New Zealand Television


* CTV Christchurch
* Four
Formerly called C4.
* Māori Television
Information on the programmes and presenters on this channel as well as e-panui (newsletter) and current programme schedule.
* Prime TV
* Rialto Channel
* TV 2
* TV 3
* TV One
* TVNZ ondemand
* Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
A self-regulatory body, not established by legislation. Developed and maintains a set of codes of practice for specific categories of advertising. Includes decisions made by the Advertising Standards Complaints board since 2000.
* Agenda
New Zealand's 'most influential political interview show'.
* Broadcasting Standards Authority Te Mana Whanonga Kaipāho
Encourages broadcasters to develop and maintain programme standards. Provides a process for determining complaints about alleged breaches of those standards. Also responsible for the review and approval of codes of broadcasting practice; and research about broadcasting standards and the wider broadcasting environment.
* Commercial Approvals Bureau (CAB)
Set up in 1989 to approve the content of all television commercials before they are broadcast on any television or digital media outlet in New Zealand. When an ad is approved it is given a classification which determines the times of day it may be broadcast.
* Freeview
Freeview heralds a new era in television in New Zealand. It has been launched to start the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting, providing crystal clear, high resolution, digital quality viewing for free.
* My TiVo
* New Zealand On Air Irirangi te Motu
NZ On Air is responsible for reflecting and developing New Zealand identity and culture by funding programming on radio and television about New Zealand and New Zealand interests, promoting New Zealand music, and encouraging archives that are likely to be of historical interest in New Zealand. Also known as the Broadcasting Commission.
* NZ On Screen
NZ On Screen provides access to the wealth of television, film, music video and new media produced in NZ, along with knowledgeable background information.
* Screenhub
Daily email News and Jobs service for people working in the New Zealand film and television industries.
* Television New Zealand
Crown owned company that operates TV One and TV Two.
* ThinkTV
Joint initiative of TVNZ and Mediaworks created to showcase the advantages and effectiveness of television advertising.
* TVNZ Footage Licensing
How to use footage from Television New Zealand (TVNZ) Ltd, for personal or commercial use.
Subscription television channel featuring UK made programmes.
* Ziln
New Zealand internet television network. Free to access with a broadband connection.