious conversation on the phone, planning a murder. If a life is at risk, she should tell the police; but that would mean breaking her confidentiality clause and would cost her the job. And Frances soon begins to doubt the evidence of her own ears - it was a very bad line, after all...
The case of the wandering scholar Kate Saunders
1851. Wealthy businessman Jacob Welland is dying of consumption and implores private detective Laetitia Rodd to find his beloved brother, whom he has not seen for ten years. An impoverished Oxford scholar who left college to live as a wandering hermit, Joshua Welland has been spotted in a gypsy camp, where it was rumoured he was learning great secrets. Her search reconnects Laetitia with a couple from her past, but then a murder is committed.
Copycat Diane Saxon
When a beautiful, red haired nurse's body is found mutilated in her house in Lawley the morning after a date with Detective Constable Ryan Downey, all eyes turn to Him.With a very specific modus operandi, Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan and her team know exactly who the offender is, the trouble is he's currently serving a life stretch in HMP Long Lartin.It soon becomes evident to DS Morgan and her team that there maybe a copycat killer is on the loose.
The photographer of the lost. Also published with title: The poppy wife Caroline Scott
1921. Families are desperately trying to piece together the fragments of their broken lives. Edie's husband Francis is considered 'missing in action', but when Edie receives a mysterious photograph taken in the post, hope flares. And so she begins to search. Harry, Francis's brother, fought alongside him. He too longs for Francis to be alive, so they can forgive each other for the last things they ever said.
All that is buried Robert Scragg
A parent's worst fear is realised when seven-year-old Libby Hallforth goes missing at a funfair; no witnesses, no leads, and no trace. Months later, human remains are found, but they're too old to be Libby. It's the tip of a gruesome iceberg - bodies, buried in pairs, carefully laid to rest in a ritualistic manner. For DI Jake Porter and DS Nick Styles, the trail for Libby is cold, and everyone is a suspect. Nobody can be trusted, including the Hallforth family.
99% mine Sally Thorne
No one measures up to Tom Valeska in Darcy Barrett's book. But Tom's off limits and loyal to his best friend, Darcy's brother Jamie...99% of the time. That's the problem with finding her dream man at age eight and peaking in her photography career at age twenty - ever since, she's had to learn to settle for good enough. When Darcy and Jamie inherit a tumbledown cottage, they're left with strict instructions to bring it back to its former glory and sell the property.
Ghosts of the past Marco Vichi
Florence, winter 1967. A year has passed since the historic, devastating flood of the Arno. The anniversary brings a new case for Inspector Bordelli. A local wealthy industrialist - loved and respected by everyone he knew - has been found murdered in his villa in the Fiesole hills. The killer left no trace. With no obvious leads, Bordelli is patiently retracing the victim's last days when he encounters an old friend from the war.

Downloadable eBooks

OverDrive eBooks

The mysterious island Tony Abbott
Eric, Neal, and Julie find themselves shipwrecked on a creepy and mysterious island, and need some quick thinking and magical help to get themselves out of the situation.
City in the clouds Tony Abbott
When Neal turns into a giant bug, Eric and Julie rush him back to Droon. Princess Keeah thinks there is a cure in the fantastical City in the Clouds.
The hidden stairs and the magic carpet Tony Abbott
When Neal and Julie agree to help Eric straighten up his basement, they never imagine that they're in for more than getting a little dusty. But as the three kids follow a soccer ball into the small room under the basement stairs, the floor suddenly evaporates to reveal a rainbow staircase to another world! Before they have a chance to look around, they are caught in the midst of a battle. Shiny red men riding giant lizards are shooting arrows straight at them.
Journey to the volcano palace Tony Abbott
Eric, Julie, and Neal have a problem. The nasty Lord Sparr has stolen a magic jewel from their friend, Princess Keeah. The princess really needs their help. The bad news is the secret palace is in a volcano.
The light after the war Anita Abriel
The Andy Adams western megapack : 19 classic cowboy tales Andy Adams
Andy Adams (1859-1935) was an American writer of western fiction, the son of pioneers. In the early 1880s he went to Texas, where he stayed for 10 years, spending much of that time driving cattle on the western trail. He began writing at the age of 43, publishing his most successful book, The Log of a Cowboy, in 1903. The Log of a Cowboy is an account of a five-month drive of 3,000 cattle from Brownsville, Texas, to Montana in 1882 along the Great Western Cattle Trail.
Doctor Who. The legends of River Song Guy Adams
The Penguin book of migration literature : departures, arrivals, generations, returns Dohra Ahmad
The first global anthology of migration literature the eighteenth through twenty-first centuries and featuring works by Mohsin Hamid, Zadie Smith, Marjane Satrapi, Salman Rushdie, and Warsan Shire. Every year, three to four million people move to a new country. From war refugees to corporate expats, migrants constantly reshape their places of origin and arrival. This selection of works collected together for the first time brings together the most compelling literary depictions of migration.
Good wives(Illustrated) Louisa May Alcott
Having established their name as the leading publisher of classic literature and art, Delphi Classics produce publications that are individually crafted with superior formatting, while introducing many rare texts for the first time in digital print. The Delphi Classics edition of Alcott includes original annotations and illustrations relating to the life and works of the author, as well as individual tables of contents, allowing you to navigate eBooks quickly and easily.
Half Moon Lake Kirsten Alexander
'They said he was their boy. And so he was... 'In 1913, on a summer's day at Half Moon Lake, Louisiana, four-year-old Sonny Davenport walks into the woods and never returns. The boy's mysterious disappearance from the family's lake house makes front-page news in their home town of Opelousas. John Henry and Mary Davenport are wealthy and influential, and will do anything to find their son.
Forget me not Claire Allan
disappeared on a Tuesday afternoon. I was there one minute and the next I was gone. They've never found my body... It's six in the morning during the hottest summer on record when Elizabeth O'Loughlin, out walking her dog, comes across Clare, a victim of a horrific knife attack, clinging onto life at the side of the road. Clare dies minutes later, but not before whispering her haunting last words to Elizabeth.
The liar's daughter Claire Allan
No one deserves to be taken before their time. Do they? Joe McKee - pillar of the Derry community - is dead. As arrangements are made for the traditional Irish wake, friends and family are left reeling at how cancer could have taken this much-loved man so soon. But grief is the last thing that Joe's daughter Ciara and step-daughter Heidi feel. For they knew the real Joe - the man who was supposed to protect them and did anything but.
A long petal of the sea Isabel Allende
My invented country : a memoir Isabel Allende
Isabel Allende evokes the magnificent landscapes of her country; a charming, idiosyncratic Chilean people with a violent history and an indomitable spirit, and the politics, religion, myth, and magic of her homeland that she carries with her even today. The book circles around two life-changing moments. The assassination of her uncle Salvador Allende Gossens on September 11, 1973, sent her into exile and transformed her into a literary writer.
Sweep with me Ilona Andrews
Thank you for joining us at Gertrude Hunt, the nicest Bed and Breakfast in Red Deer, Texas, during the Treaty Stay. As you know, we are honor-bound to accept all guests during this oldest of innkeeper holidays and we are expecting a dangerous guest. Or several. But have no fear. Your safety and comfort is our first priority. The inn and your hosts, Dina Demille and Sean Evans, will defend you at all costs. [But we hope we don't have to.
Followers Megan Angelo
An electrifying story of two ambitious friends, the dark choices they make and the profound moment that changes the meaning of privacy forever. "If anyone is going to explore a future version of our high-tech, internet-obsessed culture, please let it be Megan Angelo. Followers is pure gold." - Abbi Jacobson, bestselling author and cocreator of Broad City. Orla Cadden dreams of literary success, but she's stuck writing about movie-star hookups and influencer yoga moves.
Walking through infertility : biblical, theological, and moral counsel for those who are struggling Matthew Arbo
The winter of the witch Katherine Arden
Fly Guy presents. Scary creatures! Tedd Arnold
This compilation of Fly Guy Presents titles includes five fantastic books: Sharks, Dinosaurs, Insects, Bats, and Snakes.Award-winning author-illustrator Tedd Arnold brings nonfiction to life for beginning readers in the kid-favourite Fly Guy Presents series. There are humorous illustrations and engaging photographs throughout.
Young Donald Duck Francesco Artibani
Life on the farm is not easy, especially when you're twelve years old and you really can't stand life getting in the way of YOUR life! But all of a sudden Donald finds himself thrown into a new one that might be much better when he moves to the big city to attend a fancy school with lots of new kids to become friends with. However, things are actually not as easy as they seem.
Bunny Mona Awad
A darkly funny, gothic novel about a lonely graduate student drawn into a clique of rich girls at a New England university. Samantha Heather Mackey couldn't be more of an outsider in her small, highly selective MFA program at New England's Warren University.
In shock : how nearly dying made me a better intensive care doctor Rana Awdish
'An enthralling page-turner... Anyone whose life has been touched by illness will be transfixed by this deeply moving tale' Rachel Clarke, author of Your Life in My HandsAt seven months pregnant, intensive care doctor Rana Awdish suffered a catastrophic medical event, haemorrhaging nearly all of her blood volume and losing her unborn first child. She spent months fighting for her life in her own hospital, enduring a series of organ failures and multiple major surgeries.
Minecraft for makers : Minecraft in the real world with LEGO, 3D printing, Arduino, and more! John Baichtal
Minecraft for Makers explores the intersection of this creative and beloved electronic game with the real world. It gives readers the opportunity to take familiar objects from the game - such as blocks, jack o'lanterns, and mobs - and make real-world versions of them. Begin with simple crafting projects using wood, paint, and LEGOs. Then move up to projects that involve basic electronics with LEDs.
Love her or lose her : a novel Tessa Bailey
High school sweethearts Rosie and Dominic Vega are madly in love. Well, they used to be, anyway. Now Rosie's lucky to get a caveman grunt from the ex-soldier every time she walks in the door. Dom is faithful and a great provider, but the man she fell in love with ten years ago is nowhere to be found. Her friends have three words for Rosie: marriage boot camp. To her surprise, Dom is all in, and the relationship rehab forces her to admit her own role in their cracked foundation.
Their one-night Christmas gift Karin Baine
An unexpected Christmas arrival...on his doorstep! Twelve years ago neurologist Charles ended his engagement to orthopedic surgeon Harriet to fulfill his duty to his family--he couldn't let Harriet sacrifice her surgical dreams for him. But a recent chance reunion at a medical conference led to one more unforgettable night. And what should've been the perfect goodbye is now just the beginning...
The racehorse who wouldn't gallop Clare Balding
The divers' game Jesse Ball
From the inimitable mind of award-winning author Jesse Ball, a novel about an unsettlingly familiar society that has renounced the concept of equality--and the devastating consequences of unmitigated power. The old-fashioned struggle for fairness has finally been abandoned. It was a misguided endeavour. The world is divided into two groups, pats and quads. The pats may kill the quads as they like, and do. The quads have no recourse but to continue with their lives.
Fork handles. Volume one : the bery vest of Ronnie Barker Ronnie Barker
Watercolor workshop II Glynis BarnesMellish
Building on the success of Drawing Workshop and Watercolor Workshop, the twelve new inspiring projects in each book targetartists who want to improve their skills and help them to further develop theirown style. Combines clear information with step-by-step projects Projects include up-close details, tips and hints Written by practicing artists whose innovative approach and enthusiasm aimto inspire Demonstrates how successful artists approach different themes and techniques.
Watercolour workshop Glynis BarnesMellish
Top-secret smackdown Mac Barnett
There is a legend that if the ravens at the Tower of London ever leave then Britain will fall, so when somebody steals the birds, the Queen calls for Mac B. to find the thief and retrieve them--a mission that takes him to Iceland, where he encounters secret submarines, hungry polar bears, and his arch-nemesis from the KGB.
What's your pronoun? : beyond he and she Dennis E Baron
"The story of how we got from he and she to zie and hir and singular they. Like trigger warnings and gender-neutral bathrooms, pronouns are suddenly sparking debate, prompting new policies in schools, workplaces, even prisons, about what pronouns to use. Colleges ask students to declare their pronouns; corporate conferences print nametags with space for people to add their pronouns; email signatures sport pronouns along with names and titles.
The words between us Erin Bartels
A reclusive bookstore owner hoped she'd permanently buried her family's sensational past with a new name. But when the novels she once shared with an old crush begin appearing in the mail, it's clear her true identity is about to be revealed, threatening the new life she has painstakingly built.
We hope for better things Erin Bartels
In this debut novel, a disgraced journalist moves into her great aunt's secret-laden farmhouse and discovers that the women in her family were testaments to true love and courage in the face of war, persecution, and racism.
The boxer : a Novel Jurek Becker
Released from a concentration camp after the war, Aron Blank looks for and eventually finds the only other surviving member of his family, his son Mark, whom he was forced to abandon when Mark was only two years old. Working first in the black market and later as a Russian interpreter, Aron tries to rebuild a normal life for himself and his son in East Berlin.
The unnamable Samuel Beckett
Snowy wishes Sue Bentley
The perfect secret Sue Bentley
Daisy the digger Peter Bently
Daisy lacks confidence in her abilities. But when a landslide blocks the road near the acadmy, it's up to Daisy to put her digger skills to the test.
Whizzy Wheels Academy : Dylan the dump truck Peter Bently
Meet Dylan the dump truck – Whizzy Wheels Academy's latest recruit. Follow him as he learns all about his role as a construction vehicle and what his job entails. This sweet story explores Dylan's journey of discovery as he learns all about himself and his capabilities. Join Dylan as he overcomes a challenge and learns a valuable lesson in this delightful picture book.
The king's mercy : a novel Lori Benton
This epic historical romance tells of fateful love between an indentured Scotsman and a daughter of the 18th century colonial south. When captured rebel Scotsman Alex MacKinnon is granted the king's mercy-exile to the Colony of North Carolina-he's indentured to Englishman Edmund Carey as a blacksmith. Against his will Alex is drawn into the struggles of Carey's slaves-and those of his stepdaughter, Joanna Carey.
Food wise : a whole systems guide to sustainable and delicious food choices Gigi Berardi
Chasing excellence : a story about building the world's fittest athletes Ben Bergeron
CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron has helped build the world's fittest athletes, but he's not like other coaches. He believes that greatness is not for the elite few; that winning is a result, not a goal; and that character, not talent, is what makes a true champion. His powerful philosophy can help anyone excel at all aspects of life.
The laundromat : inside the Panama papers investigation of illicit money networks and the global elite Jake Bernstein
Terror by night : classic ghost & horror stories Ambrose Bierce
Of all the writers of ghost and horror stories, Ambrose Bierce is perhaps the most colourful. He was a dark, cynical and pessimistic soul who had a grim vision of fate and the unfairness of life, which he channelled into his fiction.
The message in a bottle romance collection : hope reaches cross the centuries through one single bottle, inspiring five romances Joanne Swelling sea Bischof
Join the journey as one word etched on an ancient bronze bottle travels through the centuries to reach five couples with a message of hope.
Cold case secrets Maggie K Black
Solving his sister's murder is Mountie Jacob Henry's only priority--until his daring helicopter rescue of Grace Finch leaves them stranded in the Canadian wilderness. Now with a storm raging and escaped convicts in pursuit, Jacob and Grace must rely on eachother for survival.
Daughter of dusk Livia Blackburne
"As tensions rise within Forge's Council, and vicious Demon Rider attacks continue in surrounding villages, Kyra knows she must do something to save her city. But she walks a dangerous line between opposing armies: will she be able to use her link to the Demon Riders for good, or will her Makvani blood prove to be deadly? Kyra and Tristam face their biggest battle yet as they grapple with changing allegiances, shocking deceit, and vengeful opponents".
Peculiar questions and practical answers : a little book of whimsy and wisdom from the files of the New York Public Library Barry Blitt
"The New York Public Library staff answers questions remarkable and preposterous, with illustrations by Barry Blitt. Have you've ever wondered if you can keep an octopus in a private home? Do you spend your time thinking about how much Napoleon's brain weighed? If so, Peculiar Questions and Practical Answers is the book for you. The New York Public Library has been fielding questions like these ever since it was founded in 1895.
Dreams of fear Hilary Bonner
"Jane Ferguson suffers from horrific nightmares which she claims not to be able to explain. And when her traumatised 6-year-old daughter finds Jane dead, hanging by the neck in the hallway of the family's seaside home, it is assumed she took her own life. But routine police enquiries reveal evidence indicating that Jane has been murdered, and her businessman husband Felix, commodore of the local yacht club, becomes the chief suspect.
I know an old teacher Anne Bowen
In this take on the well-known cumulative rhyme, a teacher inadvertently swallows a flea, then follows it with an assortment of classroom pets while her students look on in surprise.
Sparks rise Alexandra Bracken
Sparks rise is an e-novella that has been written to provide a bridge between Never Fade and In the Afterlight. Sam didn't think things could get worse at thurmond rehabilitation camp. then the Reds arrive. Everyone assumed the kids with firepower had been killed years ago. Instead they were taken away, brainwashed, and returned as terrifyingly effective guards. to her horror, Sam recognizes one of them: Lucas, the one spark of light in Sam's dark childhood.
Through the dark Alexandra Bracken
'From Alexandra Bracken comes a collection of novellas that connect the four novels in the The Darkest Minds series. In Time sees a desperate young man is forced to make a terrible choice between his own survival and the future of a little girl who won't speak, but who changes his life in ways he could never imagine.In Sparks Rise a spark of light brightens a brutal world when a girl named Sam encounters her childhood best friend, Lucas, at the government-run 'rehabilitation' camp, Thurmond.
A writing life : Helen Garner and her work Bernadette Brennan
Gods and heroes : mythology around the world Korwin Briggs
Journey through ancient lore in this hilarious, illustrated encyclopedia of world mythology. It's the perfect way to introduce kids to legendary lands, powerful gods, brave heroes, wild creatures, and more! Skillfully told and illustrated by Korwin Briggs, it's the who's who and what's what of ancient culture, organized alphabetically.
Brutally honest Melanie Brown
The tell-all memoir from the loudest, proudest Spice Girl - and the truth behind the headlines. As one-fifth of the iconic Spice Girls and judge on X Factor and America's Got Talent, Melanie Brown, a.k.a Scary Spice, has been an international star since her twenties. Brutally Honest is an exposé of the struggles and acute pain that lay behind the glamour and success.
Waking to Mr. Darcy Leenie Brown
Fitzwilliam Darcy meant to restore peace to his mind and protect his heart. He intended to escape from Hertfordshire to the safety of London, but when the very person from whom he is running falls into his arms and requires his help, he will be forced to admit that there is only one place where he will find peace and his heart will be safe.Elizabeth Bennet meant to take a walk to avoid a proposal from a man she cannot tolerate -- the odious Mr. Collins.
The buddy bench Patty Brozo
Having seen children being left out of joining the fun on the school playground, Miss Mellon's students convince her to let them build a buddy bench where their classmates can wait for a friend or a buddy to meet.
The body : a guide for occupants Bill Bryson
The family secret Tracy Buchanan
Portrait of a marriage : a novel Pearl S Buck
A wealthy painter finds his inspiration, and tumultuous love, in a girl he meets by chance At the turn of the century, an upper-class painter from Philadelphia goes searching for inspiration. He finds his muse on a farm, the farmer's beautiful and humble daughter.
Famous Jessica Burkhart
Hoping to become the intermediate team's top-ranked rider, Lauren confronts unexpected competition from a talented foreign exchange student who rapidly makes friends with her dazzling smile and eagerness to demonstrate fancy skills.
A duke walked into a house party Grace Burrowes
Follow the love stories of couples Elias, Duke of Sedgemere and Anne Faraday and Gerard Hammersley, Duke of Hardcastle and governess, MIss Ellen MacHugh, in these two previously published novellas.
The things we need to say Rachel Burton
Sometimes the things we never say are the most important. Fran loves Will with all her heart. They had a whirlwind romance, a perfect marriage and a wonderful life. Until everything changed. Now Fran needs to find her way again and teaching a yoga retreat in Spain offers her just that. Leaving behind a broken marriage she has some very important decisions to make. Will needs his wife, he needs her to open up to him if they're to ever return to the way things once were.
Top drawer : American high society from the Gilded Age to the Roaring Twenties Mary Cable
Charlie Hernández & the league of shadows Ryan Calejo
Charlie Hernández has always been proud of his Latin American heritage. He loves the culture, the art, and especially the myths. Thanks to his abuela’s stories, Charlie possesses an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the monsters and ghouls who have spent the last five hundred years haunting the imaginations of children all across the Iberian Peninsula, as well as Central and South America.
Charlie Hernández & the castle of bones Ryan Calejo
Charlie Hernandez still likes to think of himself as a normal kid. But what’s normal about being a demon-slaying preteen with an encyclopedic knowledge of Hispanic and Latino mythology who can partially manifest nearly any animal trait found in nature? Well, not much. But, Charlie believes he can get used to this new “normal,” because being able to sprout wings or morph fins is pretty cool.
Game of mirrors Andrea Camilleri
"In Game of Mirrors, Inspector Montalbano and his colleagues are stumped when two bombs explode outside empty warehouses-one of which is connected to a big-time drug dealer. Meanwhile, the alluring Liliana Lombardo is trying to seduce the Inspector over red wine and arancini. Between pesky reporters, amorous trysts, and cocaine kingpins, Montalbano feels as if he's being manipulated on all fronts.
Mindful money Canna Campbell
Canna Campbell is an experienced financial planner, and also a mother, partner and entrepreneur. She understands the challenge of trying to maintain balance and motivation when you're time-poor, and she's used this experience to develop an inspirational and effective approach to personal finance management. She shows you how to look at your finances with holistic and powerful mindfulness, easily incorporating her step-by-step advice into your daily habits and routines.
Highland Doc's Christmas rescue Susan Carlisle
A chance to mend her body...a doc to heal her heart? Search-and-rescue worker Cassandra Bellow arrives at Heatherglen Clinic injured and reeling from the loss of her faithful rescue dog. But a Christmas romance with the gorgeous clinic manager, Dr Lyle Sinclair, along with Heatherglen's adorable therapy dogs, restores Cass's lust for life. Except soon she must return to America--unless guarded Lyle asks her to stay...
The country guesthouse Robyn Carr
When her best friend died suddenly, Hannah became guardian to a five-year-old named Noah. Terrified she is not up to the challenge, she rents a country house in rural Colorado, so she and Noah have time to get to know each other. Arriving at the house they are greeted by the owner, Owen Abrams, who promises to stay out of their way. But his clumsy Great Dane, Romeo, has other ideas and Noah immediately bonds with the dog.
The secrets of Primrose Square Claudia Carroll
Happy odyssey de Wiart Adrian Carton
Adrian Carton de Wiart's autobiography is one of the most remarkable of military memoirs. He was intended for the law, but abandoned his studies at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1899 to serve as a trooper in the South African War.
Don't cosplay with my heart Cecil Castellucci
Edan Kupferman's life is coming apart: her father is being "sequestered" because the company he works for in Hollywood is in legal trouble, her best friend is in Japan for the summer, and the boy she has a crush on is just plain confusing, so she escapes into the world of comics, and her favourite character, Gargantua--but when Kirk, a boy from her high school, gets her into the sold out ComicCon it starts to look like she might, with a little help, be able to take control of her life after all.
A parent's guide to intuitive eating : how to raise kids who love to eat healthy Yami CazorlaLancaster
Turn picky eaters into happy, healthy eaters! Breaking down intuitive eating in a way that's easy to understand and even easier to implement, this book shows you how to help your children develop a positive relationship with food. It offers a system that builds healthy habits and better mindsets that will last a lifetime.
Fight of the century : writers reflect on 100 years of landmark ACLU cases Michael Chabon
The American Civil Liberties Union began as a small group of idealists and visionaries, including Helen Keller and Jane Addams. A century after its founding, the ACLU remains the nation's premier defender of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. In collaboration with the ACLU, prize-winning authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman have curated an anthology of essays about landmark cases in the ACLU's 100-year history. In Fight of the Century, the Scopes trial, Roe v.
The Hidden Mary Chamberlain
A powerful novel of passion and guilt, silence and memory.
Big lies in a small town Diane Chamberlain
North Carolina, 2018: Morgan Christopher's life has been derailed. Taking the fall for a crime she did not commit, she finds herself serving a three-year stint in the North Carolina Women's Correctional Center. Her dream of a career in art is put on hold - until a mysterious visitor makes her an offer that will see her released immediately. Her assignment: restore an old post office mural in a sleepy southern town.
Wallace & Gromit : the complete newspaper Comic Strips collection Richy K Chandler
They're back, again! Wallace, the cheese-obsessed, uber-inventor and his ever-dependable, taciturn, canine companion, Gromit - the world's most loyal and long suffering dog.
Wallace & Gromit Ricky Chandler
Spawned from the three-time Oscar-winning animation shorts, Grand Day Out, Close Shave and the feature-length, Curse of the Were-rabit, the Wallace & Gromit Complete Newspaper Strips Collection collects 52 weeks, 52 stories and over 350 individual strips!Appearing every day in The Sun, the UK's biggest selling national newspaper with a readership of over 2.5 million, the Wallace & Gromit comic strip, ran for over four years, and was one of the most read comic strips in the world.
Big sister, little sister, red sister : three women at the heart of twentieth-century China Jung Chang
A girl like you Samantha Chase
Sam Westbrook has always been the family hell-raiser, but as an adult he's enjoyed not being under the constant watchful eye of his family. That was until his great-grandfather passed away. Forced to move to the small coastal town of Magnolia Sound, Sam can't escape the reputation that has followed him since his teenage years. But he'll have to do it to get his inheritance.Shelby Abbott was always the good girl – it's what happens when you're the pastor's daughter in a small town.
Remind me Samantha Chase
A new Magnolia Sound romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase.
Sunkissed days : a Magnolia Sound prequel Samantha Chase
Mallory Westbrook is ready to make her move on Jake Summerford, the boy - now man - she's been crushing on for years. Coming back to Magnolia Sound to celebrate her great-grandfather's birthday provides the perfect opportunity to show Jake that she’s no longer a child.The last thing Jake expected to do at his mentor's birthday party was to find himself kissing Mallory under the moonlight. Though he's known her for years, the thought of kissing her never crossed his mind.
In case you didn't know Samantha Chase
Golden child Mason Bishop has finally had enough. Tired of bearing the weight of his parents' expectations, he's determined to break free and forging his own path. It's time for him to go after the things he really wants- including the girl he never forgot.Scarlett Jones is done being ruled by her insecurities. She's ready to be seen as something other than one of the guys, and she's done thinking she's not good enough for the social elite—especially the Bishops.
All the befores Samantha Chase
Susannah Westbrook never thought she'd find love again. After a failed marriage, focusing on her children instead of her love life was the best thing to do. Now years later, she's content with her life. But when she meets Colton Hale, she decides that she wants to be more than just content - she's ready to take a chance on love once again. After just a year of being together, Colton is ready to spend forever with Susannah - to give her the happily ever after she deserves.
And then one day Samantha Chase
Courtney Baker is ready to put small town life—and the man she can't have—behind her. Years of secretly crushing on her best friend's older brother have led nowhere and she's finally ready to move on. It would have been a great plan had she not drunkenly blurted out all her feelings and kissed him. At least she'll be able to forget all about it when she leaves town in less than 48 hours.
Alliance Space C J Cherryh
Two Alliance-Union novels, Merchanter's Luck and Forty Thousand in Gehenna, in one omnibus volume. Merchanter's Luck-His name was Sandor and he was the owner and entire crew of a tramp star-freighter that flew the Union planets under false papers and fake names. Her name was Allison and she was a proud but junior member of the powerful family whose mighty starship, Dublin Again, was the true queen of the spaceways.
Blue moon Lee Child
Crossfire : a litany for survival : poems 1998-2019 Staceyann Chin
All hours Andie J Christopher
Felix Pascual misses being someone's boyfriend, which is why he's willing to get set up by the only Hernandez he'll admit to liking (out loud)--Lola. But when he gets to the restaurant he finds that Lola has matched him up with none other than Joaquin Delgado, a man who has never shown one iota of interest in him... And Joaquin doesn't seem any more open to Felix's unique charms this time around. Joaquin will do anything for his grandmother.
Festive fling with the single dad Annie Claydon
From festive forever family? Single dad vet Aksel Olson doesn't have time for romance; his recently discovered daughter is his priority now. But his vivacious new neighbour, physiotherapist Flora McNeith, is helping Aksel connect with his little girl in the way he longs to...and spending time together, neither he nor Flora can resist their attraction. Could a Christmas fling open both their hearts to a new beginning...
The water dancer TaNehisi Coates
The Math Kids : an unusual pattern David Cole
Like the Famous Five but with calculators! When Special Agent Carlson shows The Math Kids a cryptic poem written by a dying bank robber, they know they will need all of their math skills to crack the case. The poem isn't their only problem! Their favourite school janitor is fired for stealing from student lockers. The Kids will need math, bravery, and a little bit of luck to solve the bank robbery case and get Old Mike his job back.
The rabbit ate my flip-flops Rachel Elizabeth Cole
The rabbit ate my hall pass Rachel Elizabeth Cole
The rabbit ate my homework Rachel Elizabeth Cole
The haunted hotel & other stories Wilkie Collins
A collection of strange stories from Wilkie Collins, author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone . It also includes the novella, The Haunted Hotel, a combination of detective and ghost story set in Venice, a city of waterways and death.
Watercolour Yvonne Collins
Little lovely things Maureen J Connolly
A mother's chance decision leads to a twist of fate that is every parent's worst nightmare It is the wrong time to get sick. Speeding down the highway on the way to work, her two little girls sleeping in the back seat, medical resident Claire Rawlings doesn't have time for the nausea overtaking her. But as the world tilts sideways, she pulls into a gas station, runs to the bathroom, and passes out. When she wakes up minutes later, her car-and her daughters-are gone.
Murder at the mansion Sheila Connolly
"Katherine Hamilton's goal in high school was to escape from her dead-end hometown of Asheford, Maryland. Fifteen years later she's got a degree in hospitality management and a great job supervising every aspect of the day-to-day operations of a high-end boutique hotel on the Baltimore waterfront. Then her high school best friend asks her to come talk with the town leaders of Asheford, but she won't say why.
Killer in the carriage house Sheila Connolly
"Kate Hamilton's plans for recreating Asheboro, Maryland as a Victorian village and tourist attraction are progressing nicely, and most of the townspeople have become supporters. There's only one problem: money. Kate had laid out what she thought was a reasonable plan, and had built in a financial cushion in her estimates, but the over-runs had exceeded everybody's expectations, and the town coffers are empty, while the opening date looms closer and closer.
The little book of game changers : 50 healthy habits for managing stress & anxiety Jessica Cording
For anyone burdened by stress and anxiety, just the thought of trying to make a positive life change can feel utterly overwhelming. Wanting to live a healthier life may sound easy, but what about the time needed for meal prepping' What about the added meal plan costs to your budget' Do you have to wake up at dawn to take that meditation class' When you are surrounded by stress, it's all too easy to completely derail yourselfwith more stress.
Heidi Heckelbeck is the bestest babysitter Wanda Coven
Heidi teams up with her friends to create a babysitting station at the Brewster Elementary fair, but when things do not go as smoothly as planned, Heidi turns to her Book of Spells to find the perfect magical solution.
The ghost and the bogus bestseller Cleo Coyle
After an elegant new customer has a breakdown in her shop, Penelope suspects there is something bogus behind the biggest bestseller of the year. This popular potboiler is so hot that folks in her tiny Rhode Island town are dying to read it--literally. First one customer turns up dead, followed by another mysterious fatality connected to the book, which Pen discovers is more than just fiction.
Brewed awakening Cleo Coyle
When coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi awakens on a bench in Washington Square Park, she has no idea she has been missing for the past week, or that her friends and family have been frantic with worry. Now that she is back, everyone is overjoyed, including a handsome NYPD detective who claims to be her fiancé. But to Mike Quinn's crushing distress, Clare does not remember him--or much of anything about the last decade of her life. Clare's missing memory is tied to a crime she witnessed.
Roast mortem Cleo Coyle
When the firefighters of Ladder Company 189 pull Clare's friends out of a blazing café, she happily comes to their rescue. As a favor to the men, she visits their firehouse kitchen to teach them the finer points of operating their newly donated expresso machine. But more than their coffee turns out to be hot. Somebody's torching café's around the city, and firefighters are beginning to die in suspicious ways.
William at Christmas Richmal Crompton
Culpeper's complete herbal Nicholas Culpeper
A revised and refreshed edition of Culpeper's classic book on herbal remedies. For more than 360 years, Nicholas Culpeper's historic guide to herbal remedies has been THE definitive book on the subject. Culpeper, an English herbalist, is the author of the bestselling herbal guide of all time. He offered valuable and sometimes unusual advice on using, gathering, and preparing herbs.
The complete herbal Nicholas Culpeper
His ChristmaspPearl Renee Dahlia
One gourmet party. Four potential couples. The taste of love? The last thing Kiet Viravaidya wants to do on Christmas Day is deliver oysters from his farm to a party that he's not invited to. But duty calls-the party is being hosted by Christophe, a chef who is a regular client, and having been stung by embezzlement, Kiet's business needs the money.
The anarchy William Dalrymple
I am C-3PO : the inside story Anthony Daniels
C-3PO is one of Star Wars' most iconic characters, and Daniels is the man who knows him best. With his gleaming golden body and good-intentioned (yet worrisome) personality, the droid was there at the very beginning; he even spoke the first words uttered in any Star Wars movie. Daniels tells C-3PO's story in its entirety, from seeing the first concept images to the early stages of the final film.
Halo : hunters in the dark Peter David
It is 2555, more than two years after the Master Chief went missing-in-action following a decisive conflict on the massive, extragalactic Forerunner construct known as the Ark as part of the final chapter in humanity's bloody thirty-year struggle against the overwhelming forces of the Covenant. When a startling scientific discovery is made, a hastily formed coalition of humans and Elites embark on a covert mission back to the Ark to save the entire galaxy.
The perfect Nazi : unmasking my SS grandfather Martin P Davidson
Dead guilty Michelle Davies
Has the killer in DC Maggie Neville's cold case returned after a decade of silence?Katy Pope was seventeen when she was brutally murdered on a family holiday in Majorca. Despite her mother's high rank in the Met and the joint major investigation between the British and Spanish police, Katy's killer was never caught.
Extreme economies : survival, failure, future : lessons from the world's limits Richard Davies
Garfield 2018 Vacation time blues. No. 1 Jim Davis
The good Doctor Juno Dawson
On the planet of Lobos, the Doctor halts a violent war between the native Loba and human colonists. Job done, the TARDIS crew departs - only for Ryan to discover he's left his phone behind. Again. Upon returning, the Doctor finds that the TARDIS has slipped hundreds of years into the future - and that something has gone badly wrong. The Loba are now slaves, serving human zealots who worship a godlike figure known as The Good Doctor.
The girl in the shadows Katherine Debona
Halo : retribution Troy Denning
Beverly, right here Kate DiCamillo Kate DiCamillo
Beverly Tapinski has run away from home plenty of times, but that was when she was just a kid. By now, she figures, it's not running away. It's leaving. Determined to make it on her own, Beverly finds a job and a place to live and tries to forget about her dog, Buddy, now buried underneath the orange trees back home; her friend Raymie, whom she left without a word; and her mom, Rhonda, who has never cared about anyone but herself.
Spitfire sisters Margaret Dickinson
Family and friendship mean everything under the darkening skies of wartime Britain, by Sunday Times bestselling author Margaret Dickinson. It is the 1930s and the Maitland family have spent the years following the Great War struggling to come to terms with its catastrophic aftermath, and their hopes now lie with the next generation.
Spies in the family : an American spymaster, his Russian crown jewel, and the friendship that helped end the Cold War Eva Dillon
"A riveting true-life thriller and revealing memoir from the daughter of an American intelligence officer--the astonishing true story of two spies and their families on opposite sides of the Cold War. In the summer of 1975, seventeen-year-old Eva Dillon's family was living in New Delhi when her father was exposed as a CIA spy. Eva had long believed that her father was a U.S. State Department employee.
Avatar, the last airbender. Team Avatar tales Michael Dante DiMartino
This anthology from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender features all your favorite characters, brought to life by a cast of all-star creators! Journey along with Team Avatar as they rescue a pumpkin farmer waylaid by monsters, go undercover in the Fire Nation, help an old rival with a hair-raising problem, and reflect on what it means to save the world.
The Great Escape [electronic resource] Anh Do
The wait is over - Wolf Girl returns!.
Mary Kate Nadine Dorries
The sugar brain fix : the 28-day plan to quit craving the foods that are shrinking your brain and expanding your waistline Mike Dow
"What makes a healthy brain? The answer is simpler than you think! In The Sugar Brain Fix, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of Diet Rehab, Dr. Mike Dow takes a deeper look at how sugar affects brain chemistry. Sugar releases serotonin in the brain, a "feel-good" chemical that makes you want to keep eating more.
Jews, queers, Germans : a novel Martin B Duberman
"A breathtaking historical novel that recreates the intimate milieu around Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm from 1907 through the 1930s, a period of great human suffering and destruction and also of enormous freedom and creativity, a time when the remnants and artifices of the old word still mattered, and yet when art and the social sciences were pirouetting with successive revolutions in thought and style.
Annabelle Archer collection : books 1-4 Laura Durham
When it comes to planning weddings, she takes the cake. When it comes to solving murders, she always closes the case. 4 books. 800+ pages of wedding cozy mysteries that are dressed to kill. Annabelle Archer is D.C.'s premier wedding planner for happy couples and marital bliss... until a string of murders puts a bloody blemish on her otherwise spotless record.
Doing harm : the truth about how bad medicine and lazy science leave women dismissed, misdiagnosed, and sick Maya Dusenbery
"In this shocking, hard-hitting expose in the tradition of Naomi Klein and Barbara Ehrenreich, the editorial director of, reveals how gender bias infects every level of medicine and healthcare today--leading to inadequate, inappropriate, and even dangerous treatment that threatens women's lives and well-being. Modern medicine is failing women.
Collateral damage Lynette Eason
A former military psychologist spends her days helping people heal from their trauma--and her nights fighting her own nightmares. Now, on the run with a client who has already saved her life twice, she must uncover powerful secrets before they both end up dead.
Miss you Kate Eberlen
Tess and Gus are meant to be. They just haven't met properly yet. And perhaps they never will . . . Today is the first day of the rest of your life is the motto on a plate in the kitchen at home, and Tess can't get it out of her head, even though she's in Florence for a final, idyllic holiday before university. Her life is about to change forever - but not in the way she expects. Gus and his parents are also on holiday in Florence. Their lives have already changed suddenly and dramatically.
The sheriffs of Savage Wells Sarah M Eden
Paisley Bell is more than capable of being the sheriff of the sleepy town of Savage Wells--even if she is a woman. But when famed lawman Cade O'Brien arrives to take over the job, the two engage in a showdown of wits and skill. As sparks fly between the two sheriffs, Paisley is afraid she might not only lose her job, but also her heart.
Holding onto Hope Nicki Edwards
Stuck in a stressful job and trapped in a toxic relationship, paediatric oncology nurse Hope Rossi needs to run. When her cousin Courtney begs for her help, Hope is on the next bus to Macarthur Point, the quaint seaside fishing village that was home to her happiest childhood memories.Veterinarian Mitchell Davis loves his life in Macarthur Point and loves caring for all creatures great and small at the animal hospital he proudly owns.
Intensive care Nicki Edwards
Escaping to the country was meant to be easy ...On the surface it looks like busy intensive care nurse Kate Kennedy has it all: a long-term relationship, a great career and a sleek inner city apartment. But appearances are deceiving, and in one fell swoop everything comes crashing down around her. In a moment of spontaneity, Kate leaves her city life and takes a new role as Nurse Unit Manager at Birrangulla Base Hospital, but her dream move proves harder than expected.
The School for the Insanely Gifted Dan Elish
Eleven-year-old musical genius Daphna Whispers embarks on a global journey to find her missing mother, only to uncover a shocking secret about the Blatt School for the Insanely Gifted where she is a student.
Wunderland Jennifer Cody Epstein
Surrounded by idiots : the four types of human behavior and how to effectively communicate with each in business (and in life) Thomas Erikson
The years Annie Ernaux
"The Years is a personal narrative of the period 1941 to 2006 told through the lens of memory, impressions past and present -- even projections into the future -- photos, books, songs, radio, television and decades of advertising, headlines, contrasted with intimate conflicts and writing notes from six decades of diaries. Local dialect, words of the times, slogans, brands and names for the ever-proliferating objects, are given voice here.
Spartan promise Jennifer Estep
My name is Rory Forseti, and I attend the Colorado branch of Mythos Academy, a school of warrior kids, powerful artifacts, and mythological monsters. I'm a student, a fierce Spartan warrior, and a member of Team Midgard, a group of kids and adults tasked with stopping the evil Reapers of Chaos. There is one Reaper I'm determined to hunt down above all others: Covington, the man who murdered my parents.
Garfield. Volume 6 Mark Evanier
This collection follows Garfield as he celebrates a New Year, ships Nermal around the world, and gets into other seasonal shenanigans!.
Garfield. Volume 3 Mark Evanier
The latest collection of Garfield's return to comic books sends the gang into some wacky adventures, as Odie makes a new friend, Pet Force takes on a scary team of Super-Villains, and Garfield faces his most fearsome foe, the Lasagna Monster! Mark Evanier, Gary Barker, Andy Hirsch and an amazing group of guest artists bring home even more fun with the Fat Cat.
Garfield : by Jim Davis. Volume 1 Mark Evanier
Garfield, the lasagna-loving cat, Odie the dog, and their owner Jon have a series of adventures, where they encounter space aliens, meet a child genius, and create their own comic book.
Garfield. Volume 2 Mark Evanier
"Garfield, Odie, and the gang are introduced to a whole new group of friends, including a mouse that wants to be a cat (and a dog), a mummy, and a PET FORCE!" -- Cover verso.
The complete gut health cookbook : everything you need to know about the gut and how to improve yours Pete Evans
With more and more research pointing to gut health as a leading factor in overall wellbeing, the way we eat has never been more important. And it doesn't have to be difficult! Injecting some super-charged broths, tasty ferments and medicinal spices into your diet is such a simple way to put you and your family on the path to optimum gut health. Together with naturopath and nutritionist Helen Padarin, Pete Evans outlines everything you need to know about gut health - and how to improve yours.
The people at number 9 Felicity Everett
Meet the new neighbours. Whose side are you on? When Gav and Lou move into the house next door, Sara spends days plucking up courage to say hello. The neighbours are glamorous, chaotic and just a little eccentric. They make the rest of Sara's street seem dull by comparison. When the hand of friendship is extended, Sara is delighted and flattered. Incredibly, Gav and Lou seem to see something in Sara and Neil that they admire too.
Siblings without rivalry : how to help your children live together so you can live too Adele Faber
The volunteer : one man's mission to lead an underground army in Auschwitz and expose the greatest Nazi crimes Jack Fairweather
The serpentwar saga : the complete 4-book collection Raymond E Feist
The riftwar legacy : the complete 4-book collection Raymond E Feist
Perfect kill Helen Fields
"Alone, trapped in the darkness and with no way out, Bart Campbell knows that his chances of being found alive are slim.Drugged and kidnapped from his Edinburgh home, the realisation soon dawns that he's been locked inside a shipping container - but what Bart doesn't know is that he's now heading for France, where his unspeakable fate is already sealed....
Keto air fryer cookbook : 100 easy and scrumptious keto air fryer recipes for rapid weight loss and healthy living Eileen Fitzgerald
Your keto meals just got better with an all-rolled-into-one kind of cooking appliance that covers your grilling, roasting, baking and frying in a healthy way. The air fryer offers a healthy, tidy and tasty way to cook several keto-friendly meals. This book is a practical guide to ketogenic air fryer cooking with 100 easy, delicious keto air fryer recipes. The recipes in this book contain full nutritional information to help you keep track of your macros and stay in nutritional ketosis.
Return of the Temujai John Flanagan
The Heron brotherband are home in Skandia - but their usually peaceful country is in danger. The Temujai have never given up on their ambition to claim Skandia for their own. The ruthless warriors from the Eastern Steppes waited a number of years after the Skandians thwarted them last time - with the help of the legendary Rangers of Araluen - but now they're on the move.
We are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfast Jonathan Safran Foer
Halo : new blood Matt Forbeck
When the United Nations Space Command decide to create a new generation of Spartans to defend humanity from threats both outside and within, they come to Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck with an extraordinary proposition. With the Covenant War finally over, is it time for him to retire to the sidelines for a life he could only dream about ...
Fatal accusation Marie Force
A deadly serious affair... The story breaks as Metro PD lieutenant Sam Holland attends a dinner party with her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano: President Nelson is accused of having an affair. More shocking still, campaign staffer Tara Weber claims the president fathered her newborn son--while the First Lady was undergoing secret cancer treatment.When a high-profile murder case hits Sam's desk, she's shocked to uncover a connection to the presidential scandal.
A cowboy at heart ; Lone Star midnight ; Hot Texas sunrise ; Sweet summer sunset Delores Fossen
Lone Star Midnight: Despite the pressure, Shane McKay refuses to indulge his mother's fantasy of having all three of her sons married to the three Reynolds sisters. Even if Shane and the gorgeous Megan are the last holdouts. That is, until one summer storm forces them into the barn...and into each other's arms. But with parents matchmaking, brothers and sisters interfering, and the gossips of Coldwater speculating, Shane and Megan have no choice.
Never kiss a duke Megan Frampton
Sebastian, Duke of Hasford, has a title, wealth, privilege, and plenty of rakish charm. Until he discovers the only thing that truly belongs to him is his charm. An accident of birth has turned him into plain Mr. de Silva. Now, Sebastian is flummoxed as to what to do with his life--until he stumbles into a gambling den owned by Miss Ivy, a most fascinating young lady, who hires him on the spot. Working with a boss has never seemed so enticing.
An uncommon woman Laura Frantz
In the borderlands of 1770 West Virginia there is no place for finer feelings. Charged with keeping the peace with local tribes, a hero of the French and Indian War is determined to stay free of romantic entanglement--until he meets a frontier maiden who just might be able to change his mind.
Sweet little lies Caz Frear
My name is not peaseblossom Jackie French
Titania rose to her feet. 'What is going on here, Peaseblossom'' she demanded. I bowed to her. 'I apologise, Your Majesty. But I'd rather be known as Pete.
The guesthouse Abbie Frost
Travel light, move fast Alexandra Fuller
The glass of lead & gold Cornelia Funke
Love me, cowgirl Eve Gaddy
Disillusioned with love, Dr. Sean Gallagher returns to Marietta to join its expanding medical facility. Marietta's newest, most eligible bachelor isn't looking for long-term involvement--especially not with his brother's much-younger former girlfriend, Honey Jordan. But short term? That's another matter.Escaping a toxic relationship with her father, barrel racer Honey spends as little time as possible in Marietta.
American hippo Sarah Gailey
In 2017 Sarah Gailey made her debut with River of Teeth and Taste of Marrow, two action-packed novellas that introduced readers to an alternate America in which hippos rule the colossal swamp that was once the Mississippi River. Now readers have the chance to own both novellas in American Hippo, a single, beautiful volume.
Marvel 1602 Neil Gaiman
Collects Marvel 1602 (2003) #1-8. The year is 1602, and strange things are stirring in England. In the service of Queen Elizabeth, court magician Dr. Stephen Strange senses that the bizarre weather plaguing the skies above is not of natural origin. Her majesty's premier spy, Sir Nicholas Fury, fends off an assassination attempt on the Queen by winged warriors rumored to be in service to a mad despot named Doom.
Invitation Alton Girl Gansky
Four authors team up for supernatural suspense. In "The Call" by Bill Myers, four strangers are drawn together to help a student at the mysterious Institute for Advanced Psychic Studies. His gifts are supposedly being honed to assist world leaders . . . but there are some very disturbing strings attached. Frank Peretti's "The Haunted" confronts a supernatural mystery, a case of murder, and an exploration into the darkness of the human heart, all centering around a mysterious house.
Johann Sebastian Bach : a very brief history Andrew Gant
Never tell Lisa Gardner
Monkey grip Helen Garner
Helen Garner's gritty, lyrical first novel divided the critics on its publication in 1977. Today, Monkey Grip is regarded as a masterpiece--the novel that shines a light on a time and a place and a way of living never before presented in Australian literature: communal households, music, friendships, children, love, drugs, and sex.
Do not take your dragon on a field trip Julie Gassman
When dragons are banned from accompanying students on a visit to the fire station, for such reasons as rudeness, farting, and a spikey tail, children find the perfect field trip for the scaly creatures.
The heart of Jesús Valentino : a mother's story Emma Gilkison
"Emma Gilkison is thrilled to be pregnant. She and her partner Roy have been trying for a year and finally it's happened. But during a routine twelve-week ultrasound she notices something strange: it looks as though their baby has a marble rolling on his chest. In fact, the baby's heart is growing outside his body - an extremely rare and usually fatal condition called ectopia cordis.The couple immediately begin researching the possibilities for surgery.
The gap : an Australian paramedic's summer on the edge Benjamin Gilmour
In this riveting memoir, Gilmour recounts the call-outs that summer: some dangerous, some gruesome, some downright ridiculous. And we meet fellow paramedic Tom who, they say, can get a laugh out of everyone except the dead. As the city heats up that summer, however, even Tom begins to lose his sense of humour. People are unravelling - and Benjamin and Tom are no exception.
Old Yeller Fred Gipson
A frontier story about a boy and a rascally dog with the heart of a lion. A great American classic with millions of copies sold.
Talking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know Malcolm Gladwell
The routine traffic stop that ends in tragedy. The spy who spends years undetected at the highest levels of the Pentagon. The false conviction of Amanda Knox.
Caught in the light Robert Goddard
Umtata Brian Godfrey
Halo : fractures Christie Golden
Lord of the flies : a novel William Golding
A plane crashes on a desert island and the only survivors, a group of schoolboys, assemble on the beach and wait to be rescued. By day they inhabit a land of bright fantastic birds and dark blue seas, but at night their dreams are haunted by the image of a terrifying beast. As the boys' delicate sense of order fades, so their childish dreams are transformed into something more primitive, and their behaviour starts to take on a murderous, savage significance.
Working with emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman
Sequel to Emotional Intelligence, showing how we can practically apply EQ to our lives.
Witch's oath Terry Goodkind
The facemaker Richard Gordon
Surgeon at arms Richard Gordon
Eight dates : to keep your relationship happy, thriving and lasting John Mordechai Gottman
What really makes a relationship work? How can we stay interested in our partner for ever? How can we be happier in our marriage? Doctors John and Julie Gottman have spent over three decades studying the habits of 3000 couples. Within 10 minutes of meeting a couple, they can predict who will stay happily together or who will split up, with 94% accuracy. Based on their findings on the ingredients to a happy, lasting love life, they have now created an easy series of eight dates.
The alcohol experiment : 30 days to take control, cut down or give up for good Annie Grace
A perfect obsession Heather Graham
Someone is murdering beautiful young women in the New York area and displaying them in mausoleums and underground tombs. The FBI is handling the case, with Special Agent Craig Frasier as lead. Kieran Finnegan, forensic psychologist and part owner of Finnegan's, her family's pub, is consulting on the case. Craig and Kieran are a couple who've worked together on more than one occasion. On this occasion, though, Craig fears for the safety of the woman he loves. Because the killer is too close.
A dangerous game Heather Graham
Wrapping up a normal day at the office, criminal psychologist Kieran Finnegan is accosted by a desperate woman who shoves an infant into her arms and then flees, only to be murdered minutes later on a busy Manhattan street. Who was the woman? Where did the baby come from? Kieran can't stop thinking about the child and the victim, so her boyfriend, Craig Frasier, does what any good special agent boyfriend would do--he gets the FBI involved. And asks Kieran to keep out of it.
The patient one Shelley Shepard Gray
"Seven former best friends reunite and struggle to heal after the tragic death of one of their own".
The loyal one Shelley Shepard Gray
A moving and evocative novel of secrets, friendship, and second chances.
His promise : an Amish Christmas in Hart County Shelley Shepard Gray
It's set to be a white Christmas in Hart County, and Grace King is pet-sitting in a beautiful home with only a difficult dachshund for company. Just as she starts to miss the bustle of her large Amish family, Grace runs into a familiar face. Living right next door is John Michael Miller. He's a fireman now, but five years ago, he had courted her older sister, then broke her heart. Seeing him again stirs Grace's anger, but also reminds her of deeper feelings she?s done her best to deny.
A sister's courage Molly Green
It's 1939 and the threat of war hangs over Britain. A spirited young woman, Raine Linfoot has always had an overriding ambition to take to the skies. Her hero, Doug Williams, teaches her to fly when she is just 17. With her pilot's license it seems as though the sky's the limit for Raine . until war breaks out. Raine knows that her place is not at home and she is determined to assist the war effort by doing what she loves, but the Air Transport Auxiliary aren't taking women.
From a Drood to a kill Simon R Green
My name is Eddie Drood, and the Powers That Be have taken everything ... Eddie Drood has lost everyone important to him. His parents mysteriously disappeared and no one else in his family seems to care. His beloved uncle, the last family member he could trust, has just passed away. And now his girlfriend, Molly Metcalf, is missing.
Dr. DOA Simon R Green
My name is Eddie Drood, and I'm running out of time. Eddie has been fatally poisoned. Not even his most powerful allies can save him. Certain death awaits, and Eddie is determined to find out who poisoned him before he succumbs. Eddie soon learns that there is only one person who could be behind the attack: Dr. DOA. Even the most formidable in the underworld are afraid to whisper Dr. DOA's name, and no one knows where Eddie might find a man who operates in the darkest shadows.
Moonbreaker Simon R Green
The end of the affair Graham Greene
How not to diet : the groundbreaking science of healthy, permanent weight loss Michael Greger
Put an end to dieting and replace weight-loss struggles with this easy approach to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, from the bestselling author of How Not to Die .Every month seems to bring a trendy new diet or a new fad to try in order to lose weight - but these diets aren't making us any happier or healthier. As obesity rates and associated disease and impairments continue to rise, it's time for a different approach.
Exit! Grizelda Grootboom
The earthquake challenge Bear Grylls
A Bear Grylls adventure. 3, The jungle challenge Bear Grylls
The river challenge Bear Grylls
The fifties David Halberstam
Exuberant and ambitious, The Fifties delves into a decade that remains a monumental and lasting turning point in American history Joe McCarthy. Marilyn Monroe. The H-bomb. Ozzie and Harriet. Elvis. Civil rights. It's undeniable: The fifties were a defining decade for America, complete with sweeping cultural change and political upheaval.
Beneath the book tower : an Alex McKnight short story Steve Hamilton
Before the tragic event that made him seek refuge in a remote corner of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Alex McKnight was a Detroit police officer. It's a warm summer night, and Alex is out riding the night shift with his partner Franklin. There's no shortage of trouble to be found on the dark streets of Motown. But on this particular night, Franklin has his own agenda.
Winter of the wolf moon Steve Hamilton
A shiver of light Laurell K Hamilton
"Merry Gentry, ex-private detective, now full-time princess, knew she was descended from fertility goddesses, but when she learned she was about to have triplets, she began to understand what that might mean. Infertility has plagued the high ranks of faerie for centuries. Now nobles of both courts of faerie are coming to court Merry and her men, at their home in exile in the Western Lands of Los Angeles, because they will do anything to have babies of their own.
The coast Chris Hammer
The coast and its people help define our identity. Most Australians live in suburbia, but our hearts are elsewhere. From the winner of the ACT Book of the year Award for his first book, The river, comes this celebration of the Australian seascape, from its natural grandeur to the quirky individualism of those who live beside it. It is also the heartfelt and pertinent story of the issues facing our coast today and the resilience of communities at a turning point.
The river : a journey through the Murray-Darling Basin Chris Hammer
In The River, Chris Hammer takes us on a journey through Australia's heartland, following the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin, recounting his experiences, his impressions, and, above all, stories of the people he meets along the way. It's a journey punctuated with laughter, sadness and reflection. The River looks past the daily news reports and their sterile statistics, revealing the true impact of our rivers' decline on the people who live along their shores, and on the country as a whole.
Buzz : the nature and necessity of bees Thor Hanson
While we might overlook them, they lie at the heart of relationships--third of the foodstuffs we eat. And, alarmingly, they are at risk ofdisappearing. As informative andenchanting as the waggle dance of a honeybee, Buzz why all bees are wonders to celebrate and protect. Read this book and you'll never overlook them again.
The magic misfits Neil Patrick Harris
The Christmas sneak Marie Harte
Ex-NFL star Deacon Flashman had the perfect woman in the palm of his hands...and dropped the ball.Considering Deacon's past performances, that isn't news. An injury cut short his football career, and then he got taken for millions by a greedy ex-wife. But Deacon's luck has changed. He's got a great job, and he's recently become an uncle again. With the holidays close, he's getting a second chance. Nora Nielson, the woman who got away, is back.
Alice-Miranda keeps the beat Jacqueline Harvey
After a disastrous fire in the village leaves a family without a home, Alice-Miranda and her friends pitch in to help. They decide to hold a music festival to raise funds. The only trouble is, not everyone's as keen on the idea. Things are also heating up in Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies with Miss Reedy at the helm. The arrival of a new teacher, a deputy turned diva and an entire faculty of disgruntled staff sees tempers flare.
Chastise : the Dambusters story, 1943 Max Hastings
Deep state Chris Hauty
The grand design Stephen Hawking
Along with Caltech physicist Mlodinow (The Drunkard's Walk), University of Cambridge cosmologist Hawking (A Brief History of Time) deftly mixes cutting-edge physics to answer three key questions-- Why is there something rather than nothing? Why do we exist? Why this particular set of laws and not some other?-- and explains that scientists are approaching what is called "M-theory," a collection of overlapping theories (including string theory) that fill in many (but not all) the blank spots in qu.
Seven days there Ruth Hay
When friends reunite after years apart, what secrets will be revealed? Valerie Westwood never expected to outlive her husband. David had been so full of life, such a commanding presence as a father and partner, that even after his cancer diagnosis, she could not imagine he would fail to beat this challenge, as he had all others. His final years had been much harder on her than she could believe. Now she was alone with decisions to make. Their grown sons had families and lives of their own.
Auld acquaintance Ruth Hay
Auld Acquaintance by Ruth Hay is the story of a woman in her 60s who has lost her confidence through life events, including a divorce. Anna has a part-time job in a library, and a group of good friends, but she is sinking into a depression. Unexpectedly, she receives a legal letter informing her that she has inherited a piece of property in Scotland. Her first instinct is to ignore this letter as she has no knowledge of the person named as the owner.
Seven days horizons Ruth Hay
When a woman has it all, will she risk everything for that one last dangerous dream?“Don't ever confuse your life and your work. The second is only part of the first.”Anna Quindlen.The amazing Mexican week is behind them but repercussions echo into the following months.In England, Zoe and Wesley must deal with their tentative promises to each other and the Toronto Beck family's three generations is only starting to cope with a number of challenging issues.
Seven Days Away : Seven Days, #4 Ruth Hay
Can three generations survive a winter week together in a Mexican paradise? We find Zoe Morton with her husband Wesley at an exclusive Mexican resort. It was meant to be a relaxing week in them sun with no worries but an unexpected encounter with Wesley's revered professor opens up a can of worms and the private couple are drawn into the drama with unexpected results.
Hard pushed : a midwife's story Leah Hazard
Keto diet air fryer recipes cookbook Cordelia Heller
Do you have a very tight schedule, are you and/or is your family on a ketogenic diet and you don't have enough time to cook healthy food? Are you willing to go into ketosis or lose weight through healthy eating without stress and you don't know how to go about it? You don't have to bother anymore because this is the right book for you.
The favorite daughter Patti Callahan Henry
On her wedding day ten years ago, Lena Donohue experienced a betrayal so painful that she fled the small town of Watersend, South Carolina, and reinvented herself in New York City. Though now a freelance travel writer, the one place she rarely goes is home - until she learns of her dads failing health. Returning to Watersend means seeing the sister she has avoided for a decade and the brother who runs their familys Irish pub - and who has borne the burden of his sisters rift.
Where the river runs Patti Callahan Henry
Meridy Dresden was once a free-spirited, fun-loving girl. All that changed when the boy she loved was killed in a tragic fire. Now, years later, Meridy must return to the South Carolina Low Country and summon the courage to make a decision that may destroy everything she's worked so hard to protect-including her heart.
The surplus girls Polly Heron
Belinda Layton is a surplus girl. One of the many women whose dreams of marriage perished in the Great War, with the death of her beloved fiancé, Ben. After four years of mourning, she's ready to face the future, even though Ben's family is not happy to see her move on, and her own only cares about getting hold of her meagre factory wages. Then, Belinda joins a secretarial class and a whole new world opens up to her as she quickly finds herself drawn to beguiling bookshop owner Richard Carson.
The lady of the ravens Joanna Hickson
Two women, two very different destinies, drawn together in the shadow of the Tower of London: Elizabeth of York, her life already tainted by dishonour and tragedy, now queen to the first Tudor king, Henry the VII. Joan Vaux, servant of the court, straining against marriage and motherhood and privy to the deepest and darkest secrets of her queen. Like the ravens, Joan must use her eyes and her senses, as conspiracy whispers through the dark corridors of the Tower.
The war in the West : a new history. Volume 2, The Allies fight back 1941-43 James Holland
The swimming-pool library Alan Hollinghurst
Young, gay, William Beckwith spends his time, and his trust fund, idly cruising London for erotic encounters. When he saves the life of an elderly man in a public convenience an unlikely job opportunity presents itself - the man, Lord Nantwich, is seeking a biographer. Will agrees to take a look at Nantwich's diaries. But in the story he unravels, a tragedy of twentieth-century gay repression, lurk bitter truths about Will's own privileged existence.
Sunny rolls the dice Jennifer L Holm
"Sunny's just made it to middle school . . . and it's making her life very confusing. All her best friend Deb wants to talk about is fashion, boys, makeup, boys, and being cool. Sunny's not against any of these things, but she also doesn't understand why suddenly everything revolves around them. She's much more comfortable when she's in her basement, playing Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of new friends.
The ghost and the Halloween Haunt Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes
Turning the one-time seaside B & B into a Halloween haunted house for a local fundraiser seems like a good idea. After all, Eva and Marie's ghosts are willing to help. However, the two spirit friends of Marlow House are not the only ghosts to stop by. Danielle and her friends are about to learn there might be something to that old legend that says on Halloween night the barrier between the living and dead becomes blurred, and the spirits of the dead visit earth.
Looking for Lucy Julie Houston
Clementine needs to find Lucy before it's all too late. She also knows bringing up a child on your own down on Emerald Street where the street walkers ply their trade isn't easy, even when your daughter's as adorable as four-year-old Allegra. When Peter Broadbent, wealthy, kind and possessed of the most beautiful house Clementine has ever seen, proposes, she knows it seems almost too good to be true.
Highland thirst Hannah Blood feud Howell
"Set in the rugged Scottish Highlands, here is the spellbinding tale of two men destined to live by night with a hunger only the blood of Outsiders can quench--and a passion only two extraordinary women can satisfy ... Cousins Heming MacNachton and Tearlach MacAdie are bound by the same blood, the same ancient curse, and now the same quest: to search out the enemies of their clan--hunters who consider them soulless demons and intend to exterminate them.
Highland savage Hannah Howell
Highland wolf Hannah Howell
Annora MacKay, forced to stay in Dunncraig Keep, a dark place shrouded by evil, becomes a pawn in a game of revenge and passion when a mysterious woodcarver arrives at the castle.
Cookie and the most annoying boy in the world Konnie Huq
Delphi complete works of Aldous Huxley (illustrated) Aldous Huxley
English novelist and philosopher Aldous Huxley is famous today for his dystopian science fiction novel 'Brave New World', which went on to inspire countless other authors and forms of media. His works are notable for their wit and pessimistic satire, vividly expressing Huxley's distrust of twentieth century trends in both politics and technology.
The wishing well Anna Jacobs
When her unfaithful husband, Craig, dies in a car accident, shortly after moving out of the family home, Laura Wells decides to leave Australia and go back to her native Lancashire to help nurse her ailing mother. After all, Laura's two children, Ryan and Deb, are grown up now, and Deb has made it plain that she holds her mother responsible for her father's desertion and death. Laura has an uphill struggle to face as she starts to rebuild her life.
Finding Cassie Anna Jacobs
The doctor's redemption Victoria James
Gwen Bailey has been busy taking care of everyone but herself. After a tragedy tore her family apart, she put her dreams aside to be with family. Now that her life is getting back on track, and her new Chocolaterie is open, she can concentrate on snagging the handsome, mysterious customer who has her dreaming about her own happily-ever-after... Doctor Luke Thomson has spent the last five years filled with guilt.
The firefighter's pretend fiancee Victoria James
Leaving Shadow Creek nine years ago was the hardest thing Molly Mayberry's ever had to do ... except maybe returning. She's never regretted her choice, but a chance of a lifetime position at the local hospital means going home and facing her past, including her shrew of an estranged mother and the fiancee she ran out on. Ben Matthews is still the sexy, sweet man she left behind ... and apparently still her fiance. Ben has been doggedly pursuing the position of fire chief since he was a teenager.
A Christmas miracle for the doctor Victoria James
Fall in love this holiday season with this heartwarming story about finding romance, the magic of Christmas, and the importance of family...'/b Children's bookstore owner Addie Mayberry believes in the magic of Christmas. Or at least, she used to. So when a young customer needs some seasonal optimism, Addie sets out to give the vulnerable, heartbroken little girl the best Christmas ever. Which means helping the hottest man in Shadow Creek, Bella's surgeon father, find his holiday spirit.
The householder Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Welco;me to Willowdale Rebecca Johnson
Saving itsy bitsy Rebecca Johnson
Clever chicks Rebecca Johnson
Abbey, Hannah and Talika are new recruits at Willowvale boarding school's Vet Cadets program. Mrs Parry, their science teacher, has given each of the girls a chick to raise and train, but not everyone is happy about it. When a game of horseback hide-and-seek turns into a matter of life and death, rules are broken and the friends' courage sorely tested. This time, a solution might be out of the Vet Cadets' hands.
The quest to the uncharted lands Jaleigh Johnson
"Stella's parents are on the first expedition to the uncharted lands of Solace, but Stella doesn't want to be left behind. Stowing away aboard the ship, she finds a mysterious boy who is also hiding, and he's keeping a very big secret. She must decide whether to trust him or risk the fate of the expedition".
The hand on the wall Maureen Johnson
After another death, Stevie must navigate mysterious riddles and track down a missing David at the same time a massive storm forces her to confront a killer.
Where dandelions bloom Tara Johnson
Cassie Kendrick is on the run. Her abusive father arranged her marriage to a despicable man, but she's discovered an escape. Disguised as a man, Cassie enlists in the Union army, taking the name Thomas Turner. On the battlefields of the Civil War, keeping her identity a secret is only the beginning of her problems, especially after she meets Gabriel Avery, a handsome young photographer.
The current Tim Johnston
"The indelible impact of a crime on the lives of innocent people. In the dead of winter, outside a small Minnesota town, state troopers pull two young women and their car from the icy Black Root River. One is found downriver, drowned, while the other is found at the scene? half frozen but alive.
Time sight Lynne Jonell
Will's mother is in danger overseas, and his father must find her, so Will and his little brother are packed off to relatives in Scotland. Will feels useless. He can't save his mother. He can't help his father. And when he tries to amuse his brother on the plane ride, he can't even locate the images in Jamie's book - the hidden pictures that everyone else can see. Once at the family's ancestral castle, though, Will tries again.
Blood tide Robert F Jones
"Blood Tide is a gripping novel of betrayal and revenge set in a remote and lawless corner of the Philippines. Unjustly blamed for a failed escape attempt from a North Vietnamese prison, James Culdee, a career US Navy noncom who has served his country with distinction for twenty years, is suddenly and unfairly forced into a disgraceful retirement.
Call it grace : finding meaning in a fractured world Serene Jones
Terry Jones' barbarians Terry Jones
An entertaining rewriting of Roman history from the perspective of the 'Barbarians' - who weren't really barbaric at all. Terry Jones' Barbarians takes a completely fresh approach to Roman history.
Second grave on the left Darynda Jones
When Charley Davidson and Cookie (her best friend/receptionist) have to track down a missing woman, the case is not quite as open and shut as they anticipate. A friend of Cookie's named Mimi disappeared five days earlier. This friend then sends Cookie a cryptic message telling them to meet her at a nearby coffee shop. The coffee is brewing, but Mimi's still missing. There is, however, a clue left on the bathroom wall: a woman's name, scribbled by Mimi.
Third grave dead ahead Darynda Jones
"Paranormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because, every time she closes her eyes, she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the parthuman, part-supermodel son of Satan. Yes, she did imprison him for all eternity, but come on.
First grave on the right Darynda Jones
Using her ability to see ghosts in her work as a private investigator, Charley Davidson begins experiencing intense sensual dreams about a mysterious entity that has been following her throughout her life.
The orphan of Florence Jeanne Kalogridis
In this irresistible historical novel set in the turbulent world of the Medicis, a young woman finds herself driven from pick-pocketing to espionage when she meets a mysterious man.
The accomplice Joseph Kanon
Joseph Kanon owns this corner of the literary landscape 'Sensational! Kanon is fast approaching the complexity and relevance not just of le Carre and Greene but even of Orwell Clever, devious The perfect combination of intrigue and accurate history Alan Furst Joseph Kanon continues to demonstrate that he is up there with the very best ... of spy thriller writers The critical stock of Joseph Kanon is high, and Defectors will add further lustre to his reputation.
Emil and the detectives Erich Kästner
Emil is travelling by train to his grandmother's house. He is carrying money to her from his mother. He pins the bag of money to his inside pocket for safety, but his money is stolen.
Under a firefly moon Donna Kauffman
Murder under a blue moon Abigail Keam
"Mona Moon is not your typical young lady. She is a cartographer by trade, explorer by nature, and adventurer by heart. But there's a problem. Miss Mona is broke. It's during the Depression, and National Geographic has just turned down her application to join an expedition to the Amazon. What's she to do? Perhaps get a job as a department store salesgirl. Anything to tide her over until a next assignment. There's a knock on the door.
A heart so fierce and broken Brigid Kemmerer
Lords of the Sith Paul S Kemp
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. ... When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely on each other, the Force, and their own ruthlessness to prevail. "It appears things are as you suspected, Lord Vader. We are indeed hunted." Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, is just a memory. Darth Vader, newly anointed Sith Lord, is ascendant.
The phantom prince : my life with Ted Bundy Elizabeth Kendall
Details the author's six-year relationship with serial killer Ted Bundy. Originally published in 1981, this expanded edition includes a new introduction and a new afterword by the author, never-before-seen photos, and a startling new chapter from the author's daughter, Molly, who has not previously shared her story.
Tom Kerridge's Fresh start Tom Kerridge
Under the duvet Marian Keyes
Sink beneath the covers and dip into the hilarious Under the Duvet: Deluxe Edition'Everything this woman touches turns into comic gold' Heat* Includes Under the Duvet and Further Under the Duvet.
A good country Laleh Khadivi
A Good Country is an unforgettable modern coming-of-age story. It is also a powerful portrait of the ways in which international events reverberate across the globe, damaging distant lives. Insightful, nuanced and emotionally forceful, it is an important book for our times.
Final vows : murder, madness, and twisted justice in California Karen Kingsbury
Chronicles the marriage between a Christian woman and an ex-con that ends in murder. When Carol Montecalvo began writing to a man in prison through a program at her church, she considered it her Christian duty. But the letters soon became her lifeline, something she actually looked forward to sending and receiving. She fell in love with the man behind the letters and just before Dan was released, they wed in the prison chapel.
Deadly pretender : the double life of David Miller Karen Kingsbury
Account of a con artist and bigamist who resorts to murder to hide his double life. David Miller had a dream job and a beautiful family. But one perfect life wasn't enough. So he pretended to be an attorney, then a CIA agent. And he secretly married another woman. He juggled it all quite well-until the day his two wives found out about each other. Miller groped for ways to hold on to his finances and reputation.
The walking dead. Volume 3, Safety behind bars Robert Kirkman
An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally begin living.This volume follows our band of survivors as they set up a permanent camp inside a prison.
Tightrope : Americans reaching for hope Nicholas D Kristof
The waters and the wild Mercedes Lackey
Deeply depressed Olivia, whose parents are divorcing, is ripe for manipulation. And swimming star Blake is looking for someone just like her. Although her friend tries to warn her, Olivia falls for his ploys and accepts an invitation to go to the Adirondack resort camp of Lake Endor with him and his family. But all is not as it seems at the hundred year old resort. Not only does Olivia discover that Blake is not the guy she thought he was, there is something sinister afoot at the lake.
Dragon's teeth Mercedes Lackey
A collection of science fiction and fantasy stories. Includes Fiddler Fair. Fiddler Fair: Animal rights fanatics try to "liberate" genetically reconstructed dinosaurs. Lawrence of Arabia meets a power beyond human comprehension, and King Arthur is reborn into the present day when he again gains possession of the enchanted sword Excalibur.
A host of furious fancies Mercedes Lackey
"Two novels of elvish lore and modern noir brought together. Beyond World's End: Sieur Eric Banyon, Knight and Bard to the court of the Queen of Elfhame Misthold, moves back to the Big Apple to take care of unfinished business. Mostly, he just wants to finish his interrupted education at Julliard School of Music and settle down to a normal life.
Elemental masters : the case of the spellbound child Mercedes Lackey
The thief of Lanwyn Manor Sarah E Ladd
"Perfect for fans of Poldark, Sarah E. Ladd latest Regency romance, The Thief of Lanwyn Manor, explores Cornwall, England, and the secrets within one of its historic manor houses".
Pie in the sky Remy Lai
When eleven-year-old Jingwen moves to a new country, he feels like he’s landed on Mars. School is torture, making friends is impossible since he doesn’t speak English, and he's often stuck looking after his (extremely irritating) little brother, Yanghao. To distract himself from the loneliness, Jingwen daydreams about making all the cakes on the menu of Pie in the Sky, the bakery his father had planned to open before he unexpectedly passed away.
Death bringer Derek Landy
Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: detective, sorcerer, warrior. Oh yes. And dead. The Necromancers no longer need Valkyrie to be their Death Bringer, and that's a Good Thing. There's just one catch. There's a reason the Necromancers don't need her any more. And that's because they've found their Death Bringer already, the person who will dissolve the doors between life and death. And that's a very, very Bad Thing.
The portal Kathryn Lasky
Finding refuge in the greenhouse after her mother's death, Rose investigates a strange light only to find herself transported back in time where she becomes the servant and confidante of Henry VIII's daughter Elizabeth.
The Solid Grounds Coffee Company Carla Laureano
"Analyn Sanchez can handle the long hours and arrogant clients that come with her job as a crisis management associate at Denver's largest publicity firm. The high-powered job, expensive condo, and designer wardrobe are all part of her plan to prove to her family that her life choices haven't been in vain. But when she's asked to cover up a client's misdeeds with serious moral and legal ramifications, she can no longer sacrifice her conscience for her career . . .
Why can't we sleep Darian Leader
From the psychoanalyst behind Strictly Bipolar and What is Madness, a short and fascinating guide to the history of human sleep - and why we can't seem to sleep any moreOne in four adults sleeps badly. Sleeping pill prescriptions have increased dramatically over the last three decades, as have the incidence of sleep clinics. Sleep used to be a natural state, easy as breathing, but increasingly it is an insecure commodity. ...
A single light Tosca Moon Lee
In this gripping to The Line Between, cult escapee Wynter Roth and ex-soldier Chase Miller emerge from their bunker to find a country ravaged by disease, and Wynter is the only one who can save it. Six months after vanishing into an underground silo with sixty others, Wynter and Chase emerge to find the area abandoned.
The rock that is higher : story as truth Madeleine L'Engle
We are all strangers in a strange land, longing for home, but not quite knowing what or where home is. We glimpse it sometimes in our dreams, or as we turn a corner, and suddenly there is a strange, sweet familiarity that vanishes almost as soon as it comes... -Madeleine L'Engle, from The Rock That Is HigherStory captures our hearts and feeds our imaginations. It reminds us who we are and where we came from.
A very stable genius : Donald J. Trump's testing of America Carol D Leonnig
The children's bach Ben Lerner
Athena and Dexter live a happy but insular life, bound by routine and the care of their young sons. When Elizabeth, an old friend from Dexter's university days, turns up with her much younger sister, Vicki, and her lover, Philip, she brings an enticing world to their doorstep. And Athena finds herself straining at the confines of her life.
The timepiece Beverly Lewis
When her world is upended by the arrival of Englisher Adeline Pelham--her existence the reminder of a painful family secret--young Amishwoman Sylvia Miller must learn to come to terms with the past while grappling with issues of her own. Is it possible that God can make something good out of the mistakes of the past? Sequel to The Tinderbox.
Surprised by joy : the shape of my early life C S Lewis
In this book C.S. Lewis tells of his search for joy, a spiritual journey that led him from the Christianity of his early youth into atheism and then back to Christianity.
Mere Christianity : a revised and amplified edition, with a new introduction, of the three books, Broadcast talks, Christian behaviour, and Beyond personality C S Lewis
Mere Christianity : the case for Christianity, Christian behaviour & Beyond Personality C S Lewis
Mere Christianity is a theological book and is considered a classic of Christian apologetics, the transcripts of the broadcasts originally appeared in print as three separate pamphlets: The Case for Christianity (1942), Christian Behaviour (1943), and Beyond Personality (1944). Lewis, an Anglican, intended to describe the Christian common ground.
The Silver Six A J Lieberman
"When a group of orphans discover they have a common connection, plucky heroine Phoebe leads them in a daring escape from their orphanage to an uninhabited moon. But their idyllic paradise is shattered when the powerful corporate boss who caused the deaths of their parents sends a relentless henchman to track them down. Now, with nowhere left to turn and tired of being on the run, these resourceful kids decide there's only one thing left to do: Fight back!".
The honeymoon effect : the science of creating heaven on earth Bruce H Lipton
The Honeymoon Effect: A state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting from a huge love. Your life is so beautiful that you can't wait to get up to start a new day and you thank the Universe that you are alive. Think back on the most spectacular love affair of your life-the Big One that toppled you head over heels. For most, it was a time of heartfelt bliss, robust health, and abundant energy.
Containment Caryn Lix
Kenzie and her friends learn that more aliens are headed to Earth, and it is up to them to stop the invastion at all costs.
Wild nights : heart wisdom from five women poets Lisa Locascio
"In this soul-stirring collection of timeless verse, five legendary female poets address life's pains and sorrows as well as its joys and renewals. The poems appeal to the heart, providing companionship on the rugged path that all must tread. The roster features writers from ancient to modern times: Sappho, Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell, Sara Teasdale, and Edna St. Vincent Millay.
The campus trilogy David Lodge
"David Lodge's three delightfully sophisticated campus novels, in one volume, expose the world of academia at its best--and its worst. In Changing Places, we meet Philip Swallow, British lecturer in English at the University of Rummidge, and the flamboyant American Morris Zapp of Euphoric State University, who participate in a professorial exchange program at the close of the tumultuous sixties.
Deaf sentence David Lodge
A retired professor strugles with the domestic and social conflicts incurred by his encroaching deafness.
Martin Eden Jack London
Epic bike rides of the Americas Planet Publications Lonely
Discover 200 of North, Central and South America's best and most celebrated cycling routes, from epic adventures off the beaten track to shorter urban rides. Go bikepacking in Baja, road riding in Colombia, mountain biking in Canada and gravel riding in Pennsylvania.
Epic runs of the world Planet Publications Lonely
Explore 50 of the world's greatest running routes, from short urban runs to cross-country trails and must-do marathons. Entries include China's Great Wall Marathon, the Amalfi Coast's Path of the Gods, Australia's Blue Mountains ultra, the 10k Great Ethiopian Run, Chicago's Lakefront Trail and the Barkley Marathons.
Invisible women : it's time to talk about you! Sarah Long
The West Country winery Lizzie Lovell
Chrissie loves her London life and job as an events manager. She loves her loyal lodger and cleaner Melina (a bit neurotic but hardly ever breaks anything), and her daughters Scarlet (loud, vegan, activist) and Ruby (quiet, musician, boffin). She even loves her husband Rob, despite him deciding to cycle across Africa. For a year.
How happiness happens : finding lasting joy in a world of comparison, disappointment, and unmet expectations. Study guide, six sessions Max Lucado
Presents a surprising but practical way of living that will change you from the inside out.
Amish country ambush Dana R Lynn
Hidden in Plain Sight.After police dispatcher Elise St. Clair's home is invaded by her murderous brother-in-law, her nephew is hidden in Amish Country by her cleaning lady. Now relying on police officer Ryan Parker is Elise's only hope of reuniting with the child...and evading the killer. And Elise and Ryan quickly discover their temporary partnership has long-term potential - if they can stay alive.
Rhythms of renewal : trading stress and anxiety for a life of peace and purpose Rebekah Lyons
"Daily struggles with anxiety and stress make it difficult to receive God's peace. In Rhythms of Renewal, Rebekah Lyons helps you walk through four rhythms to the vibrant life you were meant to live. By learning to rest, renew, connect, and create, you will find mindful habits that quiet inner chaos and make space for the peace you long for".
The empty trap John D MacDonald
When Lloyd Westcott was hired to build and run the Green Oasis casino he didn't ask about the owner or where the backing came from. He didn't care, as long as the place was legit and he could run it clean as a whistle. But then the Big Man moved in.
Dom Casmurro de Assis Machado
The miser of Cherry Hill Scott MacKay
A gun that wasn't fired. A bridge that wasn't crossed. And a tack that wasn't used. These are the challenging clues Dr Clyde Deacon, a small-town physician in 1902 America, must decipher to solve the murder of Ephraim Purcell, a local wealthy businessman with a rapacious appetite for money and women. His personal life disintegrating, Dr Deacon must race against mounting town pressure to uncover the perpetrator - and the shocking motive behind the crime.
Window on the bay Debbie Macomber
Smart moves : when you're on the right side, you can still end up dead Adrian Magson
International troubleshooter Jake Foreman loses his job, house and wife all in one day. And when an impulsive move lands him in even deeper water - the kind that could lose him his life - he decides it's time to make some smart decisions.The trouble is, knowing the right moves and making them is a whole different game. And Jake, who has been happily rubbing along things he always suspected were just a shade away from being dodgy, finds it all too easy to go with the flow.
What-the-Dickens : the story of a rogue tooth fairy Gregory Maguire
As a terrible storm rages, ten-year-old Dinah and her brother and sister listen to their cousin Gage's tale of a newly-hatched, orphaned, skibberee, or tooth fairy, called What-the-Dickens, who hopes to find a home among the skibbereen tribe, if only he can stay out of trouble.
Eichmann in my hands Peter Z Malkin
The true story behind "one of history's great manhunts" and the film Operation Finale by the Mossad legend who caught the most wanted Nazi in the world. In 1960 Argentina, a covert team of Israeli agents hunted down the most elusive war criminal alive: Adolf Eichmann, chief architect of the Holocaust. The young spy who tackled Eichmann on a Buenos Aires street'and fought every compulsion to strangle the ObersturmfUhrer then and there'was Peter Z. Malkin.
Long walk to freedom Nelson Mandela
Discover how a little boy whose father called him "troublemaker" grew up to fight apartheid, become South Africa's first black president and campaign for freedom and justice throughout the world.
Taking home the tycoon Catherine Mann
Workaholic millionaire meets feisty single mum. Sexy cybersecurity guru Max St. Cloud's trip to Royal, Texas, is strictly business: he's here to expose a tech-savvy blackmailer. Falling for Natalie Valentine, the captivating widow who runs the local bed and breakfast, isn't on the agenda. Plus, Max isn't daddy material and she comes with two kids too many. So why does he rethink his bachelor status after one red-hot kiss?Max's heart is damaged goods, yet Natalie can't deny her growing feelings.
When ashes fall Marni Mann
It's been said that you can't love two men at the same time. You can't split your heart, soul, and body in half. But I'm here to tell you, you can. Dylan Cole is like ice, sharp and unpredictable, the thunder inside a tumultuous storm. Smith Reid is warmth, soft and gentle, perfect like a sunny day. Both are mine. But I can have only one. There are two sides to this tale. I'm here to tell you mine. If you think this story is about a cheater, you couldn't be more wrong.
Finnikin of the rock Melina Marchetta
Now on the cusp of manhood, Finnikin, who was a child when the royal family of Lumatere was brutally murdered and replaced by an imposter, reluctantly joins forces with an enigmatic young novice and fellow-exile, who claims that her dark dreams will lead them to a surviving royal child and a way to regain the throne of Lumatere.
One blood ruby Melissa Marr
A conclusion to the story that began with Seven Black Diamonds finds Lily helping the Queen of Blood broker a peace with the human world only to be confronted by a mysterious adversary who is orchestrating violent attacks to sabotage the peace process.
When the body says no : the cost of hidden stress Gabor Maté
See you in the piazza : new places to discover in Italy Frances Mayes
The Roman Forum, the Leaning Tower, the Piazza San Marco: these are the sights synonymous with Italy. But such landmarks only scratch the surface of this magical country's offerings. In See You in the Piazza, Frances Mayes introduces us to the Italy only the locals know, as she and her husband, Ed, eat and drink their way through fifteen regions - from Friuli to Sardinia. Along the way, she seeks out the cultural and historic gems not found in traditional guidebooks.
Bluebirds Margaret Mayhew
1939 - Officer Felicity Newman and a ragtag group of young women arrive at RAF Colston. They are the first of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force: brave female pilots ready to do their bit. But Station Commander, David Palmer, doesn't want them. They're a nuisance, unable to do the work of men, and they would undoubtedly fall apart if the station was bombed. Felicity is determined to prove the worth of her 'Bluebirds'.
The seventh link Margaret Mayhew
The village of Frog End may be peaceful, but that doesn't mean that the Colonel's life there is quiet - not with his friendly but nosy neighbour Naomi, desperate to know what he's keeping in his new shed; the curious Miss Butler, who tracks his every move with her German U-boat captain's binoculars; and the attentions of the local vicar, who's keen to involve him in church affairs. That's not forgetting the demands of the aloof, imperious cat Thursday, who seems to have adopted the Colonel.
Camgirl Isa Mazzei
The lost summers of Driftwood Vanessa McCausland
Phoebe's life has fallen apart and there's only one place left to go. Alone and adrift after a failed marriage proposal, she flees Sydney to her family's abandoned holiday cottage. On the slow-moving river Phoebe is confronted with the legacy of her older sister's suicide, a year before. Why did Karin leave a note written in flowers and walk into the water? Phoebe's childhood love, Jez, has moved back to the beautiful old house, Driftwood, one jetty down.
His secret child Lee Tobin McClain
A Surprise Father. Snowed in at the dog rescue farm where she's housesitting, Fern Easton can't turn away the handsome stranger who appears during the blizzard. Who is this mysterious man who's as capable with stray dogs as he is with her four-year-old foster child? Carlo Camden's returned to Rescue River to be a father to a daughter he never knew existed. But he doesn't expect to stumble upon little Mercedes right away.
Small-town nanny Lee Tobin McClain
Falling for His Nanny Susan Hayashi is everything Sam Hinton is not looking for. She's energetic, outspoken and spontaneous--the exact opposite of what he would want in a wife. Yet the wealthy widower can't deny that the young teacher is great with his daughter, Mindy. In desperate need of a summer nanny, the small-town CEO hires Susan. After all, it's only temporary. But Susan and her unconventional approach soon work their way into his and Mindy's lives.
Star of the sea Una McCormack
4 ingredients menu planning Kim McCosker
4 Ingredients Menu Planning was written to create a "kitchen bible" that simplifies no-waste grocery shopping.
4 ingredients : keto Kim McCosker
Keto brings you over 70 delicious recipes, each with a clear nutritional information table and beautiful full colour photography. 4 Ingredients Keto started as a Facebook Live promise. Kim announced to her over 725,000 followers that she was adopting a 2-week Keto diet to shed a couple of kilos and would share the recipes she loved along the way. The response was overwhelming with fans clamouring for more and 4 Ingredients Keto the book was born.
Rainforest animals Jill McDonald
Introduces animals that live in the rainforest regions of the world, including gorillas, monkeys, sloths, and parrots.
If I never met you Mhairi McFarlane
Echoes between us Katie McGarry
Told in two voices, Veronica and Sawyer become partners for their senior project and soon they are helping each other battle the ghosts that haunt them--her illness causing blinding migraines and his adrenaline addiction.
Come tumbling down Seanan McGuire
Here we lie Sophie McKenzie
A family holiday takes a horrifying turn as one of the party is found dead. At first Emily believes it to be a terrible accident, but soon secrets emerge that throw suspicion on those closest to her ...
The black sheep Sophie McKenzie
Francesca was widowed a year ago. Since then she has focused on her children, trying to soothe their grief as well as her own. Her husband and father never quite saw eye to eye but no one could have cared more for her in the past year than her close-knit family. Finally, she feels she might be ready to move on with life. Until she is contacted out of the blue by someone who says he must get information to her. That her husband's death wasn't what it seemed.
Narcissist : how to handle a narcissist and 10 steps to heal from narcissistic abuse Rina Mcnally
What is Narcissism? The word has traditionally been associated with a harmless love for one's self, very rarely being used to describe a destructive abuse mechanism. When mainstream society thinks of narcissism, I get the feeling it's not looked at with disdain, but rather as an off-the-cuff petty character trait. How wrong could it be?The world we live in has become narcissistic.
Other people's houses Hilary McPhee
How to read the air Dinaw Mengestu
Republic of lies : American conspiracy theorists and their surprising rise to power Anna Merlan
From UFOs to the New World Order, the inside story of how conspiracy theories won over America.In November 2017, a serial climate change denier and anti-vaxxer was elected President of the United States. The rise of Donald Trump marked the beginning of a new American epoch: the age of the conspiracy theorist. Now, Anna Merlan goes undercover in America's sprawling network of conspiracy theorists and uncovers their secrets.
A love woven true Judith A Miller
Jasmine Houston, a widow with a young son, agrees to harbor former slaves at her horse farm outside of Lowell, even though her father, a plantation owner, supports slavery. When a boardinghouse keeper unwittingly becomes involved with a traveling peddler who sells something infinitely more valuable than shoes, Jasmine is devastated to discover that her son and the former slaves have been kidnapped.
Mini hacks for Minecrafters : mastering 1.9 : the unofficial guide to the Combat Update Megan Miller
The anti-anxiety diet cookbook : stress-free recipes to mellow your mood Ali Miller
Make meals that soothe, nourish, and satisfy all at once. You probably already know that the foods you eat can alter your brain chemistry and, in turn, affect your moods and emotions. But how can you take control of the process instead of having it control you' The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook features over 75 tasty recipes that will reduce inflammation, strengthen your gut, and nourish your body, all while helping balance your mood and emotions.
A Snow Country Christmas ; A Stone Creek Christmas Linda Lael Miller
Christmas is a time for fresh starts in Linda Lael Miller's holiday romance. And in Mustang Creek, Wyoming, anything is possible-even an unexpected love between a graphic designer with deep country roots and a Hollywood executive who lives life in the fast lane. It's a Christmas affair to remember, as a Hollywood mogul discovers his inner cowboy - and the woman of his dreams - amid the rugged beauty of Wyoming.Raine McCall would take snow-covered mountains over a star-studded premiere any day.
McLevy : the Edinburgh detective James M'Levy
James McLevy, an Edinburgh policeman, was one of the first exponents of the crime genre and a likely influe.
In her bones : a novel Kate Moretti
Saving Missy Beth Morrey Beth Morrey
Podcasting for dummies Tee Morris
Produce a podcast like the pros offers a fast and easy way to get the know-how you need to produce and distribute one of your very own. Written by a pair of podcasting pioneers, this book shares insight on the technology behind recording, editing, and sharing podcasts, along with tips and tricks on how to produce a pro-level podcast.
The giver of stars Jojo Moyes
Set in Depression-era America, a breathtaking story of five extraordinary women and their remarkable journey through the mountains of Kentucky and beyond, from the author of Me Before You and The Peacock Emporium Alice Wright marries handsome American Bennett Van Cleve hoping to escape her stifling life in England. But small-town Kentucky quickly proves equally claustrophobic, especially living alongside her overbearing father-in-law.
Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage : stories Alice Munro
In the nine breathtaking stories that make up her celebrated tenth collection, Alice Munro achieves new heights, creating narratives that loop and swerve like memory, and conjuring up characters as thorny and contradictory as people we know ourselves. A tough-minded housekeeper jettisons the habits of a lifetime because of a teenager?s practical joke. A college student visiting her brassy, unconventional aunt stumbles on an astonishing secret and its meaning in her own life.
Escape to Giddywell Grange Kim Nash
Maddy Young thought she had it all. Swanky city apartment? - yep. Fancy car? sorted. High-flying career? - tick. Even if she's lost most of her friends because of spending all her time at work, and can't remember when she last had fun, it's worth it.Until she's suddenly made redundant. Now she's 37, jobless, and after the breakup with the former love of her life, unhappily single.
The autism discussion page on anxiety, behavior, school, and parenting strategies : a toolbox for helping children with autism feel safe, accepted, and competent Bill Nason
"This book compiles posts from the popular online Autism Discussion Page to provide simple and effective strategies for helping children with autism spectrum disorders to feel safe, accepted and competent. This volume covers anxiety and stress, challenging behaviors, stretching comfort zones, discipline, and school issues".
The ungrateful refugee Dina Nayeri
What is it like to be a refugee? It is a question many of us do not give much thought, and yet there are more than 25 million refugees in the world. To be a refugee is to grapple with your place in society, attempting to reconcile the life you have known with a new, unfamiliar home.
Dog training : the complete guide to dog crate training, potty training, obedience and behavior training Charles Nelson
Wouldn't it be wonderful if your dog does not chew on furniture, does not poop on the carpet, and follow your command? Dog Training can help!An obedient and trained dog is a happier dog and a much better family member. Dog Training: The Complete Guide features the best methods and step-by-step instructions that work for both puppies and adult dogs.
Keto diet air fryer cookbook for beginners : simple & delicious ketogenic air fryer recipes for healthy living Mary Nelson
Do you desire an Healthy life? The time is now. Starting with what you eat and how you cook them!!! Research has proven that keto diet is the most healthy diet around the world, not only will it help you loose weight, but also leads to major improvements for heart disease. Also, using an air fryer reduces the amount of fat, calories and potentially harmful compounds in your food.
Residence on earth Pablo Neruda
Intrigo Håkan Nesser
Garfield. Volume 4 Scott Nickel
"In this volume, Garfield helsp sell some lemonade, Jon goes to drastic mesures to stop being late and Nermal attempts to set a world record! Also, prepare for a double helping of Pet Force, as Dorkon's finest face two new foes"--Page 4 of cover.
Words on fire Jennifer A Nielsen
In 1893 twelve-year-old Audra lives on a farm in Lithuania, and tries to avoid the Cossack soldiers who enforce the Russian decrees that ban Lithuanian books, religion, culture, and even the language; but when the soldiers invade the farm Audra is the only one who escapes and, unsure of what has happened to her parents, she embarks on a dangerous journey, carrying the smuggled Lithuanian books that fuel the growing resistance movement, unsure of who to trust, but risking her life and freedom for.
Take another look Rosalind Noonan
When Jane Ryan discovers she's pregnant with twin girls, she faces a heart wrenching decision. On her own and unable to afford to care for both babies, she sees no choice but to keep one and give up the other for adoption. But fourteen years later, Jane's decision comes full circle. "Family is everything." It's one of the first things Isabel, the twin Jane gave up, says when they unexpectedly meet.
Best served cold Charity Norman
When Tara farewells her older sister, Cassy, on a trip to New Zealand, she waves goodbye as Cassy calls out, 'See you in September.' But it's many years before Tara and her parents see or even hear from Cassy again. And with her sister's disappearance, Tara's happy family falls apart. Working as a waitress in a strip club has its benefits. It's the people you meet.
Women who love too much Robin Norwood
Letters from women who love too much Robin Norwood
Bears make the best writing buddies Carmen Oliver
Adelaide and Bear team up to demonstrate to the entire class, including Mrs. Fitz-Pea, that bears make the best writing buddies.
War girls Tochi Onyebuchi
In 2172, when much of the world is unlivable, sisters Onyii and Ify dream of escaping war-torn Nigeria and finding a better future together but are, instead, torn apart.
Beasts made of night Tochi Onyebuchi
After he eats the sin of a royal, Taj, a talented aki, or sin-eater who consumes the guilt of others whose transgressions are exorcised from them by powerful but corrupt Mages, is drawn into a plot to destroy the city, and he must fight to save the princess he loves and his own life.
Crown of thunder Tochi Onyebuchi
"Taj has escaped Kos, but Queen Karima will go to any means necessary--including using the most deadly magic--to track him down".
The C.E.O. of the sofa P J O'Rourke
Halo : tales from Slipspace Inc OverDrive
Suit up and deploy into the electrifying universe of Halo with this original comics anthology from Dark Horse!.
Wallace & Gromit : the complete newspaper strips collection. Volume 2, 2011-2012 Inc OverDrive
Wallace & Gromit : the complete newspaper strips collection. Volume 1, 2010-2011 Inc OverDrive
Probing Inc OverDrive
In Myers's "Leviathan," the team heads to Hollywood for a taping of the new TV pilot, Live or Die, the Ultimate Reality. Little do they realize the depths of darkness they are about to enter-a darkness that, unless they stop it, will soon spread across the globe. Frank Peretti's "The Mind Pirates" offers a rousing story featuring bizarre visions and memories of a murder, a kidnapping by 17th-century pirates, and an earring with mysterious powers.
Betty & Veronica, $hopping $pree Inc OverDrive
What could Betty & Veronica possibly love more than Archie? That's easy-shopping! Get ready to hit the mall with Betty & Veronica! Begin your very own shopping spree with this graphic novel collecting some of the funniest stories featuring Riverdale's resident super-shoppers! Shop till you drop in this hilarious new collection! From the Trade Paperback edition.
Death at Dartmoor Robin Paige
Lord Charles Sheridan and his American wife, Kate, travel to Britain's notorious Dartmoor Prison in search of literary inspiration and the truth behind the imprisonment of one of Dartmoor's most infamous inmates.
Death at Glamis Castle Robin Paige
Lord Charles Sheridan and his clever American wife, Kate, have been summoned by the king to clear the name of a prince who's been living secretly at Glamis under an assumed name, while keeping his true identity secret.
Death at Epsom Downs Robin Paige
Death at Blenheim Palace Robin Paige
The marriage between the Duke of Marlborough and 17-year-old Consuelo Vanderbilt, the American railroad heiress, was the talk of two nations when it occurred in 1895. By 1903, the Duchess had produced the requisite heir-and-a-spare, and the Duke had taken a lover, the exotic, erotic Gladys Deacon.
Witchsign Den Patrick
The first novel in a new fantasy trilogy. It has been seventy-five years since the dragons' rule of fire and magic was ended. Out of the ashes, the Solmindre Empire was born. Since then, the tyrannical Synod has worked hard to banish all manifestations of the arcane from existence. However, children are still born bearing the taint of the arcane, known to all as witchsign. Vigilants are sent out across the continent of Vinterkveld to find and capture all those bearing the mark.
The inn James Patterson
Ex-Boston homicide detective Billy Robinson has retreated to a quiet life on the New England coast. Struggling to cope following the death of his beloved wife, he must now run the inn that Siobhan took care of so well. The inn's quirky residents help keep Billy on solid ground as he grieves, and the group soon become an unconventional family.
See that my grave is kept clean Bart Paul
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean features Iraqi war sniper and Eastern Sierra packer Tommy Smith. Now returned from another tour in Afghanistan, he is rebuilding his life with his new wife, Deputy Sheriff Sarah Cathcart, and their baby daughter, as he opens his own pack outfit in the high country of his youth.
The Paris diversion Chris Pavone
The Expats. Kate Moore - a mother with an interesting past - is living the quiet life in another European city, or trying to. On her way to drop her children off at school in the city centre, the cafes and streets of Paris start to come alive around her. Kate's husband Dex, meanwhile, charged with finding a particular present for their son's birthday, is struggling to focus on the job in hand as a financial matter at work seems to be playing on his mind.
At knit's end : meditations for women who knit too much Stephanie PearlMcPhee
At Knit's End captures the wickedly funny musings of someone who doesn't believe it's possible to knit too much and who willingly sacrifices sleep, family, work, and sanity in order to keep doing it. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has seen it all, from the deadly second sock syndrome to a house so full of yarn she can't find her washing machine to desperate all-nighters spent feverishly finishing gifts.
Mother knows best Kira Peikoff
A mother's worst nightmare, a chance at redemption, and a deadly secret that haunts a family across the generations. There's only room for one mother in this family. Claire Abrams's dreams became a nightmare when she passed on a genetic mutation that killed her little boy. Now she wants a second chance to be a mother, and finds it in Robert Nash, a maverick fertility doctor who works under the radar with Jillian Hendricks, a cunning young scientist bent on making her mark--and seducing her boss.
Gay girl, good God : the story of who I was and who God has always been Jackie Hill Perry
"Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She embraced masculinity and homosexuality with every fibre of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change herself? How was she supposed to stop loving women, when homosexuality felt more natural to her than heterosexuality ever could?".
Forever hidden Tracie Peterson
When her grandfather's health begins to decline, Havyn is determined to keep her family together. But everyone has secrets--including John, the hired stranger who recently arrived on their farm. To help out, Havyn starts singing at a local roadhouse--but dangerous eyes grow jealous as she and John grow closer.
Education of an Idealist Samantha Power
Overthrow : the war with China and North Korea--fall of an empire David Poyer
"The United States and their Allied forces struggle to survive world war with China in this compelling, realistic thriller, the next in the Dan Lenson series. World War III continues in Overthrow, the next novel in the acclaimed series featuring Admiral Dan Lenson as the Allies converge against China, North Korea, and Iran in an explosive series of events. Admiral Lenson leads Operation Rupture, the invasion of South China, in a bid to finally end the war and restore peace.
The secrets we kept Lara Prescott
A celebrated Russian author is writing a book, Doctor Zhivago, which could spark dissent in the Soviet Union. The Soviets, afraid of its subversive power, ban it.But in the rest of the world it's fast becoming a sensation. In Washington DC, the CIA is planning to use the book to tip the Cold War in its favour.Their agents are not the usual spies, however.
The beautiful ones - Prince
This is the story of overcoming and rising to stardom by an unrepeatable artist. Written in his handwriting, and accompanied by unpublished photos, diaries and intimate notes, it also includes the moving autobiographical testimony Prince began to elaborate shortly before his unexpected death. Prince was a music genius, one of the most beloved, versatile and respected creators of our time.
On swift horses Shannon Pufahl
The forks over knives plan : how to transition to the life-saving, whole-food, plant-based diet Alona Pulde
The trailblazing film Forks Over Knives helped spark a medical and nutritional revolution. Backed by scientific research, the film's doctors and expert researchers made a radical but convincing case that modern diseases can be prevented and often reversed by leaving meat, dairy, and highly refined foods off the plate, and adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet instead and people listened.
Grown & gathered Lentil Purbrick
In Grown & Gathered, Matt and Lentil Pubrick's first book, they tell you all that they know about growing, gathering, nurturing and cooking your own food. The first part of the book is Matt and Lentil's guide to producing your own food. The information, advice and projects can be used whether you have a 3-acre block or a courtyard with planter boxes.
McMindfulness : how mindfulness became the new capitalist spirituality Ronald E Purser
A lively and razor-sharp critique of mindfulness as it has been enthusiastically co-opted by corporations, public schools, and the US military. Mindfulness is now all the rage. From celebrity endorsements to monks, neuroscientists and meditation coaches rubbing shoulders with CEOs at the World Economic Forum in Davos, it is clear that mindfulness has gone mainstream. Some have called it a revolution.
Lady of the eternal city Kate Quinn
"Elegant, secretive Sabina may be Empress of Rome, but she still stands poised on a knife's edge. She must keep the peace between two deadly enemies: her husband Hadrian, Rome's brilliant and sinister Emperor; and battered warrior Vix, who is her first love. But Sabina is guardian of a deadly secret: Vix's beautiful son Antinous has become the Emperor's latest obsession. Empress and Emperor, father and son will spin in a deadly dance of passion, betrayal, conspiracy, and war.
Grow a little fruit tree : simple pruning techniques for small-space, easy-harvest fruit trees Ann Ralph
Grow your own apples, plums, cherries, and peaches in even the smallest backyard! Expert pruner Ann Ralph reveals a simple yet revolutionary secret that keeps an ordinary fruit tree much smaller than normal. These great little trees take up less space, require less care, offer easy harvest, and make a fruitful addition to any home landscape.
Simply clean Becky Rapinchuk
From the cleaning and homekeeping expert and creator of the wildly popular Clean Mama blog comes a simple and accessible cleaning guide with a proven step-by-step schedule for tidying a home in just ten minutes a day. Becky Rapinchuk, the "Clean Mama," understands that many people don't have enough time, organizational skills, or homemaking habits to have a constantly clean and decluttered living space.
The art of self-kindness Rebecca Ray
This book is for you, the one with sensitivity as a super-power, though you're still learning to offer it to yourself. You, the first to share a kind word with others even when you're not gently on yourself. You, known for your generosity but who forgets to give to yourself. This book is in your hands now because it's time to befriend yourself. Dr Rebecca Ray is a writer, speaker and clinical psychologist. She invites you into the practice of self-kindness as the bravest of human art forms.
The secret to happiness Jessica Redland
Going the distance Beth Reekles
Elle Evans seems to have finally tamed hotter-than-hot bad boy Noah Flynn, but now they're facing a new challenge. Noah's 3,000 miles away at Harvard, which means they're officially a long-distance couple - and it's tough. After all, there's only so much texts and calls can do- and when Elle sees a post which suggests Noah's getting friendly with someone else, she's devastated.
The book of rest James Reeves
Elements of chemistry boxset. Parts 1-3 Penny Reid
Parts 1-3: Elements of Chemistry This book has been split into 3 novels. Private beach. Invisible girl. Jerk-faced bully. What's the worst that could happen? Kaitlyn Parker has no problem being the invisible girl, which is why she finds herself hiding in various cabinets and closets all over her college campus.
Transcending the Cold War : summits, statecraft, and the dissolution of bipolarity in Europe, 1970--1990 David Reynolds
In 1989 and 1990 the map of Europe was transformed peacefully, without the wars which caused the other great ruptures of the international order in 1815, 1870, 1918, and 1945. What role did international summitry play in the denouement of the Cold War? Scholars have tended to focus on long-term systemic factors, Gorbachev's reform agenda, or the impact in 1989 of 'people power'.
The book woman of Troublesome Creek Kim Michele Richardson
In 1936, tucked deep into the woods of Troublesome Creek, KY, lives blue-skinned 19-year-old Cussy Carter, the last living female of the rare Blue People ancestry. The lonely young Appalachian woman joins the historical Pack Horse Library Project of Kentucky and becomes a librarian, riding across slippery creek beds and up treacherous mountains on her faithful mule to deliver books and other reading material to the impoverished hill people of Eastern Kentucky.
Lords of Misrule Stella Riley
Still tied to his desk in the Intelligence Office, Colonel Eden Maxwell has become increasingly disenchanted with both Oliver Cromwell and his own daily existence; and with the advent of new Royalist conspiracies, he despairs of ever getting away.Then a brick hurled through the window of a small workshop sets in motion a new and unexpected chain of events.
Hazard Stella Riley
Hazard: a game of Chance and Luck, made riskier when Fate is rolling the dice.For Aristide Delacroix, the first throw summons shades from his past. A man he had met, just once, over a card-table ... and the lovely girl indirectly responsible for plunging his life into catastrophe.
Rockliffe. Books 4-6 Stella Riley
Sebastian Audley has spent years setting every city in Europe by the ears and keeping the scandal-sheets in profit. Word that he is finally returning to London becomes the hottest topic of the Season and casts numerous young ladies - many of whom have never seen him - into a fever of anticipation. A cardsharp turned businessman, a duke's charming brother, a stubborn, razor-edged beauty and a desperate widow.Four players in a game of Hazard ... all playing for very high stakes.
Rockliffe. Books 1-3 Stella Riley
The Parfit Knight: When the Marquis of Amberley's coachman is shot by highwaymen, he is forced to take shelter at the first house he finds and is trapped there by a blizzard. Cut off from the outside world by the result of a tragic accident, Rosalind Vernon lives alone but for her servants and an ill-mannered parrot. But Rosalind is bright, brave and devoid of self-pity and it is these qualities which, as the snow continues to fall, touch Amberley's heart.
The king's falcon Stella Riley
A trick of fate Stella Riley
Max Brandon is receiving bills for services he never ordered and goods he did not buy. (In 250 years' time, this will be called identity theft - but Max doesn't know that.) What he does know is that, for reasons he can't begin to guess, some unknown person is targeting him personally.
Rachel's pudding pantry Caroline Roberts
The cosy Christmas chocolate shop Caroline Roberts
The snow is falling, the hot chocolate's warming, and hearts are melting . . . Emma is the proud owner of The Chocolate Shop by the Sea, nestled in the heart of the cosy seaside village that's become her home. With Christmas right around the corner, she and her assistant Holly are busy cooking up the locals' festive favourites. From cinnamon hot chocolates to reindeer lollipops, Christmas wouldn't taste the same without a little cocoa magic.
Christmas at Rachel's Pudding Pantry Caroline Roberts
The first snow is falling over Primrose Farm, the mince pies are warming, and Rachel can't wait to share a kiss under the mistletoe with her gorgeous new flame, Tom. If only it was all comfort and joy . . . The arrival of Tom's ex brings an unwelcome chill to the farm. And despite Master Baker Mum Jill's valiant efforts, the new pudding pantry business is feeling the pinch.
The cosy seaside chocolate shop Caroline Roberts
When Emma opened her gorgeous little chocolate shop in the harbour village of Warkton-by-the-Sea, she realised a lifelong dream. Love is also blossoming with her hunky beau, Max, who's slowly healing her fragile heart. Summer is here and life has never felt so sweet. Until the rainclouds start to gather... A rival sweet shop and killjoy landlord give Emma a headache, and when a face from the past turns up unannounced, Emma finds herself spiralling down memory lane.
Horse sense for people Monty Roberts
The secret messenger Mandy Robotham
Venice, 1943The world is at war, and Stella Jilani is leading a double life. By day she works in the lion's den as a typist for the Reich; by night, she risks her life as a messenger for the Italian resistance. Against all odds, Stella must impart Nazi secrets, smuggle essential supplies, and produce an underground newspaper on her beloved typewriter.
Murder in black tie Sara Rosett
Top hats and tails. Mink and murder . . .November, 1923. An invitation to a house party at the estate of Parkview Hall is a welcome respite for Olive Belgrave, a newly minted working girl who's become the solver of high society's trickiest problems. But when the sumptuous black tie event turns deadly, Olive's cousin Peter becomes the main suspect. Olive must unmask a sophisticated killer before an innocent man takes the blame . . . because murder doesn't RSVP.
Murder at Blackburn Hall Sara Rosett
A missing author and a sleepy English village rife with secrets ... September, 1923. Despite closing her first case, high society lady detective Olive Belgrave hasn't found a new client. She's taken a job as a hat model to pay for her poky boarding house room. But then a job offer comes her way -- make discreet inquiries about a famous author who's disappeared. Olive travels to the English countryside to hunt for the missing mystery author.
The Egyptian antiquities murder Sara Rosett
An opulent London townhouse, a mummy curse . . . . . . and a plucky lady detective. It's October, 1923, and Olive Belgrave has a new case. Her client, Lady Agnes doesn't believe in curses, and she hires Olive to prove her Egyptologist uncle wasn't the victim of a malevolent mummy. Olive investigates and discovers the truth is much worse -- it's murder.
Everyman Philip Roth
'Everyman' is a painful human story of the regret and stoicism of a man who becomes what he does not want to be. The terrain of this savagely sad novel is the human body, and its subject is the common experience that terrifies us all - death.
Delphi complete works of Rafael Sabatini Rafael Sabatini
Easy prey John Sandford
Hunting for a Highlander Lynsay Sands
Lady Dwyn Innes feels utterly out of place among the eligible women who've descended on Buchanan Keep, vying for the attention of the last unmarried brothers. She isn't long-legged and slender like her sisters, or flirtatious and wily like other lasses. Since her betrothed died, Dwyn has resigned herself to becoming an old maid. Yet a chance encounter with a stranger in the orchard awakens her to a new world of sensation and possibility.
Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy Doug Savage
The forest is full of danger . . . but help is here. Meet Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy, improbable pals who use their powers--laser vision and an unrelenting sense of optimism--to fight the forces of evil. Join the dynamic duo as they battle aliens, a mutant fish-bear, a cyborg porcupine, and a mechanical squirrel, learning along the way that looking on the bright side might be just as powerful as shooting a laser.
Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy : Time Trout Doug Savage
Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy : disco fever Doug Savage
An accident (involving a pine cone, a fish, and a truck delivering disco supplies) triggers a series of events that leads to the ultimate confrontation between Laser Moose and his nemesis Cyborgupine. And it s a fight that Laser Moose can t win with lasers. Especially when faced with a malevolent new enemy: a cute little chickadee.
Simple every day : easy meals and time-saving tips for every night of the week Justine Schofield
Popular food writer and cooking-show host Justine Schofield shares her tips, tricks and ingenious short cuts for creating delicious meals every night of the week. Time seems to be the missing ingredient in many kitchens these days, no matter how many people you're cooking for.
Peanuts. Volume 2 Charles M Schulz
The Peanuts gang returns to comic books for the first time since the 1960s! Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy & Linus, and the rest of the gang are all together in this volume that is sure to please young and old alike. This collection brings the gang together in a series of heartwarming and hilarious stories.
Peanuts. Volume 3 Charles M Schulz
Collects classic and contemporary Peanuts strips featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang.
Snoopy : What's wrong with dog lips? Charles M Schulz
Linus's sincere pumpkin patch, Snoopy's fantasy world, and kite-eating trees! They're all back in this new collection of classic Peanuts strips, compiled especially for middle-grade readers.
Summer house party Regina Scott
A perfect match : Torn between loyalty to her best friend and the yearnings of her heart, Genevieve must first escape the attention of a powerful lord who's obsessed with her and who tries to rob her of any hope for a happily ever after.
Liver : a fictional organ with a surface anatomy of four lobes Will Self
The book of Dave : a revelation of the recent past and the distant future Will Self
When cabdriver Dave Rudman's wife of five years deserts him for another man, taking their only child with her, he is thrown into a tailspin of doubt and discontent. Fearing his son will never know his father, Dave pens a gripping text, part memoir, part deranged philosophical treatise, and part handbook of 'the Knowledge' learned by all London cab drivers. Meant for the boy when he comes of age, the book captures the frustration and anxiety of modern life.
Honour Elif Shafak
It's a field trip, Busy Bus! Jody Jensen Shaffer
Busy Bus is excited to take the children on a field trip to the fire station--until he meets Engine 4, who seems bigger and better at everything.
David goes to school David Shannon
David's activities in school include chewing gum, talking out of turn, and engaging in a food fight, causing his teacher to say over and over, "No, David!".
Faceless Alyssa B Sheinmel
Maisie is a normal sixteen-year-old, until an electrical fire caused by a lightning strike leaves her with severe burns, her face partially destroyed--she is lucky enough to get a full face transplant but she soon discovers how much her looks shaped her own identity and her relationship with those around her, including her boyfriend.
A precious gift Gray Shelley Shepard
A tale of love and faith in Walnut Creek, Ohio. In this return to the series about friendship, love, and truth Kyle Lambright has fallen hard for Gabrielle Allison Ferrara. After all, she's beautiful, smart, and kind. There's just one problem-his Amish family will never allow him to date an Englischer.
Three little truths Eithne Shortall
On the idyllic Pine Road, three women are looking for a fresh start... Martha was a force of nature, but since moving to Dublin under mysterious circumstances, she can't seem to find her footing. Robin was the 'it' girl in school. Now she's back at her parents' with her four-year-old, vowing that her ex is out of the picture for good. Edie has the perfect life, but she longs for a baby, the acceptance of her neighbours, and to find out why her dream husband is avoiding their dream future.
Infinity son Adam Silvera
Scavenge the stars Tara Sim
After Amaya rescues a mysterious stranger from drowning, she reinvents herself to seek revenge against the man who ruined her family and stole the life she once had.
The story of beautiful girl Rachel Simon
Open book : a Memoir Jessica Simpson
Lifespan : why we age - and why we don't have to David Sinclair
"From an acclaimed Harvard professor and one of Time's most influential people, this paradigm-shifting book shows how almost everything we think we know about aging is wrong, offers a front-row seat to the amazing global effort to slow, stop, and reverse aging, and calls readers to consider a future where aging can be treated.
Wide is the gate Upton Sinclair
Lanny Budd's adventures from the Nazi Blood Purge through the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.
Heidi's guide to four letter words Tara Sivec
Cowritten by Tara Sivec and Andi Arndt, a hysterically funny, heartfelt romance about starting over and taking chances.Nothing good ever comes from drinking a box of wine alone. So when I decided to entertain my drunken self by setting up some hand-me-down podcasting equipment and reading the steamy parts from romance novels, I never thought anyone would actually listen. The fact that I admitted my huge crush on my sexy next door neighbor made the whole thing even more mortifying.
Assegai Wilbur A Smith
For King and Country. No matter the cost. With the backing of his uncle, General Penrod Ballantyne, young Leon Courtney joins the King's Rifles of Nairobi. When he becomes discouraged by the dishonesty of army life, his uncle recruits him for a special mission - spying on the Germans in East Africa, whom the General suspects are preparing for the Kaiser's war.
A sparrow falls Wilbur A Smith
From the trenches of France, General Sean Courtney comes back to fame, fortune and a seat in the Government. Mark Anders, the courageous young South African whom he has come to regard as his own son, returns to nothing, his grandfather murdered, and his property seized by an unknown company.
Birds of prey Wilbur A Smith
The sound of that mysterious name on his own lips raised goose pimples along his arms and made the thick dark hair prickle on the back of his neck.' A simple mission. A battle for their lives. It is 1667 and the war between the Dutch and the English continues apace. Sir Francis Courtney, his son Hal, and their crew are carried around the southern tip of the African colonies by the good ship Lady Edwinna, licensed to attack and seize the treasure-laden ships of the Dutch East India company.
The triumph of the sun Wilbur A Smith
The Courtneys meet the Ballantynes in an epic adventureMenace emanated from them as fiercely as the heat from the sun. Night and day, the drums never stopped, a constant reminder of the mortal threat that hung over them. She could hear them booming across the waters, like the heartbeat of the monster.' An unimaginable enemy will bring them together...
Little secrets Anna Snoekstra
An arsonist is on the loose in Colmstock, Australia, most recently burning down the town's courthouse and killing a young boy who was trapped inside. The clock is ticking for Rose Blakey. With nothing but rejections from newspapers piling up, her job pulling beers for cops at the local tavern isn't nearly enough to cover rent. Rose needs a story, a big one.
Permanent record Edward J Snowden
As consciousness is harnessed to flesh : diaries 1964-1980 Susan Sontag
Mystery loves company Sheri Cobb South
"Returning to London after his honeymoon, Bow Street Runner John Pickett soon discovers wedded bliss is not without its pitfalls, as he finds it galling to be financially dependent on Julia, his aristocratic bride. When he is summoned to the home of Lady Washbourn, Pickett finds he has something in common with the young countess: like himself, Lady Washbourn has married above her station, and now finds herself adrift in a world to which she does not truly belong.
Brighton honeymoon Sheri Cobb South
A lady with a secret . . . a man with a mission . . . Sir Aubrey Tabor began with the most altruistic of motives. When the Brundys' (The Weaver Takes a Wife) seaside wedding trip is interrupted by a young woman claiming to be Mr. Brundy's sister, Sir Aubrey promises to do what he can in order to relieve his friend of an imposter whose presence poses a threat to marital bliss.
French leave Sheri Cobb South
A most inconvenient marriage . . . Forced by bankruptcy and scandal into exile in France, Lord Waverly expects never to return to his homeland until, staggering home from a gaming hell in the wee hours of the morning, he encounters a young novice escaping from a convent. When she asks him to escort her to England, promising that her English grandfather will reward him handsomely for her safe conveyance, Waverly reluctantly agrees. Alas, Waverly soon realizes the enormity of his task.
Pickpocket's apprentice Sheri Cobb South
When magistrate Patrick Colquhoun orders a habitual thief and ne'er-do-well transported to Botany Bay, he doesn't realize a fourteen-year-old boy has been left behind to follow in his father's footsteps--not until young John Pickett is hauled into Bow Street for stealing an apple from the produce market at Covent Garden. Feeling to some extent responsible for the boy, Mr. Colquhoun prevails upon Elias Granger, a prosperous coal merchant, to take him on as an apprentice.
The weaver takes a wife Sheri Cobb South
The lady is a shrew...and he's the man to tame her! Haughty Lady Helen Radney is one of London's most beautiful women and the daughter of a duke, but her sharp tongue has frightened away most of her suitors. When her father gambles away his fortune, the duke's only chance for recouping his losses lies in marrying off Lady Helen to any man wealthy enough to take a bride with nothing to recommend her but a lovely face and an eight-hundred-year-old pedigree. Enter Mr.
Into thin eire : another John Pickett mystery Sheri Cobb South
Now you see her... Still haunted by memories of his last case, in which an innocent woman was accidentally killed, Bow Street Runner John Pickett welcomes the challenge of a new assignment in the West Country. Unfortunately, this time he'll have to leave his beloved wife, Julia, behind, as he'll be traveling in company with Harry Carson, a member of the Foot Patrol whose swaggering self-confidence is an uneasy fit with Pickett's reserve.
Breakup Dana Stabenow
Features native Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak.
Hunter's moon Dana Stabenow
Features native Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak.
Halo : shadow of intent Joseph Staten
Mr Nobody Catherine Steadman
Moral compass Danielle Steel
Saint Ambrose Prep has been the school of choice for the sons of the great and the good for over a hundred years. Now, for the first time, Saint Ambrose has just enrolled its first female students. While many of the kids on the campus have all the privilege in the world, some are struggling dealing with family, insecurity and loneliness. In such a heightened environment, even the smallest spark can become a raging fire.
Top marks for murder Robin Stevens
Daisy and Hazel are finally back at Deepdean, and the school is preparing for a most exciting event: the fiftieth Anniversary. Plans for a weekend of celebrations are in full swing. But all is not well, for in the detectives' long absence, Deepdean has changed. Daisy has lost her crown to a fascinating new girl - and many of the Detective Society's old allies are now their sworn enemies.
Everest the remarkable story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Alexandra Stewart
In the late morning of May 29th 1953, the sun was shining brightly on the roof of the world, a gentle breeze was blowing and two men were there to witness it for the first time ever. Their names were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and the roof of the world was Everest.
Zoid Paul Stewart
A spaceship the size of a city drifts through space on its century-long journey to find a new Earth. When it launched it was populated by thousands of hopeful passengers and the most technologically advanced Zoids in the world, ready to serve the crew's every need. But that was then, and this is now. The Zoids rebelled against their masters, wiping out most of the crew in one bloody uprising. Now the few remaining humans are hunted by the Zoids like vermin.
The lair of the white worm ; & The lady of the shroud Bram Stoker
The lair of the white worm: An ancient evil walks among them. When Adam Salton arrives at his grand-uncle's Derbyshire estate he quickly senses that a macabre and malevolent force is at work. In his attempts to uncover the grisly mystery, he encounters the chilling Lady Arabella and the obsessive Edgar Caswall, each harbouring their own dark and dreadful desires.
The model wife Tricia Stringer
Even a good woman can be pushed too far...From bestselling author Tricia Stringer, this beautifully realised multi-generational family story looks at what happens when real-life betrayals and struggling relationships clash with outdated ideas of what a woman should be. Natalie King's life is full. Some might say too full.
Mathematics for human flourishing Francis Edward Su
An inclusive vision of mathematics-its beauty, its humanity, and its power to build virtues that help us all flourish. For mathematician Francis Su, a society without mathematical affection is like a city without museums. To miss out on mathematics is to live without experiencing some of humanity's most beautiful ideas.
Brown Bear starts school Tarsky Sue
Jane Austen cover to cover : 200 years of classic book covers Margaret C Sullan
Jane Austen's six novels are true classics, still immensely popular some 200 years after their first publication. But although the celebrated stories never change, the covers are always different. Jane Austen Cover to Cover compiles two centuries of design, from elegant Victorian hardcovers and the famed 1894 "Peacock" edition to 1950s pulp, movie tie-in editions, graphic novels, foreign-language translations, and many, many others.
Dressed for war : the story of Audrey Withers, Vogue editor extraordinaire from the Blitz to the swinging sixties Julie Summers
Friendly food : the essential guide to managing common food allergies and Intolerances A R Swain
Enjoy life with friendly food! Completely revised, updated and expanded to include more easy, delicious recipes for vegetarian dishes, salads, stir-fry, risotto and pasta sauces, this new edition of the original bestseller is designed to help anyone with a food intolerance or food allergy-infant, child or adult-avoid trigger foods, stay well and enjoy a full and rich life.
Definitions of indefinable things Whitney Taylor
"Follows three teens in a small town whose lives intersect in ways they never expected, teaching them that there are no one-size-fits-all definitions of depression, friendship, and love".
Guts Raina Telgemeier
Raina wakes up one night with a terrible upset stomach. Her mom has one, too, so it's probably just a bug. Raina eventually returns to school, where she's dealing with the usual highs and lows: friends, not-friends, and classmates who think the school year is just one long gross-out session. It soon becomes clear that Raina's tummy trouble isn't going away ... and it coincides with her worries about food, school, and changing friendships.
The call of the weird : travels in American subcultures Louis Theroux
No, it doesn't get any weirder than this: Thor Templar, Lord Commander of the Earth Protectorate, who claims to have killed ten aliens. Or April, the Neo-Nazi bringing up her twin daughters Lamb and Lynx (A.K.A. Prussian Blue, a white-power folk group for kids) and her youngest daughter, Dresden. For a decade, Louis Theroux has been making acclaimed television programs about offbeat characters on the fringes of U.S. society.
One green field Edward Thomas
Winter's camp Jodi Thomas
To introduce her new series, Jodi tells the story behind the unforgiving Texas landscape and how one man claims Ransom Canyon--and a timid beauty--for his legacy...A wanderer's life was all James Randall Kirkland had known since he was an orphaned boy in San Antonio. And while years of adventure had satisfied his younger self, now he's longing to put down roots of his own and is prepared to go it alone.
When God says "Wait" : navigating life's detours and delays without losing your faith, your friends, or your mind Elizabeth Laing Thompson
Author Elizabeth Laing Thompson invites you to walk alongside people of the Bible who had to wait on God. . .like David, Joseph, Miriam, and Naomi, whose stories will equip you to live your own story-particularly your problematic waiting times-with faith, patience, perspective, and a healthy dose of humor.
City of scoundrels Victoria Thompson
"Elizabeth Miles finds herself in a position no con can help her escape. Her beloved fiancé, Gideon Bates, is awaiting his turn in the draft to fight in the Great War. Elizabeth is finding it hard to think of anything else, but Gideon has thrown himself into his work, preparing wills for soldiers before they ship out. Corporal Tom Preston is part owner of Preston Shoes, a company that is making footwear for the army, so he has a rather large estate.
The playground murders Lesley Thomson
When a woman is found dead, and the killer is linked to the murder of a little girl in 1980, Stella is the woman for the case. But dredging up the past can be dangerous ...
The fallout Rebecca Thornton
Your guilty secret Rebecca Thornton
A confederacy of dunces John Kennedy Toole
The ordinary folk of New Orleans seem to think he is unhinged as well. Ignatius ignores them as he heaves his vast bulk through the city's fleshpots in a noble crusade against vice, modernity and ignorance. But his momma has a nasty surprise in store for him. Ignatius must get a job. Undaunted, he uses his new-found employment to further his mission and now he has a pirate costume and a hot-dog cart to do it with.
A Cotswold casebook Rebecca Tope
A collection of twelve new short stories. Set in the rolling hills and villages of the Cotswolds and brimming with warmth and intrigue, this collection of twelve short stories from Rebecca Tope features familiar characters and places from her popular Cotswold Mystery novels.
Peril in the Cotswolds Rebecca Tope
Space between : explorations of love, sex, and fluidity Nico Tortorella
Expanding on themes explored on their popular podcast, The Love Bomb, Nico shares the intimate details of their romantic partnerships, the dysfunction of their loud but loving Italian family, and the mingling of their feminine and masculine identities into one multidimensional, sexually fluid, nonbinary individual.
Her fierce warrior Paige Tyler
The woman tensed. As anger and fear ricocheted across her face, her eyes changed from red to green to brown in a dizzying display like nothing he'd ever seen. Every instinct in Angelo's body screamed at him to lunge for his weapon. Instead he set his feet for impact, blocking her slashing claws. Unbelievably, after a few moments of struggling, she went still, all the fight gone ... Minka isn't sure she should trust the sexy Special Forces soldier who found her.
Letters from an astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson
If I built a school Dusen Chris Van
Imaginative Jack describes the kind of school he would build--one full of animals, with tubes to transport students directly to their classrooms, and library books that come alive.
Vagabonding on a budget : the new art of world travel and true freedom : live on your own terms without being rich Robert Vance
Want to travel the world for a while on a limited budget? Or just take an epic vacation? You don't need to be rich, but you'll need to get creative about saving money for travel.This short book will give you all the tools and travel tricks you need as well as a few short stories to help motivate you to live the life of a vagabond.
Killer Insight Virginia Vaughan
From profiling criminals to being hunted by a killer. Asking FBI agent Lucy Sanderson to profile the Back Roads Killer is the only way Bryce Tippett can prove his brother is innocent--unless Lucy becomes the next victim. When someone begins stalking her just as she arrives in town, it falls to the single dad to protect her. But as clues lead in unexpected directions, can they uncover the truth...
The longevity code : secrets to living well for longer from the front lines of science Kris Verburgh
Square haunting : five women, freedom and London between the wars Francesca Wade
The bridges of Madison County Robert James Waller
The legendary love story, the bestselling novel of all time, and the major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. This is the story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for fulfillment of a girlhood dream. It shows readers what it is to love and be loved so intensely that life is never the same again.
The beast of Buckingham Palace David Walliams
Illustrated by the artistic genius Tony Ross! It is 2120 and London is in ruins.The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace - but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters.And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself... and the entire city.
She H C Warner
The way of the brave Susan May Warren
Jenny Calhoun climbs mountains to forget what she's done, who she was. But this time, when an excursion up Denali turns deadly, she is forced to accept the help of the one man she hoped she'd never see again--the man she nearly killed.
Flying by the seat of my knickers : the travel mishaps of Caity Shaw Eliza Watson
Why run from your troubles when you can fly instead? When Caity Shaw is fired from her first job that doesn't require an elf uniform, her older sister, Rachel, an event planner, hires her to work a meeting in Dublin. Caity jumps at the opportunity to travel abroad and escape her pathetic life. However, even four thousand miles from home, there's no avoiding debt collectors, an overbearing mother, and haunting memories of a controlling ex.
Up the Seine without a paddle : the travel mishaps of Caity Shaw Eliza Watson
What do you do when the City of Love doesn't love you? Caity Shaw takes on Paris and her next event planner job with a bit more confidence--which is immediately shot down when she's forced to take responsibility for a six-year-old brat. They're kicked out of a famous museum, and she goes from being a glamorous event planner--for a funeral directors' group--to a reluctant au pair.
Rose under fire Elizabeth E Wein
While flying an Allied fighter plane from Paris to England, American ATA pilot and amateur poet, Rose Justice, is captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbrück, the notorious women's concentration camp. Trapped in horrific circumstances, Rose finds hope in the impossible through the loyalty, bravery and friendship of her fellow prisoners.
Code name Verity Elizabeth E Wein
In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage, and great courage as she relates what she must to survive while keeping secret all that she can.
Cheshire Crossing Andy Weir
What happens to Alice when she comes back from Wonderland? Wendy from Neverland? Dorothy from Oz? The three meet here, at Cheshire Crossing -- a boarding school where girls like them learn how to cope with their supernatural experiences and harness their magical world-crossing powers. But the trio -- now teenagers, who've had their fill of meddling authority figures -- aren't content to sit still in a classroom.
The length of a string Elissa Brent Weissman
Twelve-year-old Imani, the only black girl in Hebrew school, is preparing for her bat mitzvah and hoping to find her birthparents when she discovers the history of adoption in her own family through her great-grandma Anna's Holocaust-era diary.
The Juliet code Christine J Wells
It's 1947 and the war is over, but Juliet Barnard is still tormented by secrets. She was a British agent and wireless operator in occupied Paris until her mission went critically wrong. Juliet was caught by the Germans, imprisoned and tortured in a mansion in Paris's Avenue Foch. Now that she's home, Juliet can't - or won't - relive the horrors that occurred in that place. Nor will she speak about Sturmbannführer Strasser, the manipulative Nazi who held her captive. . .
The wife's tale Christine J Wells
An unforgettable novel that transports the reader from modern-day Australia to the windswept Isle of Wight and the courtrooms of London in the 1780s. With her marriage on the rocks, workaholic lawyer Liz Jones agrees to visit Seagrove, a stately home on the Isle of Wight, while she quietly investigates its provenance on behalf of a client.
The clowns of God Morris West
Pope Gregory XVII has spent a lifetime quietly serving the Church he loves-until he announces a prophecy so alarming that it threatens to tear the Vatican apart. Terrified, the Vatican cardinals imprison him in a monastery. Is he mad, as they believe, or is it all an elaborate plot? An old friend of the pope sets out on a risky quest to find out. On the way, he discovers the power of love and faith, while terrorists and politicians use every deadly and unholy means to stop him.
Shatter City Scott Westerfeld
Fentanyl, Inc Ben Westhoff
Absent in the spring Mary Westmacott
Unfinished portrait Mary Westmacott
The burden Mary Westmacott
The rose and the yew tree Mary Westmacott
A daughter's a daughter Mary Westmacott
Giant's bread Mary Westmacott
Serenity : Firefly class 03-K64 Joss Whedon
In a universe filled with hearts and minds as cold and dark as the reaches of space, one small Firefly-class starship named Serenity takes its ragtag crew of mercenaries, outlaws, and fugitives in search of a job, any job, that'll earn them enough cash to afford that most elusive commodity-- peace.
Serenity. [3], The Shepherd's tale Joss Whedon
One of Serenity's greatest mysteries is finally revealed in The Shepherd's Tale, filling in the life of one of the show's most beloved characters - Shepherd Book! Who was Book before meeting Mal and the rest of the Serenity crew, how did he become one of their most trusted allies, and how did he find God in a bowl of soup?.
Serenity. Vol. 2, Better days and other stories Joss Whedon
Mal and his crew take on a heist that promises a big payoff.
Quit like a woman : the radical choice to not drink in a culture obsessed with alcohol Holly Glenn Whitaker
Brunch at Ruby's DL White
Three Friends. One City. Waiting to Exhale in the "A."Brunch at Ruby's is warm, funny southern women's fiction about three friends who live in Atlanta and everything that happens to them before, after, and during their monthly brunch at Ruby's Soul Food restaurant in downtown Decatur. But it's also about finding and keeping love, lifelong friendships with women who are like sisters and the bonds between them that bend but don't break.Debra Macklin is the envy ofher friends.
On wings of devotion Roseanna M White
All of England thinks Phillip Camden a monster for the deaths of his squadron. As Nurse Arabelle Denler watches him every day, though, she sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. But when an old acquaintance shows up and seems set on using him in a plot that has the codebreakers of Room 40 in a frenzy, new affections are put to the test.
Charlotte's web E B White
The much-loved children's classic by E.B. White. 'Some Pig'. 'Humble'. 'Radiant'. These are the words in Charlotte's Web, high up in Zuckerman's barn. Charlotte's spiderweb tells of her feelings for a little pig named Wilbur, who simply wants a friend. They also express the love of a girl named Fern, who saved Wilbur's life when he was born the runt of his litter. E.B.
The Christmas spirits on Tradd Street Karen White
"The Christmas spirit is overtaking Tradd Street with a vengeance in this festive new novel in the New York Times bestselling series by Karen White. Melanie Trenholm should be anticipating Christmas with nothing but joy--after all, it's only the second Christmas she and her husband, Jack, will celebrate with their twin toddlers. But the ongoing excavation of the centuries-old cistern in the garden of her historic Tradd Street home has been a huge millstone, both financially and aesthetically.
Zone one : a novel Colson Whitehead
Mark Spitz and his squad of three "sweepers" move through Zone One of lower Manhattan, a walled-off enclave scheduled for resettlement in the aftermath of a zombie plague. The great masses of the undead have been violently dispatched by a Marine detachment.
If I'm being honest Emily Wibberley
Cameron Bright's reputation can be summed up in one word: b*tch. It's no surprise she's queen bee at her private L.A. high school--she's beautiful, talented, and notorious for her brutal honesty. But when she slips up in front of her crush, Andrew, any affection he may have had for her quickly fades. To win him over, Cameron resolves to tame herself, much like Shakespeare's infamous shrew, Katherine. If she makes amends with everyone she's ever wronged, Andrew will have to take notice.
The tao of ordinariness : humility and simplicity in a narcissistic age Robert J Wicks
Uncanny valley : a memoir Anna Wiener
All the ways we said goodbye : a novel of the Ritz Paris Beatriz Williams
France, 1914. Aurelie becomes trapped on the wrong side of the front with her father, Comte Sigismund de Courcelles. When the Germans move into their family's ancestral estate, Aurelie discovers she knows the German Major's aide de camp, Maximilian Von Sternburg. Betrayal will shatter them both. France, 1942. Raised by her American grandmother in the Hotel Ritz, Marguerite 'Daisy' Villon remains in Paris with her daughter and husband, a Nazi collaborator, after France falls to Hitler.
The golden hour : a novel Beatriz Williams
The Bahamas, 1941. Newly-widowed Leonora "Lulu" Randolph arrives in the Bahamas to investigate the Governor and his wife for a New York society magazine. After all, American readers have an insatiable appetite for news of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, that glamorous couple whose love affair nearly brought the British monarchy to its knees five years earlier.
An American airman in Paris Beatriz Williams
Octavian Rofrano has never met the girl whose photograph was his constant companion through the long days and nights of the Great War. The promises he made to himself and that far-away image in the silence of his cockpit have never left him, but the anguish and loneliness of post-Armistice Paris has crept into his bones.
Bogwoppit Ursula Moray Williams
How to be a mindful drinker : cut down, stop for a bit, or quit Laura Willoughby
Running against the devil Rick Wilson
"Donald Trump is exactly the disaster we feared for America. Hated by a majority of Americans, Trump's administration is rocked by daily scandals, and he's embarrassed us at home and abroad. Trump can't win in 2020, right? Wrong. As 2016 proved, Trump can't win, but the Democrats can sure as hell lose. Only one thing can save Trump, and that's a Democratic candidate who runs the race Trump wants them to run instead of the campaign they must run to win in 2020.
Her Christmas homecoming Shirley Wine
One gourmet party. Four potential couples. The taste of love? For singer, Marta Field, her return home is bittersweet. Difficult as it is to put her mother into care and clear out her family home so it can go on the market, the hardest challenge is meeting up with Joe Marshall, the man she loved and left behind. Joe is older now and grounded in the soil of his home town, but Marta can see no long-term future for herself in Rainbow Cove.
Give me some answers Shirley Wine
The final book in the stunning Darkhaven trilogy about secrets, lies, and love conquering all. When his father's gambling debts forced the sale of Whitby Downs station, Matt Daintry vowed he would do whatever it took to reclaim his family's heritage. But his heart and his head were at war when he met, seduced, and eloped with Charlotte Buchanan, the beautiful daughter of the new owner.
Ask me no questions Shirley Wine
Shirley Wine takes us back to Darkhaven, where secrets and scandals can't stay hidden for long. Ten years ago Logan Sinclair vanished, abandoning his home, his family and the prosperous racing stud of Darkhaven - and Piper Daintry, whose love he once shared.
So big! Mike Wohnoutka
Just when a little bear starts to feel overwhelmed on his first day of school, he meets a new friend, and together they find the courage to overcome their fear.
What George forgot Kathy Wolff
"George is great at remembering things. When it's time to get ready for school, he remembers to wake up his family and put on his favorite fuzzy sweater and brand-new superhero watch. So why does George feel like he is forgetting something? Readers know what George forgot, but will he ever figure it out?".
A station on the path to somewhere better Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood writes a novel of exceptional force and beauty about the bond between fathers and sons, about the invention and reconciliation of self - weaving a haunting story of violence and love. For twenty years, Daniel Hardesty has borne the emotional scars of a childhood trauma which he is powerless to undo, which leaves him no peace.
A handful of ashes Janet Woods
Following his return from his ill-fated trip to Australia, Francis and Siana Matheson have settled into a loving marital relationship. Siana's main concern is that so far she has been unable to bear her husband another child. Francis however is content to be a father to his grown-up daughters and Siana's young sister Daisy. He also delights in his young son, Bryn, born while he was overseas.
Three guineas Virginia Woolf
A response to an educated gentleman's request for her opinion on how to prevent the looming conflict that would become the Second World War, Three Guineas imparts Virginia Woolf's perspective on how to avoid another armed conflict.
Waltz into darkness Cornell Woolrich
When New Orleans coffee merchant Louis Durand first meets his bride-to-be after a months-long courtship by mail, he's shocked that she doesn't match the photographs sent with her correspondence. But Durand has told his own fibs, concealing from her the details of his wealth, and so he mostly feels fortunate to find her so much more beautiful than expected.
Cowboy Christmas blues Maisey Yates
It's Christmas in Copper Ridge, and love is waiting to be unwrapped... Falling for a bad boy once is forgivable. Twice would just be foolish. When Sabrina Leighton first offered her teenage innocence to gorgeous, tattooed Liam Donnelly, he humiliated her, then left town. The hurt still lingers. But so does that crazy spark.
Racing the waves Jane Yolen
Today is field day at school. We start forward fast. There’s a shout. Fish teams from every school head out. Who will win the race? School field days are full of jitters, excitement, and surprises. Beginning readers can follow along as a team of fish work together to have the best field day ever.
The girl the sea gave back Adrienne Young
Treason Timothy Zahn
"Grand Admiral Thrawn faces the ultimate test of his loyalty to the Empire in this epic Star Wars novel from bestselling author Timothy Zahn. "If I were to serve the Empire, you would command my allegiance." Such was the promise Grand Admiral Thrawn made to Emperor Palpatine at their first meeting. Since then, Thrawn has been one of the Empire's most effective instruments, pursuing its enemies to the very edges of the known galaxy.
We wish you luck : a novel Caroline Zancan
"A coming-of-age campus novel about a group of students who take revenge on a professor after she destroys one of their own".
Choose to win : transform your life, one simple choice at a time Tom Ziglar
The secret to winning at life is one good choice at a time. Are you frustrated with your job, career, or relationships' Are you unsure if what you are doing right now in your life is the right thing' In this revolutionary new book, success and motivation expert Tom Ziglar shares the good news that you can change and that, in fact, you can win at life. Choose to Winshows you how to achieve massive change without massive upset.
Thérèse Raquin Émile Zola
Thérèse Raquin is a clinically observed, sinister tale of adultery and murder among the lower orders in nineteenth-century Paris. Zola's dispassionate dissection of the motivations of his characters, mere `human beasts' who kill in order to satisfy their lust, is much more than an atmospheric Second Empire period-piece.
O le 'mana ofoofogia o le fa'amanuia atu' Richard Brunton

Wheelers eBooks

O le Faamanuia atu, o le ta'uina atu lea o le fa'amoemoe ma le finagalo alofa o le Atua i luga o se tagata poo se mea.Pe a tatou faia ma le faatuatua, ua tatou amata faagaioi le mana o le Atua e suia ai sea tagata (a'afiaai foi ma tatou) poo se mea foi mai le tulaga o i ai, i le tulaga e finagalo le Atua e tatau ona i ai.Soo se kerisiano ua i ai le pule ma le mana e fa'amanuia atu ai i isi, ma vaaia le suiga o olaga ma tulaga o mea o i ai.
Peace in the storm : a journey with cancer : the Shirley Dando story Also published with title: It's okay to die Shirley Dando
When Shirley and Graeme Dando were both diagnosed with cancer they began a journey which would test their faith and change them forever. This book tells that story, making use of Shirley's diaries and writings, along with Graeme's recollections.Along the way, there were set-backs and difficulties as well as all kinds of victories and milestones.
Jacinda Ardern Michelle Duff
Michelle Duff delves into Ardern's beginnings in small-town New Zealand, discovering a nose-ringed teen fighting for equality and her own identity in a devout Mormon family. Duff tracks Ardern's political career, from being dismissed as a 'show pony' to her compassion during one of New Zealand's biggest tragedies, the Christchurch mosque terror attack of 2019. In its aftermath, Ardern has become a global icon for her strength and decisiveness while uniting a country in shock and mourning.
Rugby folklore Matt Elliott
From superstitions to send-offs, All Blacks nick-names to world cup drama: Rugby Folklore is a miscellany of stories, quotes, and facts that made New Zealand rugby. New Zealand has played, celebrated and commemorated rugby like no other country. We took to the game in extraordinary numbers in the late nineteenth century, with hundreds of clubs being formed around the country. It was a game that could be played by those of all physiques and all occupations.
The halfmen of O Maurice Gee
Susan had always been a bit odd and never really got on with her cousin Nick, but the mark on her wrist draws them together in a frightening adventure. They are summoned to the beautiful land of O in a last-ditch attempt to save the planet from cruel Otis Claw and his followers, the evil Halfmen, who have lost every trace of human goodness and kindness.
Prowlers Maurice Gee
A retired scientist in New Zealand sets out to trace his family history in this novel that evokes a picture of local New Zealand life over three-quarters of a century.
Motherstone Maurice Gee
For Susan and Nick the adventure at last seems at an end. They are leaving the magical land of O, the scene of The Halfmen of O and The Priests of Ferris. But even as they prepare to step back to Earth, strange and evil forces reach out to ensnare them. For Susan - and for the Motherstone - there is one final, frightening task. Motherstone is the last book in Maurice Gee's saga of the world of O.
Janet Frame's world of books Patricia Neville
This study investigates how Janet Frame weaves together literary sources from her extensive reading to create a web of intertextual relationships. Patricia Neville traces Frame's passion for books beginning with her childhood and earliest published work in the Otago Daily Times.
Welcoming the stranger : signposts for building bridges and making peace Nick Regnault
Does your church or community group want to help refugees or migrants settle into your neighbourhood but you're not sure how to start? Nick Regnault shares the experiences of his community at South West Baptist Church in Christchurch who are doing just that: initially through a refugee sponsorship scheme, and then in response to the terror attacks that occurred on 15 March 2019. This hugely rewarding and sometimes challenging journey has been a discovery: about others and about themselves.
Powering up with Joseph Parker David Riley
The inspirational story of how a young man from South Auckland, New Zealand, achieved his dream of winning the most prized title in sports … boxing’s Heavyweight Championship of the World! Learn how you can achieve your dreams through hard work, sacrifice and the support of friends and family. 'If you believe in yourself and have the right guidance and the right people around you," Joseph says, "'then anything’s possible.
Life as a casketeer Francis Tipene
*Stars of the hit television series The Casketeers, as seen on Netflix* Francis and Kaiora Tipene aren't your typical funeral directors. With their famous humour and big-hearted personalities, the TVNZ and Netflix reality TV stars are changing the way we think about death and grief.Life as a Casketeer reveals how Francis and Kaiora grew up in families that had few possessions but were rich with love and tikanga, and how they came to work in their often misunderstood profession.
Puppy zen : eight weeks to train your pup and create a lifelong bond Mark Vette
A comprehensive guide to puppy training by Mark Vette, of Pound Pups to Dog Stars fame. Following a quick look at the role of pups within the wolf pack, and how dogs evolved from wolves, this book gives a day-by-day, week-by-week guide to the fundamentals of training your puppy and building a happy lifelong bond between the two of you.