Music Magazines and News


* Classical Music Magazines


Focusing on unsigned NZ bands, DJs and underground acts
* The Big City Christchurch
Band and gig reviews.
* Billboard
The music industry bible. Featues news, and many different charts, and new releases.
* Blender
* Downbeat
* Dusted Magazine
* Epitonic
* Gone Magazine
* Guitar Player
* Ink19
Ink 19 Magazine :: Music > Media > Thought :: Online since 1997, this publication provides music profiles, reviews, essays and opinion on a daily basis.
* Magnet Magazine
* is a premier, New Zealand music website. On you will find information on over 1,500 New Zealand musicians, as well as a gig guide, discussion forums and much more.
* New Zealand Musician
New Musical Express; the world's biggest-selling rock weekly.
* NoiZyland
A guide to New Zealand indie rock and pop music (and an increasing amount of electronic and dance music, and major label stuff too).
* Obscure
NZ Dance Scene
* Observer Music Monthly (OMM)
* The Package
Wellington Based events guide
* Pitchfork Media
online music review magazine
* Popmatters
* Q
The UK’s best-selling music publication feature news and interviews along with an awesome review section.
* Re:mix
* Rip It Up Online
selections from recent issues
* Rolling Stone
* Spin
* Splendid magazine
* Stylus Magazine
* Tearaway
the Voice of New Zealand Youth, is the country's largest-circulation, largest-readership, longest-running youth magazine.
* Variety
global newspaper of record for the business of entertainment. Headlines only - full access requires payment
* Vibe
* The Wire