Christchurch History


* Kemp's Deed


* Local History events
Christchurch City Libraries' starting point for local history on our new website.
* 22 February 2011 Canterbury earthquake for kids
Fact sheet compiled by Christchurch City Libraries.
* Akaroa Civic Trust
Website includes photographs and information about the history of Akaroa and historic buildings.
* Ballantyne's Fire - Christchurch - 1947
Ballantyne's fire 18 November, 1947. The Ballantyne's fire was the worst fire in New Zealand history. Fact file from Christchurch City Libraries
* Ballantynes' Fire Digital Resources
Christchurch City Libraries' resource composed of transcripts of articles from newspapers and other sources regarding the Ballantynes Fire.
* Cantage
Group which shares common issues and information regarding documentary heritage and collections in the Canterbury region. Fostering networking among libraries, museums and other organisations.
* Canterbury earthquake - 4 September 2010
Fact sheet compiled by Christchurch City Libraries.
* Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund
Provides financial assistance to owners of qualifying heritage buildings. Private fundraising supported by the Government.
* Canterbury Heritage
Social history and cultural heritage studies of Christchurch and Canterbury.
* Canterbury Provincial Government Buildings
Earthquake damaged buildings which are on the World Monuments Fund watchlist for endangered monuments.
* CANterbury Tales
Articles about Canterbury post 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. From the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.
* Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes 2010 and 2011
Information resource compiled by Christchurch City Libraries. Links to recommended sites.
* Christchurch Chronology
A timeline of Christchurch events in chronological order from pre-European times to 1989. Includes this week in history,
* Christchurch Contextual History Overview
The Christchurch City Contextual History Overview, an historic report which "slices" Christchurch up into the historic themes of Life in the City, The Built City, and Industry and Commerce. The report provides a broad overview and understanding of the city and its development in the last 150 years, which is pivotal for the future identifying and managing of heritage in Christchurch.
* Christchurch Heritage
Christchurch City Council heritage information.
* Christchurch Heritage routes Christchurch
The Christchurch City Council Heritage Team has written brochures to guide you on historic walking tours - within easy walking distances - and on longer historic trails, which require the use of public transport.
* Christchurch Storymap
Tour back in time through Christchurch in 1941, 1965, 1973, 1984, 1994 and 2011.
* Christchurch Uncovered
Blog by archeaologists working in post earthquakes Christchurch. The artefacts and sites discussed in this blog were excavated during archaeological work carried out as a requirement of the Historic Places Act.
* Early Christchurch
Fact sheets about the early European colonisation of Christchurch and some of its most famous personalities. From Christchurch City Libraries.
* The First Four Ships
A project by The Press, Christchurch, to identify and gather information on the passengers of The First Four Ships to colonise Christchurch and Canterbury.
* History of Christchurch Cinemas
* Lost Christchurch
A website that aims to provides an opportunity ‘to grieve for and treasure the lost Victorian and Edwardian elegance, charm and irreplaceable ambience which permeated our streets’.
* Tī Kōuka Whenua
Local Māori history of Christchurch and surrounding area.