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* OverDrive
Free eAudiobook and eBook collection. Contains some Project Gutenberg titles. Regularly updated. Requires free OverDrive software installation.
Access this with your library card number and PIN, or at our libraries.
* The Australian Entertainment
News from and Fox
* BBC Entertainment
* Canterbury Chess Club Christchurch
* Christchurch Wargaming Club Christchurch
To encourage and promote all types of figure wargaming, including historical and fantasy wargaming, and to provide a venue and all necessary facilities for wargamers to meet.
* CNN Entertainment
* Metacritic
Provides access to and summarize the vast amount of entertainment criticism available online and has evolved into one of the Web's best resources for critical information about film, video, music, games, books and television.
* New Zealand Live Action Role Playing Society Inc.
"Larp is when people improvise characters in fictional situations. There are lots of approaches to this, and NZLARPS supports them all."
* NZ Chess
Providing information about chess in New Zealand
* Living @ the Scotsman
* Seriously Board Community
Index of board gaming groups around New Zealand.
* - Urban Legends Reference Pages
* Washington Times