* ACT Births, Deaths & Marriages
* Archives Office of Tasmania
* Australian Society of Archivists (ASA)
* City of Sydney Archives Sydney
The City of Sydney Archives is the corporate memory of the City of Sydney, the oldest continuously-functioning local council in Australia.
* Council of Australasian Archive and Records Authorities (AARA)
The Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities (CAARA) comprises the heads of the government archives authorities of the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and each of the Australian States and Territories.. Former Council of Federal State and Territory Archives
* National Archives of Australia
The National Archives promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Commonwealth records in its care.
* New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages
A useful source for the births, deaths and marriages registered in New South Wales between 1788 and 1945. Contains a searchable index.
* Newtown Project Sydney
Created by volunteers working in the City of Sydney Archives to bring together historical information about the Municipality of Newtown.
* Northern Territory Archives Service
Fulfils the dual role of providing cultural services to the community and administrative services to the Government.
* Northern Territory Births, Deaths & Marriages
* NSW State Records Authority
Responsible for the NSW Colonial and State government archival records from 1788.
* Public Record Office of Victoria
* Queensland State Archives
* State Records of South Australia
* State Records Office of Western Australia
* A Statistical Account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia
Compiled between 1890 and 1904 by the New South Wales Statistician, Timothy A. Coghlan. The eleven volumes bring together statistics for each of the colonies of Australia and New Zealand and are complemented by analysis and commentary. The publication also includes chapters on political divisions, areas and boundaries, climate, parliaments and defence much like in the current Year Book Australia.