New Titles Non-Fiction June 2020 (arrived in April and May 2020)

Art & Architecture

50 Bauhaus icons you should know, Josef Straser 709.2 STA
About watercolour : an introduction, Mike Jeffries751.422 JEF
Abstract art, Anna Moszynska709.0405 MOS
Art in a box : 30 creative projects in mixed-media assemblage, Marlis Maehrle702.81 MAE
Artists's guide to human anatomy, Giovanni Civardi743.49 CIV
Beginner's guide to fantasy drawing., 743.89 BEG
Cozy cottage & cabin designs : 200+ cottages, cabins, A-frames, vacation homes, apartment garages, sheds & more.,728.7 COZ
Degas at the opera, Henri Loyrette759.4 DEG
Gauguin : portraits.,759.4 GAU
Get up & gouache : unleash your creativity with 20 painting projects, Jessica Smith751.422 SMI
Goya : drawings, Jose Manuel Matilla and Manuela B. Mena Marquis 741.9 MAT
Lives of houses, Kate Kennedy and Hermione Lee728.37 LIV
A group of notable writers celebrate our fascination with the houses of famous literary figures, artists, composers, and politicians of the past.
Mastering the art of landscapes : a step-by-step course with over 30 drawing and painting projects and 800 photographs, Sarah Hoggett & Abigail Edgar743.83 HOG
Matta & the fourth dimension., 759.983 MAT
A protagonist in the tale of surrealism's influence on American art at midcentury, the Chilean painter Roberto Matta initially trained as an architect, and moved to Paris in 1933 to work for Le Corbusier. It was in Paris that Matta met the surrealists. Inspired by non-Euclidian geometry (like Duchamp, de Chirico and others), Matta tried to give shape to structures built in his mind, creating space beyond conventional perspective.
Notre-Dame : the soul of france, Agnes Poirier726.6 POI
Painting watercolors on location, Tom Hill751.422 HIL
Plein air painting : general principles and tips for beginners, David Freedman758.1 FRE
Rarities : the Himalayas to Hawaii, Thomas Murray732.2 MUR
This book presents a personal collection of ancestor sculpture and protective deities, following the ancient migratory and trade routes of the Austronesian, Southeast Asian Bronze Age, and Hindu-Buddhist peoples.
Seeing God in art : the Christian faith in 30 images, Richard Harries704.948 HAR
Small but smart : design solutions for mini homes, Chris van Uffelen728.37 UFF
The architecture lover's guide to Rome, Elizabeth F. Heath720.945 HEA
The beauty and the terror : an alternative history of the Italian Renaissance, Catherine Fletcher709.45 FLE
The sculpting book : a complete introduction to modeling the human figure, +lisabeth Bonvalot731.82 BON
The Shirley Sherwood collection : modern masterpieces of botanical art, Shirley Sherwood758.5 SHE
The stonemason : a history of building Britain, Andrew Ziminski693.1 ZIM
The theatre of work, Clive Wilkinson725.23 WIL
Architect and writer Clive Wilkinson examines global developments in the workplace and proposes innovative principles for a design process that will bring the concept of work as theatre to fruition.
Van Gogh : still lifes, Ortrud Westheider and Michael Philipp759.9492 GOG
Villas and gardens of the Renaissance, Lucia Impelluso728.8 IMP
Wilhelm Leibl : the art of seeing, Marianne von Manstein, Bernhard von Waldkirch ; Jonas Beyer759.3 LEI
Wilhelm Leibl (1844-1900) is regarded as one of the most significant nineteenth-century portraitists and an important exponent of realism in Europe.
You are an artist : assignments to spark creation, Sarah Urist Green700 GRE


A bigger picture, Malcolm Turnbull324.294 TUR
When Malcolm Turnbull took over the nation's top job there was a sense of excitement in Australia. Sky-high opinion polls followed as the political outsider with a successful business, legal and media career took charge. The infighting that dogged politics for the best part of a decade looked to be over. But a right-wing insurgency brutally cut down Turnbull's time in office after three years, leaving many Australians asking, Why?
A patriot's calling : my life as an F-16 fighter pilot, Lt Colonel Dan Rooney358.43 ROO
What does it mean to be a patriot For Oklahoma native Dan Rooney, it is someone who not only puts his life on the line for country, but who opens his heart and mind and seeks to build a life that embodies the purest and most concentrated essence of himself.
A race with love and death : the story of Richard Seaman, Richard Williams796.72 SEA
The son of wealthy parents, educated at Rugby and Cambridge, Seaman grew up in a privileged world of house parties, jazz and fast cars. But motor racing was no mere hobby: it became such an obsession that he dropped out of university to pursue his ambitions, squeezing money out of his parents to buy better cars.
Adventuress : the life and loves of Lucy, Lady Houston, Teresa Crompton324.62 HOU
In the 1930s, Lady Houston was one of the richest women in England and a household name. Chiefly remembered now for her involvement with the development of the Spitfire aircraft and for being a prominent suffragette, this extraordinary biography tells a more complete story: how she acquired her enormous wealth, and how she spent it.
All blood runs red : the legendary life of Eugene Bullard : boxer, pilot, soldier, spy, Phil Keith with Tom Clavin940.44 BUL
The incredible life story of Eugene Bullard, the first African American military pilot in WWI, who went on to become a self-taught jazz musician, a Paris nightclub impresario, a spy in the French Resistance and an American civil rights pioneer.
American animals : a true crime memoir, Eric Borsuk364.162 BOR
Warren, Spencer, and Eric. Disillusioned with freshman year of college, and determined to escape from their mundane Middle-American existences, the three hatch a plan to steal millions of dollars' worth of artwork and rare manuscripts from a university museum.
And how are you, Dr. Sacks? : a biographical memoir of Oliver Sacks, Lawrence Weschler616.8 SAC
The author Lawrence Weschler began spending time with Oliver Sacks in the early 1980s, when he set out to profile the neurologist for his own new employer, The New Yorker. Almost a decade earlier, Dr. Sacks had published his masterpiece Awakenings the account of his long-dormant patients' miraculous but troubling return to life in a Bronx hospital ward.
Arianna Huffington : media visionary and wellness evangelist, Leah McGrath Goodman338 HUF
Arianna Huffington is one of the world's most prominent business leaders in media. As co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, she built the first internet newspaper, which eclipsed the traffic of the New York Times and won a Pulitzer Prize. Creating a digital media empire from an investment of just over. 300 million.
Barry Sonnenfeld, call your mother : memoirs of a neurotic filmmaker, Barry Sonnenfeld791.43 SON
Film and television director and notable raconteur Barry Sonnenfeld's outrageous and hilarious memoir, tracing his idiosyncratic upbringing in Washington Heights, his breaking into film as a cinematographer with the Coen brothers, and his unexpected career as the director behind such huge film franchises as The Addams Family and Men in Black, and beloved work like Get Shorty and A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Behind the mask : my autobiography, Tyson Fury796.83 FUR
A Manchester lad from Irish Traveller stock, born three months premature and weighing just a pound at birth, Tyson (named after his father's boxing hero) grew up to become one of the most unlikely heavyweight champions in history. This 'dream come true' soon turned to nightmare, however, as alcohol and cocaine abuse took hold and Tyson was stripped of his titles.
Birth of a dancing star : from cradle Catholic to cyborg Christian, Ilia Delio271.97 DEL
In this memoir Illia Delio recounts her journey from scientist to theologian, and from life as a traditional cloistered nun to a leading proponent of evolution and 'cyborg life.'
Blood : a memoir, Allison Moorer781.64 MOO
Mobile, Alabama, 1986. Moorer awakened by the sound of gunfire. On the front lawn, her father has shot and killed her mother before turning the gun on himself. That moment, which forever altered her own life and that of her older sister, Shelby, has never been far from her thoughts.
Blues from Laurel Canyon : my life as a bluesman, John Mayall with Joel McIver781.643 MAY
John Mayall's story is like no other in the annals of rock and blues. Born in the UK in 1933, he laid the foundations of British blues, nurtured a generation of future superstars and then took the music back to the land of its birth.
Broken Greek, Pete Paphides070.449 PAP
'Do you sometimes feel like the music you're hearing is explaining your life to you?' When Pete's parents moved from Cyprus to Birmingham in the 1960s in the hope of a better life, they had no money and only a little bit of English. The opened a fish-and-chip shop in Acocks Green. The Great Western Fish Bar is where Pete learned about coin-operated machines, male banter and Britishness.
Building a life worth living : a memoir, Marsha M. Linehan616.891 LIN
Marsha Linehan tells the story of her journey from suicidal teenager to world-renowned developer of the life-saving behavioral therapy DBT, using her own struggle to develop life skills for others.
Captain Cook in Cleveland, Cliff Thornton910.41 COO
Presents a history of Cook's early years in the area, up to the time he joined the Navy.
Combat civilian, Gilbert Greenall361.26 GRE
Gilbert Greenall is an unlikely person to find on the front lines of any humanitarian emergency. This memoir tells the story of how a privileged old Etonian and former Guards officer broke the rules, made new ones and took a different path in life to become one of the world's leading humanitarians.
Conclusions, John Boorman791.43023 BOO
John Boorman is one of cinema's authentic visionaries whose travels have taken him from London in the Blitz to the pinnacle of Hollywood success: the man behind filmes such as Point Blank, Deliverance, Excalibur, Hope and Glory, and The General. Conclusions continues the story of his life that Boorman began with Adventures of a Suburban Boy and shares what has happened since its publication.
Crean : the extraordinary life of an Irish hero, Tim Foley910.92 CRE
Tim's narrative in this standalone biography is based on many years of research and study into the life of Crean, who joined the Navy at 16-years-old and who embarked upon a career that saw him become a member of three major, pioneering Polar expeditions of the 20th century.
Dave Brubeck : a life in time, Philip Clark781.65 BRU
In 2003, music journalist Philip Clark was granted unparalleled access to jazz legend Dave Brubeck. Over the course of ten days, he shadowed the Dave Brubeck Quartet during their extended British tour, recording an epic interview with the bandleader.
Everything she touched : the life of Ruth Asawa, Marilyn Chase730.92 ASA
This is the story of a woman who wielded imagination and hope in the face of intolerance and who transformed everything she touched into art. Born in California in 1926, Ruth Asawa grew from a farmer's daughter to a celebrated sculptor.
Federer : portrait of a tennis legend, Iain Spragg796.342 FED
This biography, filled with photographs from his sensational career, follows Roger Federer from his first steps in tennis in the junior tournaments right through to the main professional circuit. It is an illustrated biography of a man who has graced the world of tennis for more than two decades, playing with grace, panache, and magnificent sportsmanship.
Fire in my eyes : an American warrior's journey from being blinded on the battlefield to gold medal victory, Brad Snyder and Tom Sileo797.21 SNY
While serving with Navy SEAL Team Ten in Afghanistan, Brad Snyder was blinded by a massive blast caused by an enemy improvised explosive device. Exactly one year later, he won a gold medal in swimming at the 2012 Paralympic Games. Here's his story of tenacity and courage.
First light, Geoffrey Wellum940.544 WEL
Two months before the outbreak of WWII, seventeen-year-old Geoffrey Wellum becomes a fighter pilot with the RAF. Desperate to get in the air, he makes it through basic training to become the youngest Spitfire pilot in the prestigious 92 Squadron.
Forbidden wife : the life and trials of Lady Augusta Murray, Julia Abel Smith941.073 MUR
The first and definitive tale of the tumultuous and tragic life of Lady Augusta Murray, the forbidden wife of the 1st Duke of Sussex. As darkness descended over Rome on 4 April 1793, preparations were being made for a clandestine ceremony. The wedding of the son of the King of England to the daughter of the Governor of the Bahamas.
Franci's war : a true story, Franci Epstein940.5318 EPS
In the summer of 1942, twenty-two year-old Franci Rabinek Epstein arrived at Terezin, a concentration camp and ghetto forty miles north of her home in Prague. It would be the beginning of her six-year journey through several camps during the Second World War, from Terezin to Auschwitz-Birkenau, to forced labor in Hamburg and finally Bergen-Belsen. After the camp's liberation by the British in April 1945, she returned to Prague, a survivor.
Frank & fearless, Nicholas Cowdery with Rachael Jane Chin345 COW
For sixteen-and-a-half years, Nicholas Cowdery was Director of Public Prosecutions for New South Wales. During this time, he immersed himself in the worst and saddest of human behaviour as he examined cases in forensic detail. And when he made unpopular decisions he had to reckon with criticism from politicians, media, victims, perpetrators and their families. In Frank & Fearless, Cowdery reflects on some of the most notorious and difficult cases of his distinguished career.
Growing goats and girls : living the good life on a Cornish farm, Rosanne Hodin630 HOD
Ever dream of packing up and escaping to a simpler life on the land, just the Cornish landscape and a few cows and goats rising up to greet you each day? When Rosanne and her husband left city life for the Cornwall idyll they knew little of farming, the seasons and milking; but over time they found their way, rising to each new challenge and embracing all that the land gave them.
Guitar king : Michael Bloomfield's life in the blues, David Dann787.87 BLO
Named one of the world's great blues-rock guitarists by Rolling Stone, Mike Bloomfield (1943-1981) remains beloved by fans nearly forty years after his untimely death.
Gunpowder & geometry : the life of Charles Hutton : pit boy, mathematician and scientific rebel, Benjamin Wardhaugh510.92 HUT
Three hundred feet underground, young Charles Hutton is at the coalface. Cramped, dust-choked, wielding a five-pound pick by candlelight. Eighteen years old, he's been down the pits on and off for more than a decade, and now it looks like a life sentence. No unusual story, although Charles is a clever lad - gifted at maths and languages - and for a time he hoped for a different life.
Hearing Maud, Jessica White828.92 WHI
This is a work of creative non-fiction that details the author's experiences of deafness after losing most of her hearing at age four. It charts how, as she grew up, she was estranged from people and turned to reading and writing for solace, eventually establishing a career as a writer.
Hidden Valley Road : inside the mind of an American family, Robert Kolker616.8982 KOL
Their story offers a shadow history of the science of schizophrenia, from the era of institutionalization, lobotomy, and the schizophrenogenic mother, to the search for genetic markers for the disease, always amidst profound disagreements about the nature of the illness itself.
Hitler's piano player : the rise and fall of Ernst Hanfstaengl, confidant of Hitler ally of FDR, Peter Corandi943.086 HAN
The incredible story of Ernst Hanfstaengl, the only person to have worked directly for both Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt, who funded Mein Kampf and helped create the monster of Nazism before later working to destroy it.
Hollywood double agent : the true tale of Boris Morros, film producer turned cold war spy, Jonathon Gill327.12 MOR
The Cold War and the Golden Age of Hollywood meet in this story of the remarkable career of Boris Morros, film producer and Russian double agent. Boris Morros was a major figure in the 1930s and '40s. The head of music at Paramount, nominated for Academy Awards, he then went on to produce his own films with Laurel and Hardy, Fred Astaire, Henry Fonda, and others. But as J. Edgar Hoover would discover, these successes were a cover for one of the most incredible espionage tales in the history of the Cold War-Boris Morros also worked for Russian intelligence.
Hunt the banker, Alexander Lebedev338 LEB
Alexander Lebedev is best known as the Russian businessman who bought the Evening Standard and The Independent newspapers. A former KGB intelligence officer in the USSR's London Embassy, the book is mainly a memoir of Lebedev's hair-raising experiences as someone who aspires to show that an "honest banker" is not an oxymoron.
Hustle harder, hustle smarter, Curtis 50 Cent Jackson781.66 JAC
For the first time, Curtis ō50 Centö Jackson opens up about his amazing comeback?from tragic personal loss to thriving businessman and cable's highest-paid executive?in this unique self-help guide, his first since his blockbuster New York Times bestseller The 50th Law.
I choose Elena, Lucia Osborne-Crowley362.883 OSB
Aged fifteen and on track to be an Olympic gymnast, Lucia Osborne-Crowley was violently raped in Sydney on a night out, sparking a series of events that left her devastatingly ill for more than ten years of her life. Her path to healing began a decade later, when she told someone about her rape for the very first time.
I heard you paint houses, Charles Brandt364.106 BRA
"I heard you paint houses" are the first words Jimmy Hoffa ever spoke to Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran. To paint a house is to kill a man. The paint is the blood that splatters on the walls and floors. In the course of nearly five years of recorded interviews, Frank Sheeran confessed to Charles Brandt that he handled more than twenty-five hits for the mob, and for his friend Hoffa.
Idiot : life stories from the creator of Help Helen Smash, Laura Clery792.7 CLE
Laura Clery makes a living by sharing inappropriate comedy sketches with millions of strangers on the Internet. She writes songs about her anatomy, talks trash about her one-eyed rescue pug, and sexually harasses her husband, Stephen. And it pays the bills!
In the land of men : a memoir, Adrienne Miller070.51 MIL
At twenty-two, a naive Midwesterner, Adrienne Miller got a lucky break when she was hired as an editorial assistant at GQ. The mid-nineties were still the golden age of print journalism, and a publication like GQ then seemed the red-hot center of the literary world, even if their sensibilities were manifestly mid-century-the martinis, the male egos, and the unquestioned authority of kings.
Inga : Kennedy's great love, Hitler's perfect beauty, and J. Edgar Hoover's prime suspect, Scott Farris791.43 ARV
She was the great love of President John F. Kennedy's life, but also Adolf Hitler's special guest at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. She was an actress, a journalist, an explorer, an MGM screenwriter, and also a suspected Nazi spy. Inga Arvad lived where gossip intersected with history, and her story, as told by author Scott Farris in Inga, demonstrates the great influence of the private life on public events.
Johnny Cash : walking on fire, Helen Akitt781.642 CAS
This book takes an in depth look at the enthralling life of one of America's most influential artists.
Julius Caesar : a life, Patricia Southern937.05 CAE
Julius Caesar is part historical figure and part legend. He was a complex individual, a most brilliant politician, a most successful general, a most accomplished psychologist.
Kirk Douglas : more is never enough, Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince791.43028 DOU
Of all the male stars of Golden Age Hollywood, Kirk Douglas became the final survivor, the last icon of a fabled era that the world will never see again. When he celebrated his birthday in 2016, a headline read 'Legendary Hollywood horndog turns 100.' He was both a charismatic actor and a man of uncommon force and vigour.
Last stop Auschwitz : my story of survival from within the camp, Eddy de Wind940.5318 WIN
Last Stop Auschwitz is an extraordinary account of life as a prisoner, a near real-time record of the daily struggle to survive but also of the flickering moments of joy Eddy and Friedel found in each other passing notes through the fence, sometimes stealing a brief embrace. Documenting the best and the worst of humanity, it is a unique and timeless story that reminds us of what we as humans are capable of.
Life in a box : an unorthodox memoir, Sarah Jane Adams790.132 ADA
Auction catalogues can reveal a lot about a person, their lives, loves and style. Sarah Jane Adams, a jewellery and antiques dealer who became an international model and Instagram sensation overnight in her 60s, tells her story through a lifetime's collection of rare pieces, valuable jewellery and worthless objects, as well as personal photographs and effects from her 'estate'.
Listening through the lens, Christopher Nupen791.43023 NUP
Documentary-maker, Christopher Nupen has made more than 80 films on classical music and musicians. Here, he tells the story of his varied and often astonishing life and invites us to share his view of 'Listening through the Lens'.
Long way home, Cameron Douglas362.29 DOU
Douglas is born into wealth, privilege, and comfort. His father a superstar, his mother a beautiful socialite, his grandfather a legend. But by the age of 32 he had become a drug addict, an armed robber, and after a DEA drug bust a convicted drug dealer sentenced to five years in prison. In prison he began to reverse his savage transformation, to understand the psychological turmoil that has tormented him for years.
Love affair : the memoir of a forbidden father-daughter relationship, Leslie Kenton306.8742 KEN
A true story of obsession, tragedy and grace, Love Affair is Leslie Kenton's powerful memoir. At its heart is the complex relationship with her father - a union so powerful it defines all that comes after. As their lives become increasingly entangled, so do the forces of darkness and light that exist within us all, leading to destruction for him and heartbreaking redemption for her.
Machiavelli : his life and times, Alexander Lee320.1 MCH
Thanks to the invidious reputation of his most famous work, The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli exerts a unique hold over the popular imagination. But was Machiavelli as sinister as he is often thought to be? Might he not have been an infinitely more sympathetic figure, prone to political missteps, professional failures and personal dramas? Alexander Lee reveals the man behind the myth.
Marshal of victory : the autobiography of General Georgy Zhukov, Georgy Zhukov947.0842 ZHU
Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov remains a national hero in todays Russia as the man who beat Hitler and saved both Russia and Europe from the Nazis.
Mary Seton Watts and the Compton pottery, Hilary Calvert and Louise Boreham738 WAT
This comprehensive book is both a biographical exploration of the early life of Mary Seton Watts and a survey of the pottery she designed. Her roots in Scotland, her artistic career and her marriage to the Victorian artist George Frederic Watts all influenced the design of the Grade 1 listed Cemetery Chapel at Compton and the art potteries which she then set up.
Mavis Batey : Bletchley codebreaker, writer, garden historian, conservationist, Jean Stone712 BAT
Mavis Batey, a unique biography, delves into the life of one of Britain's best female codebreakers, taking the reader through the war and to the arrival of peace, when Mavis turned her attention from breaking codes to the conservation and preservation of gardens.
MBS : the rise to power of Mohammed Bin Salman, Ben Hubbard953.8 AL
Even in his youth as a prince among thousands of princes, Mohammed bin Salman nurtured sweeping ambitions. He wanted power enough of it to reshape his hyper-conservative, insular Islamic kingdom. When his elderly father took the throne in 2015, MBS got his chance.
Memoirs of a flying tiger : the story of a WWII Veteran and SIA Pioneer pilot, Captain Ho Weng Toh with Jonathan Y.H. Sim629.13 HO
This book is a poignant story of a small-town boy, who stumbled into a lifelong flying career spanning 38 years as a pilot. Now at 99, Captain Ho Weng Toh, one of the last few remaining Flying Tigers, recalls the many events that shaped his life.
Mengele : unmasking the "Angel of Death", David G. Marwell940.5318 MEN
A gripping account of the infamous Nazi doctor, from a former Justice Department official tasked with uncovering his fate. One of the most notorious war criminals of all time, Dr. Josef Mengele has come to symbolize both the evil of the Nazi regime and the failure of justice in the postwar world.
Mind without fear, Rajat Gupta658.4 GUP
For nine years, Rajat Gupta led McKinsey & Co., the first foreign-born person to head the world's most influential management consultancy.
More myself : a journey, Alicia Keys with Michelle Burford782.4 KEY
An intimate, revealing look at one artist's journey from self-censorship to full expression As one of the most celebrated musicians of our time, Alicia Keys has enraptured the nation with her heartfelt lyrics, extraordinary vocal range, and soul-stirring piano compositions.
My survival : a girl on Schindler's list, a memoir by Rena Finder with Joshua M. Greene940.531 FIN
The astonishing true story of a girl who survived the Holocaust thanks to Oskar Schindler, of Schindler's List fame.
Nothing's bad luck : the lives of Warren Zevon, C.M. Kushins781.66 ZEV
As is the case with so many musicians, the life of Warren Zevon was blessed with talent and opportunity yet also beset by tragedy and setbacks. Raised mostly by his mother with an occasional cameo from his gangster father, Warren had an affinity and talent for music at an early age.
One of the few : a story of personal challenge through the battle of Britain and beyond, Johnny Kent940.544 KEN
Johnny Kent became the youngest licensed pilot in Canada at the age of 17. He grabbed experience and flying hours wherever and whenever he could and was constantly on the lookout for a career in flying. His chance came when he was offered a short service commission with the RAF in the 1930s.
Out loud : a memoir, Mark Morris and Wesley Stace792.82 MOR
Before Mark Morris became 'the most successful and influential choreographer alive' (The New York Times), he was a six year-old in Seattle cramming his feet into Tupperware glasses so that he could practice walking on pointe. Moving to New York at nineteen, he arrived to one of the great booms of dance in America.
Perspective, Ellyse Perry796.3 PER
Ellyse Perry is among the all-time cricket greats, and the only player, female or male, to represent Australia in both cricket and football World Cups, making her international debut in both sports at the age of 16. Perspective is about sitting back from the world you're involved in and evaluating what it means to you.
Prisoner : my 544 days in an Iranian prison - solitary confinement, a sham trial, high-stakes diplomacy, and the extraordinary efforts it took to get me out, Jason Rezaian070.92 REZ
In July 2014, Washington Post Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian was arrested by Iranian police, accused of spying for America. The charges were absurd. Rezaian's reporting was a mix of human interest stories and political analysis. He had even served as a guide for Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. Initially, Rezaian thought the whole thing was a terrible misunderstanding, but soon realized that it was much more dire as it became an eighteen-month prison stint with impossibly high diplomatic stakes.
Punished : a mother's cruelty, a daughter's survival, a secret that couldn't be told, Vanessa Steel with Gill Paul362.76 STE
The inspiring true story of Vanessa Steel, whose childhood was overshadowed by a terrible secret. Plagued by torture and abuse by both her mother and grandfather, little Vanessa was nearly destroyed until she developed a secret power of her own that ultimately saved her life. Vanessa was only two years old when her abuse started.
Queen Elizabeth II's guide to life, compiled by Karen Dolby941.085 ELI
Radical Wordsworth : the poet who changed the world, Jonathan Bate821.7 WOR
A dazzling new biography of Wordsworth's radical life as a thinker and poetical innovator, published to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth.
Raising an eyebrow : my life with Sir Roger Moore, Gareth Owen791.43028 MOO
From taking on the job as his PA in 2002 through to nursing him in his final weeks in 2017, Gareth Owen was not only Roger Moore's right-hand man, but also his co-author, his onstage co-star, and his confidant.
Recollections of my nonexistence, Rebecca Solnit818.54 SOL
In this memoir, celebrated author, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit relates how she found her voice as a writer and as a feminist during the 1980s in San Francisco, in an atmosphere of gender violence on the street and the exclusion of women from cultural arenas.
Red circle : China and me, 1949-2009, Stephen Songsheng Chen951.05 CHE
Red Circle: China and Me, 1949-2009 tells the fascinating story of Stephen Chen and his family. It sketches the history of the People's Republic of China, not merely as a backdrop, but as the driving force of the book's action.
Rock 'n' roll sweepstakes. Volume one, Mott's the story : the authorised biography, Campbell Devine. 781.66 HUN
As the face and voice of Mott the Hoople and an inspirational solo artist, Ian Hunter has created incredible rock music that continues to influence groups, writers and musicians today. Fulled by his Fiftites rock 'n' roll idols, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, and the poetic writing and vocal style of Bob Dylan, Ian hones his musicality in various bands playing in Britain and Germany.
Rory Best : the autobiography, Rory Best with Gavin Mairs ; foreword by Joe Schmidt796.333 BES
Rory Best is widely-regarded as one of Ireland's greatest ever captains. Entrusted by Joe Schmidt to lead the side that looked on the wane following the 2015 World Cup, Best's inspirational leadership skills and abrasive qualities proved to be the foundation stones for the most successful period in Ireland's history.
Running toward mystery : the adventure of an unconventional life, the Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi and Zara Houshmand294.3 TEN
The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi was born in India to a prominent Hindu Brahmin family. At the age of six he began having visions of a snowy mountainous region in which men with shaved heads, in robes the color of sunset, wandered about. "It was as vivid as if I were watching a scene from life," he writes. At the age of ten, he ran away from boarding school to find this place, taking a train to the end of the line and then boarding a bus to wherever it went.
Serena Williams : tennis champion, sports legend, and cultural heroine, Merlisa Lawrence Corbett796.342 WIL
Record-breaking, trend-setting, and controversial, tennis star Serena Williams often sparks conversation and debate. She's one of the most intriguing figures in sports, and this book offers insight not only into her impact on tennis and popular culture but also into how she has challenged race and gender norms.
Shadow on the mountain : a Yazidi memoir of terror, resistance, and hope, Shaker Jeffrey and Katharine Holstein956.7044 JEF
Recounts the story of Shaker Jeffrey, a young Yazidi interpreter for the US military in Iraq, and what happened after ISIS sentenced the Yazidi people to extermination.
Sonic warrior : my life as a rock and roll reprobate (tales of sex, drugs and vomiting at inopportune moments), Lou Brutus781.66 BRU
For lack of a better term, Brutus is a "Professional Music Fan." He lives the dream of millions by traveling the Earth attending concerts and interviewing rock stars. He's spent his life blasting tunes on the radio, becoming the first to play all of your favorite bands, and gaining access to literally thousands of music events.
Stay the distance : the life and times of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Michael Beetham, Peter Jacobs358.400941 BEE
The last Chief of the Air Staff to have flown in the face of the enemy during the Second World War ... Sir Michael Beetham enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the Royal Air Force. He joined the RAF as a pilot in 1941 and was awarded the DFC whilst serving with Bomber Command during 1943/44. Remaining in the post-war RAF, a number of flying and staff appointments followed.
Ted Templeman : a platinum producer's life in music, Ted Templeman as told to Greg Renoff781.66 TEM
This autobiography (as told to Greg Renoff) recounts Templeman's remarkable life from child jazz phenom in Santa Cruz, California, in the 1950s to Grammy-winning music executive during the '70s and '80s.
The art of resistance : my four years in the French underground : a memoir, Justus Rosenberg940.533 ROS
The gripping memoir of 98-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor Justus Rosenberg, who risked everything to join the French Resistance and smuggle people out of Nazi territory during World War II.
The cat who came for Christmas, Cleveland Amory636.8 AMO
From the moment Cleveland Amory rescued a starving cat from a New York alley a special bond began to form between the damaged animal and the bachelor journalist who preferred dogs. This is the story of their first year together.
The dissidents : a memoir of working with the resistance in Russia, 1960-1990, Peter Reddaway323 RED
It has been nearly three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union enough time for the role that the courageous dissidents ultimately contributed to the communist system's collapse to have been largely forgotten, especially in the West. This book brings to life, for contemporary readers, the often underground work of the men and women who opposed the regime and authored dissident texts, known as samizdat, that exposed the tyrannies and weaknesses of the Soviet state both inside and outside the country.
The eighth wonder of the world : the true story of Andre the Giant, Bertrand Hubert and Pat Laprade796.812 AND
Is there a way to find truth in the stuff of legend? You may think you know Andre the Giant but who was Andre Roussimoff? This comprehensive biography addresses the burning questions, outrageous stories, and common misconceptions about his height, his weight, his drawing power as a superstar, and his seemingly unparalleled capacity for food and alcohol.
The glass castle : a memoir, Jeannette Walls305.231 WAL
Jeannette Walls grew up with parents whose ideals and stubborn nonconformity were both their curse and their salvation. Rex and Rose Mary Walls had four children. In the beginning, they lived like nomads, moving among Southwest desert towns, camping in the mountains. Rex was a charismatic, brilliant man who, when sober, captured his children's imagination, teaching them physics, geology, and above all, how to embrace life fearlessly.
The knife's edge : the heart and mind of a cardiac surgeon, Stephen Westaby617.41 WES
Although Professor Stephen Westaby was born with the necessary coordination and manual dexterity, it was a head trauma sustained during university that gifted him the qualities of an exceptional heart surgeon: qualities that are frequently associated with psychopathy.
The lost boy : tales of a child soldier, Ayik Chut Deng with Craig Henderson304.894 DEN
As a boy living in the Dinka tribe in what is now South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, Ayik Chut Deng was a member of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA). During his time as a child soldier, he witnessed unspeakable violence and was regularly tortured by older boys. At age nineteen, he and his family escaped the conflict in Sudan and resettled in Toowoomba, Australia.
The magical language of others : a memoir, E.J. Koh813.6 KOH
After living in America for over a decade, Eun Ji's parents return to Korea for work, leaving fifteen-year-old Eun Ji and her brother behind in the family's new California home. Overnight, Eun Ji finds herself in a world made strange in her mother's absence. Her mother writes letters over the years seeking forgiveness and love-letters Eun Ji cannot understand until she finds them years later hidden in a box.
The matriarch : Barbara Bush and the making of an American dynasty, Susan Page973.928 BUS
Former First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush was one of the country's most popular and powerful figures. Here Page tells the riveting tale of a woman who helped define two American presidencies and an entire political era.
The mother of the Brontes : when Maria met Partick, Sharon Wright941.073 BRO
They were from different lands, different classes, different worlds almost. The chances of Cornish gentlewoman Maria Branwell even meeting the poor Irish curate Patrick Bronte in Regency England, let alone falling passionately in love, were remote. Yet Maria and Patrick did meet, making a life together as devoted lovers and doting parents in the heartland of the industrial revolution.
The ox : the last of the great rock stars : the authorised biography of The Who's John Entwistle, Paul Rees781.66 ENT
John Entwistle was a rock star in most everything that he was seen to do and of the grand old school, all swagger, joie de vivre and boundless consumption. With the full co-operation of the Entwistle family and the Who's long-term management, Trinifold, The Ox will shine a long overdue light on one of the single greatest, and most impactful figures in rock history.
The quality of madness : a life of Marcelo Bielsa, Tim Rich796.334 BIE
He has coached some of the greatest names in world football Gabriel Batistuta, Carlos Tevez, Javier Mascherano, Juan Sebastian Veron and Ander Herrera. He has been cited as a mentor by Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino and Diego Simeone. Yet Marcelo Bielsa remains one of the great enigmas of world football a fabulously innovative and obsessive coach, who has transformed Leeds United, Marseille and Athletic Bilbao.
The ragman's son : an autobiography, Kirk Douglas791.43028 DOU
Kirk Douglas's skilful and passionate autobiography charts the rise of the son of an illiterate Russian-Jewish ragman who became one of the last surviving legends from Hollywood's golden era, who died aged 103 in February 2020.
The world according to Harry, Harry Redknapp with Ben Dirs796.334 RED
The beautiful game has taught me a lot, but I've had quite a life outside of football too. This book is full of my best stories kickabouts with jumpers for goalposts with Bobby Moore, mine and Sandra's disastrous honeymoon to Torquay in a dodgy car and my funniest 'Mr Pastry' moments as well as my thoughts on the important things in life.
Things we didn't talk about when I was a girl : a memoir, Jeannie Vanasco364.1532 VAN
Jeannie Vanasco has had the same nightmare since she was a teenager. She startles awake, saying his name. It is always about him: one of her closest high school friends, a boy named Mark. A boy who raped her. When her nightmares worsen, Jeannie decides after fourteen years of silence--to reach out to Mark. He agrees to talk on the record and meet in person.
Truganini : journey through the apocalypse, Cassandra Pybus994.6 TRU
Cassandra Pybus's ancestors told a story of an old Aboriginal woman who would wander across their farm on Bruny Island, in south-east Tasmania, in the 1850s and 1860s. As a child, Cassandra didn't know this woman was Truganini, and that Truganini was walking over the country of her clan, the Nuenonne.
Two riders were approaching : the life and death of Jimi Hendrix, Mick Wall781.66 HEN
Jimmy was a down-at-heel guitarist in New York, relying on his latest lovers to support him while he tried to emulate his hero Bob Dylan. A black guy playing white rock music, he wanted to be all things to all people. But when Jimmy arrived in England and became Jimi, the cream of swinging London fell under his spell.
Unorthodox : the scandalous rejection of my Hasidic roots, Deborah Feldman296.3 FEL
As a member of the strictly religious Satmar sect of Hasidic Judaism, Deborah Feldman grew up under a code of relentlessly enforced customs governing everything from what she could wear and to whom she could speak to what she was allowed to read. Yet in spite of her repressive upbringing, Deborah grew into an independent-minded young woman.
Unspeakable : the autobiography, John Bercow941.086 BER
When Bercow retired as Speaker of the House of Commons on 31st October, he had become one of the most recognisable and iconoclastic figures in British politics, and had created a vacancy of huge importance.
Vet on the go, Graham Wallace636.089 WAL
In February 1945, with no veterinary training available in New Zealand, Graham Wallace braved a German raider in the Tasman Sea to begin his studies in Sydney. The potentially explosive journey setting the tone for a colourful life working with big farm animals in rural New Zealand as a travelling vet, later specialising in disease prevention and vaccine creation.
Warhol, Blake Gopnik709.73 WAR
Andy Warhol presented himself as being as shallow as critics accused his famous Campbell's Soup can paintings of being. His public persona was droll; he claimed that he silkscreened because it was easier than painting, and that everyone would have fifteen minutes of fame in the future. But who was Andy Warhol really, and how did he come to revolutionise our visual world forever?
What makes us stronger, Freya Lewis363.32 LEW
The Manchester Arena attack nearly destroyed her. Love and courage saved her. Freya Lewis was just three metres away from the terrorist who detonated the bomb at the Manchester arena on the night of 22nd May 2017. Her best friend Nell was tragically killed, but Freya - thrown forwards by the blast - somehow survived.
Why Karen Carpenter matters, Karen Tongson781.64 CAR
This hybrid of memoir and biography excavates the destructive perfectionism at the root of the Carpenters' sound, while finding the beauty in the singer's all too brief life.
Wild life : dispatches from a childhood of baboons and button-downs, Keena Roberts968.83 ROB
Keena Roberts split her adolescence between the wilds of an island camp in Botswana and the even more treacherous halls of an elite Philadelphia private school.
William Wordsworth : a life, Stephen Gill821.7 GIL
William Wordsworth (1770-1850) is recognised as one of the greatest poets in the English language and a key figure in the movement that altered the culture and politics of the Western world, generally called Romanticism.
You never forget your first : a biography of George Washington, Alexis Coe973.4 WAS
Young George Washington was raised by a struggling single mother, demanded military promotions, chased rich young women, caused an international incident, and never backed down--even when his dysentery got so bad he had to ride with a cushion on his saddle. But after he married Martha, everything changed.

Books about Books

100 children's books that inspire our world, Colin Salter011.62 SAL
I will judge you by your bookshelf, Grant Snider002 SNI
A look at the culture and fanaticism of book lovers, from beloved New York Times illustrator Grant Snider It's no secret, but we are judged by our bookshelves. We learn to read at an early age, and as we grow older we shed our beloved books for new ones.

Business & Management

Don't keep your day job : how to turn your passion into your career, Cathy Heller650.1 HEL
Extreme you : step up, stand out, kick ass, repeat, Sarah Robb O'Hagan with Greg Lichtenberg650.1 OHA
HBR guide to making better decisions.,658.403 HBR
HBR's 10 must reads on managing people. Vol. 2.,658.3 HBR
How to have a happy hustle : the complete guide to making your ideas happen, Bec Evans650.1 EVA
Shares the secrets of innovation experts and startup founders to help you make your ideas happen.
Joy at work : organizing your professional life, Marie Kond? and Scott Sonenshein650.1 KON
Love it or leave it : how to be happy at work, Samantha Clarke650.14 CLA
Out-innovate : how global entrepreneurs from Delhi to Detroit are rewriting the rules of Silicon Valley, Alexandre Lazarow658.11 LAZ
Radical uncertainty, John Kay, Mervyn King658.403 KAY
When uncertainty is all around us, and the facts are not clear, how can we make good decisions? We do not know what the future will hold, particularly in the midst of a crisis, but we must make decisions anyway.
Share : how organizations can thrive in an age of networked knowledge, power and relationships, Chris Yates, Linda Jingfang Cai658.406 YAT
The four greatest coaching conversations : change mindsets, shift attitudes, and achieve extraordinary results, Jerry Connor and Karim Hirani658.3124 CON
The innovation ultimatum : how six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s, Steve Brown658.406 BRO
The insider's guide to culture change : creating a workplace that delivers, grows, and adapts, Siobhan McHale658.406 MCH
The ultimate retirement guide for 50+ : winning strategies to make your money last a lifetime, Suze Orman646.79 ORM
Virgin by design, Virgin & Nick Carson658.046 CAR
The official publication volume celebrating 50 years of daring innovation and creativity at Virgin, presenting the stories, the people and the work that went into the building and shaping of a much-loved and globally respected brand.
Working remotely : secrets to success for employees on distributed teams, Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon, Mike Webber658.3123 DOU
You can't know it all : leading in the age of deep expertise, Wanda T. Wallace658.409 WAL
Your business shouldn't need you : how to replace yourself in 180 days, Peter Cox658.4 COX


Department of mind-blowing theories : cartoons, Tom Gauld741.5 GAU
A dog philosopher questions what it really means to be a 'good boy'.
Making comics, Lynda Barry741.5 BAR
For more than five years the cartoonist Lynda Barry has been an associate professor in the University of Wisconsin-Madison art department and at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, teaching students from all majors, both graduate and undergraduate, how to make comics, how to be creative, how to not think.
Spectrum 26 : the best in contemporary fantastic art, Katherine Chu and John Fleskes741.6 SPE

Computing & Digital

Adobe Photoshop 2020 release : classroom in a book, Andrew Faulkner & Conrad Chavez006.68 FAU
Artificial intelligence : an illustrated history : from medieval robots to neural networks, Clifford A. Pickover006.3 PIC
Blogging, Amy Lupold Bair006.7 BAI
The bestselling blogging book updated in a new edition! Ready to make your mark on the online world? Start a blog! Blogging For Dummies provides you with information on blogging basics, the anatomy of a good blog, and the tools required to get started. Plus, you'll get advice on a blog topic, choosing a domain name and host, writing your first post, planning an editorial calendar, and using your blog as an important part of your personal brand.
Coders : who they are, what they think and how they are changing the world, Clive Thompson005.1 THO
You use software nearly every instant you're awake. And this may sound weirdly obvious, but every single one of those pieces of software was written by a programmer. Programmers are thus among the most quietly influential people on the planet.
Dirty Data : Excel techniques to turn what you get into what you need, Melissa Esquibel005.36 MIC
Flutter in action, Eric Windmill005.2 WIN
With Flutter, you can build mobile applications using a single, feature-rich SDK that includes everything from a rendering engine to a testing environment. Flutter compiles programs written in Google's intuitive Dart language to platform-specific code so your iOS and Android games, utilities, and shopping platforms all run like native Java or Swift apps.
Future minds : the rise of intelligence, from the big bang to the end of the universe, Richard Yonck006.3 YON
Hacks for Alexa : an unofficial guide to settings, linking devices, reminders, shopping, video, music, sports, and more, Joseph Moran006.3 MOR
Learn all the latest hacks and tips for using your Amazon Alexa device! Want to make the most out of your Alexa device? You've opened the right book! Originally launched in 2014, Amazon's Alexa is a virtual assistant capable of helping you with everything from personal to-do lists to professional services.
Hands on with Google Data Studio : a data citizen's survival guide, Lee Hurst005.71 HUR
JavaScript in easy steps, Mike McGrath005.133 JAV
JavaScript in easy steps, 6th edition instructs the user how to create exciting web pages that employ the power of JavaScript to provide functionality. You need have no previous knowledge of any scripting language so it's ideal for the newcomer to JavaScript. By the end of this book you will have gained a sound understanding of JavaScript and be able to add exciting dynamic scripts to your own web pages.
Learning progressive web apps : building modern web apps using service workers, John M. Wargo005.1 WAR
Software developers have two options for the apps they build: native apps targeting a specific device or web apps that run on any device. Building native apps is challenging, especially when your app targets multiple system types-i.e., desktop computers, smartphones, televisions-because user experience varies dramatically across devices.
Lurking : how a person became a user, Joanne McNeil004.67 MCN
In a shockingly short amount of time, the internet has bound people around the world together and torn us apart and changed not just the way we communicate but who we are and who we can be. It has created a new, unprecedented cultural space that we are all a part of even if we don't participate, that is how we participate but by which we're continually surprised, betrayed, enriched, befuddled.
MacOS Catalina in easy steps, Nick Vandome005.446 MAC
Modern C, Jens Gustedt005.133 C
Modern C introduces you to modern day C programming, emphasizing the unique and new features of this powerful language. For new C coders, it starts with fundamentals like structure, grammar, compilation, and execution.
Photo backup, Keith Shipton005.8 SHI
Could the most photographed and picture-taking generation the world has ever seen end up having little or no photographic record? Taking photos has never been easier, and most of us have a camera with us everywhere we go. Yearly exposures are measured in the trillions. Many perhaps the majority of those digital images aren't worth much more than a quick glance and the delete button.
Sams teach yourself Java in 21 days, Rogers Cadenhead005.133 JAV
Sams teach yourself SQL in 10 minutes, Ben Forta005.756 FOR
The digital big bang : the hard stuff, the soft stuff, and the future of cybersecurity, Phil Quade005.8 QUA
The Photoshop elements 2020 book for digital photographers, Scott Kelby006.68 KEL
The real business of blockchain : how leaders can create value in a new digital age, David Furlonger, Christophe Uzureau005.74 FUR
Blockchain is transforming business. What's your strategy? Forward-thinking organizations such as the Australian Stock Exchange, Equinor, the City of Austin, and dozens of others are exploring how blockchain can transform the way they create and seek value. Whether to streamline multi-party processes, create and trade new assets, or leverage artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, blockchain enables entirely new business opportunities.
The road to conscious machines : the story of AI, Michael Wooldridge006.3 WOO

Crafts, Hobbies & Collecting

Baby knits, Susie Johns746.432 JOH
Backyard foundry : for home machinists, B. Terry Aspin671.2 ASP
Basic benchwork for home machinists, Les Oldridge684.08 OLD
Basic lathework for home machinists, Stan Bray684.083 BRA
Beader's guide : right-angle weave, editor, Erica Barse745.58 BAR
Beginner's guide to making mosaics : 16 easy-to-make projects for any space, Delphine Lescuyer738.5 LES
Build a flower : a beginner's guide to paper flowers, Lucia Balcazar745.54 BAL
Carving small characters in wood : instructions & patterns for compact projects with personality, Jack Price736.4 PRI
Caticorn crafts : 25 purr-fectly enchanted projects, Crystal Allen745.5 ALL
Chip carving : geometric patterns to draw and chip out of wood, Tatiana Baldina736.4 BAL
Crewel embroidery : 7 enchanting designs inspired by fairy tales, Tatiana Popova746.446 POP
Embroidery on knitting : inspirational modern designs for stitching onto knitted garments, Britt-Marie Christoffersson746.44 CHR
Fair Isle crochet workshop : 15 modern projects for the home, Natasja Vreeswijk746.434 VRE
Fashion design : a guide to the industry and the creative process, Denis Antoine746.92 ANT
Fat quarter vintage : 25 projects to make from short lengths of fabric, Susie Johns746.44 JOH
House of Pinheiro's work to weekend wardrobe : sew your own capsule collection, Rachel Pinheiro646.407 PIN
A capsule collection of garments and variations to take the reader through the working week to the weekend, complete with fully-graded, full-size dress patterns.
How to make cloth dolls, Jan Horrox745.592 HOR
Jane Packer's flower course : easy techniques for fabulous flower arranging, prop styling by Jo Barnes745.92 PAC
Kawaii crochet : 40 super cute crochet patterns for adorable amigurumi, Melissa Bradley746.434 BRA
Knitting stashbusters : 25 great ways to use up your yarn leftovers of one ball or less, Fiona Goble746.432 GOB
Kraft-tex creations : sew 18 projects with vegan leather, print, stitch, paint & design, Lindsay Conner746.4 CON
Loveable felted animals : enchanting mascots, pets and accessories, Yuko Sakuda, Yucoco Cafe746.0463 SAK
Making Japanese woodblock prints, Laura Boswell761 BOS
Making marbled paper : paint techniques & patterns for classic & modern marbleizing on paper & silk, Heather RJ Fletcher745.72 FLE
Making metal clockworks, Stan Bray680.112 BRA
An introduction to horology for the complete beginner.
Making wow jewelry : Techniques and projects for making a statement, Gay Isber745.594 ISB
Mending life : a handbook for repairing clothes and hearts, Nina and Sonya Montenegro646.3 MON
Modern crochet : patterns & designs for the minimalist maker, written + designed by Teresa Carter746.434 CAR
Modern crochet bible : over 100 contemporary crochet techniques and stitches, Sarah Shrimpton746.434 SHR
Needle felting for beginners : how to sculpt with wool, Roz Dace & Judy Balchin746.0463 DAC
Paper flower art : create beautifully realistic floral arrangements, Jessie Chui745.594 CHU
Punch needle, Arounna Khounnoraj746.44 KHO
Quilter's complete guide, Marianne Fons and Liz Porter746.46 FON
Quilting with kids : 24 fun and easy projects to make together, Wendy Sheppard and Gwendolyn Sheppard746.46 SHE
Rainy day sewing : 18 sewing projects to brighten every day, Amy Sinibaldi, Kristyne Czepuryk646.2 SIN
Sewing bags & pouches, editor in chief, Ayhan Demirpehlivan646.48 SEW
Shawls, wraps and scarves : 21 elegant & graceful hand-knit patterns, Louisa Harding746.432 HAR
Simple applique : 25 quick and easy projects to make, Janet Goddard746.445 GOD
Simple crocheted hats : 15 beautiful designs to create with ease, Vanessa Mooncie746.434 MOO
Spinning and weaving, Lynn Huggins-Cooper746.1 HUG
Stumpwork inspirations.,746.44 STU
Stumpwork embroidery, also called raised embroidery, takes hand embroidery to another dimension and lifts it off the surface of the fabric with strikingly realistic results.
The art of wearable flowers : floral rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more, Susan McLeary745.92 MCL
The blacksmith's craft : an introduction to Smithing for apprentices and craftsmen, published by Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas682 BLA
The metalworker's workshop for home machinists, Harold Hall671 HAL
The milling machine for home machinists, Harold Hall671.35 HAL
The skill of flower arranging : everything you need to know, Gregory Milner745.92 MIL
The ultimate guide to rulerwork quilting : from buying tools to planning the quilting to successful stitching, Amanda Murphy746.46 MUR
The weaving explorer : ingenious techniques, accessible tools & creative projects with yarn, paper, wire & more, Deborah Jarchow & Gwen W. Steege746.14 JAR
Welding for vehicle restorers, Bruce Macleod629.287 MAC
With one needle : how to nolbind, Mervi Pasanen746.4 PAS
Wood work : the complete step-by-step manual, Alan Bridgewater684.08 BRI
Woven & worn.,646.3 WOV
Wrought ironwork : a manual of instruction for craftsmen, Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas682 WRO
Zoomigurumi 9, compiled with care by Amigurumipatterns.net746.434 ZOO
Amigurumi is the making of little crochet characters.

Crime & Espionage

An unexplained death : the true story of a body at the Belvedere, Mikita Brottman364.152
When the body of a missing man is discovered in the Belvedere, an apparent suicide, resident Mikita Brottman becomes obsessed with the mysterious circumstances of his death. The Belvedere used to be a hotel dating back to Baltimore's Golden Age but is now converted into flats.
Citizen 865 : the hunt for Hitler's hidden soldiers in America, Debbie Cenziper364.138 CEN
Cops, drugs, Lawyer X and me, Paul Dale & Vikki Petraitis364.132 DAL
Paul Dale knows he is tainted. After almost fifteen years as a cop, working in Homicide and rising to the rank of Detective Sergeant in the Victorian Drug Squad, he saw the worst of what people can do. But when he was accused and jailed firstly for drug offences and then for murder, Dale realised the murky world he was navigating was going to take him under too.
Fakes, forgeries, and frauds, Nancy Moses364.163 MOS
Fat Freddie : a gangster's life - the bloody career of Freddie Thompson, Stephen Breen364.1 BRE
'Fat' Freddie Thompson first appeared in court in 1997. He was sixteen and already aspiring to be a major crime boss. Over the next twenty years his criminal career would be marked by mayhem, brutality and murder. In 2000 a row over a failed drugs deal ignited a murderous feud in Dublin's south inner city.
Hotel Kerobokan, Kathryn Bonella365.9598 BON
Welcome to Hotel Kerobokan, the ironic nickname for Kerobokan Jail, Bali's most notorious prison, and home to a procession of the infamous and the tragic: the BALI BOMBERS, Gold Coast beautician SCHAPELLE CORBY and the BALI NINE, among many others. I
Hunting Leroux : the inside story of the DEA takedown of a criminal genius and his empire, Elaine Shannon364.133 SHA
The story of Paul LeRoux, the twisted-genius entrepreneur and cold-blooded killer who brought revolutionary innovation to international crime, and the exclusive inside story of how the DEA's elite, secretive 960 Group brought him down.
If loving you is wrong, Gregg Olsen364.153 OLS
You know how the story ended, but do you know how it all started? Within hours of giving birth to her sixth child, Mary Kay Letourneau had her baby daughter whisked from her arms. She was then shackled and returned to her jail cell. Just years ago, the pretty, personable Seattle schoolteacher was living a life many would envy, she had a handsome husband, four beautiful children, and a beloved following of students. Then she was accused of child rape, and her whole world turned upside down.
Inside the law, Vikki Petraitis364.15 PET
Vikki Petraitis took to writing true crime because, unlike crime fiction, it was so raw and it told the story of real people, real grief, real loss, real horror. A school teacher by day, Vikki had no idea that writing one book about one unsolved murder would give her a second career that has run alongside her chosen profession for 25 years.
Kathleen Folbigg : Australia's worst female serial killer Also published with title: When the bough breaks, Matthew Benns364.1523 BEN
Kilo : life and death inside the secret world of the cocaine cartels, Toby Muse363.45 MUS
Toby Muse takes us deep into the mechanism of the drug trade, following a kilo of cocaine as it travels by land and sea to its final destination. On the way we will meet druglords, contract killers, drug mules, and submarine pilots, all of whom are trying to get ahead in the best way they know how.
Lost girls : an unsolved American mystery, Robert Kolker. 364.1523 KOL
One late spring evening in 2010, Shannan Gilbert after running through the oceanfront community of Oak Beach screaming for her life went missing. No one who had heard of her disappearance thought much about what had happened to the twenty-four-year-old: she was a Craigslist escort who had been fleeing a scene of what, no one could be sure.
Missing William Tyrrell, Caroline Overington364.154 OVE
One minute a little boy is playing on his grandmother's lawn, the next minute, he's gone. How can a three year old child simply disappear? The case of little William Tyrrell is one of Australia's most baffling and heartbreaking mysteries.
Murder on Easey Street : Melbourne's most notorious cold case, Helen Thomas364.1523 THO
Murder on the Malta Express : who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia?, Carlo Bonini, Manuel Delia, John Sweeney364.1524 BON
Race against time : a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era, Jerry Mitchell364.1523 MIT
Red River girl : a journey into the dark heart of Canada, Joanna Jolly364.1523 JOL
On August 17, 2014, the body of fifteen-year-old runaway Tina Fontaine was found in Winnipeg's Red River. A tragedy for Tina's family and community on the Sagkeeng First Nation Reserve, her murder also became a symbol for the racial and gender discrimination which Canada has never properly addressed.
Relentless pursuit : my fight for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, Bradley J. Edwards364.153 EDW
Start by believing : Larry Nassar's crimes, the institutions that enabled him, and the brave women who stopped a monster, John Barr & Dan Murphy364.153 BAR
The billionaire murders : the mysterious deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, Kevin Donovan364.1523 DON
The case of Stephen Downing : the worst miscarriage of justice in British history, Stephen Downing364.1523 DOW
The Central Park five, Sarah Burns364.1532 BUR
An in-depth account of one of New York City's most notorious crimes. On April 20, 1989, the body of a woman is discovered in Central Park, her skull badly smashed. Within days, five black and Latino teenagers confess to her rape and beating. The ensuing media frenzy and hysterical public reaction is extraordinary.
The devil's grip, Neal Drinnan with Bob Perry364.1523 DRI
Seven shots ring out in the silence of Victoria's rolling Barrabool Hills. As the final recoil echoes through the paddocks, a revered sheep-breeding dynasty comes to a bloody and inglorious end. No one could have anticipated the orgy of violence that wiped out three generations of the Wettenhall family.
The greatest heist stories ever told, Tom McCarthy364.1552 MCC
The Hilton bombing : Evan Pederick and the Ananda Marga, Imre Salusinszky363.32 SAL
The terrorist turned reverend: a remarkable story told for the first time. In 1978, Evan Pederick, a naive 22-year-old in the thrall of a radical religious movement, Ananda Marga, placed an enormous bomb outside Sydney's Hilton Hotel. It killed three people. A decade later, Pederick confessed to this act of terrorism.
The kidnap years : the astonishing true history of the forgotten kidnapping epidemic that shook Depression-era America, David Stout364.154 STO
The Great Depression was a time of incomparable financial desperation in America. Thugs with submachine guns and square-jawed G-men have long dominated the vernacular images of fear, lawlessness, and corruption set against the decimating poverty of that decade.
The phantom prince : my life with Ted Bundy, Elizabeth Kendall364.1523 KEN
Details the author's six-year relationship with serial killer Ted Bundy. Originally published in 1981, this expanded edition includes a new introduction and a new afterword by the author, never-before-seen photos, and a startling new chapter from the author's daughter, Molly, who has not previously shared her story.
The suspect : an Olympic bombing, the FBI, the media, and Richard Jewell, the man caught in the middle, Kent Alexander & Kevin Salwen. 363.32 ALE
The masterful true-crime account of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing that captured the world's attention, and the heroic security guard-turned-suspect at the heart of it all.
Underworld, Duncan Campbell364.106 CAM
With stories of murder, theft, fraud and treachery, The Underworld is a deep-dive into the history of professional and organised crime in Britain.

Customs & Etiquette

Modern etiquette made easy : a five-step method to mastering etiquette, Myka Meier395 MEI


College on the autism spectrum : a parent's guide to students' mental health and wellbeing, Laurie Leventhal-Belfer371.94 LEV
Dear parents : letters from the teacher - your children, their education, and how you can help, Gabbie Stroud371.1 STR
Exceptional minds across the autism spectrum : pathways to success in school and beyond, Corinne Levitt371.94 LEV
Reclaim early childhood : the philosophy, psychology and practice of Steiner-Waldorf early years education, Sebastian Suggate and Tamara Suggate372.21 SUG
The person in the mirror : education and the search for self and meaning, George A. Goens370.1 GOE
Zest for learning : developing curious learners who relish real-world challenges, Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer370.152 LUC


Troubleshooting electronic circuits : debugging and improving your DIY projects and experiments, Ronald Quan621.381 QUA


An underground guide to sewers : or, down, through & out in Paris, London, New York, &c., Stephen Halliday628.3 HAL
Gears & gear cutting for home machinists, Ivan Law621.83 LAW
Metalworker's data book for home machinists : the essential reference guide for everyone who works with metal, Harold Hall671 HAL
Tool & cutter sharpening for home machinists, Harold Hall621.9 HAL
Useful machine shop tools to make for home shop machinists, Stan Bray621.9 BRA


Back from the brink : how Australia's landscape can be saved, Peter Andrews333.73 AND
Australia faces a catastrophe. For 200 years, our farmers have been using methods developed in European climates and landforms which, in Australia, have wreaked havoc. On the driest inhabited continent on earth, the delicate balance between the land, its climate and inhabitants has been disrupted.
Climate crisis and consciousness : re-imagining our world and ourselves, Sally Gillespie363.738 GIL
The story of more : how we got to climate change and where to go from here, Hope Jahren363.73 JAH

Fashion & Beauty

Carnival to catwalk : global reflections on fancy dress costume, Benjamin Linley Wild391 WIL
Chinese dress : from the Qing Dynasty to the present day, Valery Garrett391 GAR
Clothes... and other things that matter, Alexandra Shulman391 SHU
Dior : moments of joy, Murial Teodori746.92 DIO
Dress your best life : harness the power of clothes to transform your confidence, Dawnn Karen391 KAR
Face workouts for beginners : pressure techniques to tone and define naturally, Nadira V Persaud646.726 PER
Fashion : the definitive visual guide.,391 FAS
Fashionpedia : the visual dictionary of fashion design.,746.92 FAS
Forties fashion : from siren suits to the new look, Jonathan Walford391 WAL
How to read a suit : a guide to changing men's fashion from the 17th to the 20th century, Lydia Edwards391.1 EDW
Natural skin care at home : how to make organic moisturizers, masks, balms, buffs, scrubs, and much more, Liz McQuerry646.72 MCQ
The fashion book.,746.92 FAS
Spanning almost 200 years, the entire industry is represented: from designers to photographers, stylists, and retailers, as well as editors and creative directors.
The great fashion designers : from Chanel to McQueen, the names that made fashion history, Brenda Polan and Roger Tredre746.92 POL

Film, Television & Theatre

Burt Reynolds on screen, Wayne Byrne791.43028 REY
In a prolific career spanning six decades, actor Burt Reynolds was a definitive American icon and one of the world's most famous stars of film and television.
Chaning the face of British dance : fifty years of London Contemporary Dance school, Henrietta and Richard Bannerman792.8 BAN
Game of Thrones : the costumes, Michele Clapton with Gina McIntyre791.457 CLA
Paris and other disappointments, Adam Rozenbachs792.7 ROZ
Sick of going overseas and enjoying himself, comedian Adam Rozenbachs decided he would take his father on the trip of a lifetime to Europe. For his dad, it was a chance to return to the place he hadn't seen since fleeing post-war Germany. For Adam, a chance to repay his dad for everything he'd given him in life.
Shakespeare in a divided America, James Shapiro822.33 SHA
From leading Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro, a timely and insightful examination of what the world's greatest dramatist can teach us about life in an America riven by conflict.
The art of Star Wars, the rise of Skywalker, written by Phil Szostak791.437 SZO
The big goodbye : Chinatown and the last years of Hollywood, Sam Wasson791.437 WAS
Chinatown is the Holy Grail of 1970s cinema. Its ending is the most notorious in American film and its closing line of dialogue the most haunting. Here for the first time is the incredible true story of its making.
The short story of film : a pocket guide to key genres, films, techniques & movements, Ian Haydn Smith791.437 SMI

Finance & Economics

A question of power : electricity and the wealth of nations, Robert Bryce333.793 BRY
Dark towers : Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an epic trail of destruction, David Enrich332.15 ENR
Fruit from the sands : the Silk Road origins of the foods we eat, Robert N. Spengler III338.19 SPE
Great economic thinkers : an introduction - from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen, Jonathan Conlin330 GRE
Investment wisdom : great Australian investors share their stories, Brett Kelly332.678 KEL
Retail disruptors : the spectacular rise and impact of the hard discounters, Jan-Benedict Steenkamp with Laurens Sloot381.14 STE
Rewriting the rules of the European economy : an agenda for growth and shared prosperity, Joseph E. Stiglitz330.94 STI
Samsung rising : inside the secretive company conquering tech, Geoffrey Cain338.762 CAI
Shorter : how working less will revolutionise the way your company gets things done, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang306.36 PAN
The art of good enough : the working mom's guilt-free guide to thriving while being perfectly imperfect, Dr. Ivy Ge331.4 GE
The buy nothing, get everything plan : discover the joy of spending less, sharing more, and living generously, Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller332.024 CLA
A powerful, environmentally-conscious guide to decluttering, saving money and growing a community inspired by the ancient practice of gift economies where neighbors pooled resources includes seven steps to learning how to buy less and give more.
The future is faster than you think : how converging technologies are transforming business, industries, and our lives, Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler338.06 DIA
The little book of Investing like the pros : five steps for picking stocks, Joshua Pearl, Joshua Rosenbaum332.6 PEA
The new local economy : how the future's big businesses will grow out of small communities, Nils Elmark338.9 ELM
Windows of opportunity : how nations create wealth, David Sainsbury338.9 SAI


Animal folk tales of Britain and Ireland, Sharon Jacksties398.20941 JAC
Disfigured : on fairy tales, disability, and making space, Amanda Leduc398.35 LED
Challenges the ableism of fairy tales and offers new ways to celebrate the magic of all bodies. In fairy tales, happy endings are the norm - as long as you're beautiful and walk on two legs. After all, the ogre never gets the princess. And since fairy tales are the foundational myths of our culture, how can a girl with a disability ever think she'll have a happy ending?

Food & Drink

Aran : recipes and stories from a bakery in the heart of scotland, Flora Shedden641.815 SHE
Beyond borscht : old-world recipes from Eastern Europe; Ukraine, Russia, Poland & more, Tatyana Nesteruk641.5947 NES
Cape Mediterranean, Ilse van der Merwe641.5968 VAN
Cape Mediterranean food/cooking is a South African style of cooking and entertaining influenced by one of the oldest and arguably also the healthiest cuisines in the world. It has developed naturally from within the Western Cape due to its Mediterranean climate and the abundance of classic Mediterranean-style local produce.
Carpathia : food from the heart of Romania, Irina Georgescu641.594 GEO
China : a cookbook, Terry Tan641.5951 TAN
Chinese food made easy, Ross Dobson641.5951 DOB
Cool beans : the ultimate guide to cooking with the world's most versatile plant-based protein, with 125 recipes, Joe Yonan641.6565 YON
Crock-Pot Express Crock multi-cooker : fix it fast or slow.,641.586 CRO
Dinner in French : my recipes by way of France, Melissa Clark641.5944 CLA
Easy everyday keto : healthy kitchen-perfected recipes, consulting nutrionist, Alicia A. Romano641.563 AME
Falastin : a cookbook, Sami Tamimi, Tara Wigley641.5956 TAM
Travelling through Bethlehem, East Jerusalem, Nablus, Haifa, Akka, Nazareth, Galilee and the West Bank, Sami and Tara invite you to experience and enjoy unparalleled access to Sami's homeland.
Fast & flavorful paleo cooking : 80 easy, delicious recipes for the weeknight chef, Amanda Torres641.563 TOR
Food : the history of taste, Paul Freedman641.3 FOO
Food fix : how to save our health, our economy, our communities, and our planet-one bite at a time, Mark Hyman, MD363.8 HYM
It starts with fruit : simple techniques & delicious recipes for Jams, Marmalades, preserves, Jordan Champagne641.852 CHA
James Martin's islands to highlands,641.5941 MAR
Kitchen remix : 75 recipes for making the most of your ingredients, Charlotte Druckman641.552 DRU
Little veggie eats, Rachel Boyett649.3 BOY
Help your baby to love vegetables and save the planet! Life-time vegetarian and mother of three Rachel Boyett @littleveggieeats makes vegetarian and vegan weaning fun and easy with nutrient packed recipes that all the family can enjoy.
Naked cakes : simply stunning cakes, Hannah Miles641.8653 MIL
No gluten, no problem pizza : 75+ recipes for every craving from thin crust to deep dish, New York to Naples, Kelli Bronski and Peter Bronski641.824 BRO
Oats in the north, wheat from the south, words and photography Regula Ysewijn641.815 YSE
Oats in the North, Wheat from the South is a guided tour of Great Britain's baking heritage.
Pass it on : a Gujarati Indian cookbook, Shobha Kalyan, Keryn Kalyan641.5954 KAL
Real bento : fresh and easy lunchbox recipes from a Japanese working mom, Kanae Inoue641.5952 INO
Simple spice vegetarian : easy Indian vegetarian recipes from just 10 spices, Cyrus Todiwala641.5954 TOD
Sitopia : how food can save the world, Carolyn Steel363.8 STE
Sushi modoki : the Japanese art of crafting vegan sushi, Inna641.5952 SAW
Table manners : the cookbook, Jessie Ware, Lennie Ware641.5 WAR
Tartine : a classic revisited : 68 all-new recipes + 55 updated favorites, Elisabeth Prueitt + Chad Robertson641.865 PRU
Updated edition of a go-to classic for home and professional bakers from one of the most acclaimed and inspiring bakeries in the world.
The Batch Lady : shop once, cook once, eat well all week, Suzanne Mulholland641.555 MUL
The fast low-carb kickstart plan : the ultimate guide to intermittent fasting and low-card eating for weight loss, Luke Hines641.5638 HIN
The happy home baker cookbook : elegant and fun sweets made simple, Rie641.865 RIE
The no-waste vegetable cookbook : recipes and techniques for whole plant cooking, Linda Ly641.65 LY
The pastry school : sweet and savoury pies, tarts and treats to bake at home, Julie Jones641.815 JON
The reverse your diabetes cookbook : lose weight and eat to beat type 2 diabetes, Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi with Jenny Phillips641.5631 CAL
The Sicily cookbook : authentic recipes from a Mediterranean island, Cettina Vicenzino641.5945 VIC
The ultimate guide to butchering, smoking, curing, sausage, and jerky making, Philip Hasheider641.691 HAS
The Whole30 friends & family : 150 recipes for every social occasion, Melissa Hartwig Urban641.568 HAR
The wok & skillet cookbook : 300 recipes for stir-frys & noodles Also published with title: 300 best stir-fry recipes, Nancie McDermott641.77 MCD
There's no taste like home : my cookbook, John Partridge641.5 PAR
Ultimate guide to keto baking : master all the best tricks for low-carb baking success, Carolyn Ketchum641.5638 KET
Vegan : the cookbook, Jean-Christian Jury641.56362 JUR
Whisky : it's not rocket science, Mickael Guidot641.252 GUI
Whole in one : complete, healthy meals in a single pot, sheet pan, or skillet, Ellie Krieger641.82 KRI
You are your own gym : the cookbook : 125 delicious recipes for cooking your way to a great body, Mark Lauren with Maggie Greenwood-Robinson641.5635 LAU

Gardens & Gardening

A year at Brandywine cottage : six seasons of beauty, bounty, and blooms, David L. Culp with Denise Cowie635.0973 CUL
Eat your front garden, Mat Coward635 COW
Garden DIY : 25 fun-to-make projects for an attractive and productive garden, Daniel Johnson and Samantha Johnson631.2 JOH
Gardening your front yard : projects and ideas for big & small spaces, Tara Nolan712.6 NOL
Get growing : a family guide to gardening indoors and out, Holly Farrell635 FAR
Green : simple ideas for small outdoor spaces, Ula Maria712.6 MAR
Grow your soil! : harness the power of the soil food web to create your best garden ever, Diane Miessler631.4 MIE
Happy bonsai : choose it, shape it, love it, Michael Tran635.9772 TRA
How to create an eco garden : the practical guide to sustainable and greener gardening, John Walker635.0484 WAL
Hydrangeas : beautiful varieties for home and garden, Naomi Slade635.93 SLA
Japanese gardens : Kyoto,712.0952 NAK
Kitchen garden revival : a modern guide to creating a stylish small-scale, low-maintenance edible garden, Nicole Johnsey Burke635 BUR
Moss ball bonsai : 100 beautiful kokedama that are fun to create, Satoshi Sunamori635.98 SUN
My wild garden : notes from a writer's eden, Meir Shalev635 SHA
Nature's best hope : a new approach to conservation that starts in your yard, Douglas W. Tallamy635.951 TAL
Plant tribe : living happily ever after with plants, Igor Josifovic & Judith de Graaff635.965 JOS
Regrow your veggies : growing vegetables from roots, cuttings and scraps, Melissa Raupach, Felix Lill635 RAU
Scent magic : notes from a gardener, Isabel Bannerman635 BAN
Soil science for gardeners : working with nature to build soil health, Robert Pavlis631.4 PAV
The dry gardening handbook : plants and practices for a changing climate, Olivier Filippi635.9 FIL
The earth in her hands : 75 extraordinary women working in the world of plants, Jennifer Jewell630 JEW
The Earth in Her Hands celebrates the important contributions women make to the wide world of plants--in the fields of horticulture, environmental science, botany, floral design, farming, landscape architecture, herbalism, food justice, and more.
The well gardened mind : rediscovering nature in the modern world, Sue Stuart-Smith635 STU
Vegetable gardening for beginners : a simple guide to growing vegetables at home, Jill McSheehy635 MCS
What plant where encyclopedia.,635 WHA
RHS experts make it easy to find the perfect plant for every site.
Your indoor herb garden : growing and harvesting herbs at home, DJ Herda635.7 HER
Your wellbeing garden : how to make your garden good for you : science, design, practice, Alastair Griffiths [and three others]635 GRI


7-minute body plan, Lucy Wyndham-Read613.7 WYN
Anxious man : notes on a life lived nervously, Josh Roberts616.8522 ROB
One night three years ago Josh Roberts went to a party. The next morning he awoke to discover his mind had collapsed. In a matter of days he went from being a fun loving, seemingly successful twenty-something to a hot mess of tears and nerves. Eventually he was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
Chair yoga for seniors : stretches and poses that you can do sitting down at home, Lynn Lehmkuhl613.7046 LEH
Concussion rescue : a comprehensive program to heal traumatic brain injury, Dr. Kabran Chapek617.48 CHA
Eat like the animals : what nature teaches us about healthy eating in a fast food world, David Raubenheimer and Steven J. Simpson613.2 RAU
Experiences of donor conception : parents, offspring, and donors through the years, Caroline Lorbach618.178 LOR
Experiencing acupuncture : journeys of body, mind and spirit for patients and practitioners, John Hamwee615.892 HAM
Fat : the secret organ : the surprising science behind the most misunderstood part of the body, Mariette Boon & Liesbeth van Rossum612.39 BOO
Fix your period : six weeks to banish bloating, conquer cramps, manage moodiness, and ignite lasting hormone balance, Nicole Jardim612.662 JAR
How to eat : all your food and diet questions answered, Mark Bittman, Dr David L. Katz613.2 BIT
Immunity : the science of staying well : the definitive guide to caring for your immune system, Dr Jenna Macciochi616.079 MAC
Introduction to healthcare for Arabic-speaking interpreters and translators, Ineke H.M. Crezee, Nawar Gailani, Anna N. Gailani610 CRE
Keto : the complete guide to success on the ketogenic diet, including simplified science and no-cook meal plans, Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich613.28 EMM
Killer high : a history of war in six drugs, Peter Andreas616.98 AND
Lipedema : the disease they call fat : an overview for clinicians, Erez Dayan611.018 DAY
Man down : a guide for men on mental health, Charlie Hoare616.89 HOA
Mayo Clinic guide to fibromyalgia.,616.74 MAY
Mindful pregnancy : meditation, yoga, hypnobirthing, natural remedies, nutrition : trimester by trimester, Tracy Donegan618.2 DON
Notes from an apocalypse : a personal journey to the end of the world and back, Mark O'Connell613.69 OCO
We're alive in a time of worst-case scenarios: The weather has gone uncanny, volatile. Our old post-war alliances are crumbling. Everywhere you look there's an omen, a joke whose punchline is the end of the world. How are we to live in the shadow of such a grim future?
Nutrition and physical degeneration : a comparision of primitive and modern diets and their effects, Weston A. Price616.39 PRI
Perimenopower : your essential guide to the change before the change, Katarina Wilk618.175 WIL
Plant magic : herbalism in real life, Christine Buckley615.321 BUC
Portrait of the artist's mother : dignity, creativity and disability, Fiona Place616.8588 PLA
Portrait of the Artist's Mother is a memoir and an examination of the politics of disability. Fiona Place describes the pressure from medical institutions to undergo screening during pregnancy and assumptions that a child with Trisomy 21 should not live, even though people with Down syndrome do live rich lives.
Postnatal pilates : a recovery and strength guide for life, Anya Hayes618.6 HAY
Safety skills for Asperger women : how to save a perfectly good female life, Liane Holliday Willey616.85 WIL
The 4 season solution : the groundbreaking new plan for feeling better, living well, and powering down our always-on lives, Dallas Hartwig612.02 HAR
The align method : 5 movement principles for a stronger body, sharper mind, and stress-proof life, Aaron Alexander613.7 ALE
The better half : on the genetic superiority of women, Sharon Moalem.613.0424 MOA
The complete guide to lymph drainage massage, Ramona Moody French615.822 FRE
The deep history of ourselves : the four-billion-year story of how we got conscious brains, Joseph LeDoux612.82 LED
The energy secret : practices and rituals to unlock your inner energy for healing and happiness, Jane Alexander615.851 ALE
The expert witness : examinations of crimes, drugs and poisons by a forensic toxicologist, William J. Allender614 ALL
The last diet. : discover the secret to losing weight-- for good, Shahroo Izadi613.25 IZA
The natural health service : what the great outdoors can do for your mind, Isabel Hardman616.8527 HAR
The nutrition bible : an A-Z of ailments and medicinal foods, Dale Pinnock613.28 PIN
The path to longevity : how to reach 100 with the health and stamina of a 40-year-old, Luigi Fontana MD, PhD612.68 FON
The self-care solution : a year of becoming happier, healthier, and fitter--one month at a time, Jennifer Ashton ; with Sarah Toland613.2 ASH
The shapeless unease : a year of not sleeping, Samantha Harvey616.849 HAR
The sickening mind : brain, behaviour, immunity and disease, Paul Martin612.82 MAR
The transformation : discovering wholeness and healing after trauma, James S. Gordon, MD616.8521 GOR
The XX brain : the groundbreaking science empowering women to maximize cognitive health and prevent Alzheimer's disease, Lisa Mosconi, PhD616.831 MOS

History, Geography & Travel

30-second Ancient China : the 50 most important achievements of a timeless civilization, each explained in half a minute, editor, Yijie Zhuang931 THI
30-second ancient Egypt : the 50 most important achievements of a timeless civilization, each explained in half a minute, editor, Peter Der Manuelian932 THI
A brief history of Korea : isolation, war, despotism and revival: the fascinating story of a resilient but divided people, Michael J. Seth951.9 SET
A new world begins : the history of the French Revolution, Jeremy D. Popkin944.04 POP
A people betrayed : a history of corruption, political incompetence and social division in modern Spain, 1874-2018, Paul Preston946 PRE
A short history of Babylon, Karen Radner. 935 RAD
A short history of South-East Asia, Peter Church959 CHU
A year in the life of medieval England, Toni Mount942.03 MOU
All this marvelous potential : Robert Kennedy's 1968 tour of Appalachia, Matthew Algeo973.922 KEN
Always Italy, Frances Mayes with Ondine Cohane945 MAY
This lush guide, featuring more than 350 glorious photographs from National Geographic, showcases the best Italy has to offer from the perspective of two women who have spent their lives reveling in its unique joys.
Americal traveller : true tales of adventure, travel, and sport, Randy Wayne White910.4 WHI
Amsterdam, Catherine Le Nevez, Kate Morgan, Barbara Woolsey949.2 LE
Lonely Planet book.
An atlas of geographical wonders : from mountaintops to riverbeds : a selection of comparative maps and tableaux, Jean-Christophe Bailly911 BAI
Around the world in 60 seconds : the Nas daily journey : 1,000 days, 64 countries, 1 beautiful planet, Nuseir Yassin with Bruce Kluger910.41 YAS
Around the world in a dugout canoe : the untold story of Captain John Voss and the Tilikum, John M. MacFarlane and Lynn J. Salmon910.45 MAC
Austria, Catherine Le Nevez, Marc Di Duca, Anthony Haywood943.6 LE
Lonely Planet book.
Austria, main contributor Donna Wheeler943.6 WHE
DK Eyewitness travel guide.
Bedlam at Botany Bay, James Dunk994.02 DUN
Madness stalked the colony of New South Wales and tracing its wild path changes the way we look at our colonial history. What happened when people went mad in the fledgling colony of New South Wales?
Blood river : a journey into Africa's broken heart, Tim Butcher967.51 BUT
When Daily Telegraph correspondent Tim Butcher was sent to cover Africa he quickly became obsessed with the idea of recreating H.M. Stanley's famous expedition - but travelling alone.
Borneo : Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Tamara Thiessen959.53 THI
Bradt travel guide.
Britain B.C. : life in Britain and Ireland before the Romans, Francis Pryor936.1 PRY
Camping around Australia, writers, Julian Tompkin.994 TOM
Captain Cook's epic voyage, Geoffrey Blainey994.01 BLA
In 1768 Captain James Cook and his crew set out on a small British naval vessel in search of a missing continent. 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of that voyage, and Cook's 'discovery' of Australia.
Catalonia is not Spain : a historical perspective, Simon Harris946.7 HAR
Convict colony : the remarkable story of the fledgling settlement that survived against the odds, David Hill994.41 HIL
Cross country : a 3,700-mile run to explore unseen America, Rickey Gates973 GAT
Dame traveler : live the spirit of adventure, Nastasia Yakoub910.4 YAK
Dangerous shallows : in search of ghost ships of Cape Cod, Eric Takakjian and Randall Peffer910.45 TAK
Dateline Kashmir : inside the world's most militarised zone, Dinesh Mohan, Harsh Mander, Navsharan Singh954.6 MOH
Defending Trinity College Dublin, Easter 1916 : Anzacs and the rising, Rory Sweetman941.5 SWE
Digging up Armageddon : the search for the Lost City of Solomon, Eric H. Cline933 CLI
Explore Shanghai, author, Amy Fabris-Shi959.57 FAB
Fifty shades of the USA, Anna McNuff973 MCN
Germany : a nation in its time : before, during, and after Nationalism, 1500-2000, Helmut Walser Smith943 SMI
Greek Islands & Athens, Sarah Souli949.5 SOU
Heart of Australia : a celebration of our communities, Nick Rains994 RAI
Henry VIII : the decline and fall of a tyrant, Robert Hutchinson942.052 HEN
Hitler : dictator or puppet, Andrew Norman943.086 NOR
Written by an authority on Adolf Hitler, this book charts new ground and shows how the writings of a deluded ex-monk, Lanz von Liebenfels and the pseudo-science of Liebenfels and other writers convinced Hitler that Germanys destiny was to save the world from a Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy.
How to hide an empire : a short history of the greater United States, Daniel Immerwahr973 IMM
Imperial tragedy : from Constantine's empire to the destruction of Roman Italy (AD 363-568), Michael Kulikowski937 KUL
In Putin's footsteps : searching for the soul of an empire across Russia's eleven time zones, Nina Khrushcheva and Jeffrey Tayler947.086 KHR
Insta travel : discover breathtaking destinations, experience amazing adventures, capture stunning photos, Aggie Lal910.4 LAL
Iran, Maria Oleynik955 OLE
Bradt travel guide.
Ireland ; top sights, authentic experiences, Neil Wilson, Isabel Albiston, Fionn Davenport941.5 WIL
Lonely Planet's Best of Ireland.
Isabella of France : the rebel queen, Kathryn Warner944.02 WAR
Isabella of France married Edward II in January 1308, and afterwards became one of the most notorious women in English history. In 1325, she was sent to her homeland to negotiate a peace settlement between her husband and her brother Charles IV, king of France. She refused to return.
Island stories : an unconventional history of Britain, David Reynolds941 REY
Italy ; top sights, authentic experiences, Nicola Williams, Brett Atkinson, Alexis Averbuck945 WIL
Lonely Planet's Best.
Leave only footprints : my Acadia-to-Zion journey through every national park, Conor Knighton973 KNI
Lineages of modernity : a history of humanity from the Stone Age to Homo Americanus, Emmanuel Todd909 TOD
Mad, bad & dangerous to know, Ranulph Fiennes910.92 FIE
Ranulph Fiennes has travelled to the dangerous and inaccessible places on earth, almost died, lost nearly half his fingers to frostbite and raised millions of pounds for charity. This autobiography describes how he led expeditions all over the world and became the first person to travel to both poles on land.
Migrant city : a new history of London, Panikos Panayi942.1 PAN
Milan & the Italian Lakes District, Rick Steves945.2 STE
Mistresses : sex and scandal at the court of Charles II, Linda Porter941.066 POR
Mull : the island and its people, Jo Currie941.14 CUR
Of penguins and polar bears : a history of Cold War cruising, Christopher Wright910.92 WRI
Providence lost : the rise & fall of Cromwell's protectorate, Paul Lay941.064 CRO
Rome : portrait of a city = Portrõt einer Stadt = Portrait d'une ville, Giovanni Fanelli945.632 FAN
Secret city : the insider's guide to the world's coolest neighbourhoods, written by Isabel Albiston910.2 ALB
Secret Liverpool : an unusual guide, Mike Keating942.753 KEA
Sustainable escapes, James Bainbridge910.2 BAI
Lonely Planet book.
The 500 hidden secrets of Budapest 943.912 TOR
The betrayal of the Duchess : the scandal that unmade the Bourbon monarchy and made France modern, Maurice Samuels944.04 SAM
The Butcher : the Duke of Cumberland and the suppression of the '45, W.A. Speck941.07 SPE
The Butcher, in this new edition, deals with the Government's response to the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.
The caravan : Abdallah Azzam and the rise of global Jihad, Thomas Hegghammer956 HEG
The colour of sky after rain, Tessa Keswick951 KES
Tessa Keswick first travelled to China in 1982 and immediately fell in love with its history, culture and landscape. Over the next thirty years, she travelled extensively in China, visiting its temples and landmarks, the sites of its most famous battles, and the birthplaces of its best-known poets and philosophers.
The French Revolution : a peasants' revolt, David Andress944.04 AND
The gatekeeper, Kate Fall941.086 FAL
The Gatekeeper is a very personal portrait of life, as a woman, at the centre of power. As Brexit discussions rail on, Fall offers an intimate account of the preceding seminal political years from the viewpoint of the 'staffer' rather than the more traditional memoirs of the 'principals'- David Cameron and George Osborne whom she worked alongside.
The last voyage of the Andrea Doria : the sinking of the world's most glamorous ship, Greg King and Penny Wilson910.45 KIN
The little book of Japanese living Also published with title: How to live Japanese, Yutaka Yazawa952 YAZ
The little book of the Cotsworlds, Gillian Broomhall942 BRO
The Magic Lantern : the revolution of '89 witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin and Prague, Timothy Garton Ash943.087 GAR
The nanny state made me : a story of Britain and how to save it, Stuart Maconie941.082 MCO
It was the spirit of our finest hour, the backbone of our post-war greatness, and it promoted some of the boldest and most brilliant schemes this isle has ever produced- it was the Welfare State, and it made you and I. But now it's under threat, and we need to save it.
The Netherlands, main contributor Phil Lee949.2 LEE
DK Eyewitness travel guide.
The Normans, Trevor Rowley945.8 ROW
The school of restoration : the story of one Ugandan woman who has given hope to hundreds of female survivors of war and violence, Alice Achan and Philippa Tyndale967.61 ACH
The sixth river : a journal from the partition of India, Fikr Taunsvi954.04 FIK
The stones of the ancestors : unveiling the mystery of Scotland's ancient monuments, Douglas Scott and Stuart McHardy936.1 SCO
The tribe that washed its spears : the zulus at war, Adrian Greaves and Xolani Mkhize968.4 GRE
This book traces the history of the Zulus from their arrival in South Africa they were not indigenous as were the Koi and San population and the establishment of Zululand. It describes the violent rise of King Shaka and his colourful successors under whose leadership the warrior nation built its fiercesome reputation. I
The trigger : exposing the lie that changed the world - who really did it and why, David Icke973.93 ICK
In this Book he takes a look back at the event that shook the World in 2001, the September 11th attacks in New York. He looks at who was really behind it and why, what has happened in the years following 911, the increasing evidence to show the official story doesn't stand up to research and what has happened in the World since that day.
The year 1000 : when explorers connected the world, and globalization began, Valerie Hansen909.1 HAN
Tiny moons : a year of eating in Shanghai, Nina Mingya Powles951.132 POW
Tiny Moons is a collection of essays about food, belonging and longing. It's also a kitchen notebook, a travel journal, and a dream diary. This is a journey into childhood comfort foods, family feasts, Shanghai street food, and recreating memories through eating and cooking.
Tokyo : megacity, Donald Richie952.135 RIC
Tokyo sights : discover Tokyo's hidden gems, Stephen Mansfield952 MAN
Tokyo travel sketchbook : Kawaii culture, wabi sabi design, female samurais and other obsessions, Amaia Arrazola952 ARR
Travels in atomic sunshine : Australia and the occupation of Japan, Robin Gerster952.044 GER
USA, main contributor Stephen Keeling973 KEE
DK Eyewitness travel guide.
USA ; top sights, authentic experiences, Karla Zimmerman, Ray Bartlett, Andrew Bender973 ZIM
Lonely Planet's Best.
Uzbekistan : the Bradt travel guide, Sophie Ibbotson958.7 IBB
Vienna, Catherine Le Nevez, Kerry Walker, Marc Di Duca943.6 LE
Lonely Planet book.
Walter Ralegh : architect of empire, Alan Gallay942.055 RAL
Wanderlust : a traveler's guide to the globe, Philippe Gloaguen910.41 GLO
We can't say we didn't know, Sophie McNeill956.05 MCNE
For more than 15 years, award-winning journalist Sophie McNeill has reported on some of the most war-ravaged and oppressive places on earth, including Syria, Gaza, Yemen, West Bank and Iraq.
Who loses, who wins : the journals of Kenneth Rose. Volume two, 1979-2014, D.R. Thorpe941.085 ROS
Kenneth Rose was one of the most astute observers of the post-war Establishment. The wry and amusing journals of the royal biographer and historian made objective observation a sculpted craft. His impeccable social placement located him within the beating heart of the national elite for decades.
Wish lanterns : young lives in new China, Alec Ash951.06 ASH
This is the generation that will change China. The youth, over 320 million of them in their teens and twenties, more than the population of the USA. Born after Mao, with no memory of Tiananmen, they are destined to transform both their nation and the world.
Women of the Third Reich : from camp guards to combatants, Tim Heath943.086 HEA
World heritage Japan, John Lander952 LAN
Zimbabwe : the Bradt travel guide, Paul Murray, Paul Hubbard968.91 MUR

House & DIY

Bloom wild : a free-spirited guide to decorating with floral patterns, Bari J. Ackerman747.9 ACK
Clean green : tips and recipes for a naturally clean, more sustainable home, Jen Chillingsworth648.5 CHI
Coastal blues : home decorating ideas inspired by seaside living Also published with title: Coastal style, Sally Hayden & Alice Whately747 HAY
Design lives here : Australian interiors, furniture and lighting, Penny Craswell747 CRA
Evocative style, Kelly Wearstler with Rima Suqi747 WEA
Wearstler shares her creative world, profiling in detail her latest residential and commercial designs and her sumptuous new San Francisco Proper Hotel, as well as her creative process.
Home forest : interior micro gardens.,635.98 HOM
Little book, big plants : bring the outside in with over 45 friendly giants, Emma Sibley ; photography by Adam Laycock635.965 SIB
Modern interiors : retreats of wellbeing, Macarena Abascal Valdenebro747 ABA
Natural light spaces, texts, Francesc Zamora Mola747 ZAM
Natural light is the natural starting point for great interior design.
Rock your rental : style, design, and marketing tips to boost your bookings, Joanne and Rosanne Palmisano747.88 PAL
Simply living well : a guide to creating a natural, low-waste home, Julia Watkins640 WAT
Soul of the home : designing with antiques, Tara Shaw747 SHA
Still : the slow home, Natalie Walton747 WAL
The book of home how-to : complete photo guide to home repair & improvement, the editors of Cool Springs Press643.7 BOO
The complete guide to outdoor carpentry : complete plans for beautiful backyard building projects.,684.18 COM
The house of glam : lush interiors & design extravaganza.,747 HOU
Vern Yip's vacation at home : design ideas for creating your everyday getaway, Vern Yip747 YIP
Wild interiors : beautiful plants in beautiful spaces, Hilton Carter635.965 CAR
Bestselling author Hilton Carter brings his unique eye and love of plants to show you how to create luscious interiors that not only look amazing but are good for your well-being, too.


5 language visual dictionary.,413 FIV
A very modern dictionary, Tobias Anthony427.9 ANT
Do you know your lit AF' from your 'fire'? How about your bae or doe. Or FOMO from 'JOMO'? If not, don't fret: communicating in the modern world is hard. Obvi. With more than 600 definitions, let this be your guide to the English language in its current (bizarre) state.
Collins cobuild English usage.,428.34 ENG
This new edition of the Collins Cobuild English Usage is a modern, easy-to-use and in-depth guide to English usage, aimed at upper- intermediate and advanced learners and teachers of English.
English grammar essentials, Wendy M. Anderson, Geraldine Woods, Lesley J. Ward428.2 AND
Hindi English bilingual dictionary.,491.43 HIN
Japanese, Hiroko Chiba and Eriko Sato, PhD495.6 CHI
Pedantic : a hilarious and useful guide to the 100 terms smart people should know, Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras428.1 PET
The bilingual brain : and what it tells us about the science of language, Albert Costa404.2 COS
The dictionary wars : the American fight over the English language, Peter Martin423 MAR
The McGraw-Hill Education handbook of English grammar and usage, Mark Lester and Larry Beason428.2 LES


Cobalt cover-up : the inside story of a deadly conspiracy at the largest car manufacturer in the world, Lance A. Cooper with Mark Tabb346.038 COO
This unprecedented, true story by Lance Cooper tells how one family's pursuit of justice for the death of their daughter uncovered the biggest automotive scandal in the world. Riveting and victorious, Cobalt Cover-Up is about the tenacity of the human spirit when faced with incredible odds and deadly corruption.
Justice and race : campaigns against racism and abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand, Oliver Sutherland342.087 SUT
This is the story of ACORD - the Auckland Committee on Racism And Discrimination. For 15 years ACORD exposed and campaigned against the institutional racism of police, justice and social welfare systems. It laid the groundwork for a national duty solicitor scheme and gained protections for children incarcerated by the state.
Nobody's child : a tragedy, a trial, and a history of the insanity defense, Susan Vinocour345.04 VIN
With passion, clarity, and heart, Vinocour examines the troubling intersection of mental health issues and the law.
The NRA : the unauthorized history, Frank Smyth344.053 SMY
The National Rifle Association is unique in American life. Few other civic organizations are as old or as large. None is as controversial. It is largely due to the NRA that the U.S. gun policy differs so extremely some would say so tragically from that of every other developed nation.

Library Science

Incubating creativity at your library : a sourcebook for connecting with communities, Erinn Batykefer and Laura Damon-Moore021.2 BAT
Information services to diverse populations : developing culturally competent library professionals, Nicole A. Cooke027.6 COO
Peculiar questions and practical answers : a little book of whimsy and wisdom from the files of the New York Public Library, illustrations by Barry Blitt031.02 PEC


A fig at the gate : the joys of friendship, gardening and the gaining of wisdom, Kate Llewellyn821.914 LLE
Fulfilling, funny and utterly beguiling, 'A Fig at the Gate' takes us with Kate Llewellyn, now in her seventies, as she embraces a new phase in her life, establishing and nourishing an entirely new garden in which she finds not only delight but a focus for a meditation on ageing.
A way of being free, Ben Okri828.914 OKR
From Booker Prize-winner Ben Okri: twelve of his most controversial non-fiction pieces form this collection on the theme of
Blueberries, Ellena Savage824.92 SAV
Blueberries could be described as a collection of essays, the closest term available for a book that resists classification; a blend of personal essay, polemic, prose poetry, true-crime journalism and confession that considers a fragmented life, reflecting on what it means to be a woman, a body, an artist.
Essays one, Lydia Davis814.54 DAV
A selection of essays on writing and reading by the master short-fiction writer Lydia Davis.
Funny weather : art in an emergency, Olivia Laing824.92 LAI
In this remarkable, inspiring collection of essays, acclaimed writer and critic Olivia Laing makes a brilliant case for why art matters, especially in the turbulent political weather of the 21st century.
How to write short stories and get them published, Ashley Lister808.3 LIS
Incidental inventions, Elena Ferrante854.914 FER
This is my last column, after a year that has scared and inspired me. With these words, Elena Ferrante, the bestselling author of My Brilliant Friend, bid farewell to her year-long collaboration with the Guardian.
Invisible yet enduring lilacs, Gerald Murnane824.914 MUR
This collection of essays leads the reader into the searching and wildly fertile imagination of Gerald Murnane, one of the masters of contemporary Australian writing.
Jane Austen : inspiring lives, Lauren Nixon823.7 AUS
The fan market for Austen, the Austenites, is huge and international. This book reveals the real Jane: bitchy, gossipy, badly behaved at times, as well as showing the side we all love: the writer, sister, true romantic.
Leo Tolstoy : a very short introduction, Liza Knapp891.733 KNA
War and Peace and Anna Karenina are widely recognised as two of the greatest novels ever written. Their author, Leo Tolstoy, has been honoured as the father of the modern war story; as an innovator in psychological prose and forerunner of stream of consciousness; and as a genius at using fiction to reveal the mysteries of love and death.
Looking for Anne of Green Gables : the story of L.M. Montgomery and her literary classic, Irene Gammel813.52 GAM
Love, compiled by Shaun Usher808.86 LOV
Shaun Usher gathers together some of the most powerful messages about love ever composed, whether inspired by love's first blush or the recriminations at its ending, the regrets of unrequited feelings and the joys of passions known.
Madness, rack, and honey : collected lectures, Mary Ruefle809.1 RUE
Cultural criticism meets poetry memoir a contemporary master reflects on a life dedicated to poetry.
Make it scream, make it burn : essays, Leslie Jamison814.6 JAM
With the virtuosic synthesis of memoir, criticism, and journalism for which she has become known, Jamison offers 14 new essays that are by turns ecstatic, searching, staggering, and wise.
Murder your darlings : and other gentle writing advice from Aristotle to Zinsser, Roy Peter Clark808.04 CLA
Music, compiled by Shaun Usher808.86 MUS
Shaun Usher brings together a riveting collection of letters by and about the musicians and music that enrich our lives, eliciting the full range of emotion from the human heart.
She speaks : the power of women's voices, Yvette Cooper808.85 COO
Synthesizing gravity : selected prose, Kay Ryan818.54 RYA
Synthesizing Gravity gathers for the first time a thirty-year selection of Kay Ryan's probings into aesthetics, poetics, and the mind in pursuit of art.
The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein818.54 TOK
Stein's most famous work; one of the richest and most irreverent biographies ever written, now illustrated by Maira Kalman.
The Brontes : a life in letters, Juliet Barker823.8 BRO
The melancholy death of Oyster Boy & other stories, Tim Burton811.54 BUR
Twenty-three illustrated gothic tales from the dark corridors of the imagination of Tim Burton. Burton the creative genius behind Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Nightmare
The silent women : Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, Janet Malcolm811.54 MAL
It is not a book about the life of Sylvia Plath, but about her afterlife: how her reputation was forged from the poems she wrote just before her suicide; how her estranged husband, the poet Ted Hughes, as executor of her estate, tried to serve two masters, Plath's art and his own need for privacy; and how it fell to his sister, Olwyn Hughes, as literary agent for the estate, to protect him by limiting access to Plath's work.
War, compiled by Shaun Usher808.86 WAR
Shaun Usher brings together some of the most remarkable letters that encapsulate the human experience of war, from unimaginable feats of courage and compassion, to unthinkable episodes of violence and horror.
What is the grass : Walt Whitman in my life, Mark Doty811.3 WHI
Effortlessly blending biography, criticism, and memoir, National Book Award-winning poet and best- selling memoirist Mark Doty explores his personal quest for Walt Whitman.
Wild : a journey from lost to found, Cheryl Strayed813.6 STR
A powerful, blazingly honest, inspiring memoir: the story of a 1,100 mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe and built her back up again.
Write a novel in ten minutes a day, Katharine Grubb808.3 GRU
Yellow notebook : diaries. Volume I, 1978-1987, Helen Garner828.914 GAR
Helen Garner has kept a diary for almost all her life. But until now, those exercise books filled with her thoughts, observations, frustrations and joys have been locked away, out of bounds, in a laundry cupboard. Finally, Garner has opened her diaries and invited readers into the world behind her novels and works of non-fiction.

Music & Musicians

1973 : rock at the crossroads, Andrew Grant Jackson781.66 JAC
A comprehensive account of the music scene in 1973 as well as cultural, social, and political climate at the time. Includes some biographical information and anecdotes about David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Eagles, Elvis Presley, ex-Beatles, Ziggy Stardust and others.
A new day yesterday : UK progressive rock & the 1970s, Mike Barnes781.66 BAR
Bass, mids, tops : an oral history of soundsystem culture, Joe Muggs & Brian David Stevens781.66 MUG
Dangerous melodies : classical music in America from the Great War through the Cold War, Jonathan Rosenberg780.973 ROS
Dearest Lenny : letters from Japan and the making of the world maestro, Mari Yoshihara780.92 BER
Buried in the massive archives of Leonard Bernstein are many letters to the maestro from two unknown Japanese individuals: Kazuko Amano, who became a loyal fan of Bernstein in 1947, and Kunihiko Hashimoto, who fell deeply in love with Bernstein in 1979 and later came to be professionally involved in the maestro's work.
I was a robot, Wolfgang Flur ; Kraftwerk786.9 FLU
Kraftwerk: I Was a Robot is the full insider's story of this legendary act, as told by the band's original drummer. From their early days in Dusseldorf to the band's implosion in the 80s and beyond. Wolfgang Flur's book is the definitive document of the Man Machine, a synth driven quartet who transformed the face of modern music.
Just a shot away : 1969 revisited, Kris Needs781.64 NEE
Just A Shot Away:69 Revisited is veteran author-journalist Kris Needs' highly-personal account of 1969 as he experienced it happening; from starting the year as a wide-eyed 14-year-old Rolling Stones/Hendrix nut and turning 15 the day Brian Jones died to becoming part of the UK's longest-running club and befriending its hottest new band.
Move on up : chicago soul music and black cultural power, Aaron Cohen781.644 COH
No bull music theory for guitarists : master the essential knowledge all guitarists need to know, James Shipway787.87193 SHI
One two three four : the Beatles in time, Craig Brown781.66 BEA
Rip it up : the Specialty Records story, Billy Vera781.49 SPE
Launched by legendary music industry executive Art Rupe in the mid-1940s, the Los Angeles-based Specialty Records emerged as one of the most important independent labels for African-American music in the twentieth century.
This is your brain on music : understanding a human obsession, Daniel Levitin781.1 LEV
Try this at home : adventures in songwriting, Frank Turner781.6413 TUR
Taking 36 songs from his back catalogue, folk-punk icon Frank Turner explores his songwriting process. Find out the stories behind the songs forged in the hedonistic years of the mid-2000s North London scene, the ones perfected in Nashville studios, and everything in between.


Confident parents, confident kids : raising emotional intelligence in ourselves and our kids--from toddlers to teenagers, Jennifer S. Miller649.1 MIL
Divorce and co-parenting : a support guide for the modern family, Elissa P. Benedek, Samantha A. Huettner306.89 BEN
Freeing your child from negative thinking : powerful, practical strategies to build a lifetime of resilience, flexibility, and happiness from toddlers to teens, Tamar E. Chansky649.7 CHA
Go to sleep (I miss you) : cartoons from the fog of new parenthood, Lucy Knisley306.8743 KNI
Grandmothers : essays by 21st-century grandmothers, Helen Elliott306.8745 GRA
How to raise a wild child : the art and science of falling in love with nature, Scott D. Sampson508 SAM
Letters on motherhood, Giovanna Fletcher306.8743 FLE
Letters on Motherhood is a collection of heartfelt and deeply poignant letters written by Giovanna to her three young sons Buzz, Buddy and Max, husband, Tom, and the family and friends who have inspired and supported her to become the mother that she is today.
Man raises boy : a revolutionary approach for fathers who want to raise kind, confident and happy sons, Rob Sturrock306.8742 STU
Overcoming oppositional defiant disorder : a two-part treatment plan to help parents and kids work together, Gina Atencio-MacLean, PsyD649.64 ATE
Parenthood the Swedish way : a science-based guide to pregnancy, birth, and infancy, Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska and Dr Agnes Wold649.1 CHR
Parenting right from the start : laying a healthy foundation in the baby and toddler years, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe649.1 LAP
Parenting the new teen in the age of anxiety : a complete guide to your child's stressed, depressed, expanded, amazing adolescence, Dr. John Duffy649.1 DUF
Parents' guide to the basics manual, K.M. MacPhee513.2 MCP
This guide does not seek to take the place of the teacher, but to offer support and ideas for the use of parents and children at home, in order to re-inforce, and expand upon, the work done in school.
Raising Good Humans a mindful guide to breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind, confident kids, Hunter Clarke-Fields649.1 CLA
Surviving year 12, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Elly Robinson649.125 CAR
Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Australia's leading adolescent psychologist, gives advice to parents on how they can help their child cope with the pressure, work smarter and actually enjoy their final years of school.
The minds of girls : a new path for raising healthy, resilient, and successful women, Michael Gurian649.133 GUR
The Swedish way to parent and play : advice for raising gender-equal kids, Kristina Henkel and Marie Tomi?i649.1 HEN
Therapeutic parenting essentials : moving from trauma to trust, Sarah Naish, Sarah Dillon and Jane Mitchell649.1 NAI


Habitat threshold, Craig Santos Perez821.92 PER
Native Pacific Islander writer Craig Santos Perez has crafted a timely collection of eco-poetry comprised of free verse, prose, haiku, sonnets, satire, and a form he calls "recycling."

Personal Development

Coming back to life, Joanna Macy, Molly Brown158.1 MAC
Joanna Macy and Molly Brown address the anguish experienced by those who would confront the harsh realities of our time. In this fully updated edition of Coming Back to Life, they show how grief, anger, and fear are healthy responses to threats to life, and when honored can free us from paralysis or panic, through the revolutionary practice of the Work that Reconnects.
Deepening your personal relationships : developing emotional intimacy and good communication, Dr Max Hammer with Dr Barry J Hammer and Dr Alan C Butler158.2 HAM
Everyone wants to improve and deepen their relationships. This book explains the development of psychologically healthy, fulfilling, interpersonal relationships involving effective communication, empathic emotional intimacy, shared transformational development, and constructive conflict resolution to achieve this aim.
Do nothing, Celeste Headlee158 HEA
Despite our constant search for new ways to 'hack' our bodies and minds for peak performance, human beings are working more instead of less, living harder not smarter, and becoming more lonely and anxious. We strive for the absolute best in every aspect of our lives, ignoring what we do well naturally.
Dream dictionary : an A-Z guide to dream symbols and psychology Also published with title: A dictionary of dream symbols, Eric Ackroyd154.63 ACK
Eightysomethings : a practical guide to letting go, aging well, and finding unexpected happiness, Katharine Esty155.67 EST
Enchantment : wonder in modern life, Patrick Curry158.1 CUR
Enchantment is a profound human experience. When we encounter wonder, awe or amazement, that is enchantment. Enchantment can reveal profound truths, lead to deep values and become central to a life well-lived.
How to fail fantastically, Ken Williams152.46 WIL
Why we need a book about failure: The thing that hinders success for most people is the crippling fear of failure. Take fear of failure away, and the only thing you have to fear is success. This is a must for anyone who has ever put themselves out there in the hope of succeeding. Failure is such a crucial step to success. If you don't know how to fail, you'll never be successful.
Indistractable : how to control your attention and choose your life, Nir Eyal with Julie Li153.73 EYA
Laughter yoga : daily practices for health and happiness, Dr Madan Kataria152.43 KAT
Make it happen : manifest the life of your dreams, Jordanna Levin158.1 LEV
Mindfulness, Shamash Alidina158.12 ALD
Clear your mind of distracting thoughts. Focus on breathing and other self-control techniques. Change the wiring and makeup of your brain. Free yourself from the stress. With this expert, easy-to-follow guide, there's never been a better time to get to grips with mindfulness and the many ways it can help you lead a happier, healthier life.
No endings, only beginnings : a doctor's notes on living, loving, and learning who you are, Bernie Siegel, M.D with Cynthia J. Hurn158.1 SIE
Dr Bernie Siegel is the author of many books on the healing power of the body and the spirit, but this time he wants to encourage readers not only to learn from his life and advice, but to create their own manuals for living as well. With the quotes that have filled the pages of his journals and the lessons he has gleaned from them over the years, this book serves as inspiration for readers to assemble their own book of collected wisdom.
Oola for women : find balance in an unbalanced world, Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl with Janet Switzer158.1 BRA
If you haven't heard of the 'Oola phenomenon' yet, it's time to catch up. First, though, you need to understand what it is: Oola is that state of awesomeness you experience when your life is balanced and growing in all the key areas of health and well-being. It can be a noun or a verb. It can be a destination or a feeling.
Predictably irrational : the hidden forces that shape our decisions, Dan Ariely153.83 ARI
Simplify : how to stay sane in a world going mad, Bob Hillary158.1 HIL
Short, simple and refreshingly practical, Simplify offers 21 Earth Warrior practices to help us live more consciously and to cope with the ever increasing pace of modern life. Bob Hillary shares the lessons he learned living off the grid, exploring his 'wild edges' and practicing a slower, more attuned way of life.
Still : a memoir of love, loss, and motherhood, Emma Hanson155.937 HAN
An Apprenticeship in Love and Loss A moving, candid account of one woman's experience with stillbirth. Emma Hansen is 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant when she feels her baby go quiet inside of her. At the hospital, her worst fears are confirmed: doctors explain that her baby has died, and she will need to deliver him, still. Hansen gives birth to her son, Reid, amidst an avalanche of grief.
The art of lucid dreaming : over 60 powerful practices to help you wake up in your dreams, Clare R. Johnson, PhD154.63 JOH
The gift of presence : a mindfulness guide for women, Caroline Welch155.333 WEL
Together : loneliness, health and what happens when we find connection, Vivek H. Murthy, MD158.2 MUR
Together : the healing power of human connection in a sometimes lonely world, Vivek H. Murthy, MD158.2 MUR
Transitions : making sense of life's changes, William Bridges with Susan Bridges155.24 BRI
Upstream : how to solve problems before they happen, Dan Heath153.43 HEA
Wayfinding : the art and science of how we find and lose our way, Michael Bond153.7 BON
When life is not peachy : real-life lessons in recovery from heartache, grief & tough times, Pip Lincolne152.4 LIN

Pets & Animals

Alternative treatments for animals : a guide to naturally healing cats, dogs, horses, and more for owners and caregivers, Lisa Preston636.089 PRE
Janey the vet : saving Sri Lanka's street dogs, Janey Lowes636.7 LOW
In 2014 and in her mid-twenties, Janey Lowes had been a vet for just two years when she left her home in County Durham and went travelling. Visiting Sri Lanka, she was horrified to see the state of so many of the island's dogs, in particular the three million strays.
Liquiq gold : bees and the pursuit of midlife honey, Roger Morgan-Grenville638.1 MOR
After a chance meeting in the pub, Roger Morgan-Grenville and his friend Duncan decide to take up beekeeping. Their enthusiasm matched only by their ignorance, they are pitched into an arcane world of unexpected challenges.
Lucy's law : the story of a little dog who changed the world, Marc Abraham636.7082 ABR
The true story of one little dog who helped bring an end to puppy farming in the
Storey's guide to raising beef cattle : health, handling, breeding, Heather Smith Thomas636.213 THO
The cat : a natural and cultural history, Sarah Brown636.8 BRO
The meaning of woof : what your dog really thinks!, Pamela Weintraub. 636.7 WEI
The ultimate service dog training manual : 100 tips for choosing, raising, socializing, and retiring your dog, Keagen J. Grace636.7 GRA
Wag : the science of making your dog happy, Zazie Todd636.7 TOD

Philosophy & Psychology

Beauty : the invisible embrace, John O'Donohue111.85 ODO
Beauty does not linger, it only visits. Yet beauty's visitation affects us and invites us into its rhythm, it calls us to feel, think, and act beautifully in the world: to create and live a life that awakens the Beautiful. Beauty is a gentle but urgent call to awaken. Bestselling author John O'Donohueopens our eyes, hearts, and minds to the wonder of our own relationshipwith beauty by exposing the infinity and mystery of its breadth.
Perfect me : beauty as an ethical ideal, Heather Widdows111.85 WID
Seeing ourselves : reclaiming humanity from God and science, Raymond Tallis128.4 TAL
The labyrinth : an existential odyssey with Jean-Paul Sartre, Ben Argon194 ARG
As graduates embark on the next phase of their lives, what better way to get them accustomed to the rat race they are about to enter than by introducing them to the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre? Cleverly told through the story of a pair of rats trapped in the labyrinth of existence, this allegory humorously conveys the key ideas of Sartre's existential philosophy in graphic-novel form--accessible for students and readers of all ages.
The self illusion, Bruce Hood126 HOO
Most of us believe that we possess a self an internal individual who resides inside our bodies, making decisions, authoring actions and possessing free will. The feeling that a single, unified, enduring self inhabits the body the 'me' inside me is compelling and inescapable. This is how we interact as a social animal and judge each other's actions and deeds.


Bill Brandt/Henry Moore, Martina Droth, Paul Messier779 BRA
Comedy wildlife photography awards. Vol. 3, created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam778.932 COM
London in bloom, Georgianna Lane778.9343 LAN
Soviet bus stops, Christopher Herwig778.94 HER
This book is literally just pictures of cute animals that will make you feel better.,778.932 THI

Plays & Screenplays

The mother and the father, Florian Zeller842.92 HAM
The Mother, in this English translation by Christopher Hampton, was commissioned by the Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal, Bath, and premiered in May 2015. Florian Zeller's The Mother was awarded the Moliere Award for Best Play 2011.


A collection of poems, Robert Frost811.52 FRO
A thousand mornings, Mary Oliver811.54 OLI
In this collection of poems the author returns to the imagery that has come to define her life's work, transporting us to the marshland and coastline of her beloved home, Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Homie, Danez Smith811.6 SMI
Part friendship diary, part bright elegy, part war cry, Homie is the exuberant new book written for Danez and for Danez's friends and for you and for yours.
Imperial liquor, Amaud Jamaul Johnson808.81 JOH
Imperial Liquor is a chronicle of melancholy, a reaction to the monotony of racism. These poems concern loneliness, fear, fatigue, rage, and love; they hold fatherhood held against the vulnerability of the black male body, aging, and urban decay.
New and selected poems. volume one, Mary Oliver811.54 OLI
New transgender blockbusters, Oscar Upperton821.92 UPP
New Zealand poetry.
Stranger by night : poems, Edward Hirsch811.54 HIR
The complete poems, Emily Dickinson ; edited by Thomas H. Johnson811.4 DIC

Politics & Government

City on fire : the fight for Hong Kong, Antony Dapiran322.4 DAP
Democracies divided : the global challenge of political polarization, Thomas Carothers, Andrew O'Donohue306.2 DEM
As one part of the global democratic recession, severe political polarization is increasingly afflicting old and new democracies alike, producing the erosion of democratic norms and rising societal anger. This volume is the first book-length comparative analysis of this troubling global phenomenon, offering in-depth case studies of countries as wide-ranging and important as Brazil, India, Kenya, Poland, Turkey, and the United States.
Hiding in plain sight : the invention of Donald Trump and the erosion of America, Sarah Kendzior973.933 TRU
How Trump happened : a system shock decades in the making, Steven E. Schier and Todd E. Eberly973.933 TRU
In Deep : the FBI, the CIA, and the truth about America's "deep state", David Rohde363.25 ROH
A two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist's investigation of the "deep state." Three- quarters of Americans believe that a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate or direct national policy in the United States. President Trump blames the "deep state" for his impeachment. But what is the American "deep state" and does it really exist?
Revolution : Trump, Washington and We the People, KT McFarland973.933 MCF
When McFarland left the Trump Administration and Washington, she disappeared from public view and refused to discuss her experiences. Now, for the first time, McFarland tells a story that reads more like a political thriller than a tour through this unique moment in history.
The compatriots : the brutal and chaotic history of Russia's exiles, emigres, and agents abroad, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan327.47 SOL
The firsts : the inside story of the women reshaping Congress, Jennifer Steinhauer320.973 STE
A lively, behind-the-scenes look at the historic cohort of diverse, young, and groundbreaking women newly elected to the House of Representatives in 2018 as they arrive in Washington, DC, and start working for change, written by a news reporter with sharp insight and deep knowledge of the Hill.
The Fourth Reich : the specter of Nazism from World War II to the present, Gavriel D. Rosenfeld320.53 ROS
Ever since the collapse of the Third Reich, anxieties have persisted about Nazism's revival in the form of a Fourth Reich. Gavriel D. Rosenfeld reveals, for the first time, these postwar nightmares of a future that never happened and explains what they tell us about Western political, intellectual, and cultural life.
The toddler in chief : what Donald Trump teaches us about the modern presidency, Daniel W. Drezner973.933 TRU

Religion & Ethics

Can the mind be quiet? : living, learning and meditation, Jiddu Krishnamurti204 KRI
One of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century describes a series of his encounters around the world with a wide variety of spiritual seekers. Their questions and his answers explore the nature of the lived experience, the details of profound self-inquiry and how to live a fulfilled life.
Heaven and Hell : a history of the afterlife, Bart D. Ehrman236.2 EHR
A New York Times bestselling historian of early Christianity takes on two of the most gripping questions of human existence: where did the ideas of heaven and hell come from, and why do they endure?
Islam : context and complexity, Paul Stenhouse297 STE
Morality : restoring the common good in divided times, Jonathan Sacks170.44 SAC
On death, Timothy Keller236.1 KEL
A book about facing the death of loved ones, as well as our own inevitable death Significant events such as birth, marriage, and death are milestones in our lives in which we experience our greatest happiness and our deepest grief. And so it is profoundly important to understand how to approach and experience these occasions with grace, endurance, and joy.
On marriage, Timothy Keller and Kathy Keller306.81 KEL
Timothy Keller and his wife, Kathy, take us on a journey into the true Christian meaning of marriage.
Radical sacrifice, Terry Eagleton171 EAG
The modern conception of sacrifice is at once cast as a victory of self-discipline over desire and condescended to as destructive and archaic abnegation. But even in the Old Testament, the dual natures of sacrifice, embodying both ritual slaughter and moral rectitude, were at odds. In this analysis, Terry Eagleton makes a compelling argument that the idea of sacrifice has long been misunderstood.
Returning from Camino, Alexander John Shaia263 SHA
This is the original Guidebook for pilgrims returning home from the Camino or any pilgrimage. We usually spend weeks deciding on footwear, clothes, gear, blister prevention, travel details, and maps. Preparing oneself to return home is just as crucial. The return is not 'post-Camino' or pilgrimage. Like a sign in Spain, "Our steps end. The Way goes on."
Sunnis and Shi'a : a political history of discord, Laurence Louer297.8 LOU
The art of amazement : discover Judaism's forgotten spirituality, Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld296.16 SEI
The future of ethics : sustainability, social justice, and religious creativity, Willis Jenkins241 JEN
The Hindus : an alternative history, Wendy Doniger294.5 DON
The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood292.13 ATW
In this book, Penelope is portrayed as the quintessential faithful wife. Atwood's retelling of the old myth is as haunting as it is wise and compassionate, as disturbing as it is entertaining. With incomparable style and humour, she gives the story of Penelope new life and reality
The wisdom codes : ancient words to rewire our brains and heal our hearts, Gregg Braden204.4 BRA
New discoveries in biology and the neurosciences are revealing how the structure of language-the words we think and speak-can actually change the way the neurons in our brains and hearts connect. But our ancestors understood this connection intuitively, thousands of years ago.
Time to die, Rodney Syme179.7 SYM
Medical science now allows us to live longer than ever before. So living with pain and dying well have become major concerns for the general community, health practitioners, church groups and politicians. Should these issues be decided in private by individuals or must we legislate ethical guidelines? Rodney Syme has been an advocate for medically assisted dying for more than twenty years.
When did we start forgetting God? : the root of the evangelical crisis and hope for our future, Mark Galli284 GAL


A field guide to the mammals of Australia, Peter Menkhorst ; Frank Knight599.94 MEN
Alien oceans : the search for life in the depths of space, Kevin Peter Hand576.839 HAN
Alligators : the illustrated guide to their biology, behavior, and conservation, Kent A. Vliet597.98 VLI
An indifference of birds, Richard Smyth598.009 SMY
Becoming wild : how animal cultures raise families, create beauty, and achieve peace, Carl Safina591.78 SAF
Bird love : the family life of birds, Wenfei Tong598 TON
Birds in winter : surviving the most challenging season, Roger F. Pasquier598 PAS
Calculus of one variable, Joseph W. Kitchen, Jr515 KIT
Elephants : birth, death and family in the lives of the giants, Hannah Mumby599.67 MUM
Exploring the history of New Zealand astronomy : trials, tribulations, telescopes and transits, Wayne Orchiston520 ORC
Fantastic fossils : a guide to finding and identifying prehistoric life, Donald R. Prothero560 PRO
Fathoms : the world in the whale, Rebecca Giggs599.5 GIG
Fibonacci's rabbits : and 49 other breakthroughs that revolutionised mathematics, Adam Hart-Davis510 HAR
Geology, Alecia M. Spooner. 551.3 SPO
God, Stephen Hawking and the multiverse : what Hawking said, and why it matters, David Hutchings & David Wilkinson530 HUT
How cosmologists explain the universe to friends and family, Karim A. Malik, David R. Matravers523.1 MAL
How to see birds : an enthusiast's guide, Matthew Stadlen598.072 STA
How to succeed in organic chemistry, Mark C. Elliott547 ELL
Humble Pi : a comedy of maths errors, Matt Parker510 PAR
Jellyfish, Peter Williams593.5 WIL
Kingdom of frost : how the cryosphere shapes life on Earth, Bjorn Vassnes551.31 VAS
Life as we do not know it : the NASA search for (and synthesis of) alien life, Peter Ward576.839 WAR
Mapping the great game : explorers, spies & maps in nineteenth-century Asia, Riaz Dean526.8 DEA
Masterpieces of the Earth : from fire to ice, the creation of our world, text by Michael Bright550 BRI
Notes from Walnut Tree Farm, Roger Deakin508.42 DEA
On gravity : a brief tour of a weighty subject, A. Zee531.14 ZEE
Petal : the world of flowers through an artist's eye, Adriana Picker with Nina Rousseau582.13 PIC
Plants that cure : plants as a source of medicines from pharmaceuticals to herbal remedies, Elixabeth A. Dauncey, Melanie-Jayne R. Howes581.634 DAU
Pre-calculus, Mary Jane Sterling512.1 STE
Quantum legacies : dispatches from an uncertain world, David Kaiser530.12 KAI
Schrodinger's cat : and 49 other experiments that revolutionised physics, Adam Hart-Davies530 HAR
Solar system, David W. Hughes and Carole Stott523.2 HUG
Stories in stone : travels through urban geology, David B. Williams550 WIL
The accidental countryside : hidden havens for Britain's wildlife, Stephen Moss508.41 MOS
The birds they sang : birds and people in life and art, Stanis?aw ?ubie?ski598 LUB
The dream universe : how fundamental physics lost its way, David Lindley530 LIN
The elephant whisperer : learning about life, loyalty and freedom from a remarkable herd of elephants, Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence599.67 ANT
Under the stars : a journey into light, Matt Gaw508.41 GAW
White feathers : the nesting lives of tree swallows, Bernd Heinrich598.82 HEI
Why fish don't exist : a story of loss, love, and the hidden order of life, Lulu Miller590.92 JOR

Social Issues

A curious history of sex, Kate Lister306.7 LIS
Air ambulance operations manual : a insight into the role and operation of helicopter air ambulances in the UK, Claire Robinson362.18 ROB
Apocalypse how? : technology and the threat of disaster, Oliver Letwin303.483 LET
Bikes and bloomers : Victorian women inventors and their extraordinary cycle wear, Kat Jungnickel305.42 JUN
Capital and ideology, Thomas Piketty305 PIK
Piketty challenges us to revolutionize how we think about politics, ideology, and history. He exposes the ideas that have sustained inequality for the past millennium, reveals why the shallow politics of right and left are failing us today, and outlines the structure of a fairer economic system.
Change here now : permaculture solutions for personal and community transformation, Adam Brock363.7 BRO
Award-winning social entrepreneur and permaculturalist Adam Brock draws from ecology, sociology, community economics, social justice, and indigenous practices the world over to present more than eighty proven solutions for building healthy communities.
Difficult women : a history of feminism in 11 fights, Helen Lewis305.42 LEW
Extreme privacy : what it takes to disappear in America, Michael Bazzell323.448 BAZ
Female husbands : a trans history, Jen Manion306.768 MAN
Going dark : the secret social lives of extremists, Julia Ebner303.484 EBN
Growing old : notes on aging with something like grace, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas305.26 THO
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has spent a lifetime observing the natural world, chronicling the customs of pre-contact hunter-gatherers and the secret lives of deer and dogs. In this book, the capstone of her long career, Thomas, now eighty-eight, turns her keen eye to her own life. The result is an account of growing old that is at once funny and charming and intimate and profound, both a memoir and a life- affirming map all of us may follow to embrace our later years with grace and dignity.
Local is our future : steps to an economics of happiness, Helena Norberg-Hodge303.482 NOR
Globalization has no future. Political stability is a thing of the past; climate chaos is intensifying; anxiety disorders are of epidemic proportions; extremism and fundamentalism are becoming the norm. And yet we cling to the wreckage.
Me and white supremacy : how to recognise your privilege, combat racism and change the world, Layla F Saad305.8 SAA
Minima moralia : reflections from damaged life, Theodor Adorno306.342 ADO
Written between 1944 and 1947, Minima Moralia is a collection of rich, lucid aphorisms and essays about life in modern capitalist society. Adorno casts his penetrating eye across society in mid-century America and finds a life deformed by capitalism.
Net privacy : how we can be free in an age of surveillance, Sacha Molitorisz323.448 MOL
No filter : the inside story of how Instagram transformed business, celebrity and our culture, Sarah Frier302.23 FRI
No visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us, Rachel Louise Snyder362.829 SNY
Pleasure activism : the politics of feeling good, Adrienne Maree Brown305.42 BRO
How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? How can we awaken within ourselves desires that make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Author and editor Adrienne Maree Brown finds the answer in something she calls "pleasure activism," a politics of healing and happiness that explodes the dour myth that changing the world is just another form of work.
Rule makers, rule breakers : how culture wires our minds, shapes our nations and drives our differences, Michele Gelfand306 GEL
Social isolation of older adults : strategies to bolster health and well-being, Lenard W. Kaye, Clifford M. Singer, editors362.1989 SOC
Supertrends : 50 things you need to know about the future, Lars Tvede303.49 TVE
Surviving and thriving on the single-parent journey : a step-by-step approach, Kat Seney-Williams306.856 SEN
The heat of the moment : life and death decision-making from a firefighter, Sabrina Cohen-Hatton363.37 COH
Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton has been a firefighter for eighteen years. She decides which of her colleagues rush into a burning building and how they confront the blaze. She makes the call to evacuate when she feels the options have been exhausted, even if it means leaving the injured behind. She has managed emergencies that have shocked us and moved us.
The smartphone society : technology, power, and resistance in the new gilded age, Nicole Aschoff303.483 ASC
Under fire : how Australia's violent history led to gun control, Nick Brodie363.33 BRO
We need to talk about Mum & Dad : a practical guide to parenting our ageing parents, Jean Kittson362.6 KIT
Why we can't sleep : women's new midlife crisis, Ada Calhoun305.244 CAL
When Ada Calhoun found herself in the throes of a midlife crisis, she thought that she had no right to complain. She was married with children and a good career. So why did she feel miserable? And why did it seem that the women around her were miserable, too? Calhoun decided to find some answers.
Writing the big book : the creation of A. A., William H. Schaberg362.2928 SCH
Alcoholics Anonymous is arguably the most significant self-help book published in the twentieth century.

Sport & Recreation

100 hikes of a lifetime : the world's ultimate scenic trails, Kate Siber796.51 SIB
26.2 miles to happiness : a comedian's tale of running, red wine and redemption, Paul Tonkinson796.42 TON
50/50 : secrets I learned running 50 marathons in 50 days-- and how you too can achieve super endurance!, Dean Karnazes with Matt Fitzgerald796.425 KAR
After the count : The death of Davey Browne, Stephanie Convery798.83 CON
Sydney boxer Davey Browne died in 2015 after being knocked out in the final round of a title fight that he was about to win. Compelling and critical, this is an investigation into Davey's death, together with Stephanie Convery's personal narrative about her own boxing story.
Allez allez allez : the inside story of the resurgence of Liverpool FC, Champions of Europe 2019, Simon Hughes796.334 HUG
Australia's best 100 walks, author and editor, Katrina O'Brien796.51 OBR
Basketball for beginners : the complete guide for parents and coaches to give kids their best start in basketball, Coach: Mark Anthony Walker796.323 WAL
Bowls, written in association with Bowls England and the British Crown Green Bowling Association. 796.315 BOW
Coaching for sports performance, Timothy Baghurst796.07 BAG
Colombia es pasion! : the generation of racing cyclists who changed their nation and the Tour de France, Matt Rendell796.62 REN
Cycling Science : how rider and machine work together, Max Glaskin796.6 GLA
Esprit de Battuta : alone across Africa on a bicycle, Pamela Watson796.64 WAT
Fast 5K : 25 crucial keys and 4 training plans, Pete Magill796.425 MAG
Faster : how a Jewish driver, an American heiress, and a legendary car beat Hitler's best, Neal Bascomb796.72 BAS
Fifty places to rock climb before you die : climbing experts share the world's greatest destinations, Chris Santella796.5223 SAN
Handbook of sailing, Charles D. White ; illustrated by the author797.124 WHI
How to shit in the woods : an environmentally sound approach to a lost art, Kathleen Meyer796.522 MEY
Marathon : The ultimate training guide: advice, plans, and programs for half and full marathons, Hal Higdon796.425 HIG
Ruling the world : the story of the 1992 Cricket World Cup, Jonathan Northall796.3586 NOR
The football book : the teams, the rules, the leagues, the tactics, writers, David Goldblatt, Johnny Acton796.334 GOL
The man behind the maps : legendary ski artist James Niehues, text by Jason Blevins796.93 NIE
The first and definitive compilation of the art created by James Niehues, featuring over 200 ski resort trail maps hand-painted by the legendary artist during his 30-year career.
The official history of the FIFA Women's World Cup : the story of women's football from 1881 to the present.,796.3346 OFF
The official history of the Tour de France, Luke Edwardes-Evans, Serge Laget, Andy McGrath796.62 EDW
The puzzle universe : A history of mathematics in 315 puzzles, Ivan Moscovich793.74 MOS
The sports book : the sports, the rules, the tactics, the techniques, editorial consultant, Ray Stubbs796 SPO
The surfer's travel guide.,797.32 SUR
The victory machine : the making and unmaking of the Warriors dynasty, Ethan Sherwood Strauss796.323 STR
The Golden State Warriors are the envy of the modern NBA.
The world beneath their feet : the British, the Americans, the Nazis and the mountaineering race to summit the Himalayas, Scott Ellsworth796.522 ELL
Walking gone wild : how to lose your age on the trail, Dami Roelse796.51 ROE
When the heavyweight title mattered : five championship fights that captivated the world, 1910-1971, John G. Robertson796.83 ROB
Why we fight : one man's search for meaning inside the ring, Josh Rosenblatt796.8 ROS
WWE beyond extreme, written by Dean Miller796.812 MIL


Blithe spirits : an imaginative history of the poltergeist, S. D. Tucker133.1 TUC
End of days : predictions and prophecies about the end of the world, Sylvia Browne001.9 BRO
The world has become a scary place, religious wars, global terrorism and genocide. The Information Age has transported us into the Anxiety Age. Everyone is on edge, wondering what is coming next.
Female Archangels : reclaim your power with the lost teachings of the divine feminine, Claire Stone133.9 STO
Postcards from the other side, Michelle and Ezio De Angelis133.9 DE
When T.J. an inner city Sydney teen gets into a fight with a group of boys and is stabbed to death, it's far from the end of his story. Through an amazing series of events Ezio and Michelle begin to receive messages from T.J. reflecting back on his life and telling of his many intriguing experience of life beyond death.
The power of crystals : practices to enhance health, harmony, and happiness, Juliet Madison133.25 MAD


A trucker's tale : wit, wisdom, and true stories from 60 years on the road, Ed Miller388.324 MIL
Art of the hot rod, Ken Gross629.228 GRO
Britain's railway disasters : fatal accidents from the 1830s to the present day, Michael Foley363.122 FOL
Confessions of a steam-age ferroequinologist : journeys on BR's London Midland Region, Keith Widdowson625.26 WID
Custom rides : the coolest motorcycle builds around the world, Robert Davies629.28775 DAV
First gear : myth-busting motoring milestones, Keith Ray629.23 RAY
Lothian buses : 100 years and beyond, Richard Walter388.322 WAL
Modern locomotives of the UK, Pip Dunn625.26 DUN
Oceanic : White Star's 'ship of the century', Mark Chirnside387.243 CHI
The White Star Line's Oceanic was the largest ship in the world in 1899. She was the company's last express liner prior to Olympic and Titanic and her lavish first class accommodation became renowned among Atlantic travellers. Serving on the company's express service for fifteen years, she earned a reputation for running like clockwork.
Porsche : water-cooled Turbos 1979-2019, Johnny Tipler629.2222 POR
Preston buses before and after deregulation., Mike Rhodes388.322 RHO
The Jaguar story, Giles Chapman629.2222 JAG
The passion for Holden : a celebration of the classic Australian marque in 48 cars, Joel Wakely629.2222 HOL
The Range Rover story, Giles Chapman629.2222 RAN
The Reliant Robin : Britain's most bizarre car, Giles Chapman629.2222 REL
Unfamiliar underground : finding the calm in the chaos of London's tube stations, Victoria Louise Howard388.42 HOW

War & Defence

Action likely in Pacific : Secret Agent Kilsoo Haan, Pearl Harbor and the creation of North Korea, John Koster940.5486 KOS
AMX30 main battle tank : enthusiasts' manual : 1960-2019 (AMX30B, AMX30B2 and derivatives), M.P. Robinson and Thomas Seignon623.7475 ROB
Audacious : Missions of World War II, The National Archives940.54 AUD
Australian code breakers, James Phelps358.24 PHE
This is the untold story of how a former Australian headmaster and his mostly female team cracked one of Germany's most complex codes, paving the way for the greatest Allied naval victory of World War I.
Backing Bletchley : the codebreaking outstations, from Eastcote to GCHQ, Ronald Koorm940.5486 KOO
Battle for Crete, John Hall Spencer940.54 SPE
Bitter reckoning : Israel tries Holocaust survivors as Nazi collaborators, Dan Porat940.5318 POR
Blind bombing : how microwave radar brought the Allies to D-Day and victory in World War II, Norman Fine940.541 FIN
Combat biplanes of World War II : a personal selection, Peter C Smith623.7463 SMI
Deep space warfare : military strategy beyond orbit, John C. Wright358.8 WRI
Fighting the Great War at sea : strategy, tactics and technology, Norman Friedman940.45 FRI
Hitler's last plot : the 139 VIP hostages selected for death in the final days of World War II, Ian Sayer, Jeremy Dronfield943.086 SAY
I want you to know we're still here : my family, the Holocaust and my search for truth, Esther Safran Foer940.5318 FOE
Mine is a family of readers and writers. Our house is filled with books. There are contemporary design books on the coffee table in the living room, legal books in my husband's home office, and piles of children's books for when my grandchildren visit. However, the side table next to my bed is piled with books about the Holocaust. Framed maps of shtetls line my office walls and pictures of relatives killed in the Holocaust are displayed on our family gallery walls. Sometimes I feel like I exist across two polarized realities, experiencing great fulfillment from family, friends, and a meaningful career, and, at the same time, finding the joy of my life tempered by its shadows. In the darker corners of my mind live ghosts and demons who visit me from the shtetls in Ukraine where my family came from. Some of the details that make these visions so vivid are imagined because I grew up in a family where memories were too terrible to speak of. This is the true story of four generations who have been dealing with the Holocaust and its aftermath. We are four generations, survivors and survivors of survivors, storytellers and memory keepers. And we're still here.
Marlborough's wars : eyewitness accounts 1702-1713, James Falkner940.252 FAL
MI9 : escape and evasion, M.R.D. Foot & J.M. Langley940.5486 FOO
Military strategy : a global history, Jeremy Black355.02 BLA
No man's land : the trailblazing women who ran Britain's most extraordinary military hospital during World War I, Wendy Moore940.476 MOO
Our bodies, their battlefield : what war does to women, Christina Lamb362.88 LAM
From the award-winning war reporter and co-author of 'I Am Malala', this searing, angry book looks behind the bombs and the guns to offer a woman's view of warfare, the use of rape as a weapon of war and the many women victims of recent times.
Passchendaele, Peter Barton940.43 BAR
Presents the story of the Somme, showing in panoramas how the Allied high command miscalculated the opening move, and the untold story of the unused saps. This book records the machine gun emplacements in the German lines, guns optimistically meant to have been taken out by an earlier creeping barrage of artillery fire.
Race of aces : WWII's elite airmen and the epic battle to become the master of the sky, John R. Bruning940.544 BRU
Shadowplay : behind the lines and under fire, the inside story of Europe's last war, Tim Marshall949.7 MAR
The last of the devastating series of conflicts resulting from the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, the Kosovo War saw more than 13,500 fatalities, with reports of atrocities, amid controversial intervention and bombing by NATO.
Sisters of the Somme : true stories from a First World War field hospital, Penny Starns940.475 STA
Slaughter on the Eastern Front : Hitler and Stalin's war 1941-1945, Anthony Tucker-Jones940.5421 TUC
Stalingrad : city on fire, Alexey V. Isaev940.5421 ISA
The battles for Kokoda Plateau : three weeks of hell defending the gateway to the Owen Stanleys, David W. Cameron940.54 CAM
On 21 July 1942, a large Japanese reconnaissance mission landed along the north-eastern coastline of Papua, it would soon turn into an all-out attempt to capture Port Morseby.
The crew : the story of a Lancaster Bomber crew, David Price940.544 PRI
The F-4 Phantom : rare photographs from wartime archives, Martin W. Bowman623.7464 BOW
The first soldier : Hitler as military leader, Stephen G. Fritz940.5421 FRI
The Sniper Anthology : Snipers of the Second World War, Adrian Gilbert940.541 GIL
The splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the Blitz, Erik Larson940.5421 LAR
The warriors of Anbar : the Marines who crushed Al Qaeda, the greatest untold story of the Iraq War, Ed Darack956.7044 DAR
The women with silver wings : The inspiring true story of the women airforce service pilots of World War II, Katherine Sharp Landdeck940.544 LAN
Tiger tank, David Fletcher623.7475 FLE
The German Tiger I was the most feared battle tank of the Second World War.
To meet in hell : Bergen-Belsen, the British officer who liberated it, and the jewish girl he saved, Bernice Lerner940.5318 LER
A remarkable story about perseverance and what it means to save another's life: The book tells the stories of two people whose paths, if not for war, would never have crossed.
Tower of skulls : a history of the Asia-Pacific war, July 1937-May 1942, Richard B. Frank940.5425 FRA
Twenty days in the Reich : three downed RAF aircrew in Germany during 1945, Flying Officer Squire 'Tim' Scott940.5472 SCO
We together : 451 and 453 Squadrons at war, Adam Lunney940.544 LUN
What we inherit : a secret war and a family's search for answers, Jessica Pearce Rotondi959.7043 ROT
After years of being misled by the US government, Jessica Pearce Rotondi travels to Laos with the hope of finding answers for her family, but instead finds a country still reeling from a secret war.